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20080228 Anakku Warehousesale3


28 February to 3 March 2008

Anakku Warehouse Sale

Prices from RM5 onwards

 Products Offered

Baby Apparels – Pakaian Bayi

Children Apparels – Pakaian Kanak Kanak

Bulky Products – Barangan Bulky

Wet Wipes – Tisu Basah

Bottles & Bathing Set – Botol, Set Mandian

Wristwatch – Jam Tangan

Handbag – Beg Tangan


Branded Apparels & Shoes – Pakaian dan Kasut Berjenama




Location – Tel 603 5161 8822

Lot 10449 Jalan Nenas

Batu 4 1/2 Kampung Jawa

41000 Klang





Map to Anakku Warehouse Sale

20080228 Anakku Warehousesale MAP


20080228 Anakku Warehousesale




Big Thanks to Jade



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Miss_T says:

Hai…when Anakku having their warehouse sale again? I’m really excited to go there because of they really give a good price for their warehouse sale..also same with CLARKS warehouse sale…..please inform if have this 2 warehouse sale…

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Toda says:

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Kaba says:

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umi says:

i dengar tahun ni delay le but my fren info nanti dia rang ada buat di alamanda. banyak lagi brand ada sana …. 20/8 – 31/8

nur says:

eh katne nk cek ye..i mang tgh tgu sale ni

suhayu says:

i mean 31st july – 2nd august

nur says:

eh iyeke..kat mane nak cek ye….i tgh tgu sale annaku nie..

suhayu says:

anakku warehouse sale 31st – 2nd august 2010 at kg jawa

Gavin Wright says:

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Millie Wood says:

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ros says:

tak der sales anakku tahun 2010? Ker I dah terlepas? Anyone please advice!!!

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luna_maya says:

orait…c all momies @ anakku warehouse sale..mesti best.hehe..dh la baru gaji..hikhik..borong habis2an utk raya skali…er,sp2 yg tau..selain brand anakku,ade brand pe lg eh bile warehouse ni?

jid says:

pada sesape yg nak gi i advise lagi senang kalau take route dr Kesas hiway….

jid says:

Oomie… padang jawa n kg jawa lain tempat, tapi dlm daerah klang jugak… pdg jawa tu yg komuter near to shah alam… kg jawa anakku ni kat jalan jati, klang jugak… tp kalo cakap anakku kg jawa, rase semua org klang tau katne…

as i am klang resident, balik kang nak try lalu jalan tu kot2 depa dah gantung poster/banner ke… leh share2 dgn korang semua…

my opinian, last year i went there… mmg amat berbaloi, especially to those yg expecting 1st baby… baju2 baby, kids and toddler semua ada even maternity clothes pon ada but not very nice la, set comforter, bantal, botol, toiletries, stroller, walker semua ada… bras n panties pun byk pilihan n good price too…

cuma, parking agak susah skit n tak byk sgt… n tempat tu agak panas n tak sesuai rasenya kalau nak bawa anak kecil…. ok, guys see u there….

Oomie says:

Ini aku amik di website

Anakku Baby Connection Sdn Bhd
Lot 10449, Jalan Nenas, Batu 4 1/2,
Kampung Jawa, 41000 Klang,
Selangor Malaysia.

Tel: 603 5161 8822
Fax: 603 5161 2728

MamaDanial says:

bg la add yg kt kg jawa tu pd mommy2 yg tau..

MamaDanial says:

Bagi la add kt kg jawa tu pd mommy2 yg tau…

luna_maya says:

yang i aim tu stok baru…tu yg rs2 mcm tkde kt tktau la kan..sbb harge kt store rm499..tkkn less spai rm200 kot..biase warehouse mmg yg nk abiskan mn la tau kan kot yg br pun tarok gak..sbb i mmg aim playpen dulu.bj2 kemudian sbb dh byk stok bj 4 my baby..hihi

luna_maya says:

eer,i think better g anakku warehouse sale la dulu..then sunday br g pureen..coz pd opinion i,anakku lbh byk produk n puas hati.dr bj,cot,stroller,playpen n like bedak etc seme ade..mcm pureen mayb not so complete unless dieorg ade join dgn brand lain kan.i tak penah pegi pun tp from my frenz punye testimoni la..mmg anakku sales really worth..hehe..sure rmi org nnti kan..adoi nk bsesak2 dgn perot yg semakin gendut ni tk lrt gak..hehehehheh

Oomie says:

Er.. kampung jawa dgn padang jawa lain tempat or same tempat heh? Anybody can clarify?

anna hattaway says:

ekekeke…tak sabarnyer…tahun lepas xdpt pegi sbb still dlm pantang..tahun ni…anak da setahun..apa lagi…stand by karung laaa…!selamat bershopping yeppp kepada semua mommy2 yang bakal pegi…jumper disana!!!

Mama Rayyan says:

Nak tanya warehouse Anakku kat kg jawa tuh leh kasi alamat penuh tak?

rina says:

wow….nasib baik tak terlepas. i memang tunggu this sale. botol susu murah sgt.expecting my baby in oct. boleh shopping sakan. tp dilema jugak nak p sini ke pureen. erm….tensionnya….

Oomie says:

Design ek.. hurmm.. Hard to sayla dear.. kena pegi tengok dulu.. sbb kadang2 ada yg baru! Takleh na cakap.. yg u aimed tu tengah sales ker? Until when?

luna_maya says:

Really?tp stok design baru ke lame ye?my fren yg penah pegi ckp brg bulky stok lame..utk abiskan stok..coz i ade aim design kt store yg br..juz wondering la ade ke model yg same kt sane..hehe

Oomie says:

Hye Luna,

kalau na bli playpen mmg i rekomen u bli kt warehouse ni.. its much-much cheaper there.. i dulu bli harga 100 jer tp taun 2008 lah.. taun ni mgkin 120-150. Stock okay-okay jugak.. taderlah berdebu.. Brand anakku ada, disney pun ada.. cun-cun! Kena cepat sbb stock limited!

Kalau i pegi, i aim kt baju-bajan anak jer.. barang2 bulky i akan tggu Mydear Sales! hehehe.. terselit promo skett

xxx says:

hey mami2 …. memang confirm anakku warehse sale kat kg jawa on le (31/7 – 2/8 from 10am – 8pm). bukan je baju baby, ada tuk budak & dewasa. boleh start beli for raya. yang nak bulky tu pegi awal2 cos last yr cepat je habis. murah konon la … rezeki

luna_maya says:

Oomie..u salu pegi anakku warehouse sale ke?mcm mn price die?
stok lame ke eh?i nk cr juz now dpt sms frm anakku,ade discount 30% 4 bulky item @ all stores..klau harge lbh kurang,baik beli kt store je 4 playpen la.coz baju msti murah kt warehouse lg..

Oomie says:

Wahhh great news!! Berlawan plak dgn Pureen Warehouse 1-2 August yer.. Dalam dilemma plak dimana hendakku laburkan duit

luna_maya says:

Haloo all mommies..
juz nak update..anakku warehouse sale on 31/7-2/8 @ padang jawa,klang..
tak sabar nak pergi..sesape yang penah pegi,mmg murah ke?i never be there b4..nk cr playpen 4 my baby due diz september.agaknye playpen yg biase ade kt warehouse sale ni model br or lame ye?sape2 yg blh bgtau.tq

Oomie says:

luna, mana u tau ada anakku warehouse sales nih? kawan2 ada tanya dan na nengok posternya.. i tader. u ada?

Haku lah.. says:

Kat butik kalo less 70% pn ley dpt murah2..I g Jcard Fiesta&Jcard Day pn dpt gak tshirt2/sluar panjang Anakku at rm5-6 perpcs..maaa..

rina says:

SNS…any news for anakku sale

blossom says:

have you gals check out FOS and Reject Shop, they have Mothercase, Zara, Gap, Laura Ashley, Benetton and many more overseas brands, each outlet carries different stocks, just have to be patient and browse around

mama aiman says:

Oomie, ade berita bile lagi anakku akan buat warehouse sale. Terima kasih.

pp says:

Sns , i heard anakku will be having warehouse sale next mth, is it true? Can u find out for us? TQ

rina says:

expecting my baby in oct. really looking forward for the klang sale. oomie nanti bagitau awal2 tau. takut terlepas lagi….

enn says:

thanks oomie! appreciate your update! looking fwd to any news on this soon..

Oomie says:

Haa.. jaga-jaga! Sales Anakku kt Padang Jawa coming soon! Bulan 5 or 6 kalau tak silap.. 2009. Anything, I’ll update here okes motherss!

enn says:

hi all. tahun ni nya takde ke anakku sale kat pdg jawa?
any news?

mimichomel says:

hehe.. thanks oomie. dah pegi dah semlm n hari ni pegi lagi time lunch tadi! heheh… overall, baju anakku junior murah laa cos saye dpt selai rm5 utk saiz 6 thn. lagi murah pulak dr hytex. tapi if utk baby n newborn selai rm5 mcm mahal laa for warehse standard. tapi i memang tak penah pon pegi beli baju baby retail price so, taktau nak compare. agaknye still murah laa dari butik anakku kot. tapi kat baby kiko pon sepasang rm12. so rasanye tahun nie memang semua dah naik harga laa..
bulky items to me memang berbaloi coz cantik2 n to me still murah la. tapi wipes mcm tak murah sgt coz kat manjaku yg besar tu rm 11.90 2 pack. kat situ rm10.
lagi ade mandian sebotol rm8. tapi semlm i beli sebotol rm5 but manufactured in 2007. boleh pakai lagi ke ha??
ade jual bra audrey satu rm10 n rm15. panties byk g-string aje. botol susu tak byk, 2 rm5. baby bag anakku satu rm20. gift set dah season tp berbaloi rm10 satu pack. pastu macm ade perasan maternity clothes skit kat dlm satu raxk nie tapi tak pegi tgk sebab mata dah kelabu tgk baju baby yg menimbun2. hehe..
satu nak tanya, kenapa sns tak iklankan anakku yg kali nie ek? org memang tak ramai. ade yg parking tepi2 jalan tu je tapi kitorang naik atas parking kat rooftop, rm2 skali masuk. lps tu turun tingkat 4 (ade lift).
korang pergi laa ramai2 ye. baju tersangat laaa byk nye.. masa tgh pilih2 baju tu pon ade staff dia bukak kotak baru tapi takde pon yg serbu coz baju memang teramat byk. cume yg susah skit nak cari pair ajelaa..
ok, sorry over lenghty pulak, so, happy shopping!!

aryssa says:

senang x nak parking kat sana??crowd plak mcm mana??

Oomie says:

Bought stroller rm150 and walker rm80. Playpen from 150-200 but didn’t buylah.. the old one can still be used. bodyshower 1000ml 3 for rm20. shorts 3 for rm 10. top 1 for rm5

Chye says:

Anakku mmg ade sale 1-4 Jan ni 10 pg – 8 mlm kat Kompleks Sentral, 33 Jln Segambut Atas. Byk baju baby serta murah. Pakaian brand HOOP utk perempuan cantik dan murah. Berbaloi pegi sale ni

dija says:

oomie…brg2 sama mcm anakku kg jawa klg ke?

Oomie says:

Confirm WAREHOUSE ANAKKU is on from 1-4 January 2009 at :
Lot 4001-4005 Tingkat 4, Blok A, Kompleks Sentral, 33 Jalan Segambut Atas. Tel: 016-2013971

Cepat sebelum terlambat!!

Oomie says:

Confirm WAREHOUSE ANAKKU is on from 1-4 January 2009 at :
Lot 4001-4005 Tingakt 4, Blok A, Kompleks Sentral, 33 Jalan Segambut Atas. Tel: 016-2013971

Cepat sebelum terlambat!!

dija says:

chye, what are the things on sale besides shirts/dresses?any items like playpen,car seats, toiletteries etc?thnx…

Chye says:

Just came from the sale at Segambut. Anakku do have sale 1-4 Jan. Lots of nice shirts/dresses and cheap too.

aw says:

betulkak ! Oomie pls update ?

mimichomel says:

saye pon ade dengar nie, tapi betul ke? nanti pegi jauh2 tapi takde. rugi je mase.

mamaalya says:

Boleh tolong bagi map x untuk ke segambut. I nak g ke sana esok.

Oomie says:

I heard Anakku warehouse sales buat kat segambut on 1-4th january 2009 tp tader map lah.. please update so that all of us can go!

thank you

miefa says:

hi…. sape yg tau bila lg anakku nk wat warehouse sale lg? coz yg dulu anakku wat saya terlepas….

liya says:

anakku dan pureen mmg best giler.bile nak buat sale besar-besaran lagi! xsabar ni.

cinta_lestari says:

hi anybody…bila eks pureen nyer sales? kecoh2 kan eks…kalo dpt berita sales pureen..tq

gna says:

memg best sgt baby sy pon suka gak

eew says:

oh ok…

Well, i rasa anakku memang buas sale habis2an…sebab, at the boutique dia pun sale up to 70%. + i just came back from penang…ada sale anakku, 2piece baju+seluar at only rm10 (lebih kurang harga warehouse sale). Semua item anakku + audrey…from 10.3-20.3…sesiapa kat penang better go ok…