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4 to 7 December 2008

 Baby Kiko Warehouse Clearance Sales

From RM3 to RM18


Products Offered

Baby Kiko Apparels




All transactions in Cash Terms only



Time : 10am to 5pm


Location (Tel 603 8068 8888)

1 Jalan Industri PBP 13

Taman Industri Pusat Bandar Puchong

47100 Puchong








jam says:

Yaya & rare shopper,

There ARE quality goods at very low prices. That’s what I call genuine warehouse sales. Probably about only 2 OUT OF 10 WAREHOUSES ARE GENUINE.

AP says:


I found something even cheaper before for wet tissues. Brand is Sunbaby, sold in The Store, 2 canisters of 200 pcs. per canister for RM18.90, comes with a free refill pack of 100 pcs. wet tissue. Quality is good also.

eden says:

the phone number is stated at their website will sell you at warehouse that number and speak to miss yap.she is really a helpful person.i compared the price at the warehouse and jusco and it depends on item that you purchase but mostly all the price is more than Rm 50 opens at 9 am if not mistaken and close at 5 pm and lunch time from 1pm-2pm.saturday until 1pm.happy shopping.try to persuade miss yap sometimes she can lowers the warehouse price too…:)

rare shopper says:

double AGREE with yaya

with that kind of expectation, don’t waste time going to warehouse sales.

yaya says:

Jam, then dont go to warehouse sales, go to shopping mall. K.

jam says:

Frankly, a little tired of baby warehouse sales.

HYTEX? Last time I went, the STOCKS ALSO LOOK TIRED, but I wonder maybe cos I go late.

I don really appreciate HOMELY STOCKS (clothes) and CHEAPO PLASTIC FEEDING BOTTLES even if only a few ringgit per item.

When it comes to clothes, I am looking for something more presentable than that and when it comes to feeding bottles, only BPA-free ones for me. No point having 5 or so bottles but all cheap plastic.

jam says:

I am starting to have the impression that WAREHOUSE SALES IN PUCHONG are usually not worth going. (Remember MyDear?)

jam says:

BABY KIKO WET TISSUES ARE THE CHEAPEST IN THE MARKET but I can only find it in PARKSON. RM20 for 2 cans (equivalent to 400pcs).

Pureen wet tissues used to be like that also, but have increased to RM25 for 2 cans (400pcs).

thks for the info moshi… will be going there tomorrow. *wink*wink*


moshi says:

i know the w/h at bukit serdang tu… but never know we can go ther and purchase from ther directly… more info plis eden….

aleesya's mom says:

i went to baby kiko ware hse on the 5th. i bought 14pcs shirt with ttl amt of rm 120 n get rm 28 discount some more.. kira oklah since i live nearby and somemore i pergi survey @ jusco .value buy je minimum rm15.90 but in warehouse you can get rm12 per set and got discount lagi.. but when i went there in the afternoon not many choice for premier item like denim skirt ..i guess i beli yang penting je lah only..

Long says:

can u give more info for your comment? How cheap? Actual location? W/h contact no?

eden says:

wanna buy sweet cherry stuff at cheaper price?go directly to their warehouse and purchase it through ms yap.The warehosu is located at bukit serdang industrial park

YYJ says:

i agree with anne…”if u live close by maybe u can drop by”

Mila says:

NOT WORTH IT AT ALL !!! buang masa je, duit minyak and tol. Sogo and jusco member sales are cheaper. unless you stay very nearby you may want to go, otherwise it is utterly a waste of time and energy ( and of course as i’ve mentioned petrol and toll..)

YYJ says:

hi mrs gorgeous, agree with u, the anti-bacteria wet tissue super effective and handy. should get more!!

just now around 11.30 i was there, quite okay, not too much crowds, their cashier is in the other room, i just q for a while to pay.

still got a lot of clothes to choose from.

anne says:

went there yesterday afternoon around 2.45pm. i’ve been there b4, so i’m not too surprised with the “kandang lembu” condition. but i feel dissappointed with the choices there. every tray got the same thing. maybe it already jumbled up. the price is not very cheap. i bought a few, each is rm12 as stated in the tag. the only thing is that they give extra discount if you buy in certain amount. but it also not that cheap. luckily, i don’t have to Q to pay. for all the 1st timer, if u live close by maybe u can drop by, but if u live a bit far, it’s not worth to go….

mrs gorgeous says:

Hey, i was there on 4th Dec in the baby kiko warehouse sale. The wet tissues they are selling is very cheap, the usual price i buy from the baby kiko counters outside is RM8.90 per pack for the 100 pieces, and now they are selling only RM16 for 3 packs la…. wow… i have RM10.70 … worth to buy, it is the anti-bacteria wet tissues, very nice also.

Not only that, their lavender baby bath shampoo is nice also , i bought it for my whole family, coz adults also can use mah… cheap also lo… better than buy other adult body shampoo which is more expensive… heheh…

sns says:

Dear SNS readers, we had some migration issues which caused our posts & comments to go missing

We’re accessing some of the comments from the old server and will try and post it back here. (In one super long long post)

Hope we didn’t miss any.


saya ni setiap kali kiko sale memang datang.tapi

hari ni mmg sakit hati sangat .makin teruk

kaunter bayaran.dah lama Q..panjang 2 jam

ada,,,tup2 cust2 lain selit2 je sebab tpt Q dan

tempat pilih baju sama je.cuba la asingkan.bukan

RUGI pun buat mcm tu.dah la PANAS.dari nak pilih

baju,nak Q nak bayar.silap hari bulan ada yang

pengsan.TAHAP KEselesaan dan keselamatan memang

out.kalau ada pihak tertentu yang chek tpt mcm ni

dengan kapasiti orang/keluasan memang tidak

diluluskan lesen perniagaan.KIKO semua orang

pandang jenama yang terkemuka.tapi kenapa TERUK

SANGAT!!!!!!!!!!cuba bandingkan dengan warehouse






From 4 – 7 Dec : Baby Kiko Warehouse Clearance

Sales, 2008/12/04 at 5:21 PM




the Baby Kiko special fair is on 4th floor of Sogo..

eh… i went to the warehouse sales early in the morning (they start at 10), n i did not encounter such bad experience as most of you have commented here. Anyway, there are still 3 days to go, who knows if they’ll put out more new things…especially on sat n sun!

From 4 – 7 Dec : Baby Kiko Warehouse Clearance Sales, 2008/12/04 at 4:51 PM



Just come back from that warehouse sale. Not worth!!!! tak payahla pegi. Very small room n so crowded. No jeans except skirt. Kalau u all nk beli utk baby boy lagilah tak payah pegi. Nak cari size yg suitable pun susah. Yang byk 0 – 6 month. Q sampai 2 jam. Tak byk choice langsung. Discount pulak, kalau jumlah belian u dari rm 20 – 30 cuma 4 ringgit. Paling banyak pun pembelian RM 300 ke atas dapat potongan RM 60 je. So think abt it.

From 4 – 7 Dec : Baby Kiko Warehouse Clearance Sales, 2008/12/04 at 4:35 PM



sucK!!! not worth going to this whs… ..i have to force myself buying something since i drove all the way from sepang…. the place is like reban ayam so small and hot some more

From 4 – 7 Dec : Baby Kiko Warehouse Clearance Sales, 2008/12/04 at 4:29 PM



just got back from the w/hse sale.. lotsa baby clothes to choose from but not many for newborns.. the queue was sooo long and people keep cutting the line. only have 2 cashiers.. stoopid!! i lamost fainted bcoz of the crowd and the long wait.. (mine u, i’m 6 months pregnant) had to get out of line and my fren had to pay for me.. (i had to choose minimum stuff only coz didnt want to burden her – she had her own stuff to pay too) i end up paying for baby clothes and bottles only.. so not worth it! huhu..

From 4 – 7 Dec : Baby Kiko Warehouse Clearance Sales, 2008/12/04 at 4:27 PM



thanks coz informing me (including all mommies here as well )
but this fair located on which floor yaa..? easy if got enough info..

From 4 – 7 Dec : Baby Kiko Warehouse Clearance Sales, 2008/12/04 at 4:23 PM



mmg x worth lsung g kiko sales ni…. Q panjang gler, staf muke hampeh!

From 4 – 7 Dec : Baby Kiko Warehouse Clearance Sales, 2008/12/04 at 4:12 PM



baby kiko fair at sogo???which floor?

From 4 – 7 Dec : Baby Kiko Warehouse Clearance Sales, 2008/12/04 at 4:07 PM



they cant call tis warehse sale, they grab chance to mark up price rather than gv public disc!!!! they treat us like dope! i wont go there anymore, jus watse time n petrol! they ruined their name to organzised such “WAREHSE SALE”! Wld rather go to buy in shopping centre..

From 4 – 7 Dec : Baby Kiko Warehouse Clearance Sales, 2008/12/04 at 4:01 PM




Yea, there is a Baby Kiko special fair at Sogo.. Tomorrow last day!

From 4 – 7 Dec : Baby Kiko Warehouse Clearance Sales, 2008/12/04 at 3:52 PM



agree with mimichomel,tuna n others,

saye pon baru jer balik..saja pegi nak tgk2 jer..kali ni pegi time lunch..
utk baju2 mmg tak murah pon..baik gi jusco jer..ada sale 50%..selesa nk pilih..cukop pairs n so on..

pastu toilettries murah sket bangat…tak berbaloi langsung..
ada tu sama jer price ngn kat jusco ..rm12.90 yg travel pack baby kiko tu..
sapa2 dok jauh tak berbaloi rasanya nk terjah..
botol susu murah la jugak rm3 ,feeding plate rm2 ,socks rm3 ..i gi tgk..Q pjg giler..ngn org ramai dok pilih2..last2 balik tgn kosong jer..tak sanggup nk Q ..

ada upload gambar kat myblog..derang bg diskaun utk total belian jer

From 4 – 7 Dec : Baby Kiko Warehouse Clearance Sales, 2008/12/04 at 3:39 PM



ayo, save your time, tol, petrol, no need to go. Better buy from shopping mall because same price tag in shopping mall during sales time, shopping mall got aircon, here only sesak jalan , sesak nafas..

From 4 – 7 Dec : Baby Kiko Warehouse Clearance Sales, 2008/12/04 at 3:36 PM


u mentioned something like baby fair in sogo..just to double confirmed are SOGO having baby fair now..? until when..??

From 4 – 7 Dec : Baby Kiko Warehouse Clearance Sales, 2008/12/04 at 3:29 PM


thans so much for update.
plan to go tmr lunch but now, gotto change plan. probably going sogo? hahaha

From 4 – 7 Dec : Baby Kiko Warehouse Clearance Sales, 2008/12/04 at 3:17 PM


Yeah, just got back from the warehouse sales, bought many things! very cheap! i got around 18 pcs, cost only RM200 ++, somemore got discount, i think it’s around 20% off.

i also bought 2 bags at RM20 each, with minor defects only, overall in good condition, not like last time, couldn’t find one bag that’s up to standard. there’re variety of feeding bottles too, most are recent selling ones, not too old, n quality ok.

got some other things like wet tissue n toiletries, i stock up a lot too! well, in jusco the prices are sometimes a bit cheaper, but i don’t know when they’re having promotion, might as well buy it now.

i did go to Sogo, yea, most r same price but in warehouse sales got extra discount! Anyway,i will go to their baby fair at sogo again, it’s last day tomorrow!!!

From 4 – 7 Dec : Baby Kiko Warehouse Clearance Sales, 2008/12/04 at 3:16 PM


alhamdulillah tak pegi..lg sonok tido kat umah ngan baby
must inform my fren bout this, kang kesian dia pegi bazir masa n petrol.
yeah, kat sogo lg byk pilihan..
thanks guys for sharing

From 4 – 7 Dec : Baby Kiko Warehouse Clearance Sales, 2008/12/04 at 3:15 PM


hm..esok g sogo jelah jawapnyer

From 4 – 7 Dec : Baby Kiko Warehouse Clearance Sales, 2008/12/04 at 3:11 PM



nasib baik i x g!
bad experience dr last sales lagi…

From 4 – 7 Dec : Baby Kiko Warehouse Clearance Sales, 2008/12/04 at 2:49 PM


Oh ya! fforgot to comment about the Q, it is sucks, i queue 1 and a half hour to pay RM65. many mmany idiot cut queue!

the place is so small, crowded and hot, please dont bring kids there. lots crying inside becos too hot, pitty the kid yet the mummy still dont care dig dig dig on the bin.

From 4 – 7 Dec : Baby Kiko Warehouse Clearance Sales, 2008/12/04 at 2:49 PM


Just come back from the warehouse sales. my opinion is not worth to go if you are planning to buy baby clothes and shoes, the max discount by purchase to RM300 is only RM60. really not worth. all price is per the price as Sogo Tag or Jusco tag.
the baby bath they sold RM11, but when it is sales in Jusco u can have it by RM9.90.
Anyway since i have go so long way to Puchong fr Shah Alam, I bought somthing too:-

2 Baby towel : RM10 each, normal price RM19.90
1 baby cap :RM5, normal price is RM5 too (No discount)
baby carrier :RM20, normal price RM33.90
Baby bag : RM20, normal price RM39.90.

save above RM50 aje. pay petol and tol and i day meal.

From 4 – 7 Dec : Baby Kiko Warehouse Clearance Sales, 2008/12/04 at 2:41 PM

mimichomel |

ok, just back from baby kiko. nama aje clearence tapi hampas! sorry ye, my personal opinion, memang tak berbaloi langsung! tag terang-terangan tulis kat sogo jualrm15 but kiko jual rm18. tempat kecik je, yg dalam tempat mcam cafe kat belakang tu. takde khemah macam john masters pon. paling murah pon sehelai rm6, itu yg kain basahan je. jeans baby rm 18 sehelai. with the same price so i rase memang better pegi sogo je. some more susah nak cari pairs. ade yg baju je takde seluar n vice-versa. but sape2 yg rumah dekat tu, pegi laa untuk tgk2. sape yg jauh tu, please make good decision. all is up to urself. mandian kat kedai rm11.90 kat situ jual rm11. memang bukan taraf warehouse sale langsung. but then, everybody have their own opinion so, hope others will share also..

From 4 – 7 Dec : Baby Kiko Warehouse Clearance Sales, 2008/12/04 at 2:29 PM



thx vivisidik..i jarang shopping kat sogo since quite far & that area slalu jem..
but anyway since tomorrow I’m on half day, will definitely go to sogo buy new cloth for my daughter

From 4 – 7 Dec : Baby Kiko Warehouse Clearance Sales, 2008/12/04 at 1:33 PM


just wondering, will they ever have a BARBIE warehouse sale? My daughter is sooo into barbie this and barbie that. So, i’m just wondering la.

just my opinion, not trying to step on anybody’s toes, i still think that SOGO still have the best deal in town for babies’ or children’s clothing. so i think that going to these type of warehouse sales with rude customer service rep, is just a waste of energy and time. i always feel that, dapat beli barang murah pun, tapi kalau bad experience, macam tak berbaloi barang murah tu. sakit hati payah nak hilang. just my opinion la.

From 4 – 7 Dec : Baby Kiko Warehouse Clearance Sales, 2008/12/04 at 1:17 PM


ye kee…?? alaaa..mcm nie i pun cancel la plan tomorrow nak p bb kiko w/house sale nie..
maybe change plan going to sogo tomorrow..harap2 cowd xteruk sgt laaa..
desperate kena beli new cloth for my lovely daughter..cepat pulak dia membesar..nyehehehehe

From 4 – 7 Dec : Baby Kiko Warehouse Clearance Sales, 2008/12/04 at 12:55 PM


camni tak jadi g lah.lebih baik g sogo dari g sana…buang masa dan tenaga je.bukannya murah pun…sabtu ini nak g sogo lah…..kalau setakat potongan 50% lebih baik tak g…..sama je dengan harga kat luar……terima kasih le bagi infor………

From 4 – 7 Dec : Baby Kiko Warehouse Clearance Sales, 2008/12/04 at 12:50 PM


not worth
harga sama je ngan tag sogo
even got disc rm 4,still not worth

From 4 – 7 Dec : Baby Kiko Warehouse Clearance Sales, 2008/12/04 at 12:28 PM


juct came back from bb kiko……..
i only bought twin pack baby powder cost me only rm10
which i think is murah………
n bb kiko bagpack rm20…..double from last yr whick is only rm10
only 2 bagpack brown n red…..
baju plak………i think not worth it buying………….
not that cheap………better go to sogo……..
some more cannot find matching………..

From 4 – 7 Dec : Baby Kiko Warehouse Clearance Sales, 2008/12/04 at 12:28 PM

mama jl

yaya, bila habis baca pun tk nak pg jer, baru balik dari disney punya, beli byk nger, better than yg lepas punya :p nasib baik tk pg puchong punya hari ni

From 4 – 7 Dec : Baby Kiko Warehouse Clearance Sales, 2008/12/04 at 12:04 PM


hmm dah siap2 nak pegi dah bile baca comment ammi tu rasa tak berbaloi plak dtg dr ampang semata2 nak gi sale tu.. isk

From 4 – 7 Dec : Baby Kiko Warehouse Clearance Sales, 2008/12/04 at 12:00 PM


baik xyah g…. minggu depan i nak g sogo lah….. maybe barang-barang dia lagi best dari kiko warehouse…

last time pun i g kiko warehouse……

memang xberbaloi lah……

From 4 – 7 Dec : Baby Kiko Warehouse Clearance Sales, 2008/12/04 at 11:46 AM


ada kawan call dari warehouse tadi
dia kata tak best lansung
baju baby tak de pair..kena carik satu satu..
harga pulak..sama jer dengan harga sale kat SOGO..
so tak worth it setakat nak yang murah sampai ke Puchong.

From 4 – 7 Dec : Baby Kiko Warehouse Clearance Sales, 2008/12/04 at 11:38 AM


i will check it out this bb kiko sales since it is near my house.. – will be going on saturday..
to Mama Irfahana, i noticed if sogo sales also sometimes very packed mcm warehouse sale.. there was a time in the kids department, cannot even move… sooo many people..

From 4 – 7 Dec : Baby Kiko Warehouse Clearance Sales, 2008/12/04 at 10:48 AM


anybody went today…?? please update..
plan to get new cloth my my 5 month daughter..
harap2 good bargain since almost all her cloth dah xmuat..
how’s the parking…? the crowd.. any direction to go here..I’m from equine

From 4 – 7 Dec : Baby Kiko Warehouse Clearance Sales, 2008/12/04 at 10:25 AM


Lydia says:

Hai guys!

I just came back from KIKO Warehouse sale in puchong….kinda dissapoint with the warehouse sales…. the clothes were actually size for 12 to 24 months kids not BABY! the price is the same with sale of JUSCO and SOGO….

Why I say that….if u guys notice(those who been there) the price tag of SOGO sales is still on it….the only warehouse about this warehouse is if u buy certain amount they will give u certain rebate which is not really worthy…..

for example i bought a few clothes and it cost me RM135 and the rebate is only RM24. It is equally to 10% discount of JUSCO or SOGO sales…. as for me lah… the cost of petrol and tol…. is the same by then…

i list out things that being sold at this warehouse…
- baby clothes for nb – 24 months only limited choice and colour
- 24 months and above – few design which is limited choice
- colour of the clothes mainly green and yellow
- shoes…. OMG torn already still sell at RM17.90
- baby wipe worth to buy
- baby bottle : not many choice also…

As the summary, I prefer went to Pureen warehouse sale… and eager to see Anakku warehouse coming soon…. Although this is my first time went for warehouse for my first baby….

Lyn says:

Vy terrible. Hot n small. q-up 45 minutes just bought 4pcs only 2 payment counter,Stupid! Not many choice. Not cheap also. RM8/RM12 per pcs. I wont go next time. Vy vy bad……. warehouse!!!!

Sam says:

the price is same as the jusco, sogo tag price.. not worth goin… not many out goin cloths, a lot of pyjamas and T-shirt

road says:

terrible…advised.. not bring along ur baby or kids…. reached there abt 10.05am oleady crowded… jus a small classroom at d back of d office building.. sweating…sweating…coz very hottt…not much “air”…..babies crying…only 2 cashier counter inside d room n’ very slowwww (3 staff for 1 counter)..i lined up for 1 -1/2 hrs for payment…again..don’t take ur babies or kids there…..this is d warehouse sales i never seen b4….

mimi says:

padini n seed also tgh wat sales kat butique, 50-70%! both adult n kids

moshi says:

why la yea… lately nie lotz of sales guna ‘warehouse sale’ even their prices not even at warehous level… ish… ish…

finas says:

nasib baik tak familiar area puchong , klu tak sure i joint u all . by the way , last saturday i went to Brand Outlet at Ampang Point , pun ada sales jgk up to 50% . baju for baby girl byk , cantik2 . happy shopping!

otro says:

will be there.. hehehhe.. i’m still in maternity leave.. near my house some more..

happy says:

Hey friends,

Just got to know from my friend ‘Jusco Maluri’ is having member’s sale.

Those who want to stock up kids clothing, better buy during J card member day. I think it is way way way better than this small warehouse sale lah..!

wadasan says:

iyo laa mama ibrahim..last time masa i pg babykiko nyer whsale bukan kiko ekk..yg brg2 baby nyer mcm tu laa…frust sgt sebab i sampai kol consider awal laa dr time yg drg ckp tu..ghuper2nyer derang dah bukak awal…huh…better u pg awal laa..if not u paham2 laa kan..nanti terlepas yg cantek2…

mama jl says:

my target is to buy baby son’s clothes – ard 10mths – 1year :p really is running out of stk at home d :(

mama jl says:

har? so worth to go ar? im comin from pj d if wanna go on the first day :p hopefully the receptionist tat “hahhpy” met last year. wont b bring son as the place is just a small room.

Mummy Fana says:

Nowadays tooooo many warehouse sales… Credit card pulak not allowed to use… cash x de extra pulak. So how??

Mama Irfahana says:

I went there before & the price is not really cheap.. Same jer mcm kat JJ & Sogo.. Tempat pun kecik jer.. & Panas… Really not confortable to bring kids.. Anyway, up to you guyz…

BB says:

Grab few set clothes for my son last year Baby Kiko sales. The price is not cheap and some can find same price from Sogo. Worth to buy for the baby jeans wear. I did go for their Kiko sales for child clothes 1-14 this erly year. Not many choice and some was very dirty clothes. Not nice design.

popular says:


happy says:

I went there during the last sale, in my opinion, not really worth it to go.

They only have a small room behind their office block for this sale. The stock are really old the last time. I hope they will improve this time.

For those with young kids, please don’t bring any of your kids, the place is really not child friendly as the room is really really small.

Just wish to share my experience of the previous sale, I had to take along my baby with my maid cos’ no one to take care. First of all, the guard at the entrance is really rude, they don’t allow any customer to park inside the building, the parking is only for staff. All their customer have to park outside at the side of the road and walk in. As it was raining, I had requested to just drive my car in to drop my maid and the baby in the shaded area so the baby don’t get wet, they just say ‘cannot cannot’. Thinking that he don’t understand what I say, I just drive in and drop my baby & maid at their entrance area.

The minute I enter the entrance of their office building, once again, the receptionist (a lady with some black patches on her face) said, ‘you cannot come in here, the warehouse sale is at the back.’ I told her politely, I just need to leave my baby here for a while while I park my car outside.

Even with that kind of explanation, she insist that I can’t leave the baby there even just for a while. At that point, I was beginning to lose my patience, I asked her ‘Excuse me, it is raining outside, do you expect me to carry my baby in an umbrella and walk in? She is only 3 months old.’ Her face never change and reply, ‘I’m sorry, but I can’t help..!’ To tell you honestly, she is probably the worst customer service / receptionist I have ever met in my entire life.

I really don’t want to argue with peoplt like that, I was about to leave the place, luckily, one of their staff just came back and she told the receptionist, ‘Never mind lah, just for a while only, it is raining out there.’

I quickly park my car, take a quick look at the sale in the small room at the back of the office block, bought two dress for my elder girl and left.

At the point when I left, the receptionist still show me a sour face. I can’t believe it..!! I don’t understand why she wants to work in a company that produce children garment if she has no passion for kids at all..!

To tell you honestly, I use to buy a lot of KIKO brand of dress and clothes for my girls, but after that incident, I have stop buying their clothes. I feel sorry for the company for hiring such a hopeless receptionist / customer service. They are suppose to be the frontliner in the company. Anyway, I hope all of you will have better experience this time round. ;)

Mama Ibrahim says:

Wadasan, iyer ker diorg bukak early? I plan nk gi sana around 9.30am… I better ask my hubby to send me there around 8.30. arrive there just nice kol 9am. I think, i better prepared some bread+mineral water. In case have to wait for 1 hour…hehehe…it alrite, tlg buka kedai!!!

pienkcat says:

me too…don’t have a love to buy pretty clothes for my cute little nieces :-)

beez says:


jgn risau. it’s a good investment.

ieza says:

Warehouse sale make myself crazy and make money useless. I bought many kiko/babykiko, walt disney and poney last Sogo warehpuse sale even i dont have a kids. Hmmm …

emily says:

tahun ni, nila yg “babykiko” punya sales kan..
yg b4 this tu KIKO punya sales kan?
babykiko is for baby…
KIKO is for toddler right?

suhayu says:

anakku tak buat warehouse sale this yr kan? rasa nya every 2 yr je kot

wadasan says:

saper2 yg nak pegi tu..even they said start kol 10 pg laa awal k..last masa i pg dulu sampai pukul 9..i tot i laa org paling awal..tup2 derang dah bukak since kol 8.30 dah..huh…x bley pakai tol..

mamasyira says:

bila lah sweet cherry nk terbukak hati nk buat warehouse sales, kalau buat I no 1 beratur. Ahaks.

teletubies says:

moonrider..iyer ker jj members day lg murah?tp selalu jj mmbr dy dia buat weekday. than, jam jgn kata ler…how abt anakku warehouse? anyone know when? Pls inform us…share info mah…i never been there (anakku wrhs) before. teringin sgt nak gi. tapi selalu singgah butik anakku (kat luar iye jer tulis sale up to 70%) bila masuk… frust nyer. Stok lama yg kotor2 dan not much choice.

Moonrider says:

Went there b4 , upset , clothes not nice …. price not that cheap .. jj members day more cheaper

I still prefer anakku warehouse sale …. i believe it will be around corner annaku warehouse. ..

aryssa says:

anyone yg pegi on thursday, pls update kat cni about price, quality and crowd ye…..plan nak pegi on sat

anj2208 says:

ntah knp……….
this lately i krg berminat nak membeli di warehouse sale…….
not that cheap………..espcially when comes to kiko or baby kiko……….

ita says:

Yes i sokong mama ibrahim…
tapi i tak leh g ari biasa bab i baru masuk keja…nak mc pun tak leh
boleh tak sesiapa yang dah g nanti beritahu kat i mcmna keadaan kat sana…byk ke barangannya lagi………..

ieza says:

Mama ibrahim,
That’s right, don’t lie just only for getting warehouse sale. Not worth and desecrate to drop ourselves value because simple thing like that. Try to ask about time off for personal mater if your company allow it. My working place is flexible, so I don’t have much problem asking to go out for personal matter or doing banking activities by movement system.

ita says:

i rasa nak g..nak tengok2 mana yang betul2 murah baru beli…sebelum ni i dah g sogo…klu sama je harga tengok je le.takpe moshi petrol dah turun harga…anak punya psl i sanggup g….nanti takle kempunan kalau betul2 harga runtuh…..menyesal le pulak

Mama Ibrahim says:

Nora, MC is the great idea…. thank you…hukhukhuk… tak pasal2 dapat dosa menipu plak…anyway, tak pernah pun tipu MC. but, if my boss reject my leave….I must have plan B…
Moshi, Ita, on flyer got price from RM3 – RM18. So, dont worry. If they “kencing” lg…. next warehouse kita boikot ler…The Power of Buyer!!!

Mama Ibrahim says:

Alamak….. I’m super excited….I missed this sales last time. why so many warehouse sales for baby & kids items on Dec…I saw my “pulus” flying out from windows.. lucky I get bonus this month….Yea..yea… I can buy new cloth for my son. may be can get something for all my nephew….oppsss…almost forgot my little Princess, Hana.I hope my hubby give me “green light” to go there.My annual leave left 1 day only.Plan to take after Hari Raya Haji….nampaknya I beraya dulu kat Baby Kiko warehouse!!!!

moshi says:

yes ita,
really regret pegi last sales, i g kat parkson next day, saje tgk2 kiko section, price sama!
tringin nak g kali nie tapi tkut jd mcm last time, rugi petrol jek!

beez says:

may b i will go this sale

ita says:

itulah psl moshi.. i takut mcm tu lah..ckp je sales tapi harga sama je kat shopping complex.
sekrg ini pun ada jaulan jimat malaysia, klu harga sama je baik g shopping complex..tak le berpanas dan berpeluh…..

nora says:

minta2 worth it laaa I MC…. ni 1st time I pegi, kalau baca komen2 yang kat atas ni macam positif je… I nak cari baju my boy 7mnth

nora says:

alamak xboleh lepas ni kene pegi gak!!!! cuti dah habis tp aku nak MC huhuuhuhuh

moshi says:

Hopefully bukan mcm last kiko sales, hopefully price ok.
last sale for kids, harga naik mendadak. b4 i beli denim jacket rm15, last sale rm25, lepas tu siap ada tag billion kat jacket tu tulis rm25 gak! aik! pelik sungguh….
harap2 la price kali nie betul2 la price 4 warehous sale kan…

ita says:

klu g ari sabtu ada lagi ke.takut nanti g2 baju-baju semuanya dah x ada mcm pureen sales aritu.

ita says:

berbaloi ke g sana. sy nak beli baju anak pompuan.

papacare says:

ok pe pureen sales..i spent rm400 gak..huhuhu…

kat says:


takde ape pun kat DKSH sale tu. Banyak plastic containers, clocks, morgan product aje. wasted my time n petrol gi sana.

Pureen ok-ok la. Same as prev. Harga I think naik lebih kurang RM1. Baju mostly recycle from prev round.


makcik senah says:

kalo aku gi sana, nak beli tuk sapa ekk. aku bukan ada anak lagi… kawin pun lom lagi.. skrg aku nak cr laki dulu… mana nak cari?.. kat SnS ni takde ke… :P

nana says:

hope can go there…
anyway anyone knows about car seat sales?
when, where, by whom? thx a lot

jarjar says:

peluang yg tidak bole dilepaskannn..huhuhu..kopak dittttt

Tracy says:

i never been to tis kiko warehouse. can anyone tell izit ok if i bring along my children? will it very crowded?

divasmomma says:

peluang yang tidak boleh dilepaskan!!!

inntan says:

i missed last weekend pureen and dksh w/hse sale… takde annoucement by sns pun or i yang over-looked

wadasan says:

saper2 nak beli mitten booties banyak2 leh laa gi..last time i pg mitten booties baby nyer topi sekali dgn beg pouch tu 3 ringgit jer 1 diaper bag yg galas belakang tu RM20 jer..but this time i dont know..

Erica says:

Not only apparel, they have accessories such as feeding bottles and bags too! all very cheap!

hamilia says:

alamak..baru jer!! g jualan pureen.mesti pergi jugak!

add says:

kopak la bulan ni..punya la banyak sale

kakcik says:

waaa… best2.. must go..
but y start late ek? hmmm…

anne says:

ha..ha…ha… sorry aaaaa… wrong info. wah, if for baby i really must go then. need to shop for my new baby daughter. i went to the pureen sale last weekend and bought 12 baby clothing,few pair of socks and shoes but still not satisfied. cannot stand the crowds with my little one tagged along. luckily i have my hubby to Q for 1 hr to pay. how was the crowd last time for baby kiko? hopefully i can go this friday! see ya all there…..

kira_wang says:

baby kiko.. like advert in the tv..

pretty says:

sasa, hytex sale normally before hari raya & before chinese new year…

sasa says:

Hi, Everybody,
who know when hytex warehouse sales?

aku says:

of coz la baby kiko for baby..hahaha so lawak la..

aryssa says:

kalo pegi on sat, bju ok lg tak??ke yg elok² clear abis??

umi Ilman says:

hi anne,
bb kiko is for bb new born until 3yr..
more than 3 yr .. KIKO only..

ira says:

this one is baby kiko.. not kiko kids. this one is for baby and toddlers only. from baby til age 2 or 3. got pyjamas, tshirts, shoes, socks, denims are limited. overall lots of baby clothings. normally round collar tshirt with short pants around rm8 or rm10.. tshirt around rm6-7.. socks around rm3.. got cotton buds, toiletries as well.

anne says:

i think i went last time. is it the same one or not i’m not so sure. i spent rm100++ for more than 10 pcs of clothes for my son. really worth it. the rm59.90 shirt can be as low as rm13. i bought denim trouser, denim jacket, shirt, t-shirt, pj for him. they have sorted the clothing according to age. so it’s easy for us to choose. they have girls clothing too. lots of it. last time they don’t have clothes for baby under 1 year, i don’t know how is it this time. the crowd is not bad at all. don’t even have to Q.

chris says:

anyone know last time sale how? the stuff ok or no?

ieza says:

i’m too *blink 2x*

aku says:

yah…dis is what am waiting for ;P ..huhuh pls updates