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8 to 11 January 2009

 Skiva Ladies Lingerie Warehouse Sales


Lingerie Products Offered








Bra Set

Panty Set

And more


Time : 10am to 9pm


Location (Tel 603 4270 7113)

Excella Business Park

Jalan Ampang Putra

Taman Ampang Hilir

55100 Kuala Lumpur





Beth Horne says:

Hilarious! So glad I found this.

lissa says:

anybody know when niichi will have another warehouse sale???

becky says:

Just came back from there…hmm..quite worth it if you are looking for office wear..loads of nice formal jackets (RM19.90 only).. and the material is not bad.. Some are quite out dated (especially pants) but it’s really cheap, what do you expect.
They have nice evening wear as well which original prices like RM 250++ down to RM29.90 to 59.90…crazy. Belts from RM3.90 – 5.90.
Overall…not bad laa for the sake of the prices they offer.
Just go…go for the formal jackets I say.

Erin says:

I’m planning to go tomorrow. Can anyone give me feedback on whether it’s still worth going since its so late into the sale already? Cos I’m coming from Serdang… Thanks ya

cherry says:

hi can i have the map to nichii. pls email to sns thks

just me says:

Thanks alin! would really appreciate that! :)

babynadia says:


sapa2 yg berminat nak barang VS leh oder ngan i email me

Cammy says:

alin: thanks,hope to get ur updates,wanna make sure b4 i go there again…

alin says:

no prob… i’ll share the info

Cammy says:

those who went to Nichii sale these few days,can giv any comment?
any new stocks?

beez says:

alin, tq 4 the info… dont 4 get k

alin says:

hi just me,

i guess it’s over according to the stated date. but dont worry cz they r having this skiva whse sale quite regularly. it’s near 2 my place. normally they’ll put up buntings by the roadside like 1 week b4 the date. its really worth it… i’ll share the if i came across the nx sale

just me says:

hi.. does anyone know if the skiva wh sale is still on or over now…? if it’s still on… till when? does skiva have a contact no?
Hope to get some answers.. thanks!

ain says:

finas, can i have the map to nichii too? my email thanks

sh says:

I went nichi too, but almost all the things no size and old stock, have a lot also dirty & small hole, must check. i nothing to buy from that.

Alice says:

can i have the map to nichii as well…


lily says:

finas, I need the map too, please.

Thank you.

sya says:

finas can i have the map to nichii too?
this is my email
thanks :D

da3xiah says:

Went today. Bought 2 tops and a jacket for RM39.70 only. Good bargain. I was a little disappointed because the dresses were either too small (XS, S) or too big (XXL, XXXL… you get the drift). So, went home with no dresses :(

juni says:

The type of cloth actually differs. They keep on adding stocks, and they r not the same. The cloth that I bought is different ( I went on Sunday ) from my cuz ,who when yesterday.
Dont worry,it ends 25 jan. Plenty of time.

alin says:
this is so woww…!!!

thx finas

finas says:

alin give me yr e-mail add.

u says:

not many office wear ah for nichii? dresses? pls advise thanks

SS says:

I need the location for Nichi as well, pls forward it to me at
Thanks a million :)

alin says:

how to go 2 nichii???

finas help me…

PC says:

wat time the nichii w/house sale start?

beez says:

syaz… is there still lot 2 choose…. n how about colurs

syaz says:

the g-string’s quite nice..satin cloth with coloured lacy patterns..pantyhose didn’t see any..dunno if they had or not..

beez says:

syaz… is it nice the g string… n r they selling pantyhose

syaz says:

skiva warehouse sale very very worth it..bra 2 for rm5 (many sizes available)..lingerie the lacy kinda 1 for rm15..panty g-strings, lacy rm1 each..quite cheap and designs not too bad for the price..

sania says:

damn cheap……..U gals have to pandai cari….ada yang dah koyak2 …make sure u ol check sebelum byr

zara says:

pegi to skiva warehouse.. sgt puas hati
harap next time ade lagi
my mom and myself borong habis..

juni says:

Yup , not that much same designs.
But its very cheap lor.
You really have to search, then u’ll find some good pieces.
Bought 5 items for Rm99.50 , all rm19.90 per piece.
The original price of the items i bought is from rm79-rm129.
Worth it.

nurul says:

hai..plz give me also the map to go to the nichi warehouse sale..
tq so much

mei says:

just back from the nichii sales..
today they had not much choices..
not as good as wat the comment listed here..

lala says:

Can i have the map also please? My email Thanks!

najwa says:

thanx finas, got the map… hehe

shila says:

hana.. i just saw GMI signboard near ktm ukm. GMI near to UKM ke? can u give the direction to nichii sale?..

mei says:

thanks finas… :-)

mei says:

finas, can u email to me the plan on how to go to the nichii sales as well?
my maill ad is
hope to get ur reply by today.

hana says:

ofis wear xbyk..operation hour 10am to 7pm..until 23 january..not many choice for pants but its really2 cheap 9.90 each…jeans for men aaa llloottt(size 32 and above)=rm15.90

ECEC says:

Nichi- what is the operation hour?
Do they have it All year long?
Do they have many choice on pants

najwa says:

wah, i nak pegi gak nichi sale. byk x ofis wear? anyone can give me the map how to get there? my email

hana says:

today i pegi nichi sale..price from 3.90-19.90..dress mostly 19.90..others 9.90 and below.i grab 5 clothes that cost me 49.60…ssooooo cchheeeaaappp..
i asked d staf there..they will masuk stok baru most of d day..maybe once in 2,3 day..
nichi sale is behind GMI taman shamelin(german malaysian institute(orange building))-dkt dgn pandan jaya..

Ely says:

I hope they’ll still be a few good items at skiva and nichi… intend to go tomorrow…

finas… could u also pass the plan to me on how to get to the nichii WH sale, please? my email is
Is it by any chance the new HQ..?

Thnx SO MUCH in advance…!

finas says:

ania , pls give me yr e-mail add . i will e-mail you the plan how to go there . Luckily they give me the plan this morning .

ania says:

is there any map to niichi warehouse sale. finas / willie can u explain how to go there?i tak familiar sangat pasal jalan2 di cheras……
wanted to go tomorow…

finas says:

mama aisy , corset ada . tp x byk . tak tau la klu hr ni keluar stok baru . harga tak perasan la plk . sorry . td gi TESCO Ampang pun ada sales bra , corset dll jgk . not bad . pastu tu kul 10.00 I gi Nichii sementara tggu my son habis training kat sekolah , grab satu baju harga asal RM119.90 after sale jd RM19.90 . suka sgt!

C@mmy says:

after we finished shopping at Nichii,we went to Skiva warehouse sales,well,there i can say ok lor,i bought almost 6bras,RM10 per piece,some even RM5 for 2 pieces….not much choices thou but worth seeing lor…

C@mmy says:

woot….just reach home…went to Nichii Warehouse Sales (2times today!)
me and my bf’s mother bought almost 30pieces of clothes which cost us around RM300++.memang berbaloi….their dinner dress only RM9.90 per piece,rugi tak beli…got air-cond,luckily went there today,not so crowded,but they say tomorrow got lotsa new clothes,so those who plan to go tomorrow,must go early ya…..

mama aisy says:

finas, kat c2 ada jual corset x?ala cam advertise dia warna grey@brown…i nak bli?rge tau x?tq

u says:

nasha, ur average per piece is only rm9! so cheap ah? how much are those working long sleeve shirts and dresses? ps advise. thanks!

finas says:

baru balik dr tempat sales . ramai yg dtg bawa husband . so should be ok la sesiapa nak bawa bf.

i beli baju tidur 4 helai , sepasang RM10 semlm RM15 . Jeans – RM10 , seluar linen- RM15 , bra for my mum 2 – RM16 , panties for my daugther 2 org – rm10 , panties utk I, 4helai (cantik-cantik) – RM8 . habis td RM101.00

mmg puas hati.

willie says:

napa tkde nichi punya advert dlm sns ni?? crowded tk warehouse tu??i plan nk gi sunday,advisable tk pg with kids…tkde sapa nk jaga dorang,tpksa angkut!

kjkhoo says:

i am interested to know if guys are allowed in. i plan to go and i am a guy.

finas says:

ashley , if guys not allow to enter , he can minum ‘teh tarik’ dekat kedai mamak while waiting you .

Ashley says:

can i bring my bf along?? to the Skiva warehouse??
I going soon…but need to know whether they allow guys go in or not

finas says:

cakoi , nichi fashion tutup kul 7.00 pm . sales until 23 Jan 2009 . tempat berhawa dingin , tak perlu risau panas .he..he..he..

C@mmy says:

Fizlynn: ya,it’s correct,i stay at PJ….saw alot of warehouse sales going on but all very far,now looking for map on how to go to Nichii Warehouse Sales….

Fizlynn says:

Cammy, if you stay around Pandan, Ampang or Cheras, it will be near, otherwise it is kind of far actually.

C@mmy says:

Skiva warehouse sales really good bargain?
I wanted to go but it seems too far…

C@mmy says:

hi all,saw u all comment about Nichii Warehouse sales,when did it start?
I really wanna go..

Fizlynn says:

I went to Skiva warehouse yesterday, really good bargain :

Bra – RM 3 to RM15
Pantise / Thong – RM1, RM2 AND RM5 depending on design, but mostly the thong were nice and only RM1
Nigh Gown – RM15

They also have Bra set with pantise only RM10 and it is satin. Lots of bras are in size 32 and 34, 36 and 38 are limited but still a lot. Cloth also available as low as RM5 only.

No long que, not crowded, maybe lots of people didn’t know yet. Credit card only can be use when you purchase above RM60. There were sales girls helping you to find your size.

nasha says:

Dont worry Willie this one not like padini sales or voir… u can try anywear u can and the clothes with hanger…..

willie says:

Warehouse Nichi tu yang, ada changing room ker or dia main lambak jer other warehouse,puas kita mengais..huhuhu! kalu dia hangging baju mcm kat butik Nichi tu memang menarik gak…..wanna go this sunday!!

Cakoi says:

pukul berapa NIchi Fashion ni tutup?

syaz says:

yea anyone went for this skiva sale pls update..thanks..

beez says:

anybody when there pls update? need more info

finas says:

i br gi semlm Nichi Fashion . mmg murah . Price range frm RM3.90 – RM50 and above . mmg worth it bg kawan-kawan yg kerja ofis shopping kat situ . byk baju utk org bekerja .

Jazz , klu u ambil LRT jln jauh sikit la … klu u tau jln pintas than ok . I nasihatkan u , ambil teksi . Nichi Fashion sebelah ngan German Malaysia Institut (GMI) .

sy says:

hey., i tot the shamelin there is housing area?

Jazz says:


The warehouse sales at Nichi Fashion just started is it?
Any idea how to get there? Can I use LRT to get there?


nasha says:

Warehouse sales at Nichi Fashion at No.1 Jln 8/91, Tmn Shamelin Perkasa.
Very Cheap and Very Worth it. I bought 9 Pcs ( 2 Skirt,1 Corset,2 Blose,2 Dress,1 pants and shirt ) Total RM 68.00

simpanis says:

zeti, u should go to Babyjaya in uptown or ampang.
I just bought few maternity bra from their place which i couldn’t get from
anywhere else. for me the price quite ok coz all below RM50 & only get 10% disc**offer till 11 jan.

honey_bee says:

waahhh..this is great…
very near to my house…
gonna bring my mum to check if its worth to go…

bibi says:

skiva have a comfortable panties. bought it when i do window shopping. cant go home with empty hand so panties pun ok la

zeti says:

will they have any maternity bras or panties there?

Ely says:

yea.. could anyone offer any more details and comments on this event and brand..? it’s actually my first time of hearing Skiva…
hope to get some opinions and helpful info!

syaz says:

anybody want to update.
coz not much detail they give.
and the promotion not so clear…
how many % offered…

Mamasyira says:

so jauh lah…..:(