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Did any of you noticed the Tesco Advertisement on Friday? (top poster) – Where  Tesco put TWO RED slashes on Giant’s Low Price Leader Signboard?

Then on Saturday Giant fought back with an Advetisement to claim that “Even Tesco[others] Acknowledge that our priced have been The Lowest for Years! (bottom poster)  . . .  and this is where the Hypermarket war commenced . . .

We were following the trail of the Advertisements since Friday as it was rather interesting and somewhat amusing.

Tesco did something similar with Carrefour back in January 2009 – Tesco vs Carrefour! And of course Carrefour fought back with a CNY edition of finding cheaper beer at their Hypermarket vs Tesco. Did u remember that?

Back in January this year too,  we realized that Tesco started putting competitor prices on their weekly newspaper print. They would feature a product, and put their prices and the prices of their competitors. :)

Well this time round the Hypermarket war was slightly different.

  1. Friday : Tesco vs Giant Advertisemnt (view)
  2. Saturday : Giant vs Tesco Advertisement – (view)
  3. Sunday : Giant vs Tesco Advertisement – Part 1 (view) + Part 2 (view)
  4. Sunday : Guardian vs Tesco Advertisement  (view)
  5. Sunday : Cold Storage vs Tesco Advertisement (view)

Apart from all consumers in Malaysia benefitting from the “lowest price” offered at Hypermarkets, it seems that the newspapers are profitting too from the amazing numbers of advertisements which are generated from this Hypermarket War!

Giant took the fight  to a WHOLE NEW Level!

  • Giant emphasized on Satuday that they were a Malaysian Company (with the Malaysian Flag) whilst  Tesco a British Company!
  • Giant compared certain product prices and proved that their prices were cheaper compared to Tesco
  • Guardian compared certain product prices and proved that their prices were cheaper compared to Tesco
  • Cold Storage compared certain product prices and proved that their prices were cheaper compared to Tesco

And in case you were wondering what has Giant, Guardian & Cold Storage have in common? Well they are all owned by a Conglomorate called Dairy Farm that has invested interest in many companies in North, South & East Asia.

We found it rather amusing to see Giant (or rather Dairy Farm’s) rebuttal to Tesco’s fight. This would lead us to think that Tesco should be preparing their guns for this week’s battle! Let’s brace ourselves and see what will happen this week … will Tesco Fight Back? Will Giant (Dairy Farm) continue to put Tesco down with more Ads? Where is Carrefour during this war? They seem to be lying low . . .

Tell us what you think of the Malaysian Hypermarket War!! Have you benefited as a consumer?







1 malaysia konon says:

Shopped at Giant Putra Heights, found the chicken expired date showed 18/01/2011. The prepared date on the left showed 16/01/2011. So what is the problem? The problem is just the date of the day itself is 15/01/2011! So seems they prepared the chicken in the future & transported it back in time. If they can lie about the prepared date, they can also lie on the expiry date.

Tell this 1 Giant cashier (a Hindu guy)…..what he do? he just smile & laugh…………????????????????????????

lynn says:

The variety that Tesco offer is much better than Giant or Carrefour. There are so many items offered, so there may be items more expensive and others cheaper, so cannot make a general statement on pricing. So that is when i look at comfortable shopping, that is where Tesco wins hands down.

rakesh says:

tesco memang bohong……!sebab kami jumpa dekat shelf harga satu…bila bawah barng ithu dekat kaunter bayar…harga salah pulah….tesco memeng bohong……..

Eve SY says:

For me, I will choose convenient place. I dont mind to pay extra because of distance. Every week I definetly will take lunch in Carrefour, so everytime I will search for cheaper item. My baby is using Tesco brand diapers so when the price go down I will visit Tesco for dining. Normally I will shop at OTK with less than 1km from my house. I can not get all cheapest item at 1 place. Sometimes this hypermarket bit that hypermarket. I will not travel to a place just buy 1-2 items and not really reduce my total spending. Most of the times even small market the price quite competitve. Just they do not advertise like hypermarket do.

Second, it can help us in our studies.

mesos sale says:

We eat together.We play together.

Daddy says:

TESCO still the best… mereka lebih user friendly.. u can see very clearly especially when u want to pay at their counter.. giant’s counter terlalu sempit dan kadang kala your trolley can’t even go through!

then, each tesco’s counter provide emergency/on/off light which will make customer easy understand which counter is open.

then tesco also have clubcard.. giant??? crap.. just collect points and then buy very cheap periuk..

pusy says:

hey my friend, i was just cruising the web seeking for some reliable information and I happened across your website. Im very awed by the information you have provided on your website. I see how well you know this topic. I stored your website to my favorite sites, and will be coming back frequently. Cheers.

Lily says:

And if someone kind know how to do it.Could you please inform me via e-mail ?Thanks very much!

Lily says:

i want to supply quality fresh fruits for all friends via giant supermarket from China.But i do not know whom should i contact with.

hyundai ss2 says:

I dislike giant and carefour because they always limit their offer items ie prawns , fish etc if u come by late afternoon there is no more left.

‘Carefour’ dirty tactics, limit certain kg’s for ‘morning market’ most of the time no more stock and thier day to day items offer catalogue looks complicated.

Giant usj vs Mydin usj, i will go for mydin usj better shopping experience , new mall, plenty food, vareity products and product are closed to wife n makcik’s taste especially at upper floor mydin supermart.

For sure tesco come 2nd after mydin for me, price is ok and variety. And they have best tesco card programme. Mydin meriah card the worst rm12 per annum wah if 5 years rm60 for nothing.

Mydin u better follow tesco see how they run their membership programme.

Devon says:

Why this Tesco & Giant don’t do promotion by week. If this week Giant do promotion & after another week Tesco do promotion than we can compare we have good promotion or not?
Manyak susah loooo – Giant advertise Item A at 3.99 & Tesco advertice Item A at 3.89 what is the differance. I am not very miskin for RM 0.10.
All hypermarket is not fair to concumeres like me because I will not go for price differance of RM0.10.
Looking at my intrest I will still support Giant because they are the still NO1 for all towards customers satisfaction.
Tesco just want to have price war becasue they are still small in Malaysia.

Dami says:

Price war is very good for all consumers as us but there is a more problems later if we do not budget “WAS WAS”
I really support GIANT all the time becuase until today my shopping list I can buy 100% but in Teaco memang susah because Meehoon cap bintang tak ada & they promote cap Tesco sahaja. Why always Tesco brand saja I don’t know??
In Giant we have choice & I notice Giant have their brand but I still can buy what brand I want.

Don says:

This is really stupid to create war using country flag. We as Malaysian have to respect each other but this retailers will start economical problems soon for our country.
If they really want to do promotion ” jual lah semua barang SATU SEN SAJA”

Jasmine says:

I still prefer going to Giant. The Tesco at my place is so messy. The staff at TESCO does not even bother to clean the surrounding and is not helpful enough. I have witness whereby the boxes of 3 in 1 chocolate packages being tore open and customer eating away the fruits as they choosing. I meant, the whole scenario is even worse than a market. I bought something in TESCO before and they have a big promotion tag/cupboard that this product is being sold at price A, thus I take two of the same product and when payment at the counter, to my surprise the price for the product is totally different and when I asked the cashier, she asked me to refer to the Customer Service in an irritated voice. And when I referred to the customer service, the reason given is that the bar code different. HELLO!!! they are expecting me to see the difference between the barcode? To me as a consumer, I can only notice the physical appearance of the product and the two that I have taken is the same even with the same expiry date. I have questioned the staff and I was not answered and she doesn’t even bother to look at me. I have write the comment and spoken with the manager in charge and still no further action taken except to pay me back the difference. I feel so cheated. I do agree that GIANT sometime do have some error in their printing but they are always ready to answer and friendly to help me to check on the prices.
By the way, I swore not to go CARREFOUR as this is a cheating company. I have terrible experience there and never been there since.

Mimug says:

Barcode different?? Yes, I also encountered it before at Carrefour… after scan, the price more expensive, and they told me barcode at shelf is different … how do I know barcode is diiferent when they placed the wrong barcode there?

I still prefer Jusco, at least they honour the lowest price with no argument / dislike look in their face.

mama kimi says:

for me …..

diapers and milk I’ll buy at 99 speedmart or Save more ..much much more cheaper (already done the comparison with Giant ,Tesco ,C4…)
other dry groceries also cheaper at 99 speedmart

Mydin price very cheap but quite far from house and always crowded….wish there are many mydin’s outlet ….

Giant (sek 13 shah alam).. only go there when there are promotions …used to go there in the early years…

econsave …. only go if no other choice ( poor maintenance)

tesco ….various selection …. but will go to TESCO Extra (shah alam )if with kids ..more convenient more facilities..

vegetables.. meat ..chicken …. all TESCO , GIANT ,C4 cannot compete with the freshness of the ‘Kedai Runcit or pasar malam…’

“Tepuk dada tanya selera “

Shasha Veron says:

wat eva the tactics are by all these hypermarkets, im happy with chinese medicine shops at my place…way cheaper than all.
on top of it, no need to dress up neatly to go. wear shorts, a t-shirt and caplang selipar to my time :)

Sim says:

For me, Tesco has wide range of product with good display and price indicator on shelves, which provide superb convenience for shoppers. Giant & C4 are also one of the Hypermarket in Malaysia and no doubt they are provide lower price as well, but the range and the stores look like messy and disorganized. Therefore, I think that’s y most of the people are choosing tesco, because they are feel comfortable when shopping in Tesco…..

ira says:

place that i live is close to all the mentioned markets: tesco, giant, econsave, c4, 99speedmart, nsk, mydin and other small-n-not-so-popular ones.

i’m the type that monitor prices of things that i want to buy and look at where is the cheapest bcoz i shop very frequently. basically i oredi know what to buy and where to buy bcoz the price pattern is very predictable.

so, i go to tesco & mydin more frequently compared to giant. c4 only for jalan2 as price is always more expensive than others. IT IS TRUE SAME HYP CAN HAVE DIFFERENT PRICE COMPARING 2 LOCATIONS. this is becoz of their individual local store management. be careful of smaller stores bcoz their pricing strategy is different.

if mydin, go to USJ as the price is lowest from those rest. if tesco, avoid the old makro-converted-tesco as it’s more expensive. if giant, avoid shoplot ones. fresh veggie/fish go to econsave before 10am. YES most tesco/giant will off their fridge at night to save electricity. be careful.

on top of everything, always see the scanning as the printed price may differ. giant n tesco normally will argue for higher price, if lazy cancel the item or u have the right to get lower price. mydin will always give lower price if u ask them to call their supervisor. giant/tesco will go and remove the ‘price tag’ if after scan it’s more expensive.

i’m going to be a mother of 4 and do own shopping for all necessities. i’m very much well-versed about all their tactics. >:)

vinodhan says:

for me i will prepare choose giant cause i can find lot of variety and easy to shopping.when i shopping at tesco lot of things i cant find n the the are item that they display make me confuse.when u go for pricing i says giant more cheaper u can check by your self when u go for freshness i say giant more fresh cause normaly tesco say their fresh item very freshess when i go for by in early morning i can say their item never fresh n their never prepare the item before opening

Jhon says:

The cheapest price offered in Malaysia is Tesco even the vegetables are fresh compare than other supermarket such as Giant, Carrefour and etc….

Please be cautious on price and product weight!! Sometimes, they might cheat you. So far, the best ranking is Tesco which is most reasonable price and fresh products. Its was survey done by Malaysia Government!

reply 4 shong says:

Shah Alam.Now THose who know total how many brach Giant in Malaysia?

shong says:

THose who know total how many brach Giant in Malaysia… the headquarter offices for Giant in Sham Alam or Kuala Lumpur??

uda says:

If u can, go to Econsave la…much better price than Tesco, Giant, etc. But Econsave Semenyih very berselerak and dirty!!!!

lizzy gee says:

Eventhough i hardly go to Giant hypermarket, i still experience wrong price scanned when at the check-out counter especially for promotional items. Eventhough it may be a difference of 10-20 sen only. Last 3 times I went, it happened twice! So be careful of Giant, sometimes we don’t really keep watch when the cashier is scanning out of the 20 items maybe two items wrong price we may not notice! Do have your eyes on the screen and make sure the correct price is scanned. Anyone noticed at Tesco many customers will automatically ‘help’ put their groceries in the bag (many but some won’t lift a finger) and at Giant, most don’t and just stand there wait for the cashier to scan all the things and put the items in the bags,kesian sometimes see them coz there are alot of items..that is part of the reason why the pace is slow in my humble observation.

nobe says:

Agree with you. I myself several times experiencing the same case. The price offered and the price scaned for the same product is different. When you ask them, the answer will be that they forgot to put the new/ offered price in the cashier system. Absolutely agreed..when you do shopping at GIANT, you’ve to be extra careful and have your eyes on the screen. Now, I hardly go to GIANT. Most of my shopping is in TESCO … more cheaper, fresh goods and give discount esp. for those perishable goods ie: vege, fish etc…….Happy shopping at TESCO…

azhar says:

pembeli mesti pandai kira bajet looo….. jarak tempat,petrol,parking…. betul tak?

germs says:

other than price, do you guys especially mums who bring their kids together, do you all concern about the cleanliness of the shopping trolley that we use when we shopped? According to the researched from USA, the shopping trolley is one of the germs contamination public utilities. that’s why most of the hypermarkets in USA provide sanitary wipe for customers to clean up the shopping trolley, especially the handle. the researched showed that there are about 1 millions germs in one shopping trolley. how dirty is it!!!

Karen says:

I usually buy milk by the closest available supermarket or hypermarket eg. Giant in OUG Plaza.

1st encounter – bought 2 units 2L Goodday milk – open 1st bottle – tasted sour and 2nd bottle was ok. Why is this possible? Expiration Date : 7 to 10 days from the date of purchase (for both units)

2nd encounter – same incident – I guess Giant don’t have their refrigeration on during the off hours, otherwise, how could this be happening? 2 times in 2 weeks.

Since then, I do not shop at Giant. Just image, milk is daily consumables product and this item should be fast moving. Giant can’t even keep the fast moving products in good and fresh condition, what more on other products that are not FMCG.

Currently prefer to shop at Cold Storage as the products may be a little pricey but assured quality.

The price of the milk is no difference compared between Giant and Cold Storage. Cold Storage & Giant are under the same roof, why the difference in quality?

Athena says:

If Tesco prices are mostly lower than Giant’s, I for one; am confirmed going to Tesco.

Don’t you feel better shopping at Tesco rather than Giant? I mean, the latter has narrower aisles, poor finishing (to save costs no doubt, but how modern is that?)(My god, look at the cement floor rendering.)

Besides, Tesco has a better selection of goods in terms of quality and appearance. (Giant; appearance counts ok.)

I really like Tesco house brand. I’ve tried some of them including beverages and I think Tesco rocks. Also, Tesco brand toys are strategically (price & quality wise) in between China-made-types and Fischer Price. And some of these products come from UK right?

Did I mention that my little girl(toddler) can push her own shopping cart at Tesco (just like Ikea)? And that I regularly get Tesco cash vouchers in the mail (I’m a loyal Clubcard member)?

How sensitive are you, Giant (local blah blah blah)?

Crystal says:

Price is important but then how about the service?

I always go shopping with my family (include my son who only 10mth). But Giant’s staff not allowed that I go inside the hypermarket with the bag of baby’s appliance. Just imagine that if my son hungry then I must go outside for feeding and return inside to continue shopping after he finish his milk. What for? Not only this, and also my recycle bag, a cup of drink even my mum’s umbrella also rejected by those staff. Why I never encounter this problem at other hypermarket? So I prefer to Tesco or Econsave now.

I was really curious that what kind of the rules? Just to prevent the thief? But if the thief want to steal the goods, they must bring with a bag? Please lah!!! It’s posibble???

Alvin says:

Cashier is very SLOW. In average customer has to wait 30 minutes to 1 hour in order to make the payment even though not many customers. I have experience twice in Giant Kinrara and very disappointed and deicided to choose Jusco even though price is higher. The most important is the VALUE to the customer. Giant needs to learn from Jusco and TESCO and see how they coperate.

Mama Rayyan says:

Personally me n family prefer to shop at jusco although some may said that Jusco product are relatively expensive but when I shoped at Carrefour or Teso or Giant the price will vary so much. I found C4, tesco n giant offer crazy price.

U might notice that diaper at Jusco a lot cheaper for mamy poko, huggies Giant cheaper sometimes, mamex gold C4 cheaper from others, household item Jusco cheaper, freshness still Jusco.

Sometimes it depends on the location where the hypermarket is located. Like me, I love to shop at Jusco AU2 Keramat. the supermarket is cleaner n spacious compare to other Jusco branches.

I love C4 because customer service is excellent especially on meat n fish section. They always helpful to me n my mom to cut chicken or meat for us n choose fresh fish from freezer.

I love cold storage for their foreign product.

I love giant or tesco while they having promotion on huggies diapers only…. Other aspect than that I will not recommend my friend to shop at those two hypermarket.

As a consumer, I train my self to look at STAR paper before I make a purchase because when u shop at the end of the month you want to find the cheaper price for everything. but sometimes we overweight certain decision over price. Some may prefer to have nice enviroment to shop like me…some may prefer to have quick shop over the weekend.

As a hypermarket owners, there are some price that they wouldn;t take any profit on it just to attract consumer to spend at their hypermarket store. They hoping while consumer grab promotional things, they might shop the entire grocerries down there. Sometimes, u target just to buy ur baby formula but end up buy things that expensive by rm2 since u mind said that ‘beli jer la….alang2 dah kat sini” So as a consumer u must thjink n plan properly…..

Just my 2 cent for all


Prefer Giant Than Tesco coz we are Malaysian
Prefer Mydin Than Giant coz we are Malaysian!?actually prices at Mydin these both hypermarket cannot beat lah.
Tesco??Haha very near to my house than Giant/Mydin but dont like this Hypermarket anymore since January 2009…

lizzy gee says:

Many would agree with greenbean. Giant is a bigger culprit than Tesco through my experience. Giant still tries to get away with this kind of tactic and puts people off from going there as much. Tesco occurences have reduced.Carrefour unsure.

Prof Langdon says:

I think the hypers have really dominated the chicken price over Raya. Wet market dealers are lost in the race. Think hypers really help bring down prices in this country and helps us save so much – well done Giant, Carrefour & Tesco!

greenbean says:

Don’t get cheated by these hypermarket advertising gimmicks. Sometimes, they will advertise it at a discounted price, but when you actually go to the counter to pay, it is keyed in at the regular price. If you are blur – blur, or if you buy a whole trolleyful of items and cannot keep track of the price of each item as it gets checked out, then sorry to say they untung la! and you thought you had a bargain. If you ask them why they advertise at discounted price but key in at normal price, they will say that their system has not been updated yet. Then you have to wait , with a long line of people standing behind you for them to correct the price. What a scam!

ashleigh yap says:

hi, to me i personally would prefer Tesco & Carrefour. nice setting & covered car park. no need to bother hot sunny or rainning day !
but lately i found Summit USJ Cold Storage wic convert to Giant, the product damm xpensive if compare to USJ Giant, juz wonder why they got DIFF. price for the product !

Alan says:

hi all of you let me tell you giant is best one in Malaysia, price alwalys cheaper than others hypermarket

Pls consider to giant to purchase your good

Nordin says:

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 18 (Bernama) — Six Malaysian companies have to date managed to export about RM460 million worth of halal products through Tesco UK.

This is under the five-year Tesco RM1 billion Malaysian Export Programme, which began two years ago with the aim of promoting Malaysian products to the UK market.

TESCO for me… just on the way back home.. ample parking space… not crowded and … . (just read above)

Bibi says:

Giant Kelana Jaya is the worst outlet among others. Especially their grocery staff name AMRUL.. really a kurang ajar person.. Scolded people in front of public crowd !!!

Bibi says:

He scold people ” BODOH” !!!! really kurang ajar !!! Rubbish!!!

dingh says:

Yang kita mau… hari-hari murah… bukannya time ada promotion je…

Kalau ikut harga flyer pas tu banding dgn tpt lain susah la.. minggu ni kat giant murah…. minggu depan mungkin kat tesco pulak murah…. so you all sokong tesco pulak minggu depan… dua minggu lagi carrefour pulak… so camna… nak kata mana murah….

Apa kat SNS upload flyer hari2…. ;-)

cik kiah says:

i saw huggies comfort in giant flyers is rm31.90. while tesco is much more higher. econsave also RM40 plus. mydin not too sure.
well.. if u find giat is cheaper, on certain item.. go to giant. if cheap in teso go to tesco. wat so difficult. as for me.. i will refer the flyers of promo if any. just buy things u want. otherwise look for other place.s im not stick to 1 place to shop my groceries. i go to others to. subject.

IbuBalqis says:

I saw yesterday paper, Drypers at Giant is only rm31.39 while in Tesco’s pamplete, (promotion this week), Drypers price is rm35.69 much diff. meh….so ‘BUATLAH PILIHAN YG BIJAK’.. hAPPY sHOPPe..

germs says:

Hi all shoppers, do u all realize how save u are when you go shopping by using the shopping carts provided by the hypermarket? according to research done by US university, shopping carts are one of the germist public surface with 1 million germs on it. It even dirty than public toilet seat. just imagine how save you are when u go shopping next time.
log on to :

jordancwn says:

Hi all,

Compare hypermarket prices at

Shereen says:

yea, i usually buy drypers from tesco…but coincidently when i went to giant (usually i dont), when i saw the price…how can other ppl selling RM10 – RM12 cheaper when giant is selling at rm40+?!! ridiculous. and also milk powder nestle nespray, carrefour selling them cheaper RM18+ than tesco. but just this once, tesco ran a promo on that milk powder, they sell it at abt RM17+. immediately my husband told me to grab more than usual. i love to go to tesco selayang coz of the parking availability and yes, the space when pushing a trolley and also with a child.

yes, mydin is very very much cheaper than other hypermarkets. and they are bigger. went once located at jln silang…but too many foreigners around that time…shop shop also a bit worried.

aku says:

n pasal product jew tu.boikot xkan dapat setel kan masalah kat palestin tu..penyelesaiannya adalah al-quran..kalo sistem kat sana blandaskan al-quran n sunnah insyaAllah xde kaum yg tertindas n menindas..begitu juga di malaysia ni..kalo bterusan guna sistem demokrasi dlm masa yg sama ‘melebih2 kan hak kaum melayu’..alamatnya kaum lain juga ibarat di tindas.dan lama2 sesetengah kaum akan memberontak..n lambat laun kita akan berselisih n kucar kacir..dalam islam sume hak manusia adalah sama..xkan berkat satu kaum tu kalo satu kaum yg lain sering di belakangkan@di tindas….
kta di jadikan dr segumpal darah(refer surah al-alaq)..xkira dr bangsa apa n kaum apa..kita adalah satu..kalo kita bersatu n tegak kan sistem yg HAQ..insyaAllah kita akan hidup aman damai berbilang kaum..

aku says:

for my xperience diff giant diff price..when i go to giant puchong n buy huggies dry L68=rm44.90..after that go to giant putra height the same item rm32.90..haiyo just imagine!!beza rm12 tu..mak aii..sama company nya..apsal lain2 harga,,anyone can xplain???
for me mydin da best..but too far from my place n always crowded..gagaga
giant putra height is better n more comfortable for my family…
just my 2 cents ;) peace

blossom says:

i personally still find goods in giant is cheaper and tesco is cheap well it depends whether they have promotions and to be honest how can they be selling any item cheap forever, then how can they make profit? i don’t just shop at one hypermarkets, if i see the things in giant is cheap i would go there and try to buy as many as possible, same goes to tesco. carrefour has lesser choice when it comes to brand. i heard their manager is a chinese, he would kick out anyone better than him, therefore, how can this hypermarket managed by him can compete/good? yesterday i went to carrefour like 4pm, i was looking for tartar sauce, the section where these were kept were not placed properly very messy, i overlooked the tartar sauce as it was kept really inside the shelf, there wasn’t any soul (i mean their carrefour staff), so i went to the customer service and told the girl on duty (only 1 malay girl and she told me that she’s new and if i can’t find it at the shelf that means it’s out of stock without volunteering to help me call/page their supervisor or manager etc. i was really furious, i went in again and asked one of the promoters selling TC boy tuna, she helped me call one of the carrefour staff that happens to pass by. this malay man claimed to be duty manager but can’t really speak proper english just went to the sheft and told me if you can’t find it means out of stock! then another malay man passed and i complained to him about this and halfway talking i saw a few bottles of tartar sauce. my argument is they are not helpful at all, 1st they are under staff, lazy! the 2nd malay man agreed (well he appears to be) my complaint and suggested that i wrote that into a complain form. i asked the form from the customer service girl and fyi there’s no box to put that complaint form in, i have to pass it to her manually. imagine, this girl was not helpful and i did raised my voice when i spoke to her earlier. overall, very, very bad attitute. so far, the persons on duty for both giant and tesco have been very helpful. this year, cny i went to giant in sj and wanted to buy some chinese delicacious but the ones that they have it are not so fresh and i requested them to bring new stock and they just brought it out and once i saw the advert where they have kembong fish selling for very cheap so i went and the ones they wasn’t so appealing and when i requested them to bring new stock and they brought in a few boxes from their freezer for me to hand pick. thumbs up giant! and tesco puchong i remember i went there near cny to buy cooking oil can’t remember whether it was knife or eagle was selling very cheap, but as usual these things were finished when i was there, of course i was unhappy as i went there all the way, i asked their staff to page for their manager on duty and spoke to them about this, he asked me how many bottles i needed and i told him 2, he was very kind to allow me to at least buy 2 bottles of neptume (giving me the same price), it was very kind of him to help me that way as i know it should not be that way. thumbs up tesco.
well, conclusion, i personally find both giant and tesco have been selling their products cheap and to me it depends what you buy and when you buy them as they can’t be selling everything cheap all the time right? do you want to do that kind of business without making profits? start thinking. happy shopping!

dingh says:

oscar.. why so bad happen to your friend… I can change to a new one before with tesco… carrefour also never ask when I return the products.

you try to use this tescoinfo @ my . tesco . com (delete all the space)

In tesco webpage, there is a link say ‘Your Nearest Store’. Inside is the list of store. Click which store your friend bought the fan and get the manager name inside. Call him/her.

For Puchong:
Alamat / Address
148-149 Pusat Bandar Puchong, Jalan Bandar 3, Off Jalan Puchong, 47100 Puchong, Selangor
Tel (603) 8076 2166
Fax (603) 8076 1525
Pengurus Besar Stor / Store General Manager
Mr Raymond Yeoh

jsurie says:

Yep.. i do agree when people say Giant much more expensive….
if you noticed last week star paper, even mydin join the hypermarket war with a letter stating that not Giant n Tesco is the cheapest but its them, Mydin Hypermarket…

oscar says:

anyone know tesco customer service email?
i tried to search but in vain as it only has the ‘talk to us’ column on the website.
My fren bought a table fan from Tesco Puchong for barely a day and having problem with it.But tesco refuse to take resposible and ask her to go directly to panasonic.
if in this case might as well i buy from factory , or Tesco give me back the profit take u made from trading the fan.cheh…

anonymous says:

nothing is cheaper…it’s all depend on how wise u spend..sometimes, the price shown for a particular item is not necessary represents the exact may be much expensive than what u have seen before, either in shopping centre or newspapers careful with carrefour, they aren’t honest…posting a cheaper price item on newspapers, but ended up selling expensive item in carrefour…it’s do buy carefully..

leena says:

i still prefer shopping at giant cos i found their vege,fruits n meat is more fresher than de others… :) i like their cartoon sales now cos its really really cheap. Especially the diapers n milk powder…. I will still support Giant! Good job Giant :)

gedd says:

the real cheap hypermarket is mydin…try make comparison all item at mydin with tesco n giant.. all item not certain item.

Prof Langdon says:

Have you guys seen the new advert from Tesco today! They reacted with an advert promoting their club card – saying Its “point-less” shopping in Giant. Ha, this advert war is getting seriously interesting. Never seen anything like this before. But Giant definately have much better deals than both C4 & Tesco this wkend… and most wkends. Giant’s promotion items are different everyday – while Tesco repeat their promotion items – their advert on friday & saturday feature the same old items. whereas Giant advertise different items fri, sat & sun.

lissa says:

hahaha… i agree with dingh…
mmg kebanyakan barangan yg kita gunakan dari product jew… kalau dh takde pilihan nak buat mcmana.. yg penting asalkan barang tu murah & menguntungkan kita beli jelah… tgk promo bln ni apa barang yg kita nk beli tu, murah kt giant kita pegi situ… kalo tesco murah beli kt tesco… lain la kalau kita ni duit byk… x kesah pasal harga

dingh says:

Would like to comments about what minhawk say… if you reading this using linux/mac os then ignore my comments… if not, read this….

Microsoft is jew company so please format your pc now then use linux cos you really concern when using product/shop belong to jew…

Jenny says:

I can’t really say its an expatriate company as long as it provides jobs to the Malaysians.

They are all gigantic companies and have their rights to publish what they deem fit.

Jack Sparrow says:

Let me tell you the honest truth. Giant is NOT a Malaysian company. All of its directors are expatriates. The only Malaysian in the board is the company secretary. It is a company BORN in Malaysia. Big difference that. Their tactic is simple, hire as much as bumiputeras and place them on the selling floor just to give the impression that it IS a Malaysian company. My foot!. I know how mistaken people get when they actually think that GIANT is Malaysian and run by Malaysians. So, in people’s mind, if Malaysians are running it then it must cheap, hor? Dead wrong.

I’ve even heard marketing personel working in GIANT who say that GIANT’s merchandise is really expensive as compared to other hypermarkets and that their most famous tagline is actually a marketing strategy. Having shopped there and carrefour, the latter definitely is cheaper than GIANT.

So judge for yourself people. These are no longer companies who wish to benefits their customers but they thrive on profits and sales. Just visit any store and see how they have managed to rent out any available space until you don’t even have mobility.

lily says:

hahahhaha.. funnylah this things. but its true.. my hubby expecially mmg more to tesco than carrrefour yg dekat sejengkal dr umah.. live in ampang.. 1st coz tempat dia agak selesa dr carrefour n paling penting.. kaunter bayaran tu.. tesco luas than carrefour.. and kita pun rase selesa mase nak bayar.. pepaham jerlah kalau ada anak kecil.. yg sorang nak sorong troley… yg sorang nak sorong stroller…so tgk keadaan laaa.. but in ampang frankly speaking sentiasa penuh.. so we all mmg plan nak shopping di tesco must be saturday or sunday morning.. make sure kul 8-8.30 dah sadai kat situ … TESCO open maa at 8am.. lagi best pegi… siap anak2 leh berlari2 lagi.. hahahahahha.. so pk lah sendiri yer beb.. n one more thing.. jew company ke or local company ker. thats not the issue.. dont compare for that.. just pk kalau local people kita tak ada kerja..even at mana2 supermarket nie?.. as long its cheaper (good for us)..n it benefit to all of us.. its ok… sorry .. its just my 2 cents.. :)

Meowmeow says:

simple aje…. just go back olden days, call kedai kedai runcit and dapat delivery direct.

J says:

I dari Shah Alam jugak.
I rasa paling mahal Giant la, no 2 carefour dan paling murah so far Tesco.
Malaysian base company pun takde guna jugak kalau nak menyiksa rakyat Malaysia sendiri..

I beli lilin birthday same product dekat tesco M$2.90, i tengok kat carefour subang M$5.90, giant tak jual.

I pernah ade experience last year dengan carefour ni, dia ade advertise dalam leaflet dia wall fan tak silap M$110. tapi bila sampai sana dia cakap salah print.
gaduh punya gaduh, sampai 7-8 kali gaduh dengan customer service dan floor manager, last sekali i memang jugak. Dia orang ni kekadang tipu betul la!

minhawk says:

yeah. tesco is a jew company. but a lot of msians especially muslims still shop in tesco. so judge for urself guys..

anna hathaway says:

hmm…my hubby also comment that giant always cheating..price tag tulis lain tapi harga bile scan lain pulak.drypers harga rm42xx/rm47 tapi kat tmpt lain leh dpt rm34/37.ridiculous tul..!tapi time susu dutchlady promotion ok plak.leh lah dapat rm37xx. pun suka gak g mydin..tapi ader cite sedih yg myfriend nyer mak keje dah 10thn tapi mngmt mydin xpenah kasi bonus kat staff..betk\l ker ekkk..mcm betul jep//..

Johnny Bravo says:

TESCO not a Brits Company was TESsa COhen ..a Jew Company ..
Jack Cohen die and pass the company to his wife TESsa COhen ..

omg says:

So? What who give an F if it’s a jew company?

Tokubu says:

dulu i grocery @ tesco but now, giant open new branch near, go to giant jer…speedmart & Hero also near my place.lagi pun, selalu beli telur at tesco…hampeh…telur dia dah busuk+hitam. I kena buang satu masakan I (satu periuk) just because I dah pecahkan telur busuk tu in my masakan. Serik beb!!! furthermore,price dh makin naik @ tesco. I can get my son punya susu formula lebih murah @ speedmart compare to tesco. drypers pun mahal giler… Hero sell with cheaper price…

blossom says:

i personally find the prices at giant is cheaper most of the time compare to tesco. the place i live has giant, mydin, carrefour, cold storage, econsave nearby but i shop at giant most of the time as i find their things are cheaper. i remember giant was selling dynamo, breeze, milo, baby’s milk powder etc, etc at very cheap price somewhere in labour day. i would go to carrefour for their hams, as they have the best hams so far as i think cold storage is expensive. well, in terms of hypermarkets i think giant and tesco are the big player here but price can’t be cheaper at all times at one hypermarkets isn’t it? they have to make profits too, so sometimes you will find the prices at giant cheaper and sometimes you will find prices at tesco cheaper and it depends what you buy. but, i personally love to shop at giant very much, i am their supporter.

lissa says:

pada sy, barangan kt mydin lg murah dr giant/tesco… byk barangannya lg murah dr giant/tesco.. sprt diapers, horlick, shampoo, sabun… pernah skali tu sy pegi giant sek13 s.alam, shampoo clear dijual berharga rm13.90 padahal stiker dari kilang terang2 tertera “harga promosi cuma rm12.90″… lagi satu bila shopping kt giant ni rasa mcm rimas skit la… ruangan dia berserabut.. sy sukakan suasana di tesco, sgt selesa… harga boleh dikatakan lg murah dari giant… tp sy slalu shopping kat giant sbb giant paling dkt dgn rumah.. hhuhuhuh

leena says:

im a big fan of tesco. mainly because the Tesco i go to (klang) is ALOT more comfortable than shopping at the Giant nearby. Find the products in Tesco are more “imported based”, compared to Giant which sells too many local products, its also very congested (ex: must find trolley from outside and push all the way inside) plus they dont have a covered carpark, and its a nightmare when it starts raining. no covered walkway either!

Jen says:

Yeap, i saw newspaper ad on Sunday Star, was quite amused by their tactic. I totally agreed that Giant is not user friendly in terms of their cleanliness, their products are not categorised properly, and their trolley are dirty and hard to push. Where as, tesco provide few type of trolley and looks cleaner and comfy. I also dun mind to pay more to shop in a better environment hypermarkets as i like to hang ard in hypermarkets to see whts new and compare pricing.

As for why they compare cold storage & guardian, bcos they compare the things that available in guardian such as shampoo and some health supplements which tesco also have.

Anyhow, their price war will only benefit the consumers and the advertiser. Hiakz…

Leogurl says:

By right we should encourage them to slash the price habis-habisan while gado2.

Smartfella says:

Give out FREE better la… everything also want to cheap>cheaper>cheapest!

hanny says:

diorg fight, we take advantage la. maner murah kiter gi situ. aper pun mcm shopper said, 99speedmart, mydin lagi murah.

Lmj says:

well… let them fight. as long as it’s a good one, and still benefit us.

Meowmeow says:

Don’t think Tesco is that good, come to think about it…..Full with empty promises and less freshness of stock.

Giant might not be superb with artificial environment, however there are Honest Retailer compare to the Brits.

mama haziq says:

i love shopping at tesco…..

square says:

well, it matters only where you live actually plus the convenience of finding the parking space and probably where the traffic to get there is smooth. I agree the price just differs a little bit, but the coupons and stuff may drop the price even further.

As for yummy, I think the price war is not a nonsense. I think it’s a healthy competition. With things like these, hopefully smart consumers like us are the winner.

Shop where you think it’s worth the money you’re going to pay.And pasar borong for the win. :D

yummy says:

frankly speaking this price war was nonsense..people nowdays not stupid la..we know what the best to choose right???so those from Giant, Tesco and whatever…please read our sincere opinions about you all…and think for consumers best.

dingh says:

Giants need to beat OTHERS in term of price because not all customer really like them. Some of the item only cheap for few sen.

dingh says:

Agree with yummy, if want to be the cheapest… keep the price down everyday not only on certain day/week as stated in the ads.

Also agree with cuddly.
I rather go to a cleaner and easy to move hypermarket. When with my family, comfort is more important for me. Better to go to Tesco/Carrefour cos their hypermarket arrangement is better than Giants. Can move and selisih easily.

For me Giants only GIANTS on name but when inside… damn… even to selisih also susah… Giants a bit better than Mydin/OU/other small supermarket. They like to use the middle space to put a big rack and can only fit just the trolley.

And…. I have see a GIANTS mouse running inside GIANTS BC, then hiding under the icecream fridge near to place where they put rice. Even my 8 years son notice it. This is true, not try to make a story about it… I not manage to take picture to prove it.

Even my 6 years son know to choose which one to go. Normally will ask either Tesco or Carrefour.

I live in Selayang and there is NSK open for 24 hours. Some say cheaper, for me not cheap. I only will go to NSK if I need something after late night.

I have been to Carrefour at France. Their placements is not much different with Carrefour here. I feel like I at Malaysia, only the different is the price tag.

yanz says:

i agree with leone….but then still depends on the locations…tesco still the best compared to giant etc…i live in cheras whereby i can go to all these hypermarkets…but then, still for groceries i will go to tesco…if someone can relay our message to all of them, stop fighting, you will win if you offered better than others…

Leona says:

where i live, we have giant, mydin, tesco, econsave, carrefour, all pretty nearby, but i still prefer tesco being my main grocery shopping destination. I buy the same things every month, like milk, milo etc, and find the price the same in tesco, but in giant it is really really pricey. plus it’s true, i don’t like the way giant is constructed, it’s really not ‘friendly’ for customers and kids. tesco’s construction is ‘smart’ as in go up one way, come down the other way so there won’t be a clash of customers and their trolleys going into the market and out. Econsave is definitely cheaper here too, but the condition of the place is downright, menjijikan..gross and dirty!

lizzygee says:

Oh must look out for Econsave, not heard of it. Chan, i have noticed that tactic too.

On another note, twice i wanted to buy electrical item on promotion and they say no more stock come back next day and i did and they said supplier hasn’t come. I specifically asked for a person’s (staff) contact no. so i can call to check. Leaving my no. down for them to call hasn’t been working :/

I like all the sharing here with the internet, knowledge is shared faster and conveniently. Thanks ‘gals’ :D

Chan says:

These supermarkets always put the low prices in the brochure, but when I go to the hypermart wanted to buy the so called low price items, it’s not even on the shelf!!! They advertise the prices, then keep it in the store so that nobody can buy!! My mom witnessed the whole thing in Giant. The cutie compact tissue was advertised for RM 6++, when she reach Giant, she saw Giant staff putting back all the tissues into the trolley and bring back to the store!! Other people thot that it’s been sold out when in reality, it’s not! My mom said this is not the first they r doing it, she felt cheated. I went to Tesco wanted to buy the Darlie toothpaste advertised at ard RM10 for 2, well, there’s not even one on the shelf. I think they too keep all the stock during the promo period.

naD says:

econsave is cheaper than this 2 hypermarkets.

Ceci says:

I agreed that Econsave is much cheaper. I used to go to Tesco on weekly basis but found out that their price are in deed getting more expensive nowadays. I have been visiting giant lately with their coupons promotion. Those item that you need to purchase with coupons are indeed very cheap.

iffah says:

yup.. i also agree with yummy, shereen and cluddly….

my friend foward web ni..

tapi sejauh mana betul harga yang ada dalam web ni i tak kaji lagi.. sebab tiap kali nak pergi shopping.. tk de masa plak nk check harga dulu..hehe..

sebab ada barang yang murah kat tesco, mahal kat giant or carrefour.. ada plak barang yang murah kat giant tapi mahal kat tesco.. so web ni calculate jumlah keseluruhan barang yang kita nak beli dan bandingkan..

din says:

guys..… judge by yourself…

minhawk says:

I live in Banting n there are only 2 hypermarkets there. Econsave and Tesco.
But the Tesco there isnt doing well since most ppl go to Econsave as it is a lot cheaper. On the downside, its a bit dirty and not user-friendly. But hey, if it saves u a lot of money its worth it. In my opinion, comparing all the big hypermarkets in Msia, Econsave is the chepest of all.

lizzygee says:

I agree with yummy, shereen and cuddly! So Tesco overall better value and shopping experience! Does anyone agree with me? lol

Cold Storage..they are not a hypermarket so why want to compete? After all, their prices overall higher but the goods are mostly foreign brands…you wanna get really fresh food at premium prices.Quality is there too. When they have offers, prices are at best almost hypermarket prices or a little bit higher not like usually…at least 20% higher.

Oh, may i take the opportunity to encourage all to BYOBs-Bring your own (shopping) bags and reduce plastic bag consumption :D

lizzygee says:

Although prices have gone up in Tesco, overall it is still cheaper than Giant and Carrefour. At least for the basic necessities like fruits and vege. and some other groceries-eggs,coffee etc, isn’t it? One day soon,i will pop by Mydin and see. It is quite a distance for me to go there that’s the main reason. I think there were other postings from otheres saying Mydin is best. I wish Mydin had more outlets. They are Malaysian too. Isn’t Giant now under a Hong Kong company like Guardian? Guardian’s prices are now more competive but better if you can compare before making purchase.

So everyone’s trying to say they are better than Tesco. Maybe Tesco’s the one to beat? Price and convenience is key but also freshness,variety and checking out counters. Giant always long and slow moving queues!

Shereen says:

why compare prices between a hypermarket with Guardian and Cold Storage??? (tho mentioned above that they are under the same company), but just doesnt make sense. why not compare Guardian with Watson’s???
agree with Yummy too…
and i still prefer to go to Tesco coz most of the items/groceries that i need is always available and cheaper.

cuddly says:


shanggy says:

AGREE with YUMMY!!….

yummy says:

it’s just the marketing tactics only..kalau betul wannabe the cheapest…supposingly make sure the price for all items are lower than others and maintain the price for everyday la…then only you can claim that you are the cheapest….just my 2 cents…:)

csl says:

aiyaa…better go to pasar borong la…no need to gado-gado…

azhar says:

betoi2…. kat umah beli peti ais besaq2 stok byk….

DoesntMatter says:

i enjoy facilities provided by hypermarkets.
not mind pay little more.
shopping is part of my family activities.
i would prefer tesco if to choose between giant and tesco.

sherry says:

agree with shopper comment… ;) those hypermarket not really sell cheaper price, yet mark it up and claimed their prices is the lowest one… that’s y government really need to monitor their existence in our country… too much it seems now… i think if we go and shop at our mamak kedai runcit or, mydin, or even kedai sinsei, the prices are even cheaper and save ur pocket… they lower the prices for certain products but other products esp baby products with high prices… come on malaysian, spend wisely…

Shopper says:

I always shop either at Econmart, Mydin or 99speedmart these three are the cheapest among all other major shopping supermarket the only disadvantage is you have to purchase certain amount before you can pay by credit card. When Tesco started their business in Msia for the first few years they are the leader cheapest but it’s getting more expensive and expensive nowdays.