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24 to 28 December 2008

 The Living Depot Warehouse Carnival Sale

Products Offered

Electrical Appliances

Home DIY

Bathroom & Kitchen Taps

and more


Brands Offered


ICI Dulux







Fisher & Paykal





and more






Time : 10am to 9pm


Location (Tel 603 8061 0810)

15,17&19 Jalan PU 7/4

Pusat Bandar Puchong Utama

22km Jalan Puchong

47100 Puchong





Simon says:

The Living Depot warehouse sales is coming again….
Date 17-21 June 2009
at puchong utama

Danny says:

Anything u all can contact me… my skype is dannylkw and email is, best price for u all.

Hisham says:

Thanx mate. Grateful that there are still commoners that are willing to share truthful information these days. A proof that not everyone should be intensely doubted like the USA is doing to other nations.

Ummu Auni says:

Went there on Natal Day. No crazy sale inside the store, just 8%~10% discount from the normal price. Maybe can look further opposite site shop lot. They have imported bathroom & kitchen taps and household DIY with the cheaper price. Recommended………..Pensonic Natural Pure Water System. Same price with other outlet $1,888. But, this time they offered free Big Pensonic Hot Water Dispenser worth $338 & extra 6x replacement water filter worth $488. Bought one….and when I leave there still left 2uts. Maybe can take as ur consideration….cheers…

shazza says:

Yeah,i wonder if the authorities do check if these are genuine warehouse sale or just as long as the applicant pays the necessary fees. Errmmm, does anybody agree this is false advetising and should be penalised? Any volunteer whistle blowers? Nip the problem before it gets worse contact Ministry of trade&consumer affairs or the press?

Mystic says:

Aira… thx for your valuable information… seem like normal electric shop selling much cheaper then this warehouse sale…normal shop selling Joven with pump just RM390, without pump RM245. some other shop selling slightly cheaper.
i wonder this company prefer long term business or short term business…… with this kind of lousy tactic… soon it will loose double, triple in coming year due to underestimate the point of “Warehouse Sale” :(

thava says:

i think its about time the vendors start thinking twice about their ‘sale’ bid. Aren’t they suppose to have some sort of permit for carrying out the sale…. and can’t the authorities that give out this permit ensure consumer protection over this dubious ‘sales’ gimmicks like some price reference system. A warehouse sale should be carried out by the vendor who actually have got a registered warehouse, for example like Electrolux, Fagor and so on. Not makeshift tent infront of the actual retail outlet and claim it is warehouse sale. The reason why a warehouse sale is a warehouse sale is because when it is bought from the warehouse, then vendor can save on cost of retailing and sometimes discount warranty costs and such. Please stop treating consumers as though we are naive and uneducated, those were the days!!!

ck says:

I should check this site before I go, really dissapointed thought “warehouse sale” !
Just a few units setup opposite site of the shop lot and not much choice I can choose from a long travel from where I am stay…
Inside the Shop, most of the items looks like normal quality goods

shazza says:

Thanks for the heads-up. It is getting very common to abuse the term ‘warehouse sale’ since ‘sale’ doesn’t seem to attract as much attention. Many of us have to travel further to get to these places, face the hassles of parking, getting up early to get the good bargains and then face the chance of getting disappointed that it’s not genuine. Some might not have done any research on normal retail prices to know if it is a good deal or not. Just because it is termed ‘warehouse sale’ they assume it is significantly cheaper. I was a victim as well. lol

Thank goodness for forums like this to share information. Help us make more informed decisions. Merry Christmas & happy hols to all!

junjiang says:

I agree with Aira. It’s not a warehouse sale, just a normal sale with “normal” discount price. The team was same as h-trend sale in Jalan Ipoh for kitchen hood and hob.

Aira says:

Mystic, they dont sell Alpha Water Heater. Only Panasonic, Joven & One (new brand)

Aira says:

Went there yesterday..overall, couldn’t consider it as a warehouse sale. More likely to be normal sale. The price so so only.
Among those:
Water Heater : Panasonic (with pump) RM449, without Pump RM399. One (Turbo + silent) RM399, Joven 930i-RM460 & 830i-RM420
Ceiling Fan : Panasonic brand, model Nami Jr with remote (5 blade) RM469, Bayu (4blade) abt 259 & 5 blade 279. Without remote,model FMY153-RM119 each.
Bathroom mirror with border- RM38 each.

shazza says:

Thanks Nref will remember. Korean brands in many fields are coming up pretty fast. Anybody went and can tell if it is good deal to get the paints at this sale? Anybody got any ‘labourer’ who can do paint job @reasonable price?

Mystic says:

Any1 know d price for water heater brand Joven and Alpha with pump series…. tq

Nref says:

KCC and Jotun both are equally as good.. Both companies are established companies but with lesser advertisement on the tvs only..

sa says:

Panasonic water heater 279 or 449 sink 158 above

shazza says:

I would like to know if the paints-KCC/Jotun etc are a good bargain without compromising too much on quality. Good variety? Anyone can recommed which brand is better? Many Thanks

Transformer says:

anybody can update the price list?

anj2208 says:

this place just opposite my housing area……….
try to go this evening……….

onesonone says:

how about kitchen sink…?
hob & hood…?

Aira says:

hi minah80, how much do they sell the ceiling fan & water heater? is it worth to buy? how abt the warranty?

nesc says:

wanna go this weekend….

minah80 says:


they did not sell fridge,washer (large appliances..).only sell ceiling fan, water heater lo..

Akeela says:

do they offer stainless steel clothes dryer??Interested to get 1

lai says:

any washing machine and fridge? cost? is it under warranty?

aa says:

any 1 been there? how cheap is it?

azhar says:


1. go to
2. type “jalan pu 7/4″. click enter.
3. on your left hand side, there will be a sentence saying “Did you mean:
Jalan Pu 7/4, Taman Puchong Utama, 47100 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia”. click the link and you’ll get your map
4. click to here. put your own road name. you’ll get the direction to the place

syaz says:

any idea for bosch drill…(“,)…

smartshopper says:

do they offer stainless steel clothes dryer??
kindly advise

yasri says:

yes, 6tf, 4 rows rm 108

Audra says:

No map available?