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20 December 2008 to  18 January 2009

Every Weekend Only

  Hytex Warehouse Sale

From RM1

[SNS : Check out the w/sale in Aug08  Dec07]


All Branded Apparels


Products & Brands Offered

Children Apparels


American Atheletes



DIsney Babies

Looney Tunes

Loone Tunes Babies






10am to 6pm





Location (Tel 603 6273 2323)

Lot 25 Jalan E1/5

Kawasan Perindustrin Taman Ehsan


52100 Kuala Lumpur

[SNS : We're using the previous Map as the quality of

the current flyer is bad, and unclear]








 Big Thanks to MommyBaby for the Color Flyer


SARA says:

saya nak thu kat shop ke! gedong ke! yg ada jual powerpuff girl di johor baharu siapa yg tahu.

mamaayra says:

Hi,may i know Hytex sale at giant shah alam till when ya?

papacare says:

went there last weekend…emmmm…what’s a pity…don’t have much choices for my new boy…dpt beli short pant 10 helai short pants @rm1 utk basahan je.. a few mickey t’shirt for my wife..

aleesya's mom says:

mummy julia,

sales hytex kat giant shah alam tu applicable for sat & sun or hari biasa? pls advise ye.tq

Aira says:

i agree with mamaalya, Lee, you shoud just go to Sogo / Tesco to buy. Its not easy to Hytex if you are not familiar with the place, + its very hot and very hard to find matching shirt + pants. however decision is in your hand. If u happen to be aroung KL tomorrow, there will be member preview sale at Sogo, u can use Maybank card as an alternative pass to go in today or tomorrow.. cheers

mamaalya says:

Hai lee u datang dari jauh lebih baik u pegi sogo. dari 11jan-9feb ada offer almost 70%.sama je harga kat warehouse hytex….lagi byk pilihan dan senang nak cari baju yang kita perlu.tak yah susah-susah nak berpanas, beratur panjang masa nak membayar.

Lee says:

Hi Ly, thanks so much for the info. will try to go when i’m there. hopefully its worth going after reading so much comments from all of you. Cheers… :)

Ly says:

Lee from Melaka, for your info, Hytex only open on Sat and Sun.

rina says:

exactly the same price ke mummyjulia…then i rasa i pegi shah alam ajalah

mummyjuliaa says:

last saturday went to giant stadium shah alam, also sale hytex cloths..
price same as hytex warehouse sale..
hubby said ” beli kat sini lg berbaloi… tak payah nak sesak2 n rebut2 “..
all same thing, lots of choices and well arrange…

coco says:

Anyone from bukit bintang interested to car pool or share a cab to go this weekend? :)

papacare says:

ciannya puteri3…ok lain kali beware :-)

puteri3 says:


i dah pg 2 minggu lps, price tu ok laa…yg x ok, baju yg i dah bayar kena curi org. Anak i tletak kat area stoking sbb nak tolong cari stoking baby, pastu tlupa dlm 5 minit, nak pg ambik dah hilang. i suspect “org tu” ambik….so i ada pg tanya ada tnmpak x plastik merah yg dah byr kat s….. Dia ckp x ada…so asyik dok kepit jea plastik tu smpai sudah…sembunyi dlm raga…. buat layan x layan jea…..Dlm plastik tu ada 3 helai baju umur 8-10 tahun + 2 helai panties, dah la sedih…rasa x bbaloi pg sbb dgn penat mcari tmpat + petrol + masa + baju hilang, …apa org ckp…x ada rezeki… i x rela sesiapa pun pencuri tu…i doakan biar tuhan shj mbalasnya…..tapi yg banyaknya…….. GERAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM…………………

Enn says:

Hi, friends,
I just call to cocoland, the warehousales start on 9-11 and 16-18 Jan, just near hytex. I also went to Jayajusco last week in maluri, they were selling disney suit 4-12, nice design and only RM10.90.

Lee says:

Hi!! I’m fr Melaka n is going KL next week. Intend to go this sales.. they only do the sales on Sat & Sun only? Can someone advise. Tq :)

Aira says:

i actually went to Jusco (last Sat 3/1/09) & Tesco Ampang (last Sunday-4/1/09), they were selling Disney toddler suit at RM10.00 with much more choices compare to Hytex (as i went there abt 2/3 weeks ago). So for those who are looking for shirt+pants for children age btwn 1-3, you can get this offer at Tesco actually, not sure whether Jusco still selling @ RM10 though, safe from heat & enegy by digging inside the rumble box at Hytex

hamilia says: i mesti pegi,cz time anakku sale i dah terlepas x pegi.last i g time pureen 2 hari..ok ya anak mama mukrizd n iman..

Kat says:

Not that nice.many repeated. I went to anakku sale. It’s better. Also anakku sale accept credit cards. Dangerous to carry much cash around.

Enn says:

To mimichomel:
can let me know anakku sales in segambut address? near where? thank you

mimichomel says:

anakku sales also have the same price range like hytex. much less crowd. ample parking space. since it’s quite near to hytex, why don’t u guys have it a go. last till sunday. open till 7pm.

delima says:

went there last time..
the price damn cheap..
last time got 20+ shirts and pants for my girl.. 1 shirt cost arougn $5 only..
pants $3.. 1 pair shirt+pants = $10
some more the cashier wrongly calculate, so untung around $20..
rezeki betul…

plan to go there this weekend to buy some baby stuff..
for my 2nd baby… :-)

ly says:

i want the address warehouse to..pls email to me..tq..

aryssa says:

pretty i want the address too…tq

Aira says:

its ok, found it from mamypokoclub forum. tqvm pretty

pretty says:

give me yr email address.. I’ll fwd to u…

Aira says:

thanks pretty. any address?

pretty says:


Busana Kasih says:

Last saturday went there and spent RM178 only and brought home 25 pcs baby + kids clothes. plus another few baby’s pillow cases (darn cheap RM2 oni each) baby cap, mitten & booties set, toilettries pouch, baby sweater.. total up RM178 oni.. darn cheap! and this time around… much more nicer design than the previous sales in Aug/Sept08.

baby says:


ada sapa2 yg minat coach x
if ada plis email me
i leh sent pic kat u all


maria lee says:

no name i agree with u, the price slight increase this year…still manage to get 2 pairs mickey mouse pyjama for RM12 each…Most of the Tshirt is last sale item…so i just bought a few tshirt n of course the $5 white tshirts…clothes for baby still a lot of choice this wk…$6 item mmg really old stock…so get ready to spent $8 for the tshirt for those yg ader kids 6 yrs & above…anyway for me it’s still worth it!

aryssa says:

for me, i am satisfied with the sales…much cheaper if you want to compare the price with other shopping mall/hypermarket…

deeda says:

hi all, clothes fr babygirl 2 yrs ada banyak lagi tak?If i come from shah alam,which way should i follow? thnx

noname says:

oh ya..i managed to buy a pair of school shoes brand disney for rm5. it’s brand new, still white but the only one left just now. just ngam2 for my doter. otherwise, i bought the same design last yr for rm29.90. the tag showed rm10 but when i askd how much, the s.a marked them down. hohoho..lucky me…

noname says:

i just came back from the sale..i managed to get a few items for my kids. got white cotton t-shirt rm5. it is a nice cotton. can be used for kids’ pj class. if bought from hypermarket, same price but lower quality. n also, bought track bottom with ‘tasmanian devil’ cartoon on it, with 2 pockets- price rm10. it’s a nice pair of track bottom. hypermkt, much thinner n no brand with the same price. but according to akak jual air outside hytex, the price for this wh sale increase. last time u can get items that priced rm1. but as for today, the cheapest rm1 for fridge magnet; rm2-a pair of rubber nipples. rm3-nice socks; rm5-t-shirts etc. rm18-a pair of jeans/corduroy; rm20-denim jacket (adult)..oklaaa…if u compared price with jusco/parkson/the store etc.

Sam says:

Thx. When is anakku warehouse sale at segambut?

xelyn says:

yes, fancy you can get baby wipes, baby bottle, shampoo or baby bath. But just normal brand, not really good one.

fancy says:

hi…got any baby wipes, baby bottle, shampoo or baby bath or not??

reine says:

I was there last week. My comment is, the price is already mark up compare to past 2 years. Every year i will be there. I used to get very nice World of Cartoon Kid shirt and pants at RM1 & RM2. Nowadays, the price have increase to RM5 per piece. And not much choice.

Enn says:

last sales i brought kids panties 3 for RM5, now 2 for RM5. Those t-shirt RM6 really not nice design, look old stock! kids jeans also RM10 mark up to RM15. the design same to last year, cannot get new design. i will go this week, see whether better than last week or not.

xelyn says:

hi, some t-shirt with printed cartoons like mickey mouse are bad quality. After wash few times, the cartoon came out. Avoid buying those pasted on cartoon t-shirt, especially big cartoon which cover almost the whole shirt.

the hat which are selling at RM5, actually not cheap. can get better colour and design frm parkson with same price. they are just selling light brown with mickey cartoon.

Shoes and sandals are worth buying but just for baby under 3 year old. not much for toddles.

The quality is just moderate compare to Isetan member day Disney t-shirt and shoes which are 70%. For those who are concerning of quality, Isetan and metrojaya member day sales are better.

Hard to get RM5 T-SHIRT this time. the price are frm RM6 above. the pyjamas last time selling RM10 also mark up to RM12. Those t-shirt RM6 not nice design, look cheap, RM8 above better(last time just selling RM5).

ls says:

tis warehouse sales is worth to go but i dun like their service espeacially the receptionest. i call on last friday to confirm wit them when was the actual date of warehouse sales , they told me confirm start from 27/12/08. its make me angry when i check my mail on monday show tat its already start on 20/12/08.

may says:

u r rite Enn…at baby side was only 2 lines and CASH term no CREDIT CARD please…..hahahaha…aduhhh, kesiaN sape Yang wish 2 buy for chrismas give or, anak2 ramai, or for orphan ke….or terlebih budget ke, not enough cash, camne kan? kene dtg balik…:)

momo says:

bile anakku nak warehouse ptmaa kali dgr ni sgt la terujaa unyuk bby bakal lahir nnti nih..:) sonoknye dgr ada brg2 bby mura2 sgt…lega skitt..warehouse ni agak2 ada tak brg2 bby nu born..stroller tuh some murah tak ? agak2 leh dpt rm100 ke..hehe..klo ada sapa nak let go stroller bwh 100 let me know eh..bajet 2009,,,hehe

Enn says:

I went last saturday, the cashier still so bad, I Q up about 11/2 hours to pay money. Why cannot improve??????

Aira says:

pretty, when is the anakku whse sale?

pretty says:

hi Sam, Car seat dont have… Only playpen, bouncer, stroller…

cant wait for anakku warehse sale soon in segambut.

mamaalya says:

I dah baca bulan ogos punya w/h sales, betul ke baju for 2years girl tak byk pilihan.abis apa yang ada untuk my little girl kalau i g sana.

Sam says:

is ther any car seat? wat bout the pricing? thx.

Aira says:

thanks ly

ly says:

i already call hytex..on 25/12 n 29/12 are closed..

Aira says:

just wonder, whether they open this Thursday (25/12/08) & next Monday(29/12/08) since its public holiday….

Mama Ibrahim says:

Hi all, out of topic jap. Ada saper2 yg nak let go baby monitor & safety gate ker? If ada, kindly pls email me, Really need it… xkisah yg dah pakai pun as long as still in good condition. I tau, ramai parents yg chat & check this website… try to get from others blog before but out of stock….

Aira says:

just wonder, whether they open this Thursday & net Monday since its public holiday….

maria lee says:

i dah pegi every year since my baby born…mmg a lot of choice for girls…i mmg buat stok till age 8 years..:) price mmg naik skik but still cheap…the quality also good…if went there early in the morning there is a lot of anyway they will top up those clothes from time to time…minggu2 terakhir just ader left out yg tak habis…so better go early…

mamaalya says:

klu pegi minggu terakhir agak2 byk x pilihan.yes there are only open on saturday n sunday.

ly says:

are this open only saturday n sunday?

Ly says:

Vivian, i went last sat. Yes! There is a lot of dresses for girl. I have 3 little princess. I have bought it almost all dresses. Some of it cost abt RM15 and RM10. Worth it for going. You won’t regret.

Ly says:

byk x baby stuffs ?..brp harga brg2 baby?

mamaalya says:

i rasa patut g this hytex sales.memang murah gile bila dah baca apa u all ckp.nak beli for my little girl.

Mama Ibrahim says:

Atis, Papa J…. and others, this might help…
From 1 Utama just go straight heading towards Kepong using the LDP. Pay RM1.60 toll and keep to your right, the road will curve to right to head to Kepong. Then keep to your left (Don\’t go up the flyover) and you\’ll pass by BP and Esso on your left. Continue to go straight until you see a Maybank on your right. Once you see Maybank, turn left at the coming traffic light (If I\’m not mistaken the signboard here should be Desa Jaya). Go straight and you\’ll end up at a roundabout with a furniture shop at your 11 o\’clock direction. Turn 9 o\’ clock direction. Go straight and you\’ll pass Esso, Mobil, Shops and Field on your right like the map in previous warehouse sale. After the field, there\’s a building with the name \”Super\” on it. Turn right after this. Hytex is on the 2nd turning to the left. Hope this helps (this instruction was given by ML from previous sales…thanks ML coz this one really help.Never lost even first time go to Kepong area).

I went there on 1st day but not early morning. Around 1 pm. Not much ppl coz org sibuk nk lunch kot… This time plan nk grab baju tido & jeans only since stock baju for my son (now 9 month) dah ready till 2 years. hehehe…all hytex and baby kiko punya pasal ler… so, manage to get 8 pairs of pyjamas, 4 pair disney & tenderly shirt, 4 pants and 2 jeans. Ok lah… spend about RM150. This time don’t want to wait “top up time” coz sure I’ll spend more than that. Bagi change org lain pulak beli. Next year baru beli lagi…. For me….really worth, even for baby boy. So, for those yg ada baby boy, don’t worry… juz go there and grab the nice shirt. For girl, sure byk skirt & gaun yg cute2. Not like Baby Kiko. Price warehouse sama ngan price tag Sogo, Jusco etc… but Hytex, normally murah sikit. Jeans i beli, ori price 49.90… now only RM15.00. so, why should you wait???

ena says:

went there today…not bad…within 2 hours managed to grab about 5 bakul full of nice shirts,jeans and cute panties…definitely will go back next week….

papacare says:

hmmm the prices still increase a little bit, ek.. think to go next week laa alone, my wife dh x larat, huhuhu….dis week neigbour buat wedding plak..

Vivian says:

Hi, do anyone see any dresses for girls? I stay quite far from Kepong but if they have dress & cheap will go get a few for my 2 daughters. pls let me know, anyone? Thanks in advance.

atis says:

yesterday i tot want to go, but hubby don’t know how to go there. the map they given too small to read la. anyone can guide me. mayb next week can go la

may says:

kalau dari selayang…we all gune jln nak ke hospital sleyang tu but street lagi …ikut arah ke frim…n nanti after dah masuk ke frim ters and jumpe roundbt…follow signboard to tmn perindustrian kepong

may says:

was there @11am – 1.30pm. Babies and kids are separated but still in the same building with different entry. Kids area, ramai gilers… Babies, ramai gak but all was under control la..betul la mamaqish told us tht we shld stay kejap coz ade lagi stock yg akan dibawa masuk by hytex staffs:) and we can bring stroller too but u hv to make sure tht xmengganggu others la meaning, jus park at the area yg xde org, n ask ur husband to stay kejap..tukar2 la…hehehe…

ermm…price fr me, was ok la..
family bath – RM9 (Nrml – Rm15.90)
dress 6-12mths (RM10 – 15)
tshirt baby girl/boy – RM5
panties cute sgt – Rm3-RM5
Set pijams – RM10 – RM15
Socks – 3 for RM 10
baby set gift – RM15
hat/cap/pillow cvr – RM2.00 perpcs
stroller – RM100 – 150(tenderly)
Playpen – Rm120
Shoes/Sandal – RM10 – rm 25

Chye says:

Anyone who has a map book at home can find Hytex in there. I noticed my colleague’s map book has. Good luck!

Papa J says:

hi, I try nak pergi tadi, tapi sesat la after Bandar Sri Damansara tu.
Anyone can help me?
Anyone wanna go from Bkt Jelutong tomorrow? May be can go with us.

sbh66 says:

Was there for the opening. Their quality this year is much better but the prices are up a little bit but still okay. Disney Pyjamas set still at RM12, Boys/Girls L/pant RM15. Kids under 3 RM8 and below, while above 3 RM8 and above. I still find it one of the best warehouse sale and like the others said before they still keep topping up.

ana says:

oppss forget to inform all that is for my boy..this year boy n girl mcm equal

ana says:

was there today,went straight to the bigger kids section was a bit confused until a friendly auntie told me to go to the other entrance..stayed for 2 hours(include Q to pay) spent rm244..all in all dapat 18pairs (short+ t-shirt), 3 khakis shorts,5 mitten set and 3 pajamas.

aku says:

any updates for today???

mama aisy says:

x jual lar SNOWIE…stroller+buggy+playpen ado lar..brand tenderly..

snowie says:

anyone can update if there’s any walker?

Mama Ibrahim says:

CMY, my son just 9 month… for me, baby boy cloth pn byk choice. I manage to get nice design shirt on previous sales. I get almost 50 shirts… all in nice design and good material. Just hard to get the pair. I hope this time they have jeans for baby. I want to grab as many as i can… (depend on budget lar…) For girl, sure lah, you can get skirt, gaun even t shirt… that why, easy for girl… boy kena pakai tshirt and seluar jer.. no others choice. hehehe….as long as you rajin nak korek2… even they will top up stock fr time to time… so, tunggu time diorg top up stock, rebut ler…

Chye says:

It’s worth going as the clothes are branded, good quality, cheap and even beautiful. When I asked my mum to follow, she didn’t want to as she thought that warehouse sales selling those lousy type of clothes but when she saw all the beauty clothes worn by my daughter every day, she asked where I bought them… and guess what she’s amazed at the quality and designs…should go…

Mak Mencah says:

Yehaaa…. the time has come!

Its time to spend our gaji and bonus! hahaha
My tips : Dont think twice, just grab. Then only do sorting!

My doter will keep on saying pooh..pooh..pooh…from am to pm. She’ll be surrounded by the 100 acre wood’s gang!

Yzan says:

Yes, i must go, coz last sales i buy RM300, but i spend so much pants and shirts for my baby girl, so 2morrow i 9.30a.m will reach there.

Maaia says:

Damn!… Hate it.. not so much for baby boy :((… lucky la sape yg ada anak pompuan. Whomever yg ada anak yg sedang membesar lagi worth it thaaauuu!!!.. murah2 you!

Cammie says:

The sales is so so……for me….the baby boy cloth not many choice.

CMY says:


Most of them for girls? How about boy? Many choices for boy or not?

Mama Ibrahim says:

Apple….come lah…kita serbu ramai2. Last sales, i’m quite lucky. during my time, not much ppl. My hubby taking care of our son, I pick & grab the shirt. Then, Q for paying. The Q not so long since still early. don’t want to choose2 and wait. juz grab in front of my eyes. Cian my son.

Ly says:

Yes, you’re rite mama ibrahim. I always went there everytime they have warehouse sale. Very worth it for their good fabric quality. I have spend for rm400 just for the recent warehouse.

apple says:

i want to go, but ……….

Enn says:

Yes, i agree with Sue says, i really not like the cashier, wasting our time to q up. I hope will improve it.

SUE says:

It’s all worth buying especially for the little girl, so much choices. even the shoes is so nice. but…. hopefully the management will improve the payment system. It’s so bad payment system for the previous sales. Hopefully they arrange the cashier counter to a better location where people can queue without disturbing the sales/stocks area.

Apexc says:

yes agree to mama ibrahim….

went there for 3 times, this time is the fourth…. if u have rm100 … you can get up to 10 pairs of disneys clothes….

worth to buy… if compare to world of cartoons…. this is the factory for world of cartoons though….

a must go …. fabric good quality….. now my son wearing all disney even sleeping time….

like org kaya oledi..

Mama Ibrahim says:

I want to go…I want to go….. Tracy, depend on individual opinion. For me, really worth to go. Last sales, I spend about RM250 and get almost 50 shirt. I’m super excited. Normally, hard to find pairs but you can mix & match. If you go on 2nd or 3rd week, don’t worry coz they will top up stock from time to time. Material and price is very reasonable. Furthermore, where you can get shirt disney, tenderly, american atheletes @ RM5 only. Pants start from RM1 – RM3. You should go…

Tracy says:

Hv anyone been to tis warehse sale before?? Worth going or they r clearing all old stocks???? Doubts