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14 to 18 May 2009

Big Bad Wolf Books Sale

From RM5 to RM20 only


Big Bad Wolf Books will bring you the latest in every genre in the book industry at the lowest prices possible.

Big Bad Wolf Books will be holding its inaugural book sale, The Big Bad Book Sale and it’s gonna be something you don’t want to miss! All books will be between RM5 and RM20 only!

Check out the Flyer1 below to see a selection of books available at The Big Bad Book Sale and their unbelievably low prices!

Big Bad Wolf Books is brought to you by the people behind BookXcess as we truly believe in helping people read more for less. So come along to the sale and tell your friends about it too.

Here’s to making BBW Big Bad Wolf Books a truly big, ‘bad’ player in the books industry and enabling them to not only bite chunks off the prices of books but also to bring you the latest bestsellers!

Come along with your family and friends to The Big Bad Book Sale this weekend. A free, limited edition bookmark will be yours with any purchase at the sale, while stock lasts!


Time : 10am to 9pm




2nd Floor

Dataran Hamodal Block A

Jalan Bersatu 13/4

Section 13

Petaling Jaya


Malaysia is down at the time of this post,

Check their Facebook Event or Star writeup











Right after study a few of the blog posts on your site now, and I genuinely like your way of blogging. I bookmarked it to my bookmark site list and will probably be checking back soon. Pls take a look at my web site too and let me know what you feel.

Siti says:

i hope you don’t mind if i borrow your first image of the big bad wolf for my blogpost. i’ve included the credit and link to your blog.

inkheart has great graphics but the story is not that very impressive ;;~

Branlau says:

For cheap books, try It offers sophie kinsella, cecelia ahern, james patterson, anthony bourdain, curtis stone, etc at very affordable prices!!

AP says:

I went again for the last day and found some more interesting books to buy. For the review of the last day, click my name or go to

blossom says:

hi ramesh, i agree with you that i was hesitate to go and i ignored this sale but thanks for all the comments i see in SNS otherwise i won’t have visited this place and bought books.

ramesh says:

i was apprehensive to visit this fair, Bad Wolf is unknown name, probably inaugural sales and i hate wolves but boy i got it all wrong!! This is the best ever greatest ever book sales i’ve ever been in 35 years.

Got all below books at RM8
Asterix the Gaul full colour glossy book
4 Deepak Chopra books including a bestseller
Who moved my cheese
Napolean hill – think and grow rich (as a gift)
scott adams – dilber -way of weasel

two coffetable books at RM 10 and Rm20 each

Loads of thick imported travel magz at Rm3 each

ramesh says:

i was apprehensive to visit this fair, Bad Wolf is unknown name, probably inaugural sales and its a bad name…but boy i got it all wrong!! This is the best ever greatest ever book sales i’ve ever been in 35 years.

Got all below books at RM8
Asterix the Gaul full colour glossy book
4 Deepak Chopra books including a bestseller
Who moved my cheese
Napolean hill – think and grow rich @RM8 (as a gift)
two coffetable books at RM

hello says:

thanks sharlyn. i will try to spread news to friends to look out for their next warehouse sale, guess we could as much as possible ignore mph’s warehouse sale.

el says:

Yeah, I was told by one of the staff that they may have another one in 6 mths time maybe. Sounds good to me! Am kicking myself over buying some books new (RM30+! Argh!) when they were selling it here at RM8. Very very sore about it. But that’s life.

I had a nice experience at this book sale. Very good book sale, if you’re into novels like me! At least there was air-con (not like the Cresent News one, which was not too bad but which had only fans, very hot). I don’t know about other people, but when I am comfortable I spend more time there (and end up buying more books…) Although there were not many baskets, there were lots of boxes and even some huge plastic bags which you could sling on your shoulder. The staff were friendly and helpful – one nice boy carried my box of books to the public car park for me! So nice… and I am now so broke. If they maintain the price, am definitely going for the next one!

Sharlyn says:

Hello:No worry, I heard the staffs mentioned gonna be another one end of year.

hello says:

thanks sharlyn for letting us know it was held till 10pm yesterday. i should have gone there if i knew this earlier. but, this is a genuine warehouse sale, i wonder how can i spread the word around to keep others informed that big bad wolf warehouse sale is definitely worth going rather than mph?

May says:

Announcing the winner of my Big Bad Wolf Books Sale contest here

Sharlyn says:

Today Extended to 10pm. I got Marley & Me for Rm8…even I had one already, can keep for christmas gift.:-P

alina says:

Really good sale! Kudos to the organizers – this is what you call a ‘warehouse sale’

Previous book selling at MPH distributor sale at RM20 was only RM8 here…too bad they didn’t have this sale first

Anyway, total damage was RM 134 for 18 books. Really worth it!

Kat says:

Love it! Glad I went. Managed to get Tan Twan Eng “Gift of Rain”

Penny says:

I went 3 times to this sale. I just couldn’t get enough of it. Check out all my great great bargains here: Good or not? :)

rav3 says:

Totally love this warehouse sale and THANK YOU for having this. I bought lots of Sudoku books for the underpriviledge children so that they can learn how to play it. Its so worth it. I also saw a Giant Sudoku books but too bad it was like the last copy.

My damage was RM230 when I went on Friday and I plan to visit again today and hopefully can find some really good books to last me :D I finished 2 books that I bought !

hello says:

i just came back with 7 books on self-help, how to raise a child & dealing with insomnia, each at rm8, total rm56 only. i think this warehouse sale is really worth going, mph is not as good but many ppl have not heard of “big bad wolf”, whereas mph is well known :(
however, i am disappointed they don’t have exercise books for primary school children, i found several singapore primary school books from mph warehouse sale, singapore syllabus is very good, wonder why our education minister doesn’t get some advise from our singapore neighbour.

frank says:

Very genuine sale. At least with integrity. Many good books at real bargain.
Been on the first day and seen people buying by boxes. Brought my children on the 3rd day not as many books but still able to get good value books.
Thumbs Up!

Gene says:

Hooray! Thumbs up.
One BBW told me that there might be another one end of the year and it’s going to be held annually. Love them dont u.

Audra says:

This sale is really worth it! I would certainly look forward to the next one!!

hello says:

hi, i am going to start some readings. can someone please share or recommend any good book on having more self-confidence, proven book that can one’s destiny, children’s book, recipe book? tks a lot as today is the last day will have to go asap. tks a lot!

tango says:

recommended. should really go if there’s another one in the future. the business self-help section is quite good also, got a travel book (Let’s Go USA for RM8).

aesha says:

will try to drop by tomorrow…
keep up the good work to the management team!!

Miss N says:

very good bargain.. very good place.. very good cashier… very good damage..

bookaholic says:

a definite MUST go if you’re into novels. the books are in good condition and cheap. the paperbacks are generally priced at RM8 and the hardback copies at RM10. the stocks are replenished every day.

cucumbre says:

For those who have visited the sale, could you tell me if there’s any business books sold there?

Erisya says:


Although the books you mentioned are not there (Shopaholic series) (Devil Wears Prada), there are still a lot of chick lit books available. You just have to go table to table in the fiction section and shift through them. In chick lit category I found [RM8 each]:-

Olivia Goldsmith – The First Wives Club
Sophie Kinsella as Madeleine Wickham – The Gatecrashers
Belle De Jour – The Furthur Adventures Of a London Call Girl
Alexandra Potter – Me & Mr Darcy
Alexandra Potter – Who’s That Girl?
Melissa Nathan – Acting Up
Maya Slater – Mr Darcy’s Diary
J.J. Salem – Tan Lines
Meg Cabot – Size Doesn’t Matter
Meg Cabot – Size 14 is Not Fat Either
Meg Cabot – Boy Meets Girl
Annie Sanders – Goodbye, Jimmy Choo
& many more…..

Go check it out yourself!!!

Sharlyn says:

melissa: Dont have those books.

ttk says:

No.1 book sale this year — so far. ;)
In terms of pricing, that is. Very competitively priced (although theStar writeup mentioned that paperbacks start from RM5, the paperbacks are actually RM8.) and very spacious browsing area. Maybe this is because we have lesser book-lovers than Zara fashionistas? Haha…
Most books look very new and the paper quality is very good. Stocks are replenished all the time, which frustrated me a bit because I need to ‘go-stan’ to the previous tables to look for newer books. :) Walked around the area, like 3 times!
Total damage: 9 books RM68. Pullman trilogy, Inkheart, Don’t Sweat omnibus (which I was looking for all time and it’s was a steal at RM15!), Pausch’s Last Lecture (I like to view the YouTube version better), etc… There are a lot of books, but you really need to browse to find some really good ones. I hardly find any ManBooker finalists. Or maybe they have been grabbed up yesterday.
Seems like the organiser are going into this biz real serious since they even have their own printed shopping bags, which is good for book-lovers!

suefei says:

Just came back with 3 bags with books. Yes… all must go. really worth it. I bought princess diaries book for 5.00 each. cooking book 5.00. Even I spent almost 300.00 but happy because I have about 50 books. must come yeah…..and please bring reusable bag.

AP says:


Very limited number of comic books. I only found one. See my review link in the post above, or click my name to lead to my blog.

AP says:

Most of the books are cheap. For children’s books, you will have to choose wisely. But overall, this book warehouse sale is a GOOD one! Must-go for book lovers. For my review of this sale, see

Happy book shopping!

melissa says:

hi!i’m more of a chic-lit,shopaholics and devil wears prada.can anyone tell me whether or not there are chic-lits there?PLEEASE!i’m 15 year old book addict and having my exams soon.would like to get as many books as i can now,before my parents ban me;/SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME ANYTHING THEY KNOW.thank youu!;D

Hunnybie says:

oh nic… emm.. i don’t rmb seing any comic around.. but not too sure…

Hunnybie says:

I just came back from there.. not bad not bad.. worth going..
at first i didn’t know and turn into the building straight away.. then the security guard there ask me to park there ther.. *pointing*.. then i tot so good… so i parked and get off.. and he ask me RM3 for the parking.. HAhahaha.. Da*n..
but seriously worth going!

nic says:

Are there any selection for comic book lover?

teach says:

just came back. OMG… BOOKS ARE CHEAP!! I manage to buy Meg Cabot’s Princess Diaries (2 in 1) for RM3! Bay books (recipe books) for RM 5 only and I bought all 4. I was looking forward to buy robert kyosaki’s books but were not sold. Children’s book are plenty too. I bought the thick pages book only for RM5 – 8 / book but MPH selling them for RM15. I bought 20 books for RM98. HAPPY ……

win says:

can i know is there any hand craft,pre-school children books? or anything that a hobby realted book on sales?thanks……..

miss L says:

guys, u definitely must go!
so worth it.. just came back from the sale…
for SUE – yesss… there r actually a lot of baking/cookery books.. and they are all very2 cheap..

sue says:

would like to know if there are plenty of books on baking / cookery?

zusya says:

Can I know is there any stephanie meyers novels? the twilight series? can anyone give any info to me?thanks…if possible with the price…

paladin says:

sure it’s a great sale alright, but if only you’re so into paperback novels.
yup, it isn’t as fully displayed ‘n stocked in stacks as in previous Times warehouse sales which were held at this very venue of past.
frankly, i just didn’t see (if any) coffee table books for that superb light visual experience i was looking for after a hard days work of reading fine print…

plume says:

Do they have Preston and Child’s Wheel of Darkness and Diane Setterfield’s The Thirteenth Tale? Good selection of historical fiction and fantasy?

Samuel says:

Just came back from the book sale. Its really worth going but the customer service can be improved. Sad to say, malaysia still lack basic customer service skills. Not talking about 5 star service, just a decent plain Customer service. Just left a bitter after taste from the experience I had today.

May says:

This sale is great! I had to put my books into a box, the plastic bags they had could not fit. Come see my review at I am even giving away ONE book in an effort to help Malaysians read more for less! Check it out!

Erisya says:

Worth it!! With OCBC credit card additional 10%!! Lots of famous authors – assorted John Grisham, Jeffrey Archer, Stephen King & Robert Ludlum (Bourne series) novels [All RM8 - most fiction novels = RM8]. Abundance copies of Philip Pullman – His Dark Materials trilogy 3in1 Omnibus for RM15. Inkheart trilogy 3in1 is also RM15 (but last I checked, no more stock!). Bought 21 books for a total of RM158 myself. Meg Cabot’s Princess Diaries series book 6 (hardcover!), Book 7 (with free handphone strap!) but Book 1to5 & 8to10 limited stock [All = RM5!]. Saw lots of books kept behind cordoned off area, still undisplayed (when asked why, reason given = not price tagged yet).. Personally I think they’re keeping it for next few days so they didnt run out of books! >P

Penny says:

This sale is very, very, very worth going! People were buying books by the boxes and I was quite the loser who was able to carry all my cheap books with my bare 2 hands. Also, if you have an OCBC credit card, you get an additional 10% discount on top of the already very cheap books! Mind you, some books are current titles!! I am tempted to go again!!

Chitra says:

I just came back from the sale. It was a SUPERB sale. Book lovers would definately regret if you guys dont go. All the book are new and plenty of very good childrens books. People were buying in boxes. I really regretted going for the MPH warehouse and wasting my money there. I bough Ekchart Tockle’s book “New Earth” for only RM 8 and the book Who moved my Cheese for RM 3 only!!!! A lot of good motivation books fpr only RM 8 ( and mind you there are good writers eg. Robin Sharma etc)

almond says:

I just came back, there is a lotttttt of books for sale!
Not those dusty ones!
eg: Stephen King Duma Key just RM8!
Many children books but not a lot of chinese books or magazines.