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26 to 29 July 2007 

Baby Kiko Warehouse Sale

Rm1 to RM18 only

Amazing Babies

Time : 10am to 5pm


Location (Tel 603 8068 8888)

1 jalan Industri PBP 13

Taman Industri Pusat Bandar Puchong

47100 Puchong


Contributed by Anni Ahmad



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siti says:

sale untuk thn 2010 ni bila agaknyer yekkk…

siti says:

bila ada sale lg…..inform ehhh….

shahilah says:

pls inform kalau ada sale d puchong………….

zainathe mama balqis says:

i nak pi gak kiko sale ni..bile lg yek for this year..inform yek klu ade…tq..

Amy Wong says:

Baby Kiko Warehouse Sale is Back
6 – 9 Dec 2007
10am – 5pm

1 Jalan Industri PBP 13
Taman Industri Pusat Bandar Puchong
47100 Puchong
+603 8068 8888

sns says:

Just wanted to share with those of you who were disappointed with Kiko. Here’a an alternative.

We were shopping yest at 1U when we walked into Hallmark Babies. We were not intending to buy anything, but then discovered that they had this thing called “HAPPY BUY” selling Off Season baby, infant & toddlers clothings for only RM10, RM19, … even a Denim Jacket for RM29. And its Hallmark quality, really really cool! So ended up buying lots and lots of stuff! :)

So .. for those of you who wanna get some pretty nice stuff (esp for baby & infant age) go check out Hallmark!!


naa says:

I never been to Kiko Warehouse before, so on thursday during lunch time I went there with a few friends. When I reached there, not many people. when we entered the small canteen not much left. Just one or two design left. I just go and look around , I think within 5 minutes we all just went out. did not buy anything. But one of my friend went today 28/7/07, she said early in the morning there still a lot of shirt for kids 3 yrs n above.So for kiko management , please look forward about this matter…..since i saw a lot of negative comments compared to positive one.

mimy says:

nasib lum pegi lagi..plan to go 2morrow..

Dissapointing says:

I went to this Baby Kiko Warehouse sales with my wife and my son this morning. Advice to you, dont waste your time. Clothes are not cheap , i beleive jusco sales is far more cheaper . The clothes is not so nice , i only buy 1 shirt for my son.

I will not go to Baby Kiko warehouse sales again. Will wait for Annaku warehouse if have. I went there last time , really goods and lots of things to buy compare.

Adzi says:

Salam…i went to the sale yesterday early in the morning around 9 am. But we can only get in around 9.50am. But there are a lot of people since 9.30. Though i was one of the 1st customer, i also feel very dissappointed.Memang macam piranha.I only got one long pants 4 my doter,1 4 my baby & 1 dress.Yg lain boleh buat basahan je.Kira okla tapi boleh diklasifikasikan sbg tak best la…To those who feel like 2 go,pleasssseeeee go there early in the morning.If not better dont go.All the best

azzie says:

sy sampai kat kiko about 2pm..this was my 1st time to kiko warehouse i lost on my way…i went there with my hubby….Ingat nak shop some baju raya for my 6yrs old son and my 2mth baby girl,not so many sngt kecewa sebb tinggal baju yng tak cantik2 n also dirty…ader baju but no pants…kih..kih…kih…nak tergelak ader jugak..pureen sales lg baik dr kiko sales…ader gak baju untuk boys 3 n above…tp dpt gak 4 pasang baju dgn harga Rm40/=…

intanmz says:

saya setuju sangat2 dgn kekecewaan suma orang, saya smpi kol 10.30 pg..26.07.dahlah penuh sesak, dah takde apa yang menarik, kasut2 lama, baju2 tebal, seluar2 dan panties for girl….tempatnya teruk, kantin dijadikan tempat jualan, nak pitam jugak la…lain kali buat la macam hytex ke, crocodile ke..pasang khemah…tapi brtul la yang datang tu macam piranha, rakus, pecah masuk awal2…staff situ yang cakap…tengah bisan2 tengok barang, ada stok baru nak masuk, diorang serbu tolak menolak sampai saya termasuk ke dalam kotak…punyalah rakus kan…last2 saya blah je….tak lama tu diaorang bawak masuk lagi beberapa kotak…just suit biasa RM 8.00….yang bengang tu..wet tissue, 2 botol diaorang jual RM 15.00, ada juga tag JUSCO tampal sekali….baru RM 14.90.. maknanya tak murah pun…kilang nie ambik kesempatan jugak….yang pasti TAK PEGI PUN TAK MENYESAL….jap lagi kat SOGO ada BABY KIKO sales..bulan 8…pegi situ lagi OK, harga lebih kurang je….

umi afiq says:

Saya pon sutju sgt.. baru jer balik dr kiko.. arini dah ada kiko budak besar.. tapi saiz 4-6 thn mmg susah nak dpt.. semua saiz besar2.. dengar td byk yg merungut cari saiz 5-6 thn susah nak cari..seluar tuk budak lelaki mmg sy x jumpa 5-6 thn.. yg ada semua yg besar2..
satu lagi perhatikan pengiraan kat kaunter dia.. tak faham betul rebet yg dia buat tu. kata ada rebet selepas total sumer.. kecuali yg 1/2 hg. Tp yang saya punya memula kira ada rebet .. dier tolak rm8. pastu dia ckp bhs asing dgn kawan dier.. pastu meraka up balik rm8. tu. kire x dpt rebet pon.. geram tul bila sy tanya dia buat x layan… hangin betul..
hati2 semua.. tengok rebet tu korang dpt tak…nak calim balik susah sbb ada receipt.

jid says:

hi sns mgmt….

thank for the info….. hehe… featured already?…. x perasan laaa….. ;)

jid says:

and also for preggy mom out there…. good sale for u all…

9months, the maternity wear designed to meet fashion trends and yet comfortable to wear for all occasions is having a Sale.

Enjoy discounts up to 50% off.

16 July 2007 to 15 August 2007

168B 1st Floor
The Curve
Mutiara Damansara
47800 Petaling Jaya

Refer to cutting below for more information.

[SNS EDITING : Hey Jid .. tks again. 9Months Sale is also featured on our Blog.
Its at this link : ]

jid says:

dear sns management….

sori.. do know where to post…. just got info…. abt Hasbro Warehouse Sale…

Hasbro is having Warehouse Sale. Don’t miss it.

ESB Logistics Sdn Bhd,
Lot 2-53 & 2-55, Jalan SU 8,
Lion Industrial Park, Phase II,
Section 22, Persiaran Tengku Ampuan,
Shah Alam, Selangor

Date :
Saturday, 04 August 2007 till Sunday, 05 August 2007

10.00am till 12.30pm and 1.30pm till 5.30pm.

Participating Brands Include:
* Star Wars
* Playskool
* Marvel Heroes
* Play-Doh
* Monopoly
* Parker Brothers
* My Little Pony
* Milton Bradley
* Foldin’Art 3D

Call 03-8076 3662 for more details.

[SNS Editing : Hey Jid tks for sharing, in future, u can share it when u Click on CONTACT (Botom) or ABOUT US (Top Right).
We’ve featured Hasbro Warehouse Sales. Its at this link –

cica says:

went there yesterday. Disspt also. Nothing much… Some are nice but dirty :(

pnut says:

sorry to hear all about the bad comment….memang betul pun kali nie kiko w’sales tak mcm dulu…coz..last time there’s not advertised at all…just a few members know about it…and pass around …but this time mostly everyone know from the internet…and also from m/papers…i went there yesterday…i spent about RM 92…10 pcs of shirt plus shoes 16…i heard that they will be top up for every day … just wait for review..ok…

jid says:

hi there… i went to the sale…. quiet dissapointed gak la…. agree wt sherry n synthia… small place…. i’ve been there at 11.00 and only the baju yg byk left and also toiletries… and the baju pon just then baju yg biasa… no baju like dress/pants/kemeja… just got long pants and shoes for my girl…. all the bags + oth. acces. are gone…. got so many people, with a large plastic bag shopped all those baju… long q and paking… hope kiko mgmt be more creatif next time…

ngkw says:

how is today (27/7/2007)? still same as yesterday empty at all ?
what left in the store ?
can share what u get? let us decide whether worth to go or not.

marymy says:

thanks all bout the bad too not going to go since bad comment…so i can go for hush puppies and s.alam warehouse sales instead..btw calm down lah…

sns says:

Dear Sherry, Cynthia & CT

Pity about the No Buy despite going all the way there!!

Tks for the feedback …. will warn the others on the SNS Mailing List.

ct says:

REALLY AGREED with sherry n cynthia. i go threre at 10 sharp n i was so shocked to see that there are alot of people coming out with empty hands. when i go in, again heart attack! macam piranha!! they even tore up those boxes yg belum dibuka lagi tu… then ambil byk2 tak ingat org lain.. disebabkan i dah penat2 EL, i pun sambar je yg mana dapat.. tak mau pegi lagi!!

Cynthia says:

i agreed with Sherry. I reached about 11am this morning, nothing to buy! I picked 4 pcs of the long pants for my daughter, however, the q was so long, ended up i bought nothing from there. very very disappointed. will not attend for this event anymore!!!!!

sherry says:

Hai all…it very disappointed when i went there this morning..
at 10.15am everything clear already..
its not fair…before 10am they let everybody in…
so..borong sakan sampai x igt org lain..very sad …small place n lack of air circulation…

sherry says:

Hai all…it very disappointed when i went there this morning..
at 10.15am everything clear already..
its not fair…before 10am they let everybody in…
so..borong sakan sampai x igt org lain..very sad …

yanti says:

hi all…. is it really worth it to go?

ejb says:

hi all,

anyone knows when poney warehouse sale?

sns says:

Dear Rabby

Hytex is located in Kepong. U can call them at Tel 012 292 8500 for more info

Here’s a past Warehouse Sales event of Hytex

rabby says:

where’s hytex

sns says:

Dear CT

Hallmark Sale will end tomorrow …. so u may wanna go check it out tomorrow. Location is at Isetan KLCC
Link ::

marymy says:

thanks ct…my friend worked nearby hytex so she said sale every weekend but depend also..sometime have some time no…anyway cant wait for kiko sales…the place hard to find?? i’m not familar with the place!!!!

ct says:

is the hallmark sales finished?? i thought nak go this weekend. tomorrow payday ma.. marymy, i pergi skali je last year. dah lama tak pergi hytex. i’ve heard somewhere yg its already closed but not really sure..

sns says:

Dear EJB

The Children’s End of Season Sales at Isetan will end tomorrow … so u better drop by today or better yet .. go NOW!! They offer Hallmark, Poney .. and others

But on a whole Isetan’s Mega Sale is on till 2 Sep

ejb says:

hi all,

please it too late to go for isetan sale? i missed the pre-sales la….

marymy says:

caller for all mother…..i went to isetan pre-sales today…cloths for children especially for poney,renew,miki really worth buying off 70% ususal 50% only..a nice shirt cos less then 20 buck..worth buying..i really enjoy my shop today from 10am till 7pm…ha..ha… still not enough..might go again…lots malay shopper start buying already for raya..preview for 3 days mah…lot 10 for member purchase 100 above free parking for whole day..worth going…happy shopping and happy weekend..

talapia says:

hi all…. i just wanna know.. is it hard to find parking over there?

marymy says:

helo, never been for kiko sales..cant wait to go next week…ct u selalu go hytex?? my freind said they always have warehouse sales..almost every weekend..betul ke??? pnut u jahat la…sebut je poney everyone wanted to know..really poney ada warehouse sales…this year bila??? i must go..i like poney stuff…remember to advise tau…
btw anyone go to JJ member day in Taman Equine today (19.07.07)

ct says:

hehe.. ramai ke yg nak EL nie? macam nie, kena laa cuti jugak. but seriously, i think it’ll be worth it. is it as cheap as the hytex one?

ejb says:

Hi all,

i’ll definitely check out the Kiko warehouse sale..;-)
btw, does anyone know when Poney will be having their warehouse sale?

pnut says:

dear all viewers,

hope to see you all there….collection for Hari Raya…skg nie JJ punyer KIKO pun I dah tak beli…even sales pun…hehehhe after KIKO nak tunggu PONEY lak…

jid says:

iskhh…. ye ke pnut….
me want to apply leave gak laa…. :)

talapia says:

dear sakura…

this warehouse sale is for BABY KIKO… and i dont think there will be clothes for toddler above 3… as I check out the website, it says that baby kiko ranges up to 3 years… sad… but wait for KIKO one la… maybe just around da corner…

sakura says:

dear pnut, baju for children 4 yrs and above ada ke?? i pun cdg nak apply leave for that day.. hope u reply my msg..

sns says:

Dear Azlan
U can click on the Flyer above, or on this link to download the Flyer. :)

Dear PNut
Wah … that means the warehouse sales is really good, until must take leave! :) coolness! Do share with us what other great bargains are there, when you go this weekend. :)

pnut says:

bagi saya, ianya berbaloi coz you can get shirt RM6 last time, I bought 6 pcs only RM30..this time i dah ambik cuti pun nak serbu…see you there

Azlan says:

How to get there? Can i have a map


PP says:

I haven’t been this warehouse before, can anyone tell me is it worth to be there? Things there is really cheap?