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This is an amazing website which in THREE easy steps helps you to locate the cheapest and best hotel of your choice as it does its wizardry of comparing online travel portal rates and listing the cheapest available for you! It is simply amazing! We found so many great hotel deals in less than a minute!  

Have you ever wished that someone would have combined the Online Hotel search engines of,,,,, and the likes in order to give you the BEST available rate at your fingertips? Well, has done it!

Let’s say you needed to book the Best Hotel in KL for your guest; Mandarin Oriental comes to mind, but what rates would you pay for a Five-Star Hotel? Perhaps due to time and budget, you would only have time to search for a Four-Star hotel like Traders Hotel or Corus Hotel. Or perhaps your back-packers friends needed your help to look for a Budget Hotel, would you just check the rates at Tune Hotels only?  Now you can easily do all the above with just 3 Clicks!



Now with you can see 100+ Hotels results with their corresponding room rates with just 3 simple clicks!! And best of all, the search results are extremely quick! (or we found it quick on our streamyx connection!)


Here’s what you need to do

Step1 : Choose the In & Out Dates, No of Guests & Rooms and the City (oh yes its not just Malaysia, we checked rates in Bali & Las Vegas too for Christmas .. woo hoo!!) – Click on Compare!

Step2 : Choose the HOTEL that you want (We found Mandarin Oriental at only RM399) .. and Guess What? you can narrow or widen your search by simply choosing the hotel star rating, the services & amenities you require … all on the Left side bar! Or you can just click NEXT like we did!

Step3 : Click on ALL PRICE (That’s it! Itu saja!, and will display the list of Room Rates sorting from the cheapest rate from the various online portals. Click on it and you can proceed with your room reservations!)

Its so easy and quick, its no wonder that their slogan is “NOw Everyone Can Compare!” Its really simple. See what we did below!


STEP 1 : Select your Criteria



STEP 2 : Narrow Your Search (we just typed Mandarin)


STEP 3 : You can see that the CHEAPEST Rate is RM399 only


So its that’s simple and best of all its FREE! Check out now!  

Now for those of you who have happily booked your airlines seats from the MAS & AirAsia sales last week, yes you can now find a decent hotel at an affordable rate with If you cannot tahan anymore, quickly click on the Link-lah. But if you want some more goodies … Read On! 

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