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9 to 12 October 2008

 Sogo Warehouse Clearance Sales

Discounts up to 70%


Exclusively for S-Card Members

[SNS : Go find your frens who have S-Card, and ask them

to bring you along, cos each S-Card Member can bring in 2 Guests

Read about SOGO's Warehouse Sale in MAY]



Brands Offered



John Langford


Walt Disney

Soda Kids






and more



Location (Tel 603 2698 2111)Google Map

Multi Purpose Hall, Foyer,

Walkway & Waterfall Area – Level 7










for school. However, the handle does get stuck sometimes…not that smooth when trying to extend the handle.

syaz says: those who went today..are there still perfumes available? which brand? what’s the price?

qasrinas says:

don’t go to sogo sales coz everyday pun sales at sogo, rasanya tak putus2 sales!!! go to metrojaya, i think better sales there compare to sogo.

miu says:

miriam: no didn’t see any raoul for woman :( during warehouse

got perfume?? how much??

Zutasa says:

perfume ada kate moss, miss sixty, givency, adidas

angel says:

adik: ad jual perfumes tak??

mamafaris says:

oklaa sogo sale.. went there around 6pm sumthing.. not many ppl.. but some borong diapers banyak2.. heh.. nway bed linen, comforters, all sale sampai 80%.. worth it jugaklah kalau beli.. baju2 ok.. handbags pun discount boleh tahan.. sbb x ramai org so can take time to choose.. huhu.. i guess its a leftover from the sale from another floor which finish today. so brought upstairs and sell them much2 cheaper. but if u want to buy children clothes, mmg ada byk.

adik says:

went to sogo this afternoon.. hmm lucky for me x bawak byk $$$$.. kalau tak sure habis.. since i was looking for my baby punya cloths..byk choice and cheap..cheaper than mega sale.. food pun ok..
will continue shopping tomorrow…hehehe

aa says:

any one go to sogo today? if yes pls update infor…cos planning tomorrow want going or’s good for going? it’s really cheap? cos it’s just 1 floor only…
i am waitting JJ members sales…..

kira_wang says:

oh hi jid..
i js saw ur msg.. thank u so much for the info.. today they starting the sale.. nw i;m think to go for ths sogo or metro..

finas says:

btl tu deena , part surau ni , i think mgmt sogo kena prihatin sikit .

ida says:

agreed on what deena said..sogo memang non-stop dgn sale… ada aje sale dia

deena says:

i tak hairan if sogo got sales..just curious…bila agaknya sogo tak sale ye? after one sure got another sales…like non-stop…n i wonder…r they really genuine? but the surau there is veeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrry bad..worst! even its powder room (on 2nd flr i think) is much much better…why oh why……….. :( n i think it’s one of the areas where malays shop the most…(coz nearby jln TAR)…. n wonder again..when will the sogo mgmt relocate the surau…the nursery room has been upgraded…the 7th flr is very spacious n got many potential space…hmmmm…..

atie_baby q says:

went there earlier this year, for me totally worth it…cheap …last time i bought children apparel poney, petter rabbit up to 70%. bought thermos normal price RM 129 but there RM 59 only…..

Ct says:

Betullah apa yg Noname cakap. Memang sentiasa ada, whether warehouse sale or sale, at Sogo. Mostly are bedlinen, apparel & kitchen utensils.Murah ke ?? To me, biasa saja lah…..Everywhere also similar. Kalau dekat, boleh pergilah, kalau tidak, tak apa lah….parking mahal juga……

cnaz says:

hi.. i had experience going on friday after ofis hour.. not that many ppl.. q also not very long.. only 2-3 ppl queued in a line.. u surely can see the cashier’s face even u r the last person in the line.

miriam says:

miu, is raoul ladies working shirts available as well?
wana grab 1 too :)

Noname says:

Last time i also always go for the sogo warehouse sales… but now no more, coz is pack and normally not long after the warehouse sales ( a week or 2), then sogo will have normal sales… and the items shown at the warehouse sales will be on sales toom the only thing is that maybe u not get the 1st hand sales items loo…

Member member card, if i not wrong is RM24 for 2 years, u must apply for 2 years… benefit is you can get cash rebate of 3% to 5%, i think… but no cash rebate during warehouse sales, normal sales got… the cash rebate will return in coupons and calculate every 1/2 yearly.

Miu says:

sogo member i think pay rm12? can sign up at sogo itself, there will be booths infront of the warehouse area.

Ko: branded men’s t-shirt I buy are Raoul, Pierre Balmain, Dockers, Polo, Renoma, Arrow and lots other. Mostly I’ll go for Pierre Balmain as they have large sizes and nice material.

Usually, Maybank credit card and Direct Access card can go in too.

CMY says:


Wow… very kind of u…


hanie says:

really cheap ka? berbaloi ka bersesak2 nanti?

jid says:

CMY.. as i told earlier, i got the leaflet by today n my office scanner got problem.. never mind i’ll try to snap with my camera at home and try tu upload it here for u all… quiet good bargain, but the sale before raya last mth.. superb best!…

jid says:

hi kira_wang,

just received sogo post regarding this warehouse sale (my bos name..huhu).. my opis scanner rosak, then can’t upload the leaflet here.. but item that u looking for got discount…
1) La Gourmet – cook & pour 3pcs set RM299(usual RM499), this value buy
2) Tefal – induction Non stick cookware, price range RM179-389, got 30% off
3) ASD Hard Anodised Cookware – 28cm stirfry pan + steamer RM229, also got 30% off
ok, hope this will help u… :)

finas says:

nasib baik dlm pantang , klu tak i pun nak joint sama shopping . he..he..he.

maya says:

is it open to members only??????

Get ready on 9 oct…going to grab some nice stuff there, lol….

kira_wang says:

hurmm looking for non stick pan for my mom la.. dont knw got or nt..

immo says:

kene bayar berape, tiap2 tahun kene renew ke?

Ct says:

Pergi lah dekat Customer service dekat Tgkt 7 to apply.

Sri says:

How to apply Sogo Member Card. Boleh ke sape2 inform saya. Minat gak nak pergi tapi xde card.

BrendaS says:

Who have sogo card?? I wanna go but dont have sogo card..

Ct says:

Hayah……..this is the very common one in Sogo lahhh…..tak attractive sangat lah…. Dulu i memang suka tapi sekarang bosan oledi….

Ko says:

Hi Miu,
“….I also buy lots of branded working men’s t-shirt for my bf…..”

May I know what are the “branded working men’s t-shirt” you are referring to ? Because I seldom seen any in SOGO……

mling says:

hai guy, who’s had be there be4?

CMY says:

Hai sns,

Is there any leaflet that show on all products that will be in this warehouse clearance like before ?


Ell_J says:

normally people with maybank credit card can enter their exclusive sale.can it be used in this warehouse sale as well?

Miu says:

very pack… and like mynt said, Friday is worst.

If go friday must faster pay in the morning before 11pm onwards.

The payment Q is so darn long, it takes me 1-2 hours lining up to pay.. from my experience on Friday lunch break time. So my colleague and I will take turns lining up hehe.

mynt says:

very packed..
ecspecially on friday..huhuhu

Farah says:

i wonder how pack the place would be..

Miu says:


i’m a frequent visitor for sogo warehouse sales and the fragrance sales is my no.1 thing to look for each time they have a warehouse sale!

I also buy lots of branded working men’s t-shirt for my bf. They’re really cheap after the sales!!

GUCCI PERFUME! Lacrose, hugo boss, escada. mont blanc..! (these r some of the variety of perfumes sold during warehouse sales)

I hope they are featuring a corner for fragrance! (most of the time they do, but sometimes they don’t :( I’ll go check it out anyway just 2 be sure)