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30 May to 1 June 2008

 Samsonite Factory Outlet Sale

Discount Up to 70%

Off Season Sale


Products Offered



American Tourister



KL Sentral Departure Hall




Raden Putra says:

crazy is an understatement. accidently dropped by klsentral on friday around 1pm, everything’s almost finished. I was looking for a laptop bagpack but the ones available were the shoulder bags, and some american tourister cabin luggage. went there again on saturday morning, arrived at 9.30am, and everything’s almost finished, just like saturday. saw some was holding laptop backpack so i knew it’s there.

made a point to go for final time on sunday. arrived around 8.30 and the crowd already gathered, early on everyone was queuing up nicely, when the door was opened, everyone rushed in like crazy. a bit funny though. again, i missed the backpack so i’ve to settle for 2nd best which is the shoulder bag. saw the bag at robinsons with the price tag of rm500 and here it’s sold at rm200. saw some girls holding to samsonite black label designed by ‘marc newson’ ( in funky bright yellow and kinda cobalt blue ->. the price they’re selling for the backpack was rm290. i guess that’s a steal becoz the original price is about rm1.2k.

as the days before, everything’s finished within 15mins. the trend was ‘grab everything in sight, then stand in one corner and decide whether you really really want this or can sell this back to someone else or not’.

Rae says:

super crazy man… went there at 9.15 am on sat, everything good was already gone. went at 8.30 am on sunday, lined up for nothing coz ppl just rushed through the doors once it was opened. LOTS of pushing and shoving. managed to get 2 Timberland backpacks and a samsonite briefcase. didn’t get the trolley bag i wanted tho…

the last sale was better as they regulated the number of people inside the place at one time. this time, they just let everyone rush in and grab everything. no system at all…

altie says:

it sucks..
been yhere on the first day..
it was only 1pm..
but, most of the stuff finished..


fred says:

anyone went there who would like to share their experience?

Epic says:

Hai ya.. Shane.. just go la..

Shane says:

Really silly as they didn’t mention the time, only the date.

amos2 says:

it’s in KL Sentral -_-”
Train, KTM, LRT, etc stop…near Mid Valley there….

amos says:

Where is KL sentral departure hall?