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26 to 28 March 2009

Mattel Warehouse Clearance

[SNS : Check out the previous Mattel Warehouse Sale - Mar08]


Brands / Toys Offered



Fisher Price


Mattel Games

Sesame Street




Time : 10am to 7pm



2nd Floor Block A

The Atria Shopping Centre

Jalan SS 22/23

Damansara Jaya

Petaling Jaya





Az says:

Mama Amirah I’m interested, email me at Tq.

Others too who wish to let go toys, email me at

me-ana says:

anyone one who want to let go the FP laptop please email me at went there on Thursday afternoon but did not get it..

minly says:

Got someone tell me that what title of barbie that selling there? I’m barbie collector

sal1506 says:

mama amirah or other who wish to let go toys, email me at with price. tq

p3if3n says:

hi khor…im interested on ur sesame medical set…..wanna buy for my daughter……..wat the price tq my email

chempaks says:

Sit & stand giraffe..RM179.90 (littlewhiz)…i just checked!so its worth it to buy at the mattel sale…

not forgotten..ampang point mom’s care sale also have fp toys on sale…
jumperoo rm460(retail price rm699.90)..they have fp hop & pop as well as fp swing!!

ujicka says:

Mama amirah, email me at

mama amirah says:

i MIGHT have few FP items to let go. but am not finalized yet which items to let go, will wait for hubby to return home, then only we’ll decide which one to keep and which one to let go. But then again, if we’re that ‘tamak’, we’ll keep them all.. hehehe. But just in case, please leave your email here, and I’ll email you if there’s any items that I’d like to let go. It just that I bought so many, that hubby already lecturing me on the phone, and I promised to let go some.. huhuhuh

Sam says:

the sit n stand giraffe price is RM115.90 (after discount at parkson during member’s day).

luvliz says:

Just came back fm the they hv a lot of FP Sit-To-Stand Giraffe, selling RM80. Reached there 10am, this is the only thing left for FP, so i just grab this for myself.
I think normal price is selling RM160. Other FP toys adi sapu habis by ppl lo…
I think the stock they replenish most on the Giraffe, others not much lo.
Still got many Hot Wheels and Barbie toys, selling RM10-25 each if u guys want this 2 still got chance to go there n grab.
Today the crowd is not too bad, but the Q is really super long lo…..

ujicka says:

Anyone hv swing to let go? email me

Sam says:

is the FP stock same as thursday stock? did any1 see the bounce n spin zebra today?

mama hannah says:

Hi Khor, i did email u for some queries about the items that u wanna let go as per ur msg above. waiting for your reply…

Hi Lee
For Flutterbye dreams bouncer, outside u can get $299.90 and the cheapest price I saw was $194 somewhere (i forgot the place). I think the price offered by that lady is still cheaper than outside. Trust me. I got one from Mattel sale on thursday and feel very very worth it. ^_^

Mama Rayyan says:


Just came back from WHSale Mattle….. I think what people said that FP product will not have is UNTRUEEEEEE…. i managed to grad 4 pcs items and pay only RM205nett. Very good bargain…

I will upload picture of the madness people chasing when the atria door is open… but it was fun… and I must say MALAYSIA people are very nice… they don’t push other people to get in…..

Just wait for my blog to up this evening…. now i’m teman my auntie pulak to the warehouse sale…


Jude says:

Errr, sorry, the e-mail is

Jude says:

Got Flutter&Chime bouncer FP for sale @ 180.00. Any want, pls e-mail

Lee says:

`Flutterbye dreams bouncer @ sale RM120.00. Lady outside grab 5 pcs. Ask me want to buy @ RM180.00 or not. Gave me e-mail also to contact. I’m a 1st time daddy & need a bouncer for 1 mth+ girl. Should I?? Dun know the retail price though. Anyone can shed some light?

hauler says:

Just came back, so much restocks. Shouldn’t have crowded on 1st day, but anyway this time, managed to get more big items, and cheaper too ! Wow. Will bring more members back later in the day.

Last minute says:

Just came back, a wonderful and fruitful sale. Bought so many big big items eg. barbie sets, matchbox sets, sesame, barney, dinosaurs, board games, etc.. Car is full. Will go back for 2nd round.

khor says:


im planning to let go a few items here.
anyone interested , do email me at

- FP sit and stand giraffe
- Singing elmo loves you
- Sesame street Medical set
- Elmo talking cellphone

All suitable for toddlers from 12m-36month

Last minute says:

It pays to be last minute. Just came back. Lots of FP and Mattel stuff, but I bought a few for presents only. Lots of big bulky items including sets. Worth going. Dunno why some say useless trip. May go again in afternoon

Bobblegum says:

Sorry i meant 109-7LF and 187-7LF!

Bobblegum says:

Hi hubby is there now, got alot of sesame street items for FP but beware cuz mattel recalled some sesame st items in 2007 due to lead poisoning made in China. Manufacturing code 107-7LF and 187-7LF.
Hope it helps.. :-)

MAT says:

Gal….If you are specifically only looking for huge FP toys then those are by far lesser compared than what was available on Friday. FP makes other baby toys too so those are the stuff that would be available.

nano says:

hehehe…try jelah….
takde kita beli barbie jelah…bagi hadiah kat org….sedih semalam gi tak dpt apa2…
mintak2 hari ni ada lelong barbie…

ujicka says:

Can i ask for a favour from anyone going for the sale today? I need a swing for my 3 mths old bb. Thought of going since the first day tp no one to look after my bb plus gaji tak masuk lg ari tu so, if ade swing esok can pls buy for me dulu tak if the price is below rm 300? My email n my contact is 0162174744. can call me first kalau tak sure if i m genuine. Tq

Moshi says:

they r replenishing stock. So? cmne? nak g x esok?

ujicka says:

Hi all. If ade anyone wants to let go FP swing pls3x email meat

aw says:

What the price for barbie, hot whell , batman ?

secrethelper says:

Quick Post. I’m not supposed to post this.
But sad to see people travel all the way for nothing.

Last container coming in tonight. Way less than Thursday.
FP toys only small ones. No big ones.
Very few only.

If you coming for FP only, then don’t waste time/money coming.
If barbie, batman, speedracer or hot wheels/matchbox, still ok.

Try to come early next year.
Take care and have good weekend all.

Gal says:

Mat..are you sure because I just came back from the sale and I spoke to an indian lady there who is the organiser. She told that there would be very few FP products and it is mainly those which are the small items and not the big ones.

MAT says:


For those who are reading this, the organizers are currently replenishing for tomorrow and I have been told that there will be lots of FP toys up for grabs in order not to disappoint those wanting to buy.

So get yourself ready and maybe go for an early breakfast before heading towards Atria.

Have fun!

mamasinchan says:

hi,ader sesiapa beli lebih fp punyer toys..please email me at
p/s:with the price also..tq

nzz22 says:

Anyone got elmo or barney products to let go? Please email me at Thanks.

sad_gal says:

oh forgot to say.
most of these were from overseas (china etc). dats why so many good deals on thusday.

the container (if they bringz in) for tmrw (stll thinking hor) is from local.
so deals not so good. fp toyz sikit or mebbe dun haf.

barbies, winx, batman, speedracer adak lar.
parking pun agak susah.

some ppl queue upz 2-3 hrs to pay on thursday.
the poor staff (my fren also) want to pengsan man.

sad_gal says:

lucky is not telling da truth.
there is no more fp toyz today, unless u count da barneyz dollz dat no wan wants.

my fren who werkz in the company holding this sale sez dat tmrw will haf new stockz but not so much like thusdayz.
however, fp will be a bit or mebbe not at all. the stock mostly out on thursday liao.

i dropped by just now to see muh fren. not many shopperz or toyz left. definitely no fp lor.

unless u wanna get the leftover barbies, not really much point going tmrw.
also on thurs veli mad rush.
today also tho not az much az thursday.

most rush in for nothing oso today.
if u havent been on thurs and fri then go tmrw. dont harap the fp tho.

first day is best.. towards end, not so good.
first day is 5 containers.
tmrw? mebbe half.

haf fun ler

wansteddy says:

smlm sy pegi waktu ptg. mmg dh bnyk stok habis. kalau ada pn dorg simpan utk hrni. stok FP awal2 dh habis. yg ada pn mainan yg xbrapa nak besh. stok barbie bnyk pilihan n murah2. kalau nk stok baru kena mntk kat staff. dpt gak la bawak balik kereta menan ‘cars’ yg besh.

siap ada yg booking menan FP bnyk2 letak sblh. sy tnya gak kat staff ada lagi x stok. dia kata kalau nk stok camtu kena dtg esok (harini).

ps: dh taw cenggini situasinya. ada warehouse mattel len kali, wajib turun awal pagi har pertama. kalau tak, jadi la cam kitorg, xdpt bwk balik produk2 FP yg besh2.

motherly says:

I was there yesterday morning. I saw the mad rush. I bought a few stuff for my boys. Matchbox, batman, tribon board game, etc. I queued for about 2 hours. In between, I saw people buying boxes and boxes of toys. Most of them buy to sell. I think it isn’t fair. I think Mattel should have a maximum quota. Like below 500/person. What I hate the most is that those who knew they were going to pay by card queued at CASH only. Arrghh! So annoying!!

Organizers says:

It was refreshing reading all the different kinds of comments from all of you. Thank you for all the great and no so great comments. The organizers strive to do their best each time however what we cannot control or change are the people.
Sorry for those who didn’t go away with a pleasant experience and happy for those who saved money.

Firstly, the organizers do not discriminate buyers though if you have had experience we are sorry. Having said that we take in the different views that you all have provided however as we do not discriminate buyers hence we get people from all walks of life buying things. There’s just no way to please everyone.
Great news! If all goes well, more stocks would be coming tonight for the big finale on Saturday. However, please be warned that it would not be as much as what you saw on Thursday and toys maybe different. Don’t ask whether there would be lots of FP toys as there will never be enough for all.
Have fun on Saturday from 10am to around 7pm or earlier as long there are still things to sell.

AP says:

How much do the Batman figurines cost?

jen says:

woww lucky, ur soo lucky…hope to hv some of ur luck 2mrw mrng ;D

DM says:

I have been there yesterday after work and the place is quite…a lot of empty boxes and mothing much left of the FP items. I was looking for FP items for my baby and was quite dissapointed.

jen says:

hi angah, thanxs for your update, appreciate it, wont be going then …will join the battle tomorrow mrng instead…, my sis in law went this mrng but alot FP stuff takde, only small barbies n hot wheels…

hungrymama says:

hei Lucky….are you sure you manage to get FP products today??? but…Nina says there’s nothing left. so…which is true???

Consumer says:

Hi Lucky,

You managed to get fisher price products today? There is still fisher price products today?

Nina says:

Went today during lunch time. Nothing much left except for Barbie Dolls, Matchbox Toys and some Batman figurines/cars (small ones)

Mash says:

Hi Eed,
actually all are for my bb and sister’s bb.
If ada yg my sister xnak, u r the 1st person i email kay…
but u try tanya org lain dulu k…

niza says:

anyone to let go FP @ Barbie psl emel to me

angah says:

hi jen.. me & my hubby reach there abt 4.30pm yesterday… a lot of things already cleared. not many choice left. checked with the staff, they said today, they will put the left over things. if everything clear by today, no sales on Saturday.. not sure its true or not..

p/s: saw @ 1 corner, 2-3 women “jaga” all their FP barang2.. i think it cost more than RM3K.. maybe they bought it for re-sale.. i dunno.. ;)

Lucky says:

Was there just now. Wah … seems they release new stocks every hour or so …. my luck gave me some FP stuff, big ones…. barbie big sets, elmo stuff, big toy car sets, etc.. Spent RM900+…. wooohoo. Evening supposedly even more

Consumer says:

Dear sns,

Would you like to help us clarify with Mattel whether there would be any stocks (stocks like first day of warehouse sale) for fisher price products available on this saturday? This is because some of us here are going on saturday, if there is no more stocks for fisher price, then we no need to waste our time to drive there and to avoid our disappointment.

Thanks sns…

jimmypai says:

Hi all,

i hav 2 FP items that i may consider to let go if the price is right :
1) FP Bop’n Beats Drum Set
2) FP Baby’s First Baseball Set

pls email me at

Consumer says:

Anyone went to the warehouse sales tis morning? Is there still any FP products available? Thought to go on saturday, but afraid go there will jst get disappointment..cause i am looking FP products only….anyone who go later can help me to clarify with the staff there? Many thanks…..

apple says:

Hi pls email to me the FP product that you all intend to sale.I’m working not able to go :(

Julz says:

Hi All,

Those who managed to go & got some extra stuffs to let go, can u please email me at
I am unable to go this year due to morning sickness.
Items tht I am interested in are toys for my 12 months old girl.

Thanx a lot in advance!

cmr says:


i wish to buy your FP doctor set, please contact me 018-3547787 or email me
hope to hear from you soon

Fancy says:

hi mel….im interested the fp medical kit…i wan to buy for my 3 years old daughter…how much can u sell to me?? tq my email

cathy says:


I very interested to but yr 2 FP product. i am pregnant now vant go atria to q for goods. i can pay you more and i stay in klang valley then i can collect myself from you
(a) FP Ocean wonders
(b) FP Bop’n Beats Drum set

please email me (012-2012444)

Bravo says:

Was there around 11.15 am. Parking was a bitch! I was having late b’fast with my friend & decided to drop by the sale & was shocked to see the chaotic scene. The que was long. Toys scattered & a lot of greedy people especially the scalpers,the guys who are there to borong, obvious with the same sets of toys that they bought. I despise them! And some queing & blocking with their massive amount of toys filled boxes. Me & my friend thot of getting a few toys for some of our nephews & friend’s children’s coming b’days but then changed my mind when I saw the kiasu,hot & the long winding que. I knew it wasn’t worth it to que just to buy like 2-4 toys. And I had work to do. I was in there for like 7 minutes or so. And the worst thing to happen, whilst I went back to my car. i found out I got saman from MPPJ. And the saman was just 1 & a half minutes ago. My bad luck, dahlah tak dpt beli the toys & lose money some more..

Angela says:

Hi, so sad that i cant go.. Anyone wana let go their FP toys?

ell says:

hi interested with baby much u want 2 sell it??email me

CC says:

Anything left for the Mattel warehse sales??

Mel says:

Hi Gal, pls email me at have other items too.

Eed says:

Hi Mash,

Ada tak yr items nak sell off? I could not get anything there yesterday for my 3 months old baby & the que was insanely too long. Mgt should do something bout the payment area.

Anyone who wants to sell off FP items for below 18 months, please email me at

p/s : is today any worse?

pwincess says:

hey all,

i have NEW (still in boxEs) Hasbro toys to let go:
- Baby Alive
- My Little Pony Rainbow Wishes Amusement Park

And also Snow White Princess Glitter Doll!

If you are serious and interested to buy, pls email me at

OSS says:

Ai yah, I checked with the staff, yesterday was 5 trailer loads. Tommorrow, Saturday, will have more stocks.

No doubt, the prices are low, I think there will be more chances for this sort of sales. With recessions in overseas, even toy companies in China go bankcrupt.

sal1506 says:

anyone want to let go bouncer or playmat, can email me the price at


Irony says:

And to think economy is bad, recession everywhere. When sale comes, $$$$ plenty. Spend RM1000 to save RM1000…. Malaysia boleh.

sebi says:

Hi Mel, and everyone.

Pls email me yr EXTRA item of Fisher Price for sale at as i keen to buy for my 1 1/2 yr old baby. than

gal says:

mel, how much u want to sell?

Mel says:

Hey guys, any1 interested in FP medical set?

zack says:

this time “lagi extra extra teruk”compare from to last sale….ramai expatriate (indon)every corner semua org dia.
one of maniac mattel sampai naik atas meja (pompuan lak tu).
my fren n me mmg kaki shopping n kaki rebut for mattel sale.last time we spend ard RM3K.but…this time we spend RM30 je coz ramai org dah naik “hantu”.

mummyIMAN says:


am really really interested to but both of your items.

kindly email me the details ya. my email is


Mash says:

Hi all,
went yesterday…
Habis almost 1k.
managed to grab lots of fp stuff…
lots of jumping, crawling, pushing and begging involved!!!
I borong bouncer, swing, playmat, toys etc…
bila compare dgn price kat luar, save bout rm700!!!
so Mattel, plis do it more often….

constantine says:

can anyone upload some of the pictures there? I never been to there and wanted to know how badly the fight for toys there..thanks for the effort

pringgadhani says:


pls email me also :)

my email


marsha says:

NO WONDER ATRIA WAS LIKE SUPER PACKED NO PARKING AND ALL THAT LAH!!! Wanted to go buy vege in Giant oso kenot find space….at last give up. But never figured out why sleepytown Atria so packed!

ceres says:

let us be fair and not judge the way people spend their hard earned money. there are those who sacrifice their time and exert effort to be there early to get the stuff they want. everyone wants something so if they buy a few or a lot let us respect their decision and not gripe or be envious if they got something that you did not. i for one am very happy to be able to buy a lot of toys for a few hundred bucks rather than spend the money for just two toys when you buy in the big stores. please stop lambasting other people. we should be more concerned about those who shoves and hurts others shopping at the warehouse. pleae refrain from being rude to fellow shoppers.

ladies@smwhere says:

hi to all indo mum in KL,please coment…why some people in KL always think bad about our people,we are all profesional,thats why we are here,your country need us… is for everybody,just stop being jealous and mad about us……huh!!!!we are not domestic helper anyway,this typical thought about every indonesian stay in other country means maid,huh,you are wrong,open your eyes people!!!!!

ell says:

i went there at 9.00…dah mcm rat race plak rasa…but its fun…hahahhaha..

a_chit says:

qeem & kira_wang, pls chk ur email.

JK, please let me have ur email address.

mama_aisy says:

plz update fp product 4 2dy..

mama_aisy says:

sape p hr ni tlg updte brg fp.thz

jen says:

Did anyone arrive thr in evening around 4.30pm? Plan to go thr later arnd that time…appreciate to knw if its worth going by then…or will i just see empty boxes??

madness says:

Yesterday was great, with a few xception..
1. HOT! – place need to put fans! there may not be any power point but pls put in some FANS! next time.
2. Queue Time – amount of ppl is unexpected, but 2hr queue is ridiculous. Organizer need 2 do something.
3. Bulk purchases – Something need to be done but not all product will need to limit to customers. Maybe buyer need to pay the item (2-3 of the same thing) before getting more, so that other will have chances to buy them. Staff need to be alert, do not gave the same thing to the same ppl if a certain item is limited.

Glad to be there yesterday, get to see the same madness again, this time even more furious. Saw lot of ppl taking video shot, hope they get it upload.

Was at the boys sections (figures and cars), selection was very good in the morning, lots of stuff and some are still new at retail or not at retail. Guess its overseas stock they mentioned. Manage to get some toys but then see the queue so long, what the!? Ohh well, life goes on.

keretakebal says:

Here goes….Arrive there at 9.30am went back at 3.30pm…Queued up like everyone else before they lift up the shutters. I could see alot of foreigners (Indons & Philippinoes). Was astonised by that fact as well.

When the shutters were raised everyone (rebut2) like mad regardless of age, gender, race or any of that sort. I was shock as always that the ones who often does the pushing and shoving are the women, some mothers, the indonesian maids etc. Plz don’t get me wrong, as I don’t mean anything bad by it, because I’m stating what I experienced. There were also a handful of scalpers/toy shop owners hogging the tables where they piled up batman and stuff eventhough they already have two sets of the figures. Damn tamak.

It’s funny, me being a big guy refuse to push anyone moreover any ladies, but these mean people are really2 kiasu and vicious. Therefore I had no choice to be like a kereta kebal and just push through among these people who never saw toys before.

I managed to grab items for my own personal collection which includes several batman, superman and other DC stuff. It was a glorious haul for me as I managed to get some rare and cheap stuff of course.

The staff were mostly pissed off at customers as they tend to push the tables and kinda break the barricade. If I’m at their place surrounded by hungry and angry customers I’d go nuts as well. But if compared to last year’s Warehouse massacre, this year is not too bad. Still well organized despite some chaotic moments.

I lined up for 3 hours just to get my stuff, Eventhough sakit kaki it was worth it.

yus says:

this time fp stuff mmg byk banding last year..n sape yg kata nk letak kat youtube tu buley letak link dia kat sini ye..ada a few scenes yg sgt terrible for me..a few times org berebut mainan fp sampai meja roboh..then the guys with huge hands from behind push to get the toys..then ada lagi yg ‘agaknya’ tak sabar just go inside an grab a box of fp toys..(ni semua citer kat fp punya side)
then..that ‘famous’ group of indon yg kaya2 yg every single toys depa ada amik..berpuluh kotak rasanya..
then masa que tu 2 lines end up jadi 1 so kene la beralah – silih ganti tp ada jugak yg tak puas hati tu..padahal sama je masing2 pun panas..masing2 pun que 2 gaduh jgk :D

Janet says:

I have a spare Flutter and Chime Bouncer for sale. Anyone interested?? Can email me at

aesha says:

i hope management should take the matter seriously
Regarding people who buy in bulk (obviously they want to resale / for business purposes), i suggest if possible limited the items for each customer.
yes i am aware, “early bird catches the best worm” but…when dealing with case like this definitely its not fair for other.
Even when we have promotion at hypermarket or even Estee Lauder warehouse sale, they also do limit the number of item that can be purchased by same customer

edr says:

i agree with you a individual buyer we only managed to get a few things…and we cant even checked the product or model because if we not take it somebody will grab it and when comes to the cashier the best part is alot of product was just leave it behind and it was unfair for the people who want to buy it but cannot get..hope next year they will more organise this sales for comfortable for the buyer and please not let the agent come in..

shasha says:


i agree with u.I went this morning and its horible. I left and didn’t get anything cause its so chaotic. Everybody buy like there is no tommorrow. I suggest the organiser should limit it to 2 item for the same product or they should mark it on the box “Not for resale”

pys says:

I think the most unfair is for those people who are buying obviously for business. They are hogging all the toys by the boxes & like edr said, blocked the way by standing there with huge ‘loot’. The rest of us can just look and envy.

Anyway, can’t seem to think of a solution for stopping people from buying for business.

edr says:

so many que as early as 9am…after the
door was open at 10 all crush to the store.ive seen so many agent buying so many same thing and its not fair for the individual because these people was lika kiasu..grab all in the box.somemore block all the space to move in or out.the best part when que for the cashier almost take 2 hours..

hanny says:

ade x,Fisher-Price: Baby Playzone Stride-to-Ride Walker?tlg la nk tahu..i nak beli..

hanny says:

mama_aisy..erm murah la brg2 fp?selain dr 2,ape ygade?

mama_aisy says:

i smp w/sle ni dlm 12.00tghri.dpt ar jugak 2 brg fp rm45(bop n beats drum set) & rm25(crawl along musical ball).tp beratur pnye xngat smp 2 jm.kaunter cash xbyk pn.hrp thn dpn buat kt tmpt yg besr kit cm stdium mlwti sh alm.

Az says:

I’M interested to buy PF Bop’n Beats Drum set and Ocean Wonder..Please email me at TQ

Fancy says:

manage to get barbie only….but the price for barbie not as cheap as previous sale..but cant get any fb becoz im late…hhuhuhuh…wat to do ..tis year im pregnant…cannot berebut-rebut oledi..somemore lazy to que up…i bring my sis there to help me ler…any1 wanna sell big set barbie or fp plz email wanna buy big set barbie for my 3 years old daughter..only grab the normal wan just now….tq

mat says:

Hey! Response has been overwhelming today hence many of you had to queue long to pay. The organizers anticipated many people would come but didn’t except so many people to take leave. Hence many of you may have left disappointed as you could get your favorite toys.

I have been informed that limited stocks would be available tomorrow however fresh stocks would be available for sale on Saturday. However the fresh stocks would not be as much as what is there today.

jess says:

value for money toys esp FP products. Toys are brand new also. Only manage to buy a few. Not easy to grab as it was so crowded. Some ppl were inconsiderate, Took many of the same kind and not willing to let go for others eventhough not buying all.