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28 to 30 November 2008

 Revlon & SilkyGirl Warehouse Clearance

Up to 70% Off

[SNS : Check out Feedback from their Sale in Oct07]

EARLY BIRD Specials on 28 Nov – Friday!!


Lunch Time, Tea Time, Anytime!

The Cafe Cabana Kiosk offers an array of

local delicacies so you can grab a bite as you shop!



Products Offered




Hair Color


Body Care



Brands Offered



Eau Thermale Avene


Silky ofr Men




28 Nov (Fri) – 11am to 6pm

29-30 Nov (Sat & Sun) – 10am to 6pm



No Bags are allowed at the sale location

Goods sold are not returnable or exchangeable

Vias & Mastercard Accepted



Location (Tel 603 5569 4588)

35 Jalan Pelukis U1/46

Temasya Industrial Park

40150 Shah Alam

(Near Hicom Glenmarie)

Organized by Alliance Cosmetics







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Versie Gills says:

I am making an attempt these days to obtain one particular positive anti wrinkle lotion yet seems like right now there is actually not a thing that can fix my skin. Just in case someone absolutely know a treatment plan that could possibly make changes tell me and therefore Most definitely I’ll be grateful for this.

Hi! Great concept, but could this actually work?


DIeyra says:

Hye SNS,

when is their next warehouse clearance eh?
do tell me when you get any info, ok?
really looking forward to spend again at this warehouse clearance…affordable and berbaloi sgt2!!

polcadots says:

i went there too 0.5hr b4 ended….managed to grab few things n 4 my mum tooo n best yet d expiry date r 2 years from now :)

bubbles says:

i was there too, near closing time…. Bought elancyl products (very cheap)
revlon limited edition eyeliner rm10,(normal price RM49.90) Silky white powder 2 for RM6. Manufactured 2008 !! No regret going last minutes !!

Sherina says:

I went there the very last day…nothing much left…
very dissapointed with my hubby sent me there late…
but the slimming product is a good bargain though…
spending too much there and i feel kind of regreted…
huhuhuhu…so many warehouse sale la thes month…

irdina says:

rugi sapa yg tak p warehouse sale nie.. really make me crazy. manage to get revlon colorstay. 1st day 1 bought it rm30 for 2 bottles. the second day, i went there and u know what the price was??? it just rm5 for each bottle!! arggghhh…

yoyo says:


wow, really cheap.. Wah, u bought many thing there? hehe..
i want to buy~~ but worried tomorow no more stock d.. haiz..

mummymer says:

Hai, sori kacau sini.. im SELLING Dior CAPTURE R60/80 YEUX BI-SKIN INSIDE for Ultimate Wrinkle Program for Face and Eyes. Set includes Wrinkle Eye Cream, Wrinkle pre Treatment Lotion, Eye makeup Remover (15ml) , Enriched Wrinkle night cream .. I have 4 set left.. selling at RM90.. email me

annnnnnnn says:

thanks angiebayi =)
i bought the revlon concealer age defying
actually wanted the liquid revlon colorstay concealer but dun hav stock already
and the silky girl concealer oso no stock =( RM10 only
the sales is worth going!!!
everyth is so cheap!!
bought silky girl lip gloss RM5, silky girl funky eyelights RM5, the peel mask not sure what’s the brand 3 for RM5 and revlon concealer rm15
the revlon limited edition must be careful a bit.
some of the manufacturing date is 2005 and cosmetic products must be used within 3 years
so be wary girls!!
happy shopping xD

mamasyira says:

lipstics still ada tak?

angiebayi says:

hi annnn…

Revlon concealer (anti-age) RM15 each ..(in small compact with mirror)
Avene concealer (brush type) RM30 each (good for sensitve skin)

Some good buys incl. buy 6 of the foll. for RM40 each instead of RM50
- elancyl flat stomache concentrate
- elancyl cellulite concentrate

Revlon limited edition eye colors (powder/liquid) RM10 each

Too late, no more blushers at Revlon or Silkygirl

comp_geek says:

Just got back. Yes it’s WORTH IT. I borong Elancyl to make my tummy flatter than ever. LOL!

Anne says:


the thermal spring water was RM 25 for 300ml and RM 5 for 50 ml. I bought enough to last me a year. haha.

bunga says:

angel, fragrances – silky gurl only..yang mawi n that gurl. for me worth to go.but not so many like last year. i went yesterday afternoon. bought lip gloss rm5 for 2, liquid foundation rm8, revlon compact powder rm15, lipstick rm5, eye liner rm5, perfume spray (for my daughter) rm5 for 2…mmm…ok lah…

angel says:

is there any fragrances?what brand??

annnnnnnn says:

hey… did anyone notice any concealer there?
i was aiming for revlon colorstay concealer…
or are there any other concealers?
thanks yeah!

yoyo says:


did u saw the Eau Thermale Avene spring water ?? how much there selling??

still considering whether want to buy o nt… cos too far..

thx ya

Anne says:

If you are an Avene product user, it’s a pretty good deal since everything is a lot cheaper and most of the products were manufactured in 2008.

Don’t bother going to kanebo warehouse sales, most of the skincare were manufactured in 2005 and the salesgirl told me ” it’s ok one, we still sell them at the counter’

el says:

went only for avene since i use it – cheaper than buying retail! some of the stuff is fairly new, expiry date 2010 & 2011 so can buy-lah! Moisturisers RM40-50 (normal RM75-80), lots of elancyl when i went. Eye contour cream i think no more stock. Some people got in early & bought up lots! toner & cleanser, sunblock also quite a bit. Not that big a crowd then, but i knew what i wanted so it was quick n easy. was in & out in 45 mins with at least a year’s supply, yay! Only problem is that they do not allow handbags, you can still bring in your handbag but have to put it in plastic & tie it up, a bit kacau. now very pokai…more warehouse sales coming…isetan sale…sigh

ninie says:

i decided not 2 go after u replied juz now….takut gak nnt terbeli barang2 lain sedangkan i nak cari foundation jer…pg tadi dah pg warehouse sale southern lion…semlm plak pegi samaria cutlery 2….byk sgt warehouse sale mgu ni…pokai nnt kalau beli by impulse…

rOse says:

u wana go now? better dont la. wasting time jer. i wud say nuting is left by this moment. but dono la later. i ask the sales promotoer pun mcm nak tido je dia jawab. boring btul.

me.. kalau pegi mana2 nk beli lain tp beli lain.
bought revlon lipstick rm10 each
silky loose powder rm20 each
silky duo eye shadow rm5 or rm7 if not wrong
i DONT KNW Y I BOUGHT ALL THOSE seems im only looking for a blusher je ekceli. sigh..

but once get in the car, regret pun ade. i beter keep the money for petrol. hu3.

ninie says:

thanx 4 d info rose…was about to go there…..wanted 2 look for revlon’s age defying makeup….but not the darker color la…..what did u buy anyway?

rOse says:

opps.. r u refering to revlon? if revlon takde. if silky still ade ..
but tak tau quality gd or not.
as usual.. expensive item is nice and vice versa la..

rOse says:

ninie- i dont think so. din c any if im not mistaken. all boxes are empty and i saw customers empty handed leaving the place.
kalau ade pun only left 1 color, which is dark.

ninie says:


was there any foundations left?? im aiming for the foundation….

rOse says:

hmm.. just came back.
its like everything gone. not too sure whether they will replenish back all items.

worth or not.. im saying 50-50 la.

most of revlon lipstick is RM10.

rOse says:

snower.. ramai org tak?

c3nc2 says:

oh….missed it….
so far…how to go????

snower says:

I just got back from the sales. Well, the price is cheaper than previous one. But not so many items. I’m looking for the Revlon eyeliner n mascara but the stock will come tomorrow. Huh, too bad huh?? You can get a Revlon Age defying faoundation (bottle or tube) at only rm5 each. The highest price for lipstick is only rm15….

ann says:

anybody want to go? wnna order…………

Mummy says:

Shah Alam is where most of the factory and warehouse located. They’ve it at their warehouse so dont have to incur additional cost.

mojo jojo says:

yay…This will be great! cant wait to go~~ :D

Fz says:

Can’t wait!! I will shop a lot. Got my salary tomorrow! yeeha ;)

Toy says:

Kenapa suma warehouse sale kena buat kat shah alam..? Jauuuuhh…
….duit minyak je dah tak berbaloi nak pi…buat la kat kl..or somewhere in the middle..hukhuk

mamasyira says:

shah alam..dkt aja.

tutu says:

yalor so far……..maybe after read the complaint far next sales make it nearer

Anith says:

ayooo… why sooo far aa??
cant go for this sales.. can anyone help me..

Megan says:

So farr

Shopaholic Chic says:

I went for this last year! Holy smackeroons…. it was sooooo good! The make up, blushers, lip glosses, cleansers, etc… the whole works laa… Some of the items were not even clearance items… bought this shimmery eye shadow palatte and blusher (maybe its called Diamond collection) for RM30. The RRP in stores were RM60. Lip glosses were going for RM5.. worth it!

wan says:

tak sabar rasenye mak nak gi… diva katernya…

tj says:

uhu waiting for this sale..

reen017 says:


myakayina says:

Revlon mineral make-up range also sale ker..? anybody can confirm tak?..

beez says:

uhh… lagi satu best.. cam ne ni.. $$$ tak cukup

tutu says:

wah so far and so late post the sales…..will pass this one lor…..

anne says:

to go there, use the fed. h’way. go through the subang airport exit. don’t get confuse with the subang jaya/carrefour exit. u must select the right sided road. after that, turn left (1st exit). u will find T-junction with traffic light, turn left. go straight. usually there will be a sign and turn right. good luck!

ieza says:

Anyone can give direction how to get there?

ysl says:

the way can go to Subang Jaya sH@zyan@ u know the Proton showroom, sales n services here. Here a lot car showroom like Hyundai,Audi,BMW a lot…
is very near by my ofiz n all the things very cheap I went last year can go for look again…

sH@zyan@ says:

where actually dis place??
anyone know??

anne says:

i went there last year. really worth it. avene product sooo cheap (at least for me!). the anti-stretchmark cream/gel was rm10 each, i bought almost the complete range of avene product plus a few of revlon and silky products and i pay only about rm300++. last time, they also gave lots of freebies such as revlon shampoo and avene toner..

ieza says:

I on leave this friday, so i can have a look lah


yang nie best nieh….
tapi sekarang nie dah tak murah macam dulu…. mahal sikit…
harap2 lipstik ngan bedak dia murah lagi lah……
ada sesapa yang tau price range?

najwa says:

teohwl: the shoe warehouse sale tu kat mane? how to get there? ada map x?

teohwl says:

sorry to mention, is shoes warehouse sales, price range from RM10 onwards.

teohwl says:

hai sns,
there is another warehouse sales:
date: 28-30 Nov 2008
time: 10am – 8pm
branded: larrie, nyc,camel active, crocodile, alain delon, LR.S, Maralli
venue: Larrie Warehouse
No.1, Jalan BS7/1, Taman Bukit Serdang,
Seksyen 7, 43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor.
Tel# : 03-89486333

diamond_head says:

jauhnyer shah alam~

gr... says:

walau…………SHAH ALAM………FAR FAR………..