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25 to 27 July 2008

Tefal Warehouse Sale

Up to 70% Off


Brands Offered







Fantastic Price

70% Off for Cookware

50% Off for Electrical



** Payment CASH ONLY **

** Electrical Appliances comes with 3 Months Warranty **




Time :

25 – 26 Jul : 9am to 5pm

27 Jul : 9am to 3pm



Location (Tel 603 7880 1803)

Unit GL05 Block A

Kelana Square

No 17 Jalan SS 7/26

Kelana Jaya










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PD says:

The “Owner of Tefal” or rather Importer for Malaysia is Groupe Seb Malaysia Sdn Bhd. Add: Lot No: C/3A-001 & 002, Block C, Kelana Square. Tel: 03-7880 6020. Fax: 03-7880 3851.
Central Peninsular Malaysia Authorized Distributor is Impact Infinite Sdn Bhd. Add: Unit GL-05, Block A, Kelana Square. Tel: 03-7880 1803. Fax: 03-7880 9803 whereby they have done 3 times of Tefal Warehouse Sales within these 2 years.

Northern Peninsular Malaysia Authorized Distributor is: Lian Joo Hang Sdn Bhd.
Southern Peninsular Malaysia Authorized Distributor is: Merison Malaysia Sdn Bhd.
East Coast Peninsular Malaysia Authorized Distributor is: KT Union Sdn Bhd.
Yeo Teck Seng (KL) Sdn Bhd was formally the local distributor but now is one of the Authorized Retailers.

If you need further information/clarification, you may contact the followings;

Groupe Seb Malaysia Sdn Bhd at 03-7880 6020. Fax: +603-7880 3851.
Groupe Seb Singapore Pte Ltd: +65-6550 8900. Fax: +65-6550 8939.
Groupe Seb (Thailand) Ltd: +66 (0) 2723 4488. Fax: +66 (0) 2723 4490.
Groupe Seb Vietnam. Tel/Fax: +84-(0) 8914 3911.
Seb Asia Ltd. Tel: +852-2395 3331. Fax: +852-2395 0519.

Pal Singh says:

You guys can check if these are fakes from:
local distributor for Tefal:
Yeo Teck Seng (KL) Sdn Bhd
No 18A, Jalan 51A/ 241,
46100 Petaling Jaya,Selangor
Tel: 03-78742070 Fax: 03-78769026

csf says:

anyone any idea whether tefal going to have their warehouse sale again before coming CNY?

layang-layang says:

any idea how much is the food steamer?

mei says:

i think is about RM 599, i bought before at Tefal warehouse sale is about RM 536.

amanda says:

Ko, any idea how much a 8L pressure cooker is?

wan says:

Selling Tefal pot.. Interested please visit..

Ko says:

Hi BN,
Understand that you are very keen to buy a Tefal pressure cooker, if you still have’nt buy it & size 8 Ltr does suit you, then try to go to SOGO next weekend. I think is cheap as I also looking for Tefal pressure cooker, which I feels the quality is not bad & is imported.

jasmine says:

Hi Haze,

Oklah..dont get too upset over the free pan. The cost for 26cm free pan is only RM20. Keke..At least you grabbed all the things you wanted ma..unlike Sunday, basically nothing much left for me to choose except for those I mentioned & lots and lots of RM18 – RM25 frying pans. Grrr..

Yes, me very lucky :) Really thankful to the salesperson that gave it to me.

HaZe says:

What??? There was a free pan with over RM100 purchase?? Huhuhu… not fairr… i spent almost RM200 on Friday and me mom spent about the same on Saturday and nobody mentioned the free pan. Only for the last day, eh? Not fairrr… huwaa so sad… :(

Jasmine: Lucky you! That was really nice of the salesperson to sell the pans to you.. While i was there on friday afternoon, all the good woks are gone, those left are either small, scratched or dented. I had to get down on the floor to find one that was worth buying.. huhu. Now i know why there were so little good ones left.. the staff took the best ones first! Im not complaining, i would prolly have done the same thing too.. :)

jasmine says:

Hi Sly,

As informed by the sales person, the free pan is only applicable on the last day – 27th July Sunday.

Sly says:

Hi Jasmine,

I bought the grill pan for RM45. Was selling @ Giant for RM109.

I din know purchases above RM100 entitled to free 26cm frying pan!!

Both me n my aunt bought more than RM100 but we paid separately. If we had known, we would have combined our purchases :(

jasmine says:

Hi everybody,

I went on 27th morning, didnt get the wok I wanted as there were only two left but both were out of shape and as for pots, only one pot with lid available at the price of RM130. Was looking for a grill pan too but all sold out. I was so dissapointed. Thereafter, one of the sales person gave a limited edition wok (RM80) and a frying pan (RM45) to me (all non-stick and very nice colour) which she actually couldnt decide whether to buy or not. Yippy :) I was very thankful to her. So, on top of that, I bought a small frying pan (RM25). Besides, for any purchase above RM100, customers are entitled to a 26cm frying pan for FREE :) So, all and all, I paid RM150 for one wok & 3 pans. Not too bad lar hor?

Btw, does anybody know how much was the grill pan sold?

nana says:

AP: sorry thk its 32cm, ..of course cannot be compared to traditional chinese wok

nana says:

AP: when i went there, wok already finished.. i got the wok because the sales person gave it to me which she saved for herself, but maybe she changed her mind n pity me cause i didnt get what i want in that whouse..not 48cm but bigger than 30cm, i thk bout 38cm and of course deeper than normal tefal pan

AP says:

What’s the size of the wok that you bought? My friend who went there said that the only available size of wok there is 30cm, which to her opinion, is super small and look very much like a frying pan. So, in the end i tak jadi go to Tefal becos I’m looking for 48cm type which is as big as the traditional Chinese wok type.

HaZe says:

Ler.. of course la nobody wants scratched pots/pans. But this is a warehouse sale.. so u cant really expect to get perfect looking stuff. Of course we have to be careful when you choose the items.. for me, the only scratch i found was on the outer part of the wok.. so i dont think poisoning will be an issue… unless u cook the food on the outer part of the wok! haha. That said, whenever we buy pots, pans or ANYTHING for that matter, do check the items thoroughly before purchasing it. If u feel its good enough for you, then by all means buy it. U know what they say — tepuk dada tanya selera… :)

mamy says:

I dunno bout you guys, but I wouldn’t want pots or pans that are scratched even if they were given to me f.o.c. Think I heard it’s bad to cook food on it, something to do with poisoning.

Sure enough the no rosak ones oredi grabbed by their own staff, unless pricing for these good products are higher(no 50-70% diskaun).

nana says:

i bought 2 woks with lids- one for my fren (rm160 each; retail is RM 319), 1 steel pan for RM120 – retail RM300+..pancake pan, few pans for less than RM70..worth to buy, although i was aiming for moulinex blender yang tekan2 tu.. tell u guys cannot find this price anywhere else

bn says:

Me so sad, went on Sat mid noon..didnt get my 50% Pressure cooker! Anyone wants to sell? the only ones left were the brand new at 20%!

However manage to get a work and a frying pan with lid (new set cos someone booked and dun wan it later) which comes with a frying utensil at RM 120! Happie me!!!

HaZe says:


I know this is a late comment on this sale but i thought I’d share my thoughts on this Tefal sale. I think it was worth every penny and sweat to grab those great pots n pans. I spent RM190 and got 2 pots with lids (1 big n 1 small), 1 pancake pan, 1 small pan, and 1 wok. All of them are nonstick, and although there were 1 or 2 scratches on my wok, otherwise they were pretty darn perfect. I’ve used some of the pots and pans already and think that they work just nicely. Better than my old thin-metal pots anywayz.. huhu.

As for the price.. you cannot get these prices elsewhere. Saw some tefal pans being sold outside of Cold Storage, Ikano last night and saw that the small frying pan that i paid RM25 for was selling for over RM100++!

The only downside to this sale is the super small space they used to pile the items in. There were so many pots n pans and yet becoz of the crowd u can hardly get to the item u wanted, or even worse, somebody grabbed it just seconds before you reached it. So I just grabbed what i could, chked for defects and immediately went to pay. Probably the fastest warehouse shopping i’ve ever done! Oh and the electrical items were too little… I reached there just before noon on the 25th (methinks amanda was there then too hehe) and the only electrical item left were the Moulinex blender and a food steamer. The place was so disorganized that they were testing the blenders right there on the display rack! Loud noise + pan-wielding crowd = not a very good combination! huhuhu. Hopefully if they plan to do this w/hse sale again, they would choose a bigger location…

jan says:

My hubby went there on Sun and find that many of the frying pans are defective (scratched/the edge has changed shape).

Only a few electrical items are left, and these are the expensive ones even after discount.

I already got a medium sized(I guess 30cm) frying pan and a sauce pan, both from Tefal, several years ago. So I don’t see why I need another frying pan, even if it was in a different size(smaller). Couldn’t see how I was going to make use of pans of shallower depths either.

As for the woks, they don’t differ much from the frying pans (in terms of size), so may as well stick to my traditional Chinese wok.

evi says:

hmm will there be any electrical items left 2morrow?
# Sly says:
July 26th, 2008 at 10:42 am

Went there today. Bought a 30cm fry pan n a pot for only RM85. Pancake pans are really cheap @ RM20. Moulinex Iron selling @ RM64. Tefal Iron @ RM124 or something like tt. Not to sure if the prices are before 20% discount. Not much left.

only 20% discount, from the leaflet said 50%

lily says:

Hi there. Have anyone seen Krups espresso machine there. Saw in Metro and cost +/-RM3500. Well if not I shall have to travel to Singapore to get one.

Sly says:

Went there today. Bought a 30cm fry pan n a pot for only RM85. Pancake pans are really cheap @ RM20. Moulinex Iron selling @ RM64. Tefal Iron @ RM124 or something like tt. Not to sure if the prices are before 20% discount. Not much left.

fay says:

anyone went there today?

fay says:

how much is the iron?

wan says:

i went there too today around 3.30pm, no crowd and no hassle but unfortuntely all the electrical items were gone, only left the frying pan, wok and small pot. Small pot (price is rM40) frying pan range from rm20 onwards and wok, today only left 3 if im not mistaken, not sure about the price, but last year i bought rm50 but really worth buying.

bn says:

Hey Sly,
Thanks for the info. Am looking for a pressure cooker and some electrical items. Keeping my fingers crossed that they would replenish the stocks tomorrow :)

arissa says:

Just came back from there.Well recommended.I bought 7 pans incl wok only worth RM160.Unfortunately,I miss the pasta pot of Bienvenue range which they sell for RM55!!

amanda says:

I went there at 11.30am, all the iron habis, but their will replenish the stock tomorrow. Irons are on 50% discount. Most of prying pans are on >50% discount. I bought 2 of 25cm pancake pan at RM20 and the original price was RM80.

Sly says:


That place is very small n pretty compact. The cashier queue was so long i guess one have to wait abt 1/2 hr for your turn to pay. Almost everyone was holding more than 1 electrical items and few..did i mention few…pots and pans. They have woks and it’s less than RM100.

There are only 2 units of 2 tier racks and 2 long tables. The bottom tier where the electrical items were, were empty. So i guess it’s all gone….

Didn’t have the space to move around to see more stuff. So i just took what i wanted, paid n left.

jan says:

Almost all electrical items gone? As far as I know, some Tefal elect prod can come up to 4 digit, so even after 50%, it is gonna be 3 digit.

cnor says:

hi arianne,
I bought tefal pressure cooker at SOGO 7 yrs ago. was >RM500++. still in good working condition until today. in fact one of my most valuable kitchen tools i have.. i hopei can go t’morrow.

Doreen says:

I wanna go there on tomorrow too….

AP says:

Does Tefal sell non-stick wok? If yes, how much is the price?

bn says:

Wah Sly,
Most all electrical items gone?? Were there a lot of selection in the first place? Do you think they would replenish the stocks tomorrow? Today working la..cannot go.

Do they have pressure cookers, cake mixers and also food processors?

Sly says:



jlolo says:

Dear ALL.

Can anyone provide me a clearer map and direction to this place.tq

arianne says:

13. bn says:
July 22nd, 2008 at 12:35 pm

Hey shoppers,
I am looking for a Pressure Cooker. Anyone experienced Tefal’s pressure cooker before? Worth buying?? Is moulinex famous for its cake mixer?

As for pot and pans, not all Tefal pots and pans are that lasting cos I have experienced 2 lids of pots where the holder of the glass lid (aiyah not sure how to explain this) becomes loose. And another lid where you can turn to open or close the lid by releasing the gas/pressure from the pot was broken. This is within less than a year :(. So I guess it all depends, no guarantees!


bn says:

Hey shoppers,
I am looking for a Pressure Cooker. Anyone experienced Tefal’s pressure cooker before? Worth buying?? Is moulinex famous for its cake mixer?

As for pot and pans, not all Tefal pots and pans are that lasting cos I have experienced 2 lids of pots where the holder of the glass lid (aiyah not sure how to explain this) becomes loose. And another lid where you can turn to open or close the lid by releasing the gas/pressure from the pot was broken. This is within less than a year :(. So I guess it all depends, no guarantees!

HaZe says:

Alamak… cash only??? Aiyohh… how to borong… huhuhuu :P

Btw, Tefal = cookingware, Moulinex, Krups = electrical… :)

ZuZu says:

Tefal is definitely a very good long lasting brand. I bought a set of 3 pcs periuk together with 1 pc of frying pan back in 1995 when I was overseas and I am still using them everyday til today. They are still in very good condition. The non-stick layer is still intact. I had a steam iron too, bought in 1996 and lasted til earlier this year. Though it is quite pricey but the quality has real ummphh.. So if the warehouse sale offers genuine 70% discount, it’s not a chance that should be missed..! (waa.. I’m giving free advert eh? Tefal should pay me lah heh heh)

Sophie says:

Tefal has iron. Price range from 200 up to 1700. Maybe can get from here?

ihaz says:

Yup.. Tefal is good quality product. Infact, I had the non-stick frying pan as my wedding gift last 5 years and yet, still in good condition, no rusty at all.. not like some frying pan, the inside (non-stick) easily terkopek and later on will berkarat..quite expensive product but worth buying..:?)

Kiki says:

As i know Tefal is famous for the pots and pans.. Never heard of famous electrical items from Tefal.. Hehehehe…

mommie says:

What is a good non-stick fry pan? It’s time for e to chnage my old & rusty one. Can help advice?

Ell_J says:

i thought tefal famous for electrical items…what else they got?

miu says:

wow got krups also? it’s famous for coffee/espresso making machine right..

sadly i never go b4.. n i just went to the corningware/pyrex sale..

now come out tefal sigh.

Doreen says:

yap…. let me know too…

nana says:

is it worth going..what can we expect from this warehouse? plse someone

cynthia says:

can you provide the landmark and means to go there?

zara says:

Anyone went b4?..What’s the price range?