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26 May to 6 June 2008

Hush Puppies Warehouse Sale

[SNS : Readers living at Kinrara can u help us get more info??!!]

[SNS : We've only got basic information of this Warehousesales from two of our readers.

If someone can help snap a pic of the banner or have a copy of the flyer,

please share it with us. We do know the past two warehousales were HP Apparels - 1 & 2]



Time : 10am to 7pm


Location (603 8075 8899)

Shoe Connection Sdn Bhd

No 13 Jalan BK 1/13

Bandar Kinrara

47100 Puchong

Selangor  Malaysia





Big Thanks to Anita & Farah



may says:

cyntia what u E-mail

Cynthia says:

So, is it really end on 6th or 8th June 2008. I’m staying very far. Hope I can rush for it.

JOey says:

hi soft,

sorry to reply u late, because i don’t online after work.

Have u manage to go to the warehouse sales, I hope u already done it.

If not, u can follow my direction as bellow, hope i can help.

Ok, since you know F1, so after F1 all the way further up, until u can see a Tamil school on your left, after the school a junction on your left handside too, take a left turn in this junction, then all the way futher up, then u can start looking at Jalan 13 on your right hand side, if i not mistaken it was the third junction on your right.

Hope you can enjoy your shopping!

soft says:

thinking of going by tomorrow noon…

soft says:

I know the way until the kinrara driving range there( last time use to have a restaurant called F1).

JOey says:


can i know where u come from, then i can easily show u the direction.

anj2208 says:

this is just my opinion….
you can get the same price or even cheaper from the mall……
my experience..the price is getting higher n higher….
i bought one tsirt for my doter at sogo only rm12 but here rm15….
some more sogo got aircond, can collect points….
here..u get what?????

but there is certain item that very cheap….
example like my doter undies only rm5 for 3…
but not worth it going there only spent rm5 rite???

soft says:

any one know how to go…the map show not so clear..less landmark showing…

cnaz says:

Do they have working clothes?

JOey says:


Please do not be supprise that we are asking the same questione ” got shoe or not”

Because the company name show “Shoe Connection Sdn Bnd”

ZenXz says:

I saw their banners along Jln Puchong, but didn’t notice there is a small ‘apparel’ after H.P… that’s why… haha

syaz80 says:

Thanks Joey..

blade says:

hi all,

is there any chino or slack pants there?,looking fwd to it for work.

Jue6279 says:

well, I just went there just now. The sale is until 8 June 2008. Not too crowded but parking a bit problem lah…

Wati says:

Gals & Guys…… Doesn’t the poster show Hush Puppies Apparel??

Why you all still looking for shoes??? Funny XDDDD

ps. company name doesn’t mean anything!!

JOey says:


Collar T-shirt for man, if i’m not mistaken start from RM19,

And T-shirt for lady Start from Rm 10 to Rm35

syaz80 says:

Hie.. i plan to go there after work today.. would like to know what’s the price of collar t-shirt for man?
and ladies t-shrit what’s the price?

ZenXz says:

Went there around 6pm yesterday, very crowded
I was looking for shoes, but couldn’t find any… end up buying some t-shirt

JOey says:

hi All,

I went there also after work. around 5pm, not so clowed. at there around 1 hour plus. end up spend RM200.

T-shirt for adults was just so so, ( because i’m only looking for XL, if u can wear S, or M, then a lot of choices for u), i must more prefer they shirts for kids RM 10 to RM25, but this time more for girl type. For boy not so many choices.

All the above comments is just only my 2 cents.

ZuZu says:

I went there yesterday. But there’s no shoes.. Yang ada T-shirt, pants, undies, socks.. prices starts from RM10 til RM35. Memang tak ramai orang yang pergi pun. Parking is a prob, but since tak ramai orang, not really a hassle & don’t have to walk that far. T-shirt for women, byk, all sorted by sizes. But for me, their t-shirt is still “undersize”. I still can’t fit in their XL.. uwaaaa… so ended up not buying anything pun..

Shella says:

Since like no ppl going to this sales? no update pun?

anj2208 says:

apparel only…..

widuri says:

including shoes x?