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23 August to 28 September 2008

Hytex Warehouse Clearance

From RM1.00

[SNS : The Warehouse Sales info is Updated 19Aug

Check Out the previous Warehousesales - Jan08 Sep07]

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

** Weekends Only from 23 Aug – 28 Sep **



Products Offered

Children Apparels


American Atheletes



DIsney Babies

Looney Tunes

Loone Tunes Babies

Time : 10am to 6pm

Location (Tel 603 6273 2323)

Lot 25 Jalan E1/5

Kawasan Perindustrin Taman Ehsan


52100 Kuala Lumpur











Big Thanks to Rose for initial info & MaYee for the Flyer


Thongs says:

Wonderful blog entry. You really know what you are talking about here. Im so happy I was able to locate this site. I expect to see more great writing from you. Keep up the great work.

shasha says:

this warehouse remind me to the first time i’ve been there, end 2005
masa tu tersanagt la best
baju bajan all is rm1, berebut macam apa, tapi berbaloi, even sepasang pon dapat rm1, and if jenis kain tu ala ala jeans, rm2, every week la pegi, sbb sentiasa ada stock baru
but now i dah tak pegi since 2008
harga dah start naik, paling murah rm5, and less choices
same goes to baby kiko and anakku
cuma pureen je maintain ok, naik harga singgit dua je la

pp says:

Dear sns,
Can u update us when wll Hytex having its warehouse sale? BTW i heard Unza is having warehouse sale from 19 to 21 Dec. Can u also check for me when n where is rubbermaid fair this week? I heard they are going to have one at subang area. TQ

ismooi says:



niaz says:

A’Kom kepada insan yang yang simpati,

boleh bagi alamat tpt supplier t-shirt paling murah di KL tak? Sussah betul mahu cari….plz….hehe

Apple says:

Jaffi, i didn’t go to the WHS at last….but i went to the Kikilala WHS at Shamelin -Cheras..haha
Spend RM21 for the baby cloths.

csf says:

Jaffi, thx for the info…i thot want to go this afternoon…. think i can save my trip if not much nice stocks…

Jaffi says:

many stocks, but not nice

atie_baby q says:

went there last saturday…still many stock but few choices but still worth to go.i already went there on the first day…many dress but last saturday no more dress at baby section. at kid section still many choice. at adult section still many choice who is looking for dress still many and nice price only RM15, mickey jean only RM12.

Jaffi says:

Apple, if u r looking for nice stocks(baby/toddler), i don think so.

Apple says:

Im thinking want to go by this coming Saturday..just worry still have nice stocks left or not? Any comment? Coz tis weeks wil be a last day for the sales…

Angel says:

Hi all, I have DNP Cash Vouchers to sell away. Its worth RM370. (RM50 x4) + (RM 10 x 17). DNP Clothing covers TOPSHOP, TOPMAN, WAREHOUSE, DIVA, KAREN MILLEN, DOROTHY PERKINS, PUMPKIN PATCH, PRINCIPLES, MISS SELFRIDGE which means you can use it at all of these places. Date of Expiry is December this year. Good thing about it is that you can use it during Sale also cos its cash vouchers.

I’m selling the vouchers between RM280-RM300 to whoever gives me a better price. You may email me at

baby_innie says:

kg baru sg.buloh/……chong han chinese

baby_innie says:

is somewhere in sg.buloh …maybe u can try at speedmart99….cheaper than tesco..gaint…and others…sometime..

baby_g says:

dear baby_innie,

which area of the chinese medicine shop that u bought from? i saw some chinese medicine shop near by my area also selling rm 60+….can u give me the name and the address of the chinese medcine shop to me. tq

baby_innie says:

to JeNny…my baby drinking same product also but normally i bought at chinese medicine shop…only RM55.90…….i never bought in supermarket…maybe u can try to search at chinese medicine shop which near by ur area,,,,,,,,,,,

atie_baby q says:

went there on the 1st day and last saturday,1st day many items compare to last saturday …but still worth to go

JeNny says:

hi vivsidek & all mummy out there.. Just want to share my exp..

i always buy baby milk start using enfalac a+, enfapro a+, enfagrow a+ for my baby at Pasaraya Hero. To be honest with u, this market (Hero) price better n cheaper than giant or tesco. No regret at all. For example, enfalac a+, Hero sell for RM57.90 but Giant or Tesco they sell for RM60++ sometimes the prices higher than this.

I always buy at Hero Seksyen 13, nearby Stadium shah alam there.. Save money for our baby & child..

dingh says:

The stock a little bit outdated but who’s care when I can save a lot. Manage to buy not only for my kids and also for others as raya gifts.

rare shopper says:

Jen, Hytex offer lots of good design & quality stocks. The whsales started since 28 Aug on every weekend.. and we went there only yesterday (the 2nd last weekend for the whsales) of course all the good stuff are gone. i did not expect too much when i went yesterday thus manage to buy 2 cloths for my daugther after spending 30 minutes choosing. but i do agree that the baby hygene products are totally out.. anyway i know hytex only on their apparel.. dint know they are also into baby hygene.. perhaps not by them.

as compare to pureen (on apparel) the price almost the same but hytex quality is better than pureen. hytex apparel also stand out compare to pureen coz they are disney design. like some of the above mentioned.. where can you get cloths with pooh or mickey on it in less than RM10. it might not mean anything to us.. but for the kid.. it’s a lot different comparing disney design & plain design (in pureen).

i think only ourselves to blaim for going too late.

Jen says:

Went to Hytex fro the 1st time yesterday and frankly, the stocks nothing to shout about for both babies and children (especially children).

Dind’t see anything nice at all and consumables like powder, shampoo, body bath, lotions are all manufactured in 2004, obviously expired by now (4-5 years oredi). I wouldn’t use them on my children even if they were free.

Notice that there is no manufacturing or expiry date for baby washing detergent(RM5; original RM14), but I think it’s better not to buy.

The clothes really not nice la. But I see so many positive comments, I don understand. It’s worst than Pureen (and Pureen is not that good either).

rare shopper says:

went yesterday.. good offer but i believe the stock are already limited.. should have gone there the first 2 week when they just started the warehouse sale.

anyway.. bought few items for my daughter. good deal!

note: choose wisely, i saw few items the price not much different from the shopping mall.

baby_g says:

ada x sape pergi hari ni? masih ada choice utk baju dekat baby section? thx

ct says:

ada x sape2 yang tau bila poney whs.pls update coz kita tertunggu-tgu poney whs.thanks

eryn_kz says:

kalo rajin..p masa awal2 pukul 10am..brg tersusun cantik, x ramai owg & x panas.hari sabtu & ahad buka.ada 2 pintu, 1 tuk dewasa & 1 tuk bayi. cari brg bayi kat pin2 kilang yang berada di tengah bukan corner lot.

eryn_kz says:

4 Lee, erm..katil baby tenderly ada warna biru&kuning, stroller+buggy+tilam bayi tenderly warna kuning-rm50.baju baby x byk choice pun…byk baju jar,suar xde. brg mandian+ gift set byk lar.

SueAnnie says:

start sabtu atau ahad ?? ke ader sabtu n ahad

baby_innie says:

ya i wan to know also still hv many choices?

baby_innie says:

sesiapa pergi last week boleh beritau masih banyak lagi baju dan aksesori si baby section?tx

LEE says:

eryn_kz can u tell me baby still banyak choices?

eryn_kz says:

last week i pegi bli katil bayi tenderly rm150 w/pun bln 12 aru delivered.saje spare…tapi, katil 2 ada reject kit coz kna gigit semut.tapi, jgn risau coz dwg tunjukan kerosakan s/ada kotor@gigt semut@ape2 jelah.ok lar 2 bagitau.smlm i p kedai MANJAKU tuk survey rge katil 2 n tgk kat pasaran RM179.90.Fuh!!!mahal giler..dah lar same warna kuning.paq2, ada brother nak li katil tuk baby dia kot..terus i ckp kat dia p kilang HYTEX mggu ni coz lg murah.dia pun kje area c2..ok gak dpt promote…yelah, mahal RM50.

LEE says:

atie baby only open on weekend only

atie_baby q says:

esok tak bukak ke? esok public holiday

LEE says:

who was going last weekend? still hv alot of stock or choices? i thot wanna to go this weekend.anybody can tell me thanks

Aryssa says:

agreed with jaja…haritu pon i dah terpegang yang pig skin shoes tu…hopefully hytex management will do sumthing about this…perlu sensitif sikit….!!~

jaja says:

2 kali pegi masih x berkesempatan nk jenguk area kids n adults…tingin laks nk pegi…
kt bhg adults ade tak jual jens ke suar ker….murah x..??..

jaja says:

sedih sgt2….ari first WHS sale ni kan ari sabtu….manusia punye la ramai..
sampai sepah2 di buatnya…teruja gak..dan terpinga2 gak…
punya la sopan bile sampai siap pilih2 kt ctu…ye la br 1st time pegi WHS ni..
xder pengalaman lg…tetiba pekerja hytex dok tabur satu penuh beg plastik..dpn mate..
cam kite nie br sampai tetiba dikejutkan dr pelosok mane ntah org yg dtg tetiba dok berebut2
pkaian yg di tabur…last2 tercedera tgn sbb kene kuku jengkaut2 yg merebut…sgt2 time pegi trus kasar atas pengajaran tempoh hari…
tp paling sedih korang pasan tak ade satu tray kt hujung kaunter bayaran ade dilambakkan kasut
powerpuff girl yg wane pink tuh rupenya ade pig skin kan…YA ALLAH..ako dpt tahu pon biler dtg kali ke dua seminggu lps tuh…br nmpk ade sepanduk tepacak…NON MUSLIM..walaweii…
ako dh pon tepegang…
mase 1st day arituh….setulusnya ako ckp..mase 1st day mmg xder tepacak pon sebarang petunjuk…agak2nya ade ke org islam yg tebeli dan bg anak dorang pkai…dorang
siap gune tray tuh tuk pilih2 baju lagi..temsk la ako…sgt2 sedih.. ;(
di harap kn pihak hytex peka atas kesensitif’an org islam…

babywink says:

went today.nothing much..boring..thank god i went for the first week.No new stock..left over sahaja tinggal..for both kids and babies..

baby_joy says:

Hi everybody! nak tanya sesiapa yg pergi hari ni samada hytex ada add in new stock to the basket or not ? coz i went yesterday tak byk baju dalam basket tu….i mean di baby section…tq

SueAnnie says:

27~28 ni ader lagi kan sale nih

runi says:

salam bahagia,

nak tanya, sale ni ada jual baju2 nike tuk remaja atau dewasa tak? harga ok tak?

vivisidik says:

nak menyambung citer plak, i went to poney warehouse sale 2 years ago kat serdang and i tell you, memang berbaloi. baju t start dari RM5. i borong dekat RM100 (sebab hubby bagi budget RM100 je untuk go crazy). but to tell you all the truth, baju-baju poney yang kat sogo 70% tu lah yang akan korang nampak kat warehouse tu. last 2 years rasanya orang tak gila lagi pi warehouse sale, so tak ramai sangat. but this time round, musti penuh. dah lah diorang buat warehouse sale tu kat parking lot. memang panas. just nak inform je la.

sekarang ni rasanya pi sogo sale pun rasa cam pi warehouse sale. tapi ber’air-cond. hehehe! ada tak sesaper yang bandingkan harga bebaju yang korang beli dari hytex ni ngan baju kat sogo? rasanya cam tak jauh beza. rasa cam promoter sogo lak. hehehe! tapi i memang rasa sogo tempat belanja paling berbaloi.

oh ya! lupa lak nak bagitau. ENFAGROW A+ kat sogo 1.7kg RM73.50 setin. last 2 weeks it was RM72. i think the price will either last for 1 week or sampai pukul 10 malam ni sebab i can’t remember whether it’s their value buy or one day special. anyone tau tak kat mana lagi boleh dapat ENFAGROW A+ lagi murah dari RM74 setin?

sorry panjang sangat. have a blessed day everyone.

vivisidik says:

ada tak nampak sesame street punya brand kat hytex? sebab last warehouse yg i pi, ada sesame street. baju elmo. kalau ada, nak pi ahad ni. kalau xde, nak tido kat rumah je sebab posa. hehehe!

nazreen says:

azlee…c page comments KIKO whs la…..leh baca byk since 1st day sale

azleen says:

kiko w/h camner pulak… ade sesaper dah pernah pergi

ran says:

Got anything nice for two year olds (12kg)?

nan says:

Mama Says, no need to control, just stay calm only. Always got warehouse sale what.

iza says:

Hytex sale ada jual baju brand princess tak??
coz my girls really crazy bout it..

atie_baby q says:

hi-cair better beli kat ikea murah below RM 50 aje

AP says:

Hi HaZe,

I went to Hytex during Dec 2007, this time round I’m not going to Hytex or Kiko or OK Baby becos got a lot of baby clothes (plus toddler and kiddy clothes!) in stock already. Based on your review, looks like the price did not increase frm last year’s. I remember last time I bought Tenderly baby top or bottom for RM3 per piece, and Winnie the Pooh toddler T-shirts or shorts at RM5 per piece. Also bought a baby pyjamas suit set (Winnie the Pooh) for RM5 only. Also bought Tenderly stroller for RM100, then later saw the retail price is RM179.90.

mamaJ@smine says:

kat Hytex ada baju for baby girl below 1 year? cun2 x? cz im from cheras if not nice i dont want to go.

LEE says:

maya can u pls tell me got high chair to sale there?

Baby Mel says:

Only cash… i went there 2 times end of august and spent almost 300 ringgit on my girls clothes. the children under is 2 for 5 ringgit not sure if it is consider expensive.

maya says:

me went there ngan my darling la. i tang cekup2… dia tang que panjang. 1 went there on the 1st day of sale. baby section mmg tak banyak utk baby boy. berterabur lak tu. baju tang lain suar tang lain. mix and match ler sendiri. bought nappy liner and few pairs of baju. baby section nothing much to see.. tapi for kids above 4 meeemmmaannnggg banyak. kalu takat nak cari baju harian utk anak2 and plus utk raya ni mmg berbaloi la sesangat. pakkal la i ni tade anak yg membesar, kalu tak musti jadik jengkaut gak.

masa i sampai stroller masih ada bout 5-6 units displayed. price pon not bad.. near to 60% disc dari retail price kat market. tenderly RM299 sell at RM150 je.
my hubby grab few baju from adult section and me myself grab some from baby section… rm200 gak abeh juz for the 3 of us.

LEE says:

who can tell me got high chair to sale or not? if i go this weekend still alot of choices for baby 1 y/o?

Ramlah says:

I went to Hytex sales twice. 24th August and 7th Sept. 24th August has more variety. As for teen section the A. Atheletic jeans and jacket was a great buy. But the second time I went there is no more jacket and the jeans left only few not so good design. As for the toddler section, the first time was not bad but the second time was worse. Not much variety. If you looking for raya dress for toddler dont go here as they are none! So dissappointing.

But if you are looking for disney tshirt… there is plenty for teens and toddler but not much choice!

rina says:

sure ke takde baju baby boy. my son umur 2 years..kepong is very far far away from my house.If banyak choice then I plan to go this weekend, if not kira membazir duit minyak ajalah..

sape2 yang dah pegi tu tlg lah bagi advise kat I.tq

mimi says:

nak tanya mamaaina……….. wat type of brand kat adult corner, worth going tak for baju adult (men & ladies).

nazreen says:

hytex accept credit card????