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20071102 Corelle Corning Ware Warehouse Sale  


2 to 4 November 2007

Corelle Corning Ware Warehouse Sale

Great Price Savings

Products Offered

Corning Ware




Siemens Home Appliacnes


Time : 10am to 7pm


Location (Tel 6012 609 1693)

The Atria Shopping Centre

2nd Floor Jalan SS22/23

Damansara Jaya

 Organized by Perwira Nadi Trading



Contributed by Saros






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anna says:

tolong email katalog kat saya juga pls, TQ

pinggan2010 says:

Maaf, kerana terlepas pandang untuk melihat posting ini..saudara redzuan, saya boleh emailkan katalog, boleh berikan alamat email?

redzuan khairuddin says:

ada katalog tak…. macam mana nak dapatkan katalog daripada awak… tlg email aku…

Some great informative writing, RSS Subscribed :)

pinggan2010 says:

corelle dari USA..set 16 pieces below RM 400 and below RM 300

layari blog

beli 10 set, free 1 set

Unhappy for the large drill, but I’m truly caressive the new Zune, and prospect this, as asymptomatic as the superior reviews whatsoever otherwise people person printed, testament exploit you determine if it’s the far superior for you.

hidayu lan says:

boleh tak saya dapatkan contct number awak, saya memang nak cari barang2 yg awak jual

ilah says:

hidayu, saya ada menjual… corelle square set KOBE. 1 set = 16 pieces = RM400 (stok sediada)

4 biji dinner plates (10-1/4-inch)
4 biji lunch plates (8-3/4-inch)
4 biji mangkuk/ Soup/Cereal Bowl (22-oz)
4 biji Porcelain Mugs (12-oz )

minat.. hubungi.. corelle ni suami beli d australia.. tq

grace says:

how much have to pay for shipping?

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Saje nak share..saya ada menjual Corelle daripada USA dengan harga yang murah daripada pasaran. Ada ready stock dan ada juga pre order.

Bayaran boleh dibuat secara ansuran dan tidak lama lagi, pembayaran secara kad kredit pun boleh.

Jomlah layari sekarang utk jamu2 mate..hehe.. Jumpa anda di sana :)

ayu says:

mcm mana awak boleh dpt stock tu, klu saya nak order brape lame boleh dapat.

Nad says:

Corelle is on SALE! Please take a look at the following online shop

Sale lasts until May 16, 2010. So you must act quick to get the best price.

kuriz says:

ada sesiapa tau tak bila perwira nadi nak buat sales lagi utk tahun ni ….

nanif says:

hi sayapun nak tau gak bile la dia wat sale…perwira nadi ni memang open ke?

areez says:

ada sesiapa berminat membeli set corelle secret garden round set for rm380(2set left) and pretty pink square set for rm 480(also 2 set left) …Limited stock..

16 pieces…
4 pieces (10-1/4?) Dinner Plates
4 pieces (8-1/2?) Salad Plates
4 pieces (18-oz) Soup/Cereal Bowls
4 pieces (11-oz) stoneware Mugs

serious buyer pm me 1st at
(kl buyers only)

areez says:

new set come with box.

ayu says:

nak contact number, saya memang nak cari produk ni, kat kl kat mana ye saya boleh dapay

ilah says:

4 biji dinner plates (10-1/4-inch)
4 biji lunch plates (8-3/4-inch)
4 biji mangkuk/ Soup/Cereal Bowl (22-oz)
4 biji Porcelain Mugs (12-oz )

minat.. hubungi.. tq

ilah says:

ada sesiapa berminat membeli corelle square set KOBE. 1 set = 16 pieces = RM400 (stok sediada)

4 pieces (10-1/4?) Dinner Plates
4 pieces (8-1/2?) Salad Plates
4 pieces (18-oz) Soup/Cereal Bowls
4 pieces (11-oz) stoneware Mugs


sham says:

I cuma nak tau? Dimana saya boleh dapat Stokis Corningware, visions, corelle, pyrex di Malaysia @ Agen Company Di Malaysia

areez says:

ada sesiapa berminat membeli set corelle secret garden loose item set for rm250
tinggal 1 set …16 pieces…

4 pieces (10-1/4?) Dinner Plates
4 pieces (8-1/2?) Salad Plates
4 pieces (18-oz) Soup/Cereal Bowls
4 pieces (11-oz) stoneware Mugs

serious buyer pm me 1st at
(kl buyers only)

ynt says:

im interested.. i’ve already email u.plezz check your email.

mie says:

ada sesapa berminat
saya ada stok limited

2 set square 21 pieces warm pansies
2set round 16 pieces warm pansies
2 set round 12 pieces sakura
1 set warm pansies cup n saucer

e mail saya :

Mia says:

Anyone interested with 16pc set for:
Dainty floral RM350
European Herbs Rm400
Elegant City rm400

Corelle Plum 18pc set RM440
and last 26pcs set Lilyville RM550(neg)

Best sales ever!!!
Corningware 6pc Square Casserole Set 1L, 1.5L and 3L only RM350

All are new set
p/s: Others design also available.

masa says:

Dear all,

bestlah kat Bahrain murah.. kat sini corningware and corelle set pun murah gak..tapi kena VAT 15% so lepas convert tak sampai RM250..tapi kalau nak sales pegi bulan julai ni lagi ok…hemm kalau minat brand lain pun ada macam Royal Albert ke Royal Doultan ke, Minton ke..nama tempat dia STOKE on TRENT (LEEDS, UK) ..sini syurga pinggan mangkuk..full sets can get less than RM 1500..very cheap la..kalau nak compare harga kat M`sia
Kat Malaysia memangla mahal..sebab minyak kapal tu kena bayar..pas tu tax M`sia government lagi…kalau nak murah gi sendiri tapi naik flight kena bayar tambang gak kan….

p/s they will having a sales this summer, direct from warehouse



husna says:

another..better hurry..time currency exchange rendah ni la nak grab this opportunity!

Lina says:

Husna, not sure if your offer ni still valid ke tak, are u still shopping for corelle in sydney?

zaza says:

yeah.. mee too want to know if u r still able to take orders for corelle..

ilah says:

if berminat membeli corelle square set KOBE. 1 set = 16 pieces = RM400 (stok sediada)

4 biji dinner plates (10-1/4-inch)
4 biji lunch plates (8-3/4-inch)
4 biji mangkuk/ Soup/Cereal Bowl (22-oz)
4 biji Porcelain Mugs (12-oz )

hubungi.. tq

husna says:

hi all corelle lovers,

at the moment, i’m pursuing my study in sydney..and i realized that corelle is much cheaper here than in msia..

so since all of u r interested to add on ur corelle collection, i’d like to supply them.but need to survey the market first la kan..which type is ur fav..round/square..or any other details i.e special design etc..

price? dont worry..tell me how much u have to pay in msia and i’ll cut the price down so that’s its worth it buying from me.

i’m just a student wanting to earn extra pocket money..i’ll be here for at least 3 yrs more so let’s help each other eh.. :))

e-mail me what u would like to have, the current price or any others.

looking forward for ur email..


ieza says:

agak2 nye saper la yg akan pergi lagu luar negeri atau yg dah ada kat luar negeri ..boleh lah kirim..hehe

love2shop says:

kat us corelle pun murah gak…

deena says:

the company yg buat sale the same one importer kat langkawi..perwira sth..but i noticed, usually the set that sold in langkawi not the same like the one sold here…so cannot compare price..

jid says:

huhu.. i wonder how…. i wonder why….

jid says:

hi amai..
mmg betul tu… that’s why kalo berpeluang ke luar negara tuh, beli le sebanyak yg mungkin… my fren bought corelle set at $20 jer.. masa dia study kat us dulu (that was 6 yrs ago).. what a cheap!.. ya la, kalau kita increase dgn turun naik harga semasa pun, takde la sampai RM400++/set kan (itupun w/h sale nye price)… itu yg dia terperanjat betul bila tgok rege corelle kat sini… huhu

amai says:

yalah, kat malaysia ni mahal lah. jeles cause my friend bought corelle dinner set for rm120-rm170 only in australia waktu sale. ours warehouse sale pun rm400++.

jid says:

huhu.. hi mazwan, ya kah?.. kalo camtu, buleh la kirim kat u je meh (w/o any extra charges?…) barang 2-3 set.. ;) … i think, coz the item is really imported item n as far as im concern the authorised dealer is from singapore (look at the corelle catalogue tuh).. same wt tupperware (us product), expensive from other similar kitchenware… that its my opininan lah… huhu…

mazwan says:

kenapa eh kat tempat lain correlle murah2..tapi kat malaysia punyalah mahal?? can anyone answer that. just bought 2 sets of corelle shadow iris 20pcs/ set, they cost me only rm250 per set. here in manama, bahrain.

jennnn says:

hi there,

anyone bought Rubbermaid bottles and containers?

jid says:

hi.. i went to quite late on friday… but i ask my fren who been there at 10.00am to buy for me the corning ware set… worth buying… 3 pieces corning ware 3.0L, 1.5L, 1.3L include glass n plastic cover for RM339.00 and 2 pices 1.5L, 1.3L also include both cover for RM219.00… all in country rose patern, cute n sweet… huhu.. n did used all the corning ware for my open house yesterday… hehe.. ;) … nxt time aiming for the corelle set…. :)

KayNines says:

Went this morning; the crowd was maddening; the queues were even more maddening. Took 20 mins to get what I wanted and 1.5 hours in queue to pay. There was poor crowd and queue control initially and people were jumping queues. With complaints and suggestions from irate customers, the organisers, then, rearranged stuff to provide better queue control. Even then, with the “Malaysia Boleh” attitude, inconsiderate shoppers found ways and means of jumping queues eg. pushing aside barriers to get nearer to the checkout counters, and when the organisers fastened the barriers with wires, the shoppers started lifting their boxes/ trolleys over these barriers and jumping over the barriers soon after. If only these third-world mentality shoppers would abide by the rules, the queues would have cleared faster. Let’s hope history does not repeat itself over the next two days.

Good news is: whoever who did not succeed in getting what they wanted today can return tomorrow or the following day as the goods will be replenished daily. I guess, the organisers thought it would be fair to allocate a certain quota of each item to be be sold on a particular day and to reserve the rest for the following days. People who could not take time off from work today can benefit from such a system (also practised at the recent Mattel/ Fischer=Price warehouse clearance).

Just to add the previous two comments, Rubbermaid goods were also going for a song. Popular items include the cooler boxes (various capacities and configurations) at half the retail price and durable canvas trolley containers (covered and zipped) for transporting various goods going at RM25 (can’t find this kind of trolley anywhere as most of them sold elsewhere are made with wire-mesh and have no cover – like those used for marketing at “Pasar Malams”).

A note to end: Many who came today said they’ll be back tomorrow. So go early, park near (the stuff is bulky and heavy and they don’t have enough staff to help carry your purchases to the car), and pay by cash as the cash queue is virtually zero. Trolleys are provided for your convenience but they run out fast; so you might want to consider bringing your own as glasswares are really heavy.

And, be prepared to meet innovative queue-jumpers. Good luck.

DiAn PaHAm says:

Early birds. Got V-Tech toys for only RM15 from RM105. Baby G-Shock for only RM99 from RM399. Olympus camera (note: not digital) from RM1799 for only RM70!!! Yiihhaaaa…. evrybody was bizi @front, while worth sale stuffs r in back or near cashier. Funny enuf didnt get any visions, corelle or pyrex but for me still quite expensive compare to Klang sale.

Dila says:

i pegi baru jap tadi, just terlambat sket.. nampak ramai gile orang senget2 bahu seret kotak corningware, corelle sume tuh.. hehe.. tapi, yg disappointed nya.. design yg i desire sangat tu wasnt there :(.. kuciwa gak ler.. maybe pegi pun dah kol 12 lebih, dah byk abis kot.. set corningware yg covered casserole tu, 5 sets size 1L to 5L tu leh jatuh harga to RM469.. mmg worth it lah.. cuma design dia je yg frust sket.. tak tau la kalau esok dia kuar stock lain.. try la tengok ;)

uncleD says:

Been there around 11.45am, hard to find car park as Atria carpark is full, unless some cars left. I know what I want, so just grab and go, yet got to “Q” for 1 hour to pay

jid says:

dear DD,

thank a lots for the info.. ni pon tgh dok budget lagi ape yg boleh di bli ni… i’ll sure be there be4 12 n off cse with my hubby.. hehe.. oke DD n corelle lovers out there… see u all soon.. ;)

talapia says:

jom pegi!

i’ve been there last time. if u r a corelle n corningware lover… do come. hehe.. really worth it. last time, i bought 4 corningware different size from 3L to 0.8L… altogether less than RM300. maybe less abt 40%. this time… hmm.. maybe tak beli apa2.. coz nnti nk pindah susah nk angkut. hehe.. but i’m aiming for rubbermaid la pulak… my baby punye bottle dah buruk.. nk kene tukar. hehe.. bear shaped bottle. survey kt giant around RM15 i think.. got it for RM8

azzie says:

dear anj…if i’m not mistaken… i bought the 1L and500ml jar..the 1L jar cost around rm55..but i cant remember the price for the 500ml one..

anj says:

dear azzie n everybody….
i wan t a ask, how much is corelle air tight jar?

azzie says:

i went to this sale last year with my hubby..u knowlah..when my hubby come together,forsure borong sakan beb!..n we spent about rm600++..manage to buy corelle air tight jar(simpan kuih raya),coffee set n tak ingat beli aper lg..sbb semua masuk stor room..i thought of buying dinner set this time..nak kumpul bnyk2..worth it..

DD says:

Dear jid..

Kalau tak silap i.. i punya dinner set tu more than 20pcs..katanya limited set…that’s why i beli 2 set.. jid, i beli yang plain jer tau..coz sampai bila2 pun boleh pakai.. and still worth la u beli kat sini.. mcm yang loose item tu..u boleh pilih design apa u nak… this time i plan nk beli visions..last time tk beli coz tak larat nak angkat.. it’s true..u kena bawak hubby tlg angkat barang.. then i suggest u dtg first day banyak lagi pilihan especially yg loose item… tapi kalau yg dinner set tu 2nd day still ada lagi..memang banyak stock.. datang wal yer jid ..before 12 baru best sket nak pilih..kalau lepas tu bersesak orang dtg…tempat dia ok la.. barang banyak..then antara satu space ngan satu space lorong dia sempit.. especially kalau yg bawak baby pakai sroller tu memang kesian.. jid i ckp ni based on my experinced last time..tak tau ler this time cam nerr ceritanya..

p/s: jgn lupa check blakang pinggan tu Made in USA..not Thailand… be careful..

anni says:

look like good.. :)

jid says:

dear DD…
thx vry much for the testimonial…. u bought dinner set yg bape pcs tu ye… coz, yesterday my fren from lngkawi told me tht set yg 20pcs dlm rm330 n yg 18pcs set tu dlm rm360 before kna tax la… tax 30%, so kalu + tax masing2 dlm rm430 n rm460.. still worth lagi ya DD?…. n i cmpare dgn online bisnes gak, cheaper kalo beli 2 set skaligus coz per set jd rm390, bt kalo beli 1 set hrga mmg mahal giler rm780/set…. huhu… looks like i kna bwak hubby skali utk tlg angkat…. ;)

jid says:

ya lah… sns, is there any comment 4 ths sale b4?.. if good, me really looking forward for this corelle item…. plsssss…

DD says:

I went there last year.. Worth going.. . I bought corelle dinner set – each ( rm 4++ .. actual prize almost rm7++)..tea set (loose item) sis kata harga lebih kurang mcm kat Langkawi..some much cheaper…..Looking forward nk pergi lgii this yearrrrr…. .. One thing la…barang2 you kena angkat sendiri pegi kereta..trolley memang tak provide tau ada provide tak this year..tapi dia ada jual trolley canvas yang mcm kita pegi pasar tu… I kebetulan hari tu upah budak India angkat barang..hehe

p/s: washing machine, iron brand simen pun ada ..

razlen says:

Anyone been to this Sales?? Is it worth going??? Share-share-lah………..