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19 to 21 September 2008

 Elba Warehouse Clearance

All Items Must Go

Limited Stock


Brands Offered








Products Offered

Washing Machine

AIr COnditioner

Built in Oven

Gas Hob


Gas Stove

Cooker Hood

Microwave Oven


and more



Location (Tel 603 6277 0470)

Exact Quality Sdn Bhd

Lot 13 Jalan E1/5

Taman Usaha Ehsan

Kuala Lumpur








finas says:


Need you all punya opinion . Brand mana satu yg bagus . FABER atau ELBA ? plan nak beli Electric Oven . Baru nak belajar buat cake , bakar ayam guna oven and ect.

Eve says:

dingh, one word I have for you “WOW……..” I really salute you…

Anyway, my hubby decided to change to Faber rice cooker no more Elba. : p

dingh says:

Eve, here is the model they have. Easy to know the capacity. First 2 number is the liter. So 5 model for 1.8L. Letter at the back means, T – Tempered Glass Lid, S – Brushed Stainless Steel Housing, D – LCD Panel (Display), P – Safety Protection, Overflow Proof/Electric Proof and without letter – Microcomputer Control and Safety Protection, Overflow Proof/Electric Proof.

Power: 350W
Capacity: 0.6L

Power: 540W
Capacity: 1.2L

Power: 750W
Capacity: 1.8L

Power: 750W
Capacity: 1.8L

Power: 750W
Capacity: 1.8L

Power: 700W
Capacity: 1.8L

Power: 860W
Capacity: 1.8L

Power: 900W
Capacity: 2.2L

Power: 950W
Capacity: 2.8L

Eve says:

Hi dingh,

I don’t know which model though. Yet to get the rice cooker. Hubby said collect maybe tomorrow or next week. But I think they only have 1 model for 1.8L right?

dingh says:

Eve, which model?

ERC-0652T (0.6L – RM55) is wrong, the actual one bought is 1.8L (ERC-1852T), price is RM55.

sydra says:

It’s a good sale and helpful staff.bought a hood (750) rubine 2-hole sink(240) blender (70) and hob (220).

Eve says:

Hi dingh, I double confirmed with my hubby, he said the rice cooker also 1.8L but only RM50. : )

rfm says:

First time at an electronic warehouse sale. I got a rubine build in oven with 7 functions for RM1050, elba thermo pot 5 ltr RM70 and Elba deep fryer for RM150. I saw Elda standing freezer selling at RM850 (original RM1399), I was ecstatic and hooked, think I will only buy from a wh sale in the future.

dingh says:

mimichomel, thermo pot TP5009 just RM65 on Sunday, then drop again another RM5 few hours before closed that day. To bad I already paid so rugi a bit la..

Eve, me and my wife also collect 2 rice cooker with steamer, ERC-0652T ERC-0652T (0.6L – RM55) and – ERC-1828(1.8L – RM60) :-)

Their staff is really kind to wrap the box with plastic wrapper and I manage to carry it in the rain (not so heavy that time).

I already have Elba tempered glass built-in hob and cooker hood and use for almost 5 years so I not really interested to buy a new one.

I don’t know you all notice or not, next to rice cooker and coffe maker area, there a pile of box that already sold. Wonder who’s bought all that.

becy says:

hey. i enjoy this warehouse! the staff there are all helpful. for the first day i came, all the build in hod were sold out. But luckly one of the malay staff that willing to call me up and reserve for me the new stock on next day. I am so happy to grad the elba cooker hod and hood for my new house and compare to the first day, the price are much more cheaper. From rm350 drop to rm180 for cooker hod, and hood is rm250 drop to rm170. Thanks for the wareshouse!!!!!

Eve says:

Sorry, didn’t check SNS after work on Friday onwards. Hope you all enjoyed the sales.

My hubby managed to get a microwave @RM150 and 2 ricecookers @ I think about RM65-RM80 each, n he’ll only collect the ricecookers today. : )

mimichomel says:

rare shopper. i pon tgk kat jusco are selling the thermo pot at 89.90. kalau u guys careful enough, u can see the price tag kat kotak tu pon ade tulis. here they selling at rm80. so, pandai2laa pilih.

one more thing, the same thermo pot yg i beli last warehouse sale cost me rm60 (3.2L), now dah naik rm80. i ingat semakin turun harga coz there now considered old fashion but makin mahal pulak.

tapi still think my trip worth it coz i dapat beli thermo pot yg 5L (TP5009) at rm80 jugak. oklaa kan.. i went on friday. sunday ade turun harga lagi ke??

Aira says:

I managed to grab a sink at RM320 (after nego with the supervisor, selling price at RM350.00), original price is RM818.00. Not bad… since its stainless steel some more.

dingh says:

Went there today again after miss out yesterday cos to late reach the place. First hour bought 2 rice cooker and thermo pot. Stuck there when heavy rain started. After that bought 2 more stuff when the price drop for RM5 – RM 15 more. But I lose RM15 for the 3 item I already paid. I not sure price still drop or not after that, cos I rush to Hytex Warehouse sale and later to Nilai.

madeline says:

Thanks Andre for the directions. I went to the sale yesterday. Managed to grab elba 35L electric oven at rm 175.

rare shopper says:

for the benefit of those that plan to buy elba thermopot.. just an indication for you.. tesco selling the elba TP3807 3.2L at RM89.90

i saw the same model at their warehouse sales yesterday but forgotten their price.

rare shopper says:

went yesterday.. saw few ppl buying the microwave.. hood almost finished.. fridge left few units.. hob.. din’t see any, more like gas stove..

i waited for so long on the sales coz wanted to buy the thermo pot, mixer/blender, juicer, rice cooker, etc.. so many items need 5 months back.. but since wife can’t wait.. bought everything at other wh sales.

i think this is another worth going wh sales coz 1 stone kill 3 birds. there are 2 other wh sales.. hytex & cocoaland within walking distance.

sydra says:

I went today.bought hood ,hob and blender.MANY people today….consider the price ok.

sydra says:

I went today.bought hood ,hon and blender.MANY people today….consider the price ok.

my_nico says:

anybody go today??

my_nico says:

hi eve i’m planing to go tomorrow, looking for faber electric oven 32 or 40 litre. is there anything left for tomorrow? and how about the price?? tq

NAt says:

Thanks eve! Will try to drop by there and have a look..

teohwl says:

Do have any steam iron? what’s the price range about?

Andre says:


After you pass the toll keep going, but keep on the left. Do not use the flyover. You will met a traffic light, after you pass Caltex (on your left). Go straight up the slope, and you will met another traffic light. Go straight again. On the final traffic light, turn left. Then drive straight until you meet a traffic light (can see shell on your left). Go straight again, and drive until you see Restoran Fook Kee on your right. Turn right and follow the road. Follow the main road, and turn left when you see EON Bank on your right. Go up the small slope, and take the 1st left turn. Drive straight and just after the housing estate, the road will bend a little. Take the left turn after the bend. Go straight and take the 1st right turn. You will see Cocoaland before you take the right turn. After turning in, you will see where EQ is.

tnakal says:

dear eve

can you please ask your hubby how much is the cost of an oven????
10 liter oven.
if its cheaper than rm200 it worth to buy coz the the one i saw in ampang park 10 liter oven ELBA is RM400.

joane says:

got warranty tak?

madeline says:

hi, can anybody help me.. if i am coming from ldp toll near mutiara dsara, how to go to this place. a bit pening when looking at the map.. tqvm!

aya says:

is there any faber oven on sale?

momAfifAfrina's says:

ummm baru jer balik penat nye
thermo pot price from rm60-80 if i’m not mistaken depends on liter,
vacum 1400watt RM175, rice cooker RM85 medium size …
i buy kitchen hood (RM220), hob (RM250), built in oven (RM800)..
plus oven (RM90) , stand mixer (RM55), juice blend (RM65)…
really it worth..
to dila:
you lambat la…i dah siap beli dah hood tu… hari tu i tanye xde sbarang respond pon dari semua…but it worth…semua2 item yg i beli just +-RM1500

dila says:

Hi… to anyone who’s looking for hood. I’ve got this Fagor hood to let go. still in box. But warranty has expired (i think). Price is nego. Anyone interested can email me at : Tq.

Any updates on thermo pot?? prcing i mean…

Last time they are selling thia as cheap as rm65!! damn sooo.. cheap!! (NP is rm 140++)
so rugi i tak beli last time. Hope this time around they will be offering this again.

Aira says:

Hi Eve, could you help me to check the price & brand for kitchen hood & stove, + your hubby opinion abt the products whether worth to buy or not .. tqvm. Planning to buy one if its worth it.

Eve says:

tj, the hob hood – elba – @RM160 & RM200. My hubby can’t find any air-cond there, sorry.

reen017 says:

banyakner sale…..duitnyer dh tak sale..huhuhu

Eve says:

Hi Andre, OralB is NOT their product. So you can’t find it there oh… Don’t be angry … maybe you ask the wrong person that will only say “yes” or “got” to everything… :p

tj, called my hubby but he need time to check it out. Will call him in another 15 mins… get back to you later yah….

Andre says:

Haha. Actually I did look into the box on the floor which is partially filled with BRAUN products. I couldnt find any Oral-B inside as well. Wasted my time… luckily Cocoaland got sales so I went and bought some pudding to sooth my emotion. Really angry as yesterday went there and THEY DOUBLE CONFIRM sure got ORAL-B.

tj says:

pless check with ur hubby price of air cond.. n also hob hood.. price..

Eve says:

Oh… My hubby updated, said that unit is a display unit, normal price about RM160++ now is only RM90. I still think it’s a bit expensive for warehouse sales….

So for all you out there “only want” to get oralB in this warehouse. Well… . they are not the distributor oh….. so not worth it going…

Eve says:

Got the vacuum price :- lowest @ RM90, another model @ RM175 and got other model too.

Hubby said oralB is by other distributor that’s why they don’t have. But he saw “1 unit only” model D12013 but don’t have pricing… Why only 1 unit I’m not sure.. hahahaha

Andre says:

I checked again. Braun only got some display model or return set of shaver, coffee maker, heartbeat device, hair dryer etc. But DEFINATELY NO ORAL-B. What a disappointment!!! I will go again tomorrow to see. But if you are going to buy their thermopot, from my experience, better buy other brand. I bought ELBA one and the rubber always deform. My house use Panasonic one till now also no problem.

Eve says:

They yet to display the vacuum. So can’t get the price.

And my hubby don’t see any oralB too.

But he said a lot of stocks still yet to be displayed.

Eve says:

For Omron some of the products are discontinued items. Some are new products. Make sure asked before buy if any of you are a bit particular with this. : )

Andre says:

OMRON thermometer Im not sure. OMRON fully automatic blood pressure machine cost RM231 after discount. The sales said cheap but when I asked my colleague how much she bought lastime, also around RM200++.

I will update later about Braun OralB… later I will go again before noon and update. I got a feeling maybe no OralB, but other Braun product maybe on its way here.

Eve says:

Hello… Just got my hubby, he’s at the warehouse location there. So can’t email and get the price list.

Nat, I’ve asked him to check out the vacuum price for you.

Microwave at about RM150++. Dryer not nice model, he said maybe tomorrow they will have other models too.

will update again once he call later….

NAt says:

How much are they selling vacuums at?

Eve says:

Hi Aira,

Trying to get my hubby but he didn’t pick up my call. Tomorrow he’ll be on duty in the warehouse. hahahaha….

Aira says:

Hi Andre & Eve, will be glad if you’re able to let me know the price for kitchen hood & stove.. thanks

Eve says:

The place is near Hytex warehouse sales. That’s what my hubby said. He said got Omron product too (termometer etc). He has the price list for Omron product but they’re using product code with no description oh. So anyone interested then let me know. I’ll get from him. Not sure whether he can get Elba or Faber price list.

I’m planning to get a dryer and microwave. Hope the price is good too. He will check it today. Hihihih… : )

Andre says:


Just went and confirm no BRAUN product. What they told me stock havent arrived. WTF!!! I will update again later…

Cocoaland got sales… confirm…

Andre says:

Whats happened with Kimberly Clark warehouse sales?

About the online business, just an idea only. If the price is good, its good to grab it and then make 10-20bucks per set by selling online. Quite good as some people (outside Klang Valley) might be able to get a good deal as well.

Consumer says:

Andre, thanks for the info.Hope you are joking about the online business though! No one wants a repeat of the Kimberly Clark warehouse sale fiasco.

Andre says:

I dont know yet.
They havent bring out the Braun yet.
I have to go and check tomorrow. I will aim for those box high end set and with speed selector one. However, also depends on the price first. If more than RM150, I think better use back my old one. If really cheap like <RM100 might grab all and start online business. If old model or low end, I dont think I will buy.

roster says:


Can u let me know the price for Braun Oral B toothbrush possible can i tumpang……………..tks

Andre says:

I just went to see their preparation for this sales. What I can see is toaster, air cond (dunno what brand as couldnt find), portable air cond (Elba but I saw 1 unit only wor), vacuum, dvd player, washing machine (dunno what brand), microwave and etc.

Most of them are Elba brand but could be more as only some products are being carried out and arranged. Maybe will see more brands tomorrow. But I can confirm Braun also got as I asked them also. Main thing is to get those good Braun set if around RM100. If more than RM150, then I wont buy any.

momAfifAfrina's says:

bile electrolux sale yg u pegi tu??
ade x dlm sebln dua ni???

momAfifAfrina's says:

i pon nak pegi..tapi tengahari la nampaknye

ayuMi says:

halo…just a bit curios…if I bought big things like washing machine & fridge, they transported them or cash n carry??? plan to buy those items…hmmm

Andre says:


I mean TURN RIGHT AFTER SUPER, not turn right into SUPER.

Later they all look at your weirdly.. sorry

Andre says:


If you follow the map, up to the roundabout,…

Now if you take the right turn, its a straight.. keep going then you will go pass Esso n Mobil, then a football field finally factory named SUPER. Turn right into super and take the left turn at the 2nd junction. After you take the turn, the big building on your left is Hytex and Exact is a bit further down on your right after you pass by Hytex main gate.

If you go straight at the roundabout, proceed along the road till you see row of mamak stalls. Turn right at the end of the mamak stalls row. Hytex on your left and Exact is just a bit further down.

jam says:

Got baby washing machine (below 3kg) & miniature oven?

Ms speky says:

hallo iris ..
i tot the map is already there..
just figure out..

Iris says:

Where is this place? Any significant signs or building?

ML says:

Elves, this is in Kepong

ryn says:

Yeah…I’m looking for microwave.anybody know bout da price ?

Elves says:

where is this place?

Shamal says:

Will they have dryer…. I’m looking for one?

iza says:

thanx ibu sofea..
really looking forward to buy a new vacuum cleaner..

ibusofea says:

hi iza,
vacuum cleaner i buy kat Electrolux Warehse. Export item orange metalic colour RM500 mmg i enjoy used it. Mmg kuat sedutan leh low to high.

ibusofea says:

price quite gud certain thing got defact have to choose carefully.
can’t remember exactly d price i bought ricecooker big & small, stand fan & termos not more than RM200. Not mistaken 1 yr warranty.

mom AA's says:

ibu sofea… update la sikit price die..sbb i mmg nak carik oven hood n hob nih!

AP says:

How about warranty period given?

AP says:

How long warranty period does Elba give?

iza says:

vacuum cleaner ade tak??

aina says:

air cond paling low brape price die ek?

mamaaina says:

if can plz post the pricing later…..

TQQQ 1st …

andre says:

I never go before but this warehouse just 100m from my office. So Im gonna wait there at 830am and see if they got any good offer for Braun Oral B toothbrush.

Aira says:

hi ibusofea, perhaps u could elaborate more abt the pricing…thanks

ibusofea says:

early this year i ade pegi this warehse mmg berbaloi.

amieyza says:

who go for this warehouse before???
detail plzzz