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Did any of you noticed the Tesco Advertisement on Friday? (top poster) – Where  Tesco put TWO RED slashes on Giant’s Low Price Leader Signboard?

Then on Saturday Giant fought back with an Advetisement to claim that “Even Tesco[others] Acknowledge that our priced have been The Lowest for Years! (bottom poster)  . . .  and this is where the Hypermarket war commenced . . .

We were following the trail of the Advertisements since Friday as it was rather interesting and somewhat amusing.

Tesco did something similar with Carrefour back in January 2009 – Tesco vs Carrefour! And of course Carrefour fought back with a CNY edition of finding cheaper beer at their Hypermarket vs Tesco. Did u remember that?

Back in January this year too,  we realized that Tesco started putting competitor prices on their weekly newspaper print. They would feature a product, and put their prices and the prices of their competitors. :)

Well this time round the Hypermarket war was slightly different.

  1. Friday : Tesco vs Giant Advertisemnt (view)
  2. Saturday : Giant vs Tesco Advertisement – (view)
  3. Sunday : Giant vs Tesco Advertisement – Part 1 (view) + Part 2 (view)
  4. Sunday : Guardian vs Tesco Advertisement  (view)
  5. Sunday : Cold Storage vs Tesco Advertisement (view)

Apart from all consumers in Malaysia benefitting from the “lowest price” offered at Hypermarkets, it seems that the newspapers are profitting too from the amazing numbers of advertisements which are generated from this Hypermarket War!

Giant took the fight  to a WHOLE NEW Level!

  • Giant emphasized on Satuday that they were a Malaysian Company (with the Malaysian Flag) whilst  Tesco a British Company!
  • Giant compared certain product prices and proved that their prices were cheaper compared to Tesco
  • Guardian compared certain product prices and proved that their prices were cheaper compared to Tesco
  • Cold Storage compared certain product prices and proved that their prices were cheaper compared to Tesco

And in case you were wondering what has Giant, Guardian & Cold Storage have in common? Well they are all owned by a Conglomorate called Dairy Farm that has invested interest in many companies in North, South & East Asia.

We found it rather amusing to see Giant (or rather Dairy Farm’s) rebuttal to Tesco’s fight. This would lead us to think that Tesco should be preparing their guns for this week’s battle! Let’s brace ourselves and see what will happen this week … will Tesco Fight Back? Will Giant (Dairy Farm) continue to put Tesco down with more Ads? Where is Carrefour during this war? They seem to be lying low . . .

Tell us what you think of the Malaysian Hypermarket War!! Have you benefited as a consumer?







nana says:

tesco harga murah la gak… barang nye xbpe bnyak.,,,,,,,saya lbih suke g shopping barang kt giant

nana says:

i like shopping to hypermarket……. says:

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mm says:

I just think any supamarket that has open displays chicken pieces in the middle of the shop is terribely unhygenic. Everyone touching with dirty hands, coughing and sneezing all over them. This would be shut down in most parts of the world.

ying says:

Must very careful on Giant promotion pricing. They have not amend it on system so we pay as normal price in counter. After after realising they ask to go Customer service then fill up the form……. wasting a lots of time to get back the price differences. For me Tesco is more manageble and systematic.