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 20080227 Arena Sports & Fitness Warehouse Sales2


27 February to 2 March 2008

Arena Sports & Fitness Warehouse Sales

Brands Offered





JK Exer


 Products Offered


Cross Trainers

Magnetic Bikes

Strength Trainers

Back Trainers

Fitness Accessories

Exercise Mats

Swim Wears

Apparel Sport Wears

Beach Wears





Swimming Aids

Diving Gear

Day Bags

Bag Packs

and more


 Time : 10am to 6pm

Location (Tel 603 5637 5737)

Lot 8 Jalan PJS 11/18

Bandar Sunway

46150 Subang Jaya





Map & Flyer – Arena Sports & Fitness WarehouseSale

20080227 Arena Sports & Fitness Warehouse Sales 




G String says:

You are definitely a compelling writer. You absolutely know how to write to keep the audience engaged. I hope to see a lot more of your excellent writing style in the future.

I like your writing style. Its very unique and keeps the reader wanting to read all the way through. Do not stop creating such great posts like these.

rajesh says:

dear sir/madam, we are delar in india we need arena swim hand paddles,vortex, swim wear etc, whet will be the price,

bubbles says:

Arena will be having their warehouse sales starting 29 Nov till 2nd Dec.

Ronald says:

“just got back from there too…. bought 2 pairs of swimsuits (RM20 each) , 1 set of swimming goggles (RM20)& 1 pair of slipper (RM6).

worth to buy!!!”

i agree,With summer rapidly approaching, it’s time to start thinking about sun, fun, swimming pools, beaches and water sports.
the first item on your checklist should be swimming goggles, summer is coming and the bikini-girl is waiting for me, so……..

BTW.I need a swimming goggle, is anyone knows this website?

IMO , it is very cheap

anne says:

hi, can anyone tell me what is the price range for cross trainers? what models do they have and usually how heavy they are. thanks so much.

idawati says:

wow… they also have 2 pieces bikini ya?
wow great… i wonder where can find cheap bikini….
i love to wear bikini when i go swimming…. very suitable for women…

Su says:

just got back from there too…. bought 2 pairs of swimsuits (RM20 each) , 1 set of swimming goggles (RM20)& 1 pair of slipper (RM6).

worth to buy!!!

flammy says:

Just comeback from there…totally cheap..i bought bermudas n swim wear.Price range is from rm15 to rm30 for those beach shorts.Parking is ok coz its industrial area so you parking is not a big issue.Very cheap.The place is at sunway around the monster2 car garage n workshop.

along says:

hi Puzz,
i also went to the sale during lunch hour..agreed with you about everything esp the sales person. nice & frenly (important things tu). the price YES! absolutely cheappp

hi El,
the warehouse sales is at the industrial area, i think if you going after work, the car park should be ok…

hi Yasmin,
they sales for both sex including child too…regarding the size, u dont have to worry…just ask the sales person :)

el says:

Hi all

Is parking going to be a problem? Thinking of going after work…

Yasmin says:

Dear puzz

for ladies or men? Do u mind helping me on d size. I am a lady waist size 29 or 30. for clothers usually i wear size 44 (US/asia) or size 14 (uk)or Large or XL depend on brand. for this body suit would you know what size i should buy coz i dont have enuf time to go to the proper shop to try on and i havent worn a swimsuit in years. Thanks so much if u can help.

puzz says:

just got back from there too..i bought swimsuit (one piece – long sleeve whole body suit) only RM jusco the price is RM169. many two pieces bikini and one piece swimsuit..the price is super cheap lah. the sales person also very nice.

JOey says:

Dear Flammy,

i not sure where is Harley Davision Showroom .

but if u from ampang….

1. you can use smart tunner then connet to KESAS Highway, follow the signbord to “bandar Sunway”, after the sunway toll, keep to your left, the first junction, turn to your left, furture up is a traffic light, then u can see sunway medical centre on your right, all the way straight..after sunway university, the next traffic light turn to your right, all the way straight…til u see jalan 11/20, turn ti your left again, u can see foo court on your right, the first junction turn into your right, then u can see jalan 11/18.
Try to look for the car park space there, i think u can be able to find any car park space infront or near the warehouse.

If you feel the direction is very complicated to you, another option,

2. do u know Sunway Pyramind shopping centre? if yes much moe earsier. After the the pyramid, the first junction turn to your left, you can see Esso petrol station and Super pages building on you right after u turn in. turn to right in front of the super pages building, then turn to your left again, afetr the turn look for jalan 11/18.

hope i have shoe u a clear direction, if anyone can show much more better the me, please inform flammy. Coz i know my direction was a bit complicated to flammy

if, you are using the no. 1 option the toll will be RM 2(smart tunnel), Rm 2.20 ( Kesas Higway) then RM 1.60 ( sunway Toll)

Yasmin says:

based on d map it is at the shoplots next to sunway college Jln PJS 11/18. if u go to the other flickr downloads u can see the map there and print it out.

flammy says:

hope can give me any landmark to the place..

flammy says:

im from ampang and is it near the harley davidson showroom?

Yasmin says:

Thanks Joey.

I will definitely be going this weekend then. Happy shopping to all.

JOey says:


Please let me know where u come from?

So, easier from me to shoe u the direction correctly.

JOey says:

hi all,

just back from the sales.

Yasmin, they do have the swim suit that u wish too look for, the price was from Rm 35 to Rm 65, and also for the children which only Rm 30. very nice.

Flammy, yes they also sell plenty of beach shorts for boys n ladies.

Some others swim suit (2 pcs Set) from Rm 15 – RM 65. then goggels from RM 15 to Rm 35…veriaty of choices.

Hope this is the usefull information for you guys.

flammy says:

So wheres the place located?….waiting for the comment too.Do they sell beach shorts for boys?or its more to ladies stuff?

Su says:

Dear Joey,

waiting for your comment on pricing……. hope it’s a good news.

Yasmin says:

wow, thanks so much Joey

JOey says:


will go this warehouse sales during lunch time, the warehouse it just behind my office, so will keep u all up to date info ya!

Yasmin says:

Thanks for d info kae

by the way, did u know what price it is selling for coz at normal shops after discount it is around rm170. wanna know if it is much cheaper or not worth the hassle. Tks

kae says:

Went there this morning. There are swimsuits like what Yasmin is looking for but can’t try. I guess if it’s a full bodysuit it’s ok but for other types of swimwear, you’d have to be really sure of your size & fit. Was disappointed with the ones I bought cos it didn’t fit as nice. Swimwear for kids available but not much variety. Prices ok

Ariza says:

Is swimwear for children also available or not?

Yasmin says:

Anyone been here? Good or not? I’m looking for the swimwear (full body suit like diving gear) for brand Arena, at the shops it costs around RM 200. Can try on or not at this warehouse sale? Tks