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19 to 21 December 2008

 Corelle & Corning Ware Stock Clearance

[SNS : Check out the feedback of the w/sale in July08]


Brands Offered


Corning Ware




Time : 10am to 7pm


Location (Tel 017 342 2520)

The Atria Shopping Centre

2nd Floor

Jalaln SS 22/23

Damansara Jaya

Organized by Perwira Nadi Trading Sdn Bhd










FIDEL says:

@DimitrisZendit "let’s chat at blether!" is ready with @DimitrisZenditY #blether

faizida says:

Dptkan set corelle corningware visions luminarc di harga blh nego lagi…


Saje nak share..saya ada menjual Corelle daripada USA dengan harga yang murah daripada pasaran. Ada ready stock dan ada juga pre order.

Bayaran boleh dibuat secara ansuran dan tidak lama lagi, pembayaran secara kad kredit pun boleh.

Jomlah layari sekarang utk jamu2 mate..hehe.. Jumpa anda di sana :)

swan says:

sape tau, ada lagi tak sale untuk kitchenware ni?

Aleo says:

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Lynk says:

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Successful says:

saols?n karde?im ama ben bunda bisi anlmad?m yaw bana daha g?zel ac?klamal? t?rk?e bi?iler yazarm?s?n:D

mie says:

ada sesapa berminat
saya ada stok limited

2 set square 21 pieces warm pansies
1set round 16 pieces warm pansies
2 set round 12 pieces sakura
harga runtuh gong xi fa chai

shikin says:

I have a few Corelle 16-piece Warm Pansies and Lilyville for sale at RM350 each.
Corningware Bliss and Lilyville 6-piece trio set (1x 1L casserole w plastic cover, 1x 1.5L w glass cover (interchangeable covers w 1L), 1x 2L w glass cover) at RM350. Limited stock. Sesiapa berminat email

nasha says:

Warehouse sales at Nichi Fashion at No.1 Jln 8/91, Tmn Shamelin Perkasa.
Very Cheap and Very Worth it. I bought 9 Pcs ( 2 Skirt,1 Corset,2 Blose,2 Dress,1 pants and shirt ) Total RM 68.00

anita says:

Hi, I have a set of Pretty Pink 16-pc nak let go at RM360 only. Sesiapa interested e mail I kat!

wm says:

Saya ada beli 2 sets corelle 16 pc ‘happy fish’, tamak la tu

Tu la ingat nak let go yg satu set lagi

pyrex set 38 pcs..’shade’ ni pun x guna lagi
berminat bole email

eita says:

1st time i pegi warehouse sale 19hb tu. rasa gerun tgk orang yang dtg.ramai sgt. i beli 2 set 16pcs corelle dandy blossom dan 5pcs item pyrex, xingat nama. dan i rasa harga amat berpatutan bebanding if beli kat langkawi,libatkan kos lain-lain lagi.

zue says:

1st time, I bought loose item corelle design Spiral last saturday ..4 pcs Dinner Plates (RM32/pc)· 4 pcs Bread & Butter Plates (RM16/pc), 1 pc 32cm Serving Plater (RM40/pc) planning to let go la pulak..

ibusofea says:

Forgot some more i bought dinner set corelle each items 8 pcs RM299

ibusofea says:

I bought corning ware prety rose 12pcs RM359. Vision 6pcs RM119. Same like Shima. Bought from Langkawi.

at says:

heh… kalau ada sesiapa nak let go any of the sales items email me. tq.

mami says:

byk tu u borong kat langkawi…penuh collection
corelle set & Corningware u beli tu ada beza tak dgn whs ni
just nak compare je…ingat kalo langkawi lagi murah , bole borong kat langkawi

shima says:

I bought a few sets of Corningware and corelle + loose plates from Hj Ismail Group Langkawi.
Quite cheap la. I spent almost 2k. If i knew about this Warehouse Sale earlier, i might not spent that much in Langkawi. Now, budget lari la…

But anyway, its worth it to buy. I think langkawi price and this whouse Sale price memang reasonable..

Hope next whouse sale i hv the budget to grap few more things!!

mami says:

i rasa la memang tempat lain x boleh dpt 16 pcs 299
memang berbaloi
ada corningware 4 pcs yg kecik2 tu.tutup kaca 1, plastik 1…RM99, langkawi 109
berat je bawak jauh2
patut la ada untie tu beli penuh troli dia…ada 10 kotak gitu
ala nyesal pulak x beli yg tu
tapi kecik sgt guna ke??

crl says:

18pcs sold 4 299…but very fast finished
still cheap for 16 pcs also 299 with 3 designs
happy fish got many..simple but nice
last time price was 329 which about the same with langkawi price

Jelita says:

i bought 18 pcs for 359 at Langkawi. What is the deal at this sales. Can someone assist to check for me?

chichi says:

i went there on the first day.. among the first to be there
but really2 tiring to q to pay

any update for today?? are they going to reduce the price as today is the last day???
info please

Rangkosta says:

MIU & Co: Check out this website –

Teflon Classic is very basic. All Pyrex aluminium non-stick cookware I’ve seen in this country, warehouse sales or department stores, uses Teflon Classic. But they are just very expensive. Why? They are playing on a marketing tech “Lebih mahal, lehihlah bagus!” Tapi comsumer macam kimi ni, mestilah ber-shop-shop berpakai akal sikit lor.

Ikea’s non-stick wok used to use Teflon Platinium sold at less than RM80. They have since lowered the grade. Compare that with the Pyrex? The Pyrex one may be a little thicker, but keep in mind aluminium is a very cheap commodity. That’s why they use it to make sofedrink cans.

Solly la. The Vision i bought few years back is not 28″ (macam LCD TV ni). It should be a 3.5L Stockpot/Dutchoven type. The ones they sell in this warehouse sales are the opaque ones at Rm149! 3 times the price I paid! Langkawi is about Rm98 couple of years ago I saw. The Arcuisine one looked bigger and were Rm90 in Langkawi! Not sure if they’re still the same. This sales is definitely not good compared to the one I went few years back at Sec 19.

Langkawi raise their price too over the years. But they blame it on high Euro. But I’ll be interested to find out what the price is now that Euro has dropped.

Best way not to be con by Malaysian importers/wholesalers/retailers is to know a few reputable overseas retailers website. You’ll be surprise how high Malaysian pricing is compare to other countries. Similarly, you’ll be shocked, literally, if you compare price of Tefal cookware in Malaysia and other countries. Same for other cookware too.

zue says:

went there yesterday..the q was ssoooo long, end up me q’ing almost 2 hrs! huhu..but d sale is very worth it..managed to grab 1 set of 20pcs pastel bouquet and 6pcs casserole set pastel bouquet also,,loose item, i bought 2 cups n 2 saucers pastel bouquet…design is limited but i think oklaa..not so limited..but, it worth buying tho..nearly everything is 50% off.. :D

sue says:

two of my sister are there, at the whsale in atria… not many people there…

csf says:

i agreed with Rangkosta…the alum non-stick cookwares are with basic non-stick i didnt buy too, think they also pushed up the price and mark down..the one i saw — 34cm wok w rak normal price is rm 539 after discount rm199…

nadia says:

which one is cheaper….wh or langkawi…o bought two set o corelle…but limited design…

went there corningware wh sale…5 years ago…so serik laaaaa…

Poket kering says:

It took me 1hour 40minutes to the cashier. Better u bring someone to line up for u while u shop!! It worth it, cheaper than market price :)

Miu says:

Rangkosta: The frying pans are quite outdated yeah? seriously didn’t know they pushed up the price and then marked it down? Haven’t been to any other sales for this and don’t normally buy from retails coz of the price.

How about the corelle sets, is it pricey compare to outside?! what’s the original price actually…??

no wonder they don’t want to let us know how much it costs! later scare us compare other places and find out they r scamming??

haha.. well.. just talking! i am so bored here now! i slept after work, and wake up midnight..huh hu hu lonely T_T

Rangkosta says:

Been already today. Disappointing! Everything so expensive. Anyopne can push the retail price up a few hundred percent and then run a sale with 50% off. Seen much better prices in the web. Few years back I baught a huge Vision pot (28″ I think) for Rm50 at the PJ Sec 19 warehouse sales. And they had loads of them too that time!

Forget about them Pyrex aluminium non-stick cookware too. They use Teflon Classic only lah! A very basic non-stick surface. Somemore sell so expensive one. For today’s standard, Teflon Profession is the standard. Teflon website should give you a rundown on the quality.

I saw many people buying. These people must think “Sale already must be cheap lah!” And have no idea how much they cost somewhere else.

shopaholic says:

went there early in the morning when the sale had just started. the crowd went quite mad, rushing in to get baskets and plastic trolleys. i think they should provide better alternatives since most things are bulky and in big on earth would they fit into a plastic basket??

if u are a big fan of corelle, pyrex,vision and corningware i personally think it’s worth it to go get stuff at the sale. u can’t get them at that prices outside, even the more recent patterns of corelle, still cheaper than outside.

another problem with the sale was the extra long queue u have to endure to get to the cashier. aiyaaa, sakit kaki standing for an hour or so…

those of you going tomorrow and on sunday, happy shopping!!!

tuLips says:

Opss.. typo. ItsRM50 for rubbermaid tu

tuLips says:

Was there few mins b4 ten in the morning. Berduyun2 orang tunggu nak masuk Atria. By the time sampai at the shop, kedai belum buka. BIla buka.. berduyun2 dan berpusu2 orang masuk. Macam nak pergi concert cuma the crowd is ibu ibu aje :) Had to be xtra careful coz went with a preggie fren. Dia borong like no tomorrow! hehe

Good deal esp those who love serving dish & dinner set. The loose ones lil’ bit expensive compared to the set ones(box) but pple grab & buy.
Rubbermaid(tempat container air) RM60, Shadow Iris serving dish 4 pieces 5L & 1L at RM199, Shadow Iris mat rm8/piece, pyrex for cooking smallest size RM80. Yang lain dunno which model to explain but worth going and the queue.
Tips.. tak payah check barang at the respective area coz u end up wasting time. We queued at the checking area decently sekali tup tup masa nak bayar, line dah melingkar at the place. TOok 1 1/2 hr just to pay!

Point to note …kalau beli kat U.S. still murah lagi(lil’ bit) but i dont think i’ll have business trip there again.

Bottomline.. worth taking leave just to satisfy my craving correlle needs.

girl-girl says:

sorry frenz!!! bukan happy fishing!!!heeheeehhh….happy fish maaaa……

girl-girl says:

pegi jugak ari ni….
16 pcs happy fishing, royal sequin & dandy blossom – RM 299.00 cheaper compare July sales (RM329.00). dandy blossom habis sekelip mata ….warm pansies/European herbs >RM400 coz new design.
loose item for dinner plate only RM32, soup plate RM 25, round casserole 3.5L RM149 tapi design lama, country rose habis…..
Pyrex 8″x8″ RM25 kalau tak silap.

Jobai says:

I just bought thru my family in langkawi today, the new 18 pcs RM359 souffle blue. Is it worth buying there?

Miu says:

This time around I can’t give a price list because 1/2 way taking down notes & pics, the sale person come tell me they don’t want ppl find out about their prices. If my friends want to know how much, they come & check themselves. Also no picture allowed. So girls, this is worth it to go :)

I bought a 3 piece dining set rm55 (Same price as last sale). This time more designs, 3 designs. Carpark is hell… so jam & no car park during lunch time.

If u girls r there, take a look at big bookstore, they’re selling the korean air tight food grade tupperwares at 1/2 price. Parkson selling full price! I bought lots of it to store food and party stuffs.

Miu says:

just back!

price same or almost same as last sale in July @ atria.

barang also amost same! cept the expensive latest sets… discount a bit only

lunch time Q is CRAZY! i straight walk out

cutestamoi says:

Fellows, i just came back from Atria. Gosh! Queue to pay took me 1 hour plus. Adoi, sakit kaki. Better who wants to go tomolo pakai sport shoe la. hehe. I managed to get Corningware 10pcs (old design i think, Salad Season) at only RM499! hehe 1, 1.5, 2, 3 and 5 liters! Yay! Pyrex 38pcs Shade, Shin only RM399, but my hubby wont allow me to buy lah. Benci! Hepi shopping!!

sue says:

bagi peminat corning ware n corelle n pyrex.. memang x rugi u all pegi. i beli vision 4pcs like angela rm249 for 2.25Ln 3.5L. memang i rasa worth it. then beli botol air 4 my girl (rubbermaid) rm 10 each.. card credit can use it. enjoy shopping

mamazidni says:

adeiiii,,,,,,cant wait to go tomorow………………..
any one boleh confirm…..dancing flower ada lagi tak

zareena says:

was there too… i guess among the first to be at the loose item area…managed to get the most wanted mugs @ rm27 each (read this 8 mugs of country herbs)…heheheheh…. most of the country herbs items i dah borong habis…hahahahaha….tak rugi lari-lari booking barang when MIL ambik trolley… new design discount biasa sajer but design like dainty flora, irish sumthing, 16pcs set from rm599 jadik rm299… me thinks worth buying because dalam ader 6 dinner plates, 6 side plates and few bowls…1 loose plates of other bunga is about rm32…kira bworth to buy laaa….

q to make payments panjang giler, they dont have separate lines for cash. For those who are corelle lovers and collector, GO GO GO!!!

at says:

ye lah… can use credit card ah? otherwise hv to bring lots of cash… i intend to go tomolo. they replenish the stock kan? loose items byk tak? ibuadam, i think they haven’t finish with the shopping lah… me aso eager to know….

ibuadam says:

updatela lagi..terujanya nak gi sana..:)

at says:

angela, may i know what design u bought for the corning? also the visions 4pc what’s the code? want to compare the price ah.

angela says:

oh ya, they sell alot of othr kitchenwares (rubbermaid….) n kids toys.. was in a rush so didnt pay attention.. so quite mant ppl grab the toys.. heard it’s from 200++ reduced to RM50 only.. missed lo!

angela says:

was thr early in the morning. Crowds r like crazy to buy for free.. corningwares n corelles r hot seller! can see almost evryone holding at least one set of it. quite many choices n quantity! But due to the big demand.. finish very fast still!
My buy: Vision 4pcs RM249 (Gone in first 1/2 hr),
corningware 6pcs with one free bakeware RM279,
pyrex frying pan w/o cover Rm105
conclusion, Good buy if compare to the the original price selling at store!!!
But,if compare with last few year price then it has increased..

at says:

is there any country rose?

cheersmommy says:

fashionista mom, what is good to buy? ;-)

ss says:

fashionista mom: r they selling a lot of frying pan?

fashionista mom says:

so many ppl! Am actually in the q right now. Bought lots of bakeware between RM 19-35.

at says:

any1 dah balik from the sales? update pls…

girl-girl says:

hopefully new design kali ni….pretty pink…..kalau ada best ni…..

comp_geek says:

I was at Atria today, saw the boxes they were forklifted into Atria. Banyak ok! Too bad I don’t cook.

csf says:

Thanks Miu, Tokubu & MsPea for the info. The price lists are very useful (even it was for last year)..thanks again Miu..

Tokubu & MsPea: I’m using the wood ladle for all my non-stick pans, bcos the promoter said it is ok to use…maybe i should change to non-stick type after buying the new pans….
and actually i always wash the hot pan with plain water before continue to cook the next dish…bcos we definately cant wait until the pan getting cold then wash..then baru masak the next…..maybe this is the reason why the coating spoilt easily….maybe someone can share their experience…
i also got a vision set and they are still in excellent condition too….hopefully they can last for lifetime…

MsPea says:

what i know in handling non-stick pan, like Tokubu said, u must use with non-stick ladle too.. and wood ladle also is not advisable.. lagi satu, u don’t wash or running it with water, like u want to wash it, when u finish cooking. bcoz what i’ve been told., non-stick pan yg panas akan cepat rosak the surface kalau dibubuh air..
But this sale sangat murah harga barang dia., think i need to grab some la…
my mom punya vision and covered casserole set I think now more than 10 years, but still in an excellent condition… she takes a good care of them la… so i think worth buying. last a lifetime (with a good care)..

Miu says:

cipot: ty hehe. There is public banks n some other banks outside atria if u need cash.

chichi: ty dearie! i can’t wait to go also! tomorrow starting!

rina: my colleague also goin! she says if the price is similar/same she want get few sets for kenduri kahwin n stuff.

csf: yes they sell frying pans, lots of them.

last year’s price on pans

Pyrex Pots & Pans
24cm covered stock pot rm229 (rm369)
26cm covered stock pot rm269 (rm419)

Pyrex Fiesta
24cm covered stock pot Fiesta rm179 (rm339)
28cm covered stir fry wok Fiesta rm169 (rm319)
26cm covered stockpot Fiesta rm209 (rm399)
34cm covered wok + rak Fiesta rm259 (rm509)
28cm frying pan Fiesta rm89 (rm179)
24cm frying pan Fiesta rm79 (rm149)
16cm covered saucepan Fiesta rm69 (rm189)
20cm covered stir fry wok Fiesta rm99 (rm189)
24cm covered shallow casserole Fiesta rm139 (rm269)
26cm covered casserole Fiesta rm189 (rm369)
24cm covered casserole Fiesta rm159(rm309)
20cm covered casserole Fiesta rm129 (rm249)

Pyrex Essence
16cm covered saucepan essence rm129 (rm209)
28cm covered frying pan essence rm159 (rm249)
28cm covered stir fry wok essence rm209 (rm329)
20cm covered stir fry wok Essence rm129 (rm209)
34cm covered wok + rak Essence rm329 (rm539)
26cm covered casserole Essence rm249 (rm389)
24cm covered casserole essence rm209 (rm329)
20cm covered casserole Essence rm169 (rm279)

Tokubu says:

csf – last year sale not only vision set, they also selling different size non stick wok, frying fan, stock pot, saucepan, casserole and etc… i think its under pyrex.
Actually, it depend how you use and take care of your thing. My aunty punya tefal until now stilll in good condition. My Maxim, after 2 year already got scratch…my own mistake. you kena pakai senduk non stick jugak… kalau pakai yg besi punya, mmg sure mcm i punya ler. cuci pun tak boleh “sental” mcm sental kuali besi.

cipot says:

m using vision set more than 15 yrs..
bought in langkawi free duty..
marvellous i tell u..
i think they’ll last 4 lifetime..
depends on how u use ‘em..
its really worth it..
last time i bought the price is still very murah..
tatak rugi woo..

csf says:

would appreciate if someone can share her experience on using pyrex’s non-stick wok/frying pan…is the quality ok? i’m currently using Tef– & Max–, they r not in the good condition after using for few yrs, so thinking to replace w the new one…

csf says:

anyone know whether they are selling frying pans?

rinahashim says:

wanna go wanna go hehe dats after seeing Miu’s blog entry of previous sale, thanks miu for the detailed info. Hopefully this time around it’s similar to the previous one..

Wanna buy that vision set!

Saros says:

kira_wang, you can see the map on the other picture in this same page, there is two picture.

chichi says:

miu, thanks for the info.. CAYALAHHH…

me, friend and sister in-law can’t wait to go there
my sister said the price for corning ware (as provided by MIu ;p) is worth to buy, the price is almost the same if u buy it from Aussie or US (after conversion, of course)
so guysss… see u there
hopefully this time they will provide shopping cart

cipot: tu laa… how to bring lot of cash, it’s only 19th, blum gaji ..

cipot says:

tqvm miu 4 ur bright infos..
cant stand 2 wait the date..
my nyonya was looking 4 these items 4 along time..
u know laa.. not enaugh budget.. thier prices r gila2 one..
but we r more gila 2 have em..

m not sure how 2 bring lot of cash..
if the cc machine not function..


Miu says:

if its broken bcoz of own negligence… they won’t replace T____T

the waranthy covers defects, cracks after use.

i thought normally this will have waranthy whether sale or not. Coz I bought some tupperwares and it’s waranthy lifetime also.

lulu says:

noname & Miu,
May I know what kind of warranty is it ? I careless & broken myself also can replace ? Beside, bought during warehouse sale also got warranty ? If I really can get free replacement….that will be great present to me….however, its chances seem very slim, right ?
Anyone know abt this pls help….

Miu says:

yah :( got waranthy right..

i am goin to this one but i dun think will write price list lah T___T

banyak benda n its a friday also

mamazidni says:

thinking of going as well…but i;m going to singapore during chrismas…so worth it to grab it now or buy at takasyimaya or mustafa…..i mean kalau choice of course this warehouse sales very limited…but in term of prices..mana lagi murah?

noname says:

lulu…got warranty kan? u can ask for replacement…go check the manual in the box or sth..

lulu says:

Very upset over the broken of my vision pot’s handle bought last yr end. Thought that can buy one for replacement, can’t go becos not in town…..this makes me even more upset…..

Miu says:

aiks el, thanks :)

el says:

BTW those who are visiting Singapore – Takashimaya has sale on certain Corelle items. Lots of loose plates, bowls, platters etc – dinner plate Lilyville SGD10 only (incl tax n all) after conversion rate RM24 per plate. Other designs European Herbs, Kobe, Plum (different price range, I think SGD 14.50 but discount 20%). Not sure what warehouse sale price for dinner plates is here, they never seem to have stock or else pagi pagi people already grab…just to let people know n compare! Miu’s work here is so good already, cannot improve on that…thanx miu!

frangipani says:

ha, I went to their last yr sale.
Bring cash, as cash line is much much faster. I almost give up buying as q was very very very long, but hubby volunteered to baris while I go Big bookshop.
Sekjp je he came down to meet me, said its the credit card line is the one which takes long time, coz at that time, they use the dial-bank-to verify method.

So, bring lots of cash la…………..

najwa says:

miu, thank u… well, my mum and cousin are going crazy over these pinggan mangkuk sale. i’m sure they’ll borong banyak nanti..

Miu says:

najwa: ahh..

the corelle promo tu are latest designs (u can check out the poster attached to my blog on this promo, got the designs there to see)

while the corelle sets tu, are older design, older technology (as per what the sales man told me)

najwa says:

miu, i dah tgk kat blog u.

Corelle Promo
16pc Dining Set rm569 free 3 pyrex roaster dish rm229
12pc Dining Set rm499 free rectangular serving dish rm149
6pc Covered Casserole Set rm369 free pyrex store n see x 2
5L covered casserole rm239 free pyrex baking dish rm79

Corelle Sets
26pc rm429 (rm699)
20pc rm349 (rm699)
16pc rm329 (rm599)
12pc rm199 (rm349)

x paham la about the corelle price on the last sale. 12pc dining set is it rm499 or rm199?

Miu says:

girls.. haha thanks.. malulah i report macam ni..

the sales ppl there was suspicious am from competitior brand or something that day..

it’s very worth it, but got other shoppers say pergi langkawi buy or somewhere is cheaper than this sales. I bought 3 plate hiasan set (i like the box nice!) rm50 only as my friend’s wedding gift. It’ so worth it..

like puy say, they got those pasar malam/market trolleys to pull around but very limited :( i am so tempted to go again but i already bought 3 pyrex from pavilion promotion (the rm29-90 each with purchases above rmXXX the other time).

the pros n cons, nice, cheap but designs limited :(

eh……………… urm.. prepare some cash coz the last time i went there twice, they have credit card system down. Lotsa ppl complain complain n have to leave behind their trolleys next to wall. I check the trolleys out got some good stuffs there..coz those shopper went early, just can’t pay haha.

Ezatul: wow dear, u should get something for ur kitchen then! regret didn’t buy the visions pot (the yellow transparent glass pots), it’s so expensive outside!

Ezatul says:

wah miu…salute you ler…thinking like going too…cause i have married for 5 years, but never buy anything like this. Everything in my kitchen are gift from my parents and in laws..

kira_wang says:

tak de map ker? any1?

el says:

Yeah, and the first day is mad – there are tons of people lining up before the place opens … and people even duck under the shutters when it starts to open so they can be the first to grab stuff! Scary, man. They bring family members and gasak as much as possible then take out what they don’t want. They do add stock on the 2nd day though, (what they did last round!) Dunno what designs they have this time…anyone knows? Looking for dinner plates…

puy says:

i rasa this is their 2nd sale tis yr,,,,they do provide trolley plastik macam pergi pasar but very limited…oso get ur cash prepared coz their creditcard machine last time got problem..many ppl stranded coz not enuff cash….happy shopping guys..

akma says:

did they provide trolley during the sales?

jojo says:

ooh.. went to Miu’s blog… good reporting, Lois! Am salivating over the pix… Too bad i don’t have the budget for it this month. Aiyaa… how often do they have the sale anyway?

Mama Ibrahim says:

Went there last sales. Agreed with Miu. Waaa…I go thru ur blog…terer lah to take photo & price for almost all the items there. Actually, really worth it. I bought 38pcs pyrex set (black & white), coningware 6 pcs & pyrex baking dish. All about RM700+. But, very limited design… and still wonder till today, whether this items is factory rejected. Some item got defect but not really obvious.

Miu says:

girls u r in luck

i went to this sales in July, wrote down what’s on sale and have some pics to show althought not so good quality as it’s taken using my hp.

Vivian says:

it is better that the price list & design is provided

drew says:

if have the price list is better…

Sabrina says:

any price list…

ami says:

boleh tau design yang nak di lelong.