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27 to 31 August 2008

 Swarovski Branded Fashion Jewelry Warehouse Sale

50-80% Discount


First of Its Kind


Products Offered


Rhodium PLating

Semi Precious Stone



Time : 10am to 10pm


Location (Tel 603 6277 0770)

No 6 Jalan 7A/62A

Wisma Menjalara – MAP

Bandar Menjalara 


52200 Kuala Lumpuir

(Near FIAMMA Kepong)









maggiejing says:

pandora jewelry is my favorite

nooraza says:

Anyone went there, bought items and really satisfied from the purchase?

LCK says:

i went there tis afternoon. quite a lot of selection of bracelets, earrings, necklaces, chains and pendants. some are swarovski crystals, others are just accesories. you must take time to look and search. becos of the set up, first look at it the things look like from pasar malam. after you see properly, can find stuff lah, similar to those accesories shops in mid valley. depends wat you are looking for…..i bought crystal pendants and earrings..

DeviL says:

Yes Bell,

I’m a fan of crystals…

Please let me know the price range if you remember…And if you can upload pics of ur crystal earings as well


HaZe says:

Bell… what was the price like for the swarovski stuff? Any swarovski bangles at all? Pls advise :)

bell says:

I went there yesterday, and bought 2 pairs of swarovski ear rings. u need to ask the sales gal. but of course, there is not much swa’s stuff there. only those jewel as we buy from pasar malam.. but some of the design is quite nice, as i can’t see outside the market. it’s just a shop rental, they do not focus more on decorating, that’s y the stuff doesn’t look nice and sparkling, but if u take time to search for the nice one. u will sure get something special for your self.. coz i got 4 pairs of crystal earing.. depends on the buyer requirements..

ze says:

yea…can’t find any swarovski! disappointed!

Kaly says:

oh my god….swarovski = crystal form china…
how can this adsvet out to bluff ppls….

Ta says:

I think so. But how can they put SWAROVSKI on the poster at all??
I thought it is a trademark.

miu says:

oh..then this is misleading a bit..

poster say SWAROVSKI..

but it’s actually a jewelry gems and stones thingy….

Ta says:

I went there yesterday. The place was in an empty shop lot. They sells heaps of bangles, necklaces and rings. But none of those looks like from Swarovski.
You can tell they are those Made in China, some of them even looks worse than those sold in pasar malam. Of course they were in cheap price.
But definitely not “branded”!
Don’t go there if you are looking for Swarovski stuff…total waste of time!

shenn says:

so far 2 persons went? anymore commencts? what kind bangles, chains, rings, crystal stones they sell? any pics to view?

LCK says:

i didnt go yet, but heard 2 of my friends who went and they bought quite a lot of stuff…..very worth it it seems. well…….they are planning to go again!!

mel says: not worth it to go lar :(

Yvonne says:

I went at 4pm and didn’t see any swaroski range as diplay in Isetan KLCC counter. :(
Most of the items are bangles, chains, rings, crystal stones and China made.

Kaly says:

anybody will go to9? pls let me know is worth to go…?

mel says:

10 am to 10 pm

Chris says:

What is the operating hour??

Evient says:

anybody went to this kind of warehouse sales b4?? worth to go??

Kaly says:

where this place..?any location map…?

Reisha says:

any price list available?