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29 to 30 November 2008

 DKSH Warehouse Stock Clearance

[SNS : Check out the feedback in September's w/sale]


Products Offered

Household Electrical Appliances

Household Products


Musical Keyboards

Watches & Clocks

Personal Care Products



Brands Offered





Morgan Electrical Appliances


Fujitsu Aircond









Download DKSH Pricelist


[PDF File / 9 pages / 60kb]




DKSH Malaysia Sdn Bhd

Lot 74 Jalan University

46700 Petaling Jaya







loy says:

may i know when is dksh warehouse sale again at 2012

Stevie Reul says:

I like this website very much, Its a really nice post to read and find info .

Learn to Fly says:

Heya man… Thanks for the post. I appreciate you dudes for taking the time to put up good info.

pp says:

Sns, i heard DKSh and anakku are having warehouse sale this weekend, is it true?

sns says:


We have not received any news yet of this sale, do let us know further if you get more info!


Gavin Quiet says:

This issue was quite beneficial and nicely written. I plan to accomplish some additional research on this. Gives thanks for giving this timely information. We have to have a lot more like this.

Thanks so much for your insights

sherry says:

bought 3 pcs of small rubbermaid container @ RM3 each. i think for that stuf oklah… think of the quality i guess

Dingh says:

This sale OK for me, as I looking for alarm clock and manage to grab one Citizen bell clock. Also bought some Rubbermaid container for own use.

umal says:

thanks ujang.

Sho[[ing Maniac says:

waste of time n petrol. pathetic sales.

ujang says:

got a Timex 1440 Sport watch for RM49. I think it’s a steal coz saw it at selling for RM80+. umal, didn’t see any Casio watch but there were Casio keyboards, drums and digital camera. never been to DKSH sales b4, I think it’s OK if you got what you want.

umal says:

How was the Casio & Timex items? Any good offeror nice bargain? I am looking for a watch.

Becky says:

Vinnie..i was looking for Kellogs just now as well..Maya, you’re rite. This sale is quite a let down. Only electrical appliances and Rubbermaid tupperwares stuff…no food for sale. Anyway, if you’re looking for hair dryer or hair curler..can go laa..I managed to grab the last Babybliss clipper though. RM 100(original RM 199)…

Maya says:

Juz drop by a while since quite near to pureen ws. Tis ws not worth goin at all since under the DKSH. Miss the Diethelm years… merrier… loads of items.. consumable and non consumable. Today, do colgate (juz pair of toothbrush), no protex, no plax. no consumable goods at all. Its really waste of time.. macam gi shopping kat bazarr jer ah.. wut a shame duhh…

mmm says:

Any Scholl shoes?

[][] says:

this sales not worth going, No food products at all.
selling consumer electrics and food containers etc

vinnie says:

does anyone know why this warehouse sale does not have Kellogs cereal anymore?

shopping addict says:

Diethelm sale is not as good as few years back…i dont think this sale is worth going anymore…..thank god!!!! can save my money for other warehouse sale

mling says:

i went last sales, is oklah but very jam. very hot ………

dingh says:

Download DKSH Pricelist


[PDF File / 9 pages / 60kb]

Chye, the price is 9 pages only, so just ignore 2nd page. In the files got 10 pages including 1 useless page.

Chye says:

2nd. page of the price list got truncated. Can sns do something about it?.. Thanks.

Mable says:

No food & refreshment this time? How abt Scholl shoes? can anyone pls notify!

Ibunita says:

Thx to SNS for bringing this good news to us.

apple says:

same day with pureen, nak pergi mana satu dulu…

hcfoo says:

Oh my traffic jam at that area again :P

kkjm says:

yeah… nice.. this time must bring Mum there… she will be happy… Hahahahah…