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9 to 10 April 2009

Mr Baoz Opening Promo at 1Utama

Get a FREE Box of Mr Baoz!


FREE Mr Baoz For the first 190 Customers with the Cut Out (below flyer)

Valid for 9 & 10 April only

LImited to 1 Box per customer per cut out


Products Offered

Chicken Sate Baoz

Tri-Star Squid Roll

Chocolate Diamond Roll

Winter Romance

Vienna Cheese Baoz




Lot LG 312C LG Floor Oval

1 Utama Shopping Centre

(Opposite Cold Storage)






lizzygee says:

Might join the queue if a printout of the flyer here is allowed since i need to go there.The ‘box’ printed on the coupon is like a cardbox paper bag which might fit a few boaz. It doesn’t look like the box of 12 picture on the main leaflet. How nice it they gave 12..geeeeee :-D

May says:

do you need to present the original flyer to redeem the free items? or the print out from the website suffice?


tutu says:

dont think is halal lol

lala says:

i browse to their website, it is halal.
not sure about time opening, 11am? hehehe

widuri says:

is it halal?
what time of opening?