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15 August 2008 

Cavenzi Warehouse Clearance Sale

From RM1

[SNS : We are unsure if the sale is only valid for 1 Day.

If anyone knows more info, please leave a comment!]


We let our price do the talking


Products Offered

Designer Pillows – RM1


Bedroom Set

Dining Set


and more


*Please Bring Along Flyer to be eligible for Advertise Offers*


Location (Tel 603 9074 8548)

HQ Balakong Pektan

Lot 3362-1A Off Jalan Balakong

Batu 11 Cheras









I have observed that wise real estate agents just about everywhere are warming up to FSBO Promotion. They are knowing that it’s more than just placing a sign in the front yard. It’s really pertaining to building relationships with these suppliers who at some point will become consumers. So, whenever you give your time and energy to aiding these suppliers go it alone : the “Law associated with Reciprocity” kicks in. Interesting blog post.

SKS says:

The sofa quality is damn lousy. I bought 1 set 3+2+1 from Cavenzi TESCO Plentong. Exactly 1 year the leather started peeling. I called them & they told warranty only for frame & cusion only. Peeling is not covered. WTF!. I checked with sofa repairing shop & they said all Cavenzi sofa will peel off!. The shop charge me 1K to repair – tear off the old leather & rewrap with newer leather ( Confirmed not bonded leather like Cavenzi). Actually the one Cavenzi claimed as leather is not leather at all. It’s PVC!. Leather where got peeling one? My car seat cover bought RM450 more than 6 years ago still good in condition. No peeling also. Some more it’s PU. Cheating company!!!. Only in Malaysia cheating companies still can make business & be successful. Consumer will be CONned. Better still go and buy from Ah pek shop or Kayu Jati Mamat!

Tang says:

Bad service. Never never go to Cavenzi Funiture. They could not delivery the items (FURNITURES) on promised date. They keep postponed the delivery date and cannot confirm when. And come out with a lot of reasons. I have to keep calling them to follow up but never call back. The standard anwers.. they will check with this party and that party ….


NZ says:

Hi guys, would like to have your advice. Cavenzi now is having promotion, I am hesitating whether should I put order with jb pandan outlet for my new house in end of May, after reading your horrible experiences with them. As now is March 2010, I am wondering whether their service been improved or still remain lousy?

Thanks that was a excellent post!

Schönen Weblog hast du da. Bin gerade über die Suchmaschine hier her gelangt. Werde mich mal umschauen auf dieser Seite. Bis spaeter!

nagendra says:

Hi Bijaya, Kaka mala,Jaya and all my past staffs how are you all? Now I am in Saudi Arabia for 3 months . Now I am working as a office secretory. If you have time we can communicate with each other. I never forget your Kindness help. I got this Mail Address and sending this. Bye God Bless you all.

at says:

i like perabot bahagia… they’ll even call you asking whether you have received and like the items bought… very friendly…

Kelly says:

Couldn’t agree more with theVoice. I bought a sofa set for parents & the leg of the sofa set was broken in less than a year. Nothing is free…the price of each product is so low..that alone will make u wonder. I hope people out there won’t be their next victim.

theVoice says:

Continue from the previous posting.

I went to their Pandan outlet on Christmas day and talked to Mr Hayden. Mr Hayden was kind enough and helped us to get the furniture delivered on 26th December. Without his help, we would never knew when we could get our furniture. We thank you Mr Hayden.

But, unfortunately in the morning 4 days after while we still in the Cavenzi’s bed, half awake, suddenly our bed collapsed! Luckily nobody was hurt. We found that the wood to made the bed’s frame were broke into pieces. The quality of the wood was so bad that it was like the same wood for making the cheap tooth picks, it can be easily tear of. Now, we also doubt on even the quality of their products. Someone could be injured when the bed collapsed! Luckily we were not given the bed to elder people to sleep on it.

This time we have problem to get them come to repair the bed. Call several times and nobody answered the phone. When we got some one answered, they said they will call back because the person-in-charge was out for lunch. We have called twice and now is 3pm and still nobody call back. Their person-in-touch takes more than 1 hour for lunch break. We are very feed up with their terrible service and we wonder when will them send people come and repair the bed.

We feel like we have been cheated by this Cavenzi. We wish we can quickly get rid of this bad luck!

theVoice says:

Never go to Cavenzi if you are going to buy any furniture which is important and must get it on time. They seems to have the possibility of (1) miss out your order and (2) change the delivery date even after promised and confirmed. Of cause I am not saying that all their branches have the same issues. But the one which I had this very bad experience is their branch in Johor Bahru.

I bought a bedroom set during their promotion period in December and the salesgirl promised to delivery the furniture 2 weeks after the date of purchase. What shocking me was, I called them 1 day before the actual delivery date just wanted to confirm roughly the time the furniture will reach my house.
Surprisingly, the lady told me that she could not give me an answer for that. She said the driver will call.

Thats fine, the next day I was patiently waited for the call and so excited about the arrival of the new furniture but I started to lost my patience when the clock was showing that it was about 5:00pm and yet I got no call from them. So, I called to the shop and again I was shocked and given a very negative answer and the guy talked like my order was never keyed-in in their system.

In my mind I thought, Are they miss out my order??? You answer me. He told me that he would arrange the delivery to another day which means I had to wait for another 3 days. What made me really mad was, they called me on the next day and again told me that the delivery had to be postponed, again, to a later date. I had to wait longer and longer and longer.

Conclusion is I waited for almost a month in order to get the furniture. Can you imagine that if it was the furniture that you bought for your new house or it’s a gift to some one that you care a lot?????

I did insisted to get my furniture after the first time they changed the date but they gave a lot of excuses and made it sounds like it was an impossible mission for them to get me the furniture.

After such a big disappointment, I have totally lost faith and trust in Cavenzi.

Cavenzi or not? You make your own judgement.

cham says:

yeah,dats right…!!!!