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4 to 5 July 2009

 Scholl Warehouse Sale


Scholl Footwear


Time : 10am to 6pm



Goods sold are non refundable or exchangeable

and are pruchased at customers own risk

Visa & Mastercard will only be accepted for

purchase of RM100 and above



Wisma GBA

No 6 Jalan SS 13/4

Section 13

Subang Jaya Industrial Estate

47500 Subang Jaya



(opposite Sri Sedaya School)




salecraver says:

OMG… I have the most wonderful time ever at the sale.
ALL the shoes I wanted had my size…

Fantastic! N i was there at 12pm,, thank god my feet is not the small type..
bought 5 shoes all together, only cost me RM350.

Got the shoes I have always wanted…
just my luck!

jid says:


correct me if im wrong… dia tulis je start at 10.00am, actually it was open as early at 9.30am i think… same like previous sale… i pon sampai 9.45am, mmg dah penuh sesgt, agak susah nak carik kasut sbb counter dah penuh dan kena tolak2 utk smpai ke depan kaunter tuh.. huhuhu… so makna, kalo 11.05 u smpai, u lewat 1 jam 35 min, 30min it means a lot especially time2 warehouse cam ni kan…. i kat situ pon smpai kul 10.15, carik size 6,7 mmh susah nak dpt kalao 8,9 mmg byk… huhuhu….

so next time, kita dtg before 9.30 ek… ;)

zara says:

betul jid.. i came at nearly 11 am.. cannot find even a size 7 or 8.
so lesson learned. come an hour earlier..
for those who are going to estee lauder.. may lady luck be with u and be brave..

angelika says:

saya sampai kul 11.05 am (lewat 1 jam 5 minit je) kasut saiz 6 dah abis…puas saya carik….frust sangat2.

jid says:

SIS… it happened to me too… i lagi best sebelah size 5 n sebelah lagi size 8… sib baik balik tu i checked n noticed i got the diff size.. ptg tuh jugak i return to the warehouse sale n mintak tukar size… kebetulan pulak size dah habis n that staff in charge bagi i tukar lain pattern but the price remain RM60/pair… i think in yr case ni SIS, u call n gi balik utk tukar that shoe tuh, n make sure u kept the receipt… mesti boleh, sbb fault diaorg kan… try la SIS call diaorg dulu….

SIS says:

how can i call them..i takde phone number that company..

SIS says:

anyone can help!!
i beli one shoes for my mumfor this warehause sales..but its so sad..that promoter bagi i kasut yang i beli sepasang tu dua-dua kaki kiri..cemane i nak pakai…sesape bole tolong tak..i nak tukar la kasut tu..:(

jid says:

this time sale was great too… before 10.00am they open for the gate… as i reached there at 9.45a.m mmg dah ramai sgt org unlike last year… last yr, eventho i sampai 9.45 pun, still buleh pilih dgn selesa….

as i can see, more plenty of pattern and latest design than the previous.. nice and cheap… also got kids sandal for girl and boy… all of them are so cute for only RM60/pair… especially for girl, got flower and colurful… my girl really love it, even it too big for her… ;)

men shoes/sandals are very limited.. many design same as previous… poor my hubby, he like 1 shoe for work but they dont have size 6… most of them got only size 10 onwards…

i manage to grab 5 sandals for my sis average for RM60/pair… and for me, i only get a pair size 4 of shoe (sarung) for preggy lady… itu pun i found it be4 heading to payment counter… that shoe tu i jumpa kat counter tepi tangga as s/bdy leave it there…

true and agree as zara and Silvercivic_guy said “hate seeing the malaysian gals who took plenty of shoes and trying to figure out which one that they wanted to buy..”

dydi nadya says:

nini, is it true?
anyway, anyone who wanna let go scholl heels, size 6, pls contact me.
i want to buy for my mom. thanks a lot yar.hope to hear from someone.
can mail me or 0166448653.

jie says:

i thought this year the sale wld not attract too many ppl go bcos only few ppl left comments here than ppl did in previous years… my gosh… who knows the crowd was sooooooo thick! i really cant imagine what wld happen to the coming Estee Lauder staff sale…. Help us, Amen!

DeviL says:

nini, same price? really? With size as well? Oh my!!

I went on day 1. Around 10.30am, by the time i reach, the crowd was already thick…most of the shoes were out of sizes. Guys shoes have lesser design. I notice the girls sandals and people grabbing it alot. But i didnt know it was just RM20. The designs were pretty cute as well..Wooden clogs to be exact..I think i spell it right..There are slippers and i am not sure of the price. I bought a beige shoe for girls. i actually have the same pair at home. When i bought it last year, it was more expensive.

They actually reduced the price this year. I couldnt resist to get another pair coz it is really comfy. Specially for pregnant ladies…Thou i’m not.. :) Coz i remember my pregnant fren tried my shoe and love it…

Then there were juices being sold..Grabbed a carton of it…Juice..Yummy..


nini says:

… hemm… i went to warehouse sale on saturday… me n hubby bought 5 shoes.. and u know what!!! i went to scholl shops at subang parade on sunday pulak.. saja lalu.. hahaha.. they offer all the same shoes laa…. grrrr… letih jer

ZJ says:

what do u mean,nini? price same as the warehse sale for same pattern??????

lizzy gee says:

There were foods on sale at different stalls. Price was good but expiry date for some were quite short only 1-2 months so buy in small quantity if you can consume them before the date. Others, around 6 months. There were beauty products like hairbrushes and manicure stuff.

The hottest is of course the Scholl shoes.When hot, it was literally hot-weather wise and the crowd. Again, if you want to see ugly Malaysians who like to elbow people to get ahead and those that queue and then their family and friends all ‘tumpang’ when the queue is so long there should be some control as to how many pairs of shoes/people can tumpang one person. Like a few persons ahead of me 1 person queue and then later 5 others.Luckily the queue was not as long as later so i was patient. But there should be more cashiers!there were people asking if they could cut queue because they were buying one pair.

The crowd was so thick, cannot see what type of shoes.Wanted to buy slippers that were going at rm20 per pair i think. By the time i worked out where it was, all gone! This was only 11am (ish) on the first day. Anyone wants to let go of these slippers in size 4 or 5 please alert here.

Banners should be put up to give some directions where the building is…many got lost but hope most found the way. Glad diethelm sold other products besides scholl at least some of us who might not have gotten shoes could get some cheap food products. Not alot but maybe there were more before I arrived. :D

zara says:

i totally agree with u.
got lost for 1 hour because i have to make a very big round of u turn just before finding the place. so by the time i got there.. plenty shoes were gone..
and bout the ugly side of malaysians.. not need to say.. i’ve said before and i’ve seen a lot of time esp shoe sales. women are just crazy..
like to correct silver civic guy.. it was an ugly sight at clark sale for ladies shoes .. been there.

jie says:

There r still plenty of slippers when i was there in 1st day sale…3 carton of them, if not mistaken all bigger size! At 1st only few ppl bought…but the slippers r super heavy, dun think they r suit for girls! dun unstd why ppl crazy abt them later! guess may bcos of the brand + price=”scholl”+RM20 only…after all they r the cheapest in the sale!

lisa says:

i pergi ptg td not much left, tapi sbb kaki i odd size banyak la choice…grab 1 pair, ada jugak jual choclate and hair brush lady jayne.

Tapi info for muslim ya, lady jayne brush tu bristlenya i check tadi boar (bulu bab*)..maka be extra careful ya, kalau dah beli bagi or jual to non muslim, i beli 2, maka jadi gift la pasni nampaknya

SilverCiViC_GuY says:

I seconded Zara…really hate to see them (girls especially) very selfishly took all the shoes and then only deciding on which to buy…the attitude is really not acceptable and uneducated.
The event was badly managed and everybody could go in at one time until packed and jammed everywhere including the cashier area… This had not happened at Clarks or Timberland or even Nike warehousesales before.. (2009 warehousesales).
I glad to get my shoes (only 1 pair = RM 150) and another for my kid (1pair also RM 60)…cannot buy too much because still had plenty of shoes from previous Nike, Clark and Timberland warehouse sales this year which are not regularly worn yet.

zara says:

lucky u.. got all the shoes u want and can wear ‘em

fiona says:

the scholl sales was great

aishah says:

mmg rugi siapa tk pergi. i be there at 9.30am. tot kene que up…
but biler smpai i tgk org dah ader…but tk ramai sgt…still selesa utk pilih kasut…but at 10.10am starting crowded. manage to buy 4 pair of shoes and 1 sandal for my sis….sgt hepy n berbaloi…starting price as lower as RM20 (but only for 10 size)

zara says:

pergi pagi tadi.. around 10.30 am..
nothing much left for a gal size 8.. plenty if u r size 4 or 9 only :P
hate seeing the malaysian gals who took plenty of shoes and trying to figure out which one that they wanted to buy.. and when u asked about those shoes, they said that those shoes are booked and they wanted them.. later u’ll see the shoes were left at one corner.. should’ve took ‘em back to the counter/display table, pls lah… somebody may want to buy ‘em..

kuzie says:

just got back from the sales..guess what! i got 3 pairs of shoes with a price of RM 135.00! so cheap! i bought one with the latest design which cost rm150 at parkson..we cant get that kinda price anywhere…go guys…

amir says:

just got back. worth itlah because its a scholl. yeah who got big size feet women 8-9, mens 9-10 can still get if u go after this or tommorrow. if normal size people serbu already when open this morning. so very susah to get the sizes.

jie says:

Well, jus back from there,a lot of ppl…. seems jus having a battle over there, very tired! most of shoes cost Rm50 to Rm100, I bought 3 pairs-Rm60/each and 1 for Rm100! Frankly speaking, U can hardly find shoes less than Rm30. Those cost Rm100 look more “stylish” and super fine quality, i think it is worth to buy, so i bought one for my mom!

Andre says:

Nothing much left for the mens. Bought a pair for RM100 and left.

RAZ says:

last year i g scholl w/house nie…
menarik gak…
limited size kalau g lambat…
tapi kan…
my hubby bli sandal lelaki simpan dlm 2 bulan berkulat la…
bila dah bersihkan pun… still berkulat…
dah simpan kat tempat elok…

design yang latest tak de la…

ieman says:

nak gi ujung minggu ni…

Love's Zura says:

nk tanya.. kasut lelaki ada ke?? kasut utk g keje.

sasy says:

sure i will go!!

ahmadvw says:

jgn jd mcm clarks shoe sale sudah, tapak kasut crak. melayang duit aku walaupun sale

mama says:

u all..nk tanya.kalo yang new arrival ada jual tak?
berkenan sgt dkt parkson tapi harganya 168 uwaa…

Mel says:

Does anyone know if there are kids shoes?

elly says:

anyone had inside info

Vidhi says:

Can some tell if we will get other scholls stuff like scrubs, foot care products also?

BELIZA says:

Got size 9 and above sandal or not? Please reply!!!

umi_qarirah says:

wah menark ni…nanti sesapa yg pergi plz update

fadil says:

ada saiz 13….?

Ainprincess79 says:

i’ve been once, time DKSH sales..the scholl sales was great only cost rm25 per pair..and until today i leh pakai lagik..hemm i think dah almost 3yrs my slipper..

neneqqaw says:

best ker??? takut kasut yang dijual tu kurang berkualiti atau pun yang reject punya……..

neneqqaw says:

best sangat ker??? takut nanti kasut yang dijual kurang berkualiti…yang reject punya….

dydi nadya says:

best giler.
ni leh gi nih.
nak beli kan mama sandal la.
anyone knows discount is up to how many percent?
and another thing,
if am taking public transport, whats the easiest way for me?
thanks a lot for any feedback =D

jid says:


jid says:

mi, mungkin nasib u kurang baik dapat kasut yg tak ok…. me n my sis nyer kasut beli 2 tahun lepas masih elok dan masih boleh dipakai… rege dlm RM50 je sepasang…. cuma kasut my hubby, tapak bhgn dalam dah agak rosak, so bila nak pakai kene letak alas… huhuhu…

mi says:

sudah pergi 2 kali, harganya memang murah, tapi quality memang memang memang teruk ! beli 2 pasang kasut, bakai tak lama, Bawah kasut keluar POWDER….. MUNGKIN kasut tu sudak simpan lama, oleh tu ….. jaga lah

papa eddy says:

duit gaji bulan lepas pun tak habis-habis lagi…

faz says:

Too bad. No chance to go bcoz im opening my Booth (clothing,shoes etc) at The SUMMIT,USJ. There’s a flea market starting from July onward. Every Sat & Sun. So come and support us!

mie2 says:

dah penah pegi.. best..!

mling says:


DeviL says:

:( I missed this

jid says:

huhuhu… warehouse yg MESTI PERGI!!!…. dah pegi utk 2 tahun yg sudah, sgt puashati…. last year pegi, pintu lom bukak lagi, antara org pertama yg enter… banyak pilihan… this time nak carik kan kasut utk hubby pulak…. rugi kalao tak pegi u guys… jumpa di sana…

lina says:

buy 4 me can?
OMG!! sume pon nak beli…
hehehe ;P

giveguide says:

ready for ‘pecah kedai’… i think it gonna be same as Hush Puppies and Clark WH Sales…. hahhaha…. pls get some exercise before go there….

Momof2 says:

Any Size 3.5? Could not wear 4, too loose. Yes it is definitely good investment! Block your calendar everyone and see ya there!

Siti says:

Wah! Mcm best jer…sandal dia selesa pakai tak?
Betul2 berbaloi ke?

irdina says:

i wish i m in Malaysia…wa… nak jugak…

lieen says:

wowwwwwwwwww…waiting for this sale last year pegi memang berbaloiiiiiiiiii….

akhir says:

saya pegi last year, buy dalam 10-12 pasang kasut.
well known quality and at least 60% lest
for man and women

Ainprincess79 says:

wahh siapa pernah niee..

pig says:

barbie sale???

sun says:

Wow…sale yang wajib pegi…