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20090731 Hush Puppies Warehouse Sales2

31 July to 2 August 2009

Hush Puppies Shoes, Miss Sixty and Energie Warehouse Sale

[SNS  : Check out last year's HP's Warehouse Sales in Sep08]

RM10 discount on Miss Sixty and Energie (no minimum purchase required)

Brands Offered

Hush Puppies Footwear

Miss Sixty




Credit Card payment accepted for a minimum purchase worth RM80

Shopping bags and large handbags are not allowed

RM10 discount only applicable during the 3-day sale period

One voucher per transaction

Time : 10am – 8pm


Hotel Armada Petaling Jaya

Laksamana Ballroom

Lorong Utara C

Section 52

46200 Petaling Jaya

Selangor Darul Ehsan




jam tangan says:

Terima kasih atas sebuah blog yang informatif. Dimana lagi saya bisa mendapatkan info semacam ini yang ditulis sedemikian rupa? Saya memiliki sebuah proyek yang saya sekarang kerjakan, dan saya telah melihat pada informasi tersebut.

VIVIAN says:

I bought a boots only RM50 . it is size 5 but look like size 6 . quite worth . Last days to go 5 pairs of noche shoes at RM50.

pondan says:

nonox kaw nie naper? da dintis kew? emo plak ska atila nak shop ke x nak..
tp mak tetap uollss cari bundle sajorkk.. cik murss katanya hiksss

nonox says:

weyh kowrunk nie kaya sngat kew asyik shopping jerk? cuba sedekah kat anak2 yatim sket.. nak2 bulan puasa nie.. nie x membazir jer beli brg mahal2 ujong pakai kaki. bijak kan…

shaera says:

yeah. do they allow us to try out the jeans?? am planning to go at 3pm.. i bet there wont be much leftt

impulsive says:

And are the designs of the jeans outdated, or new? Please update, thanks!

impulsive says:

Hi all,

Do they allow us to try on the jeans?

Liana says:

really worth going for me
i bought 1 last pair HP working shoes at RM40 only
and the sales person just open the box to display the shoes at the counter
means that my shoes never being try by others before =)
also bought 1 ‘raya’ shoes for my mummy at RM120 (normal price RM239)
ask the sales person bout tomorrow stock, she says donno either
will restock or not

Miss Sixty jeans cheap gile…
normal store price usually RM400 or RM500 and above
selling here at RM80, RM90, RM120, RM140 depends on design
but sadly dun have my size anymore

aurora says:

gosh! totally worth it …
i bought 3 shoes….only rm80.

there’s ‘jaga’ collecting rm5 ringgit per car…
i’m not sure whether they are legal or illegal ..anyway, i did pay rm5.
malas nak bertekak…nanti kete keta ‘mark’

CY says:

Back frm the warehouse sale ytd with happy and satisfy……i spent almost RM 500 on Miss Sixty, Energie, Hush Puppies……..for my working, X’mas & New Year clothes……Only one comment: Must go if not will regret!!!!!!!!

michelle says:

hey! a must to go! I got very cheap stuff from miss 60. couldn’t imagine the stuff was so cheap. i only spent rm200 and got 3 pair of jeans and 2 tops.

no name says:

miss sixty & energie very cheap!mmg berbaloi pegi..

SY says:

I went for the energie and miss sixty sale this morning. There are many good bargains! Energie’s t-shirt/shirt range from rm50-150 and jeans rm80-150. I managed to grab 2 pairs of jeans @rm100 and 3t-shirts. My wife also managed to grab 2 miss sixty tops and 2 pairs of jeans @ rm400. hehehe….luckily its pay day today! If not jialat lor…..

axm says:

nobody mention bout energie or miss 60. guess that there’s no brand offers.

teach says:

I think so… better go early in the morning… if u think parking is not easy… come by LRT. For me… I’m bringing my sister tomorrow… 2nd trip lah… :))

teach says:

Yahoooo!! just came back. there was no q when i arrived there. Still there are many choices. I bought working shoes for rm60 only. and loafers for rm40. yep there are sandals going as low as rm20 but hav a bit defect here and there. For me it is still ok.. wanted to buy but they do not have my size.. (size9). Most of the loafers and shoes are frm rm100 – 150 (latest design). sport shoes are going ard rm40 – 100. Sandals RM60-100-150.
mens’ shoes – am not so sure.. but looks like it is worth buying too…
Njoy your shopping.

teach says:

parking was free for me… :D

bella says:

is it worth going tomorrow , anything left?

baoly says:

just print the voucher out here n show the cashier when i purchase anything there?

or ned any terms requirement?

mamabalqis says:

mlsnyerla nak pi sesak..baru jer beli kasut hush puppies 50% gak kat jusco dpt rm 100 rasa murah dah tu size 8 susah nak carik kat warehouse sale lani memg time sale better beli kat shop jerlaa..k..appy shoppg

Mr ENERGIE says:

How abt ENERGIE brans…plz update… :)

wind says:

I reached there around 12pm, no queue to get into the hall, and the crowd was below my expectation.

For ladies shoes, those I’m interested mostly did not have size 4, but size 5 & 6 were available…

I managed to get 1 pair of slipper (last pair) and 1 pair of semi-formal shoes (only size 4 & 8 available) at RM20 each, and one pair of heels at RM60.

Spotted a nice pair of heels with crystals on it, but even the size 4 was too loose for me.. :(

Enjoy shopping! ;)

Jess says:

Jasmine, do u think i manage to go in after work…if let say i reach there by 7pm??
im looking for working shoe and man’s sandals….
then i’ll park my car that open space parking lor….


Jasmine says:

hmm .. the open area parking in front of hotel armanda is RM5..

kids shoe is ranging RM40-60 if not mistaken, hush puppies towel set RM25, hush puppies toy(the beagle) RM18, I=AM sock is RM 12, lots of choices for men shoe ..size not sure..

for lady shoe quite limited size.. most of it dont have size 5..
certain high heel is RM20 per pair.. but only size 4 and size 8 are available..
I managed to buy 4 pairs(2 pairs of slipper, 1 pair of high heel(RM20 each) and 1 pair of lady working shoe(RM60 .. last pair of size 5))

O ya.. saw many chairs outside the entrance.. guess is for those shopper while waiting to go in


Jess says:

Any1 back from the sales?? please update us ya…
im thinking to go later after work…dun know whether in time to reach or not, as 2day is friday, very jam…

actually i went to their warehouse sales last 2 years, and i park my car at the open area in front of armada hotel, and if not mistaken, is not a few dollars…but is 2 years ago la…
so, the expensive parking that u all mean is inside the building or still the open space car park??


layang-layang says:

What abt shoes for ladies? are there many choices?

Erin says:

I went for the sales this morning. Arrived bout 1015am.

The crowd was there already but still controlled. For Hush Puppies, there were quite a number of varieties for men. Sandals (RM50 each), loafers (RM50 and 100) and work shoes (RM100, 120 and 150). They even have boots available…

My buys: loafers 2 pairs (RM50) and another loafer RM100.

Bought, paid and left in 40 mins. Good luck!

D says:

as usual…… long queue and crowded. i found that the price isn’t as cheap as previous sale (provided last year leftover stocks).

cmy says:

Hi, anyone went to this sale? pls leave comment!! thanks

Max says:

wah hush puppies warehouse sales is here already i must go on the first day and last sure can get lot of cheap shoe…. last years i brough 3 prs of I=AM sport shoe is abt RM 80 dollar a pair is nice to wear dun know this year will it have o not and 4 prs of Obermain shoe all the quality very good and cheap … guy anyone is free can go for it…

Terri Cheok says:

any good stuff fr Ms. Sixty???

amyishak says:

yaaa..i agree with anne..any verdict or comments besides HP shoes?

WL says:

hi thr…

why Penang dun have this kind of warehouse sales?

ann says:

hello ppls!

how bout miss sixty and energie? any nice clothing over there?

Kaki Sale says:

Finnaly!! Been waiting for this sale since only once a year. the Q can be extremely long but worth the wait. U guys complain about crowd but at least its in a hotel and there’s aircon. Well, its your loss as the shoes are very cheap, esp. since its genuine leather…. They also have more items out on weekends too!! Last yr i bought 4 pairs of ladies and 3 mens and only cost me around RM500 i think…heheheeh

Zen says:

Dont miss it out… must go! Good deal and the disc up to 80%. Worth to go. Last year I got a few pairs of Hush Puppies Ladies shoe and 2 pairs of Hush Puppies Mens shoe for my husband. Can you get any Men’s leather dress shoe with the price of RM80 – RM150?

Kim says:

I have a friend working in hush puppies and heard this round have a lot new ladies shoes, last time when I went.. i can find 2 only pairs of the ladies shoes & 2 pairs men’s ..anyway, I think we have to go early then only can grab more…. ya ya !!!

mememe says:

the common size shoe is also limited.. if u go at 11am, definetly no more size 5,6,7

lilly says:

went there last year..n i agree with joanne n abc.. not worth to go.. the parking is expensive… the shoes is all old design.. n some are even makcik style.. but i dont know why people keep up pushing each other like mad just to buy the ‘makcik’ style shoe for rm80?!…

Joanne says:

Me too dislike this place whereby we need to pay high parking fee for queing as well. I ‘ve been there few years ago & I told myself no more there again as I almost fainted after 2 hrs of queing into the hall but then nothing to buy due to so limited choices. The ppl pushing like mad !!

Wong says:

Is it true???

Wong says:

Sound like this warehouse sale not worth to go ….

abc says:

i seriously think the location at armada is crazy, have to wait long Q, wait for hours to get in, go through all the pushing once you in the room :( …..moreover ladies shoes are so limited and not nice…. i don recommend to go unless u wan to check it out simply…..

winda says:

i went to this wh every year ….

must be there by 8.30 to be the first to come in ..

q was very long …. too many people, pushing around … pushing the table like mad … sales staff have to call for time out to push away the table .. that’s when they started screaming .. push .. push .. 1,2,3 push ….

price not bad … kids shoes are worth buying … buy and stock up for coming years as HP materials are all good quality …

kids sandal .. flip flops … you must check the coloring .. they might sell it for RM10 per-pair but the color of one side might be a bit faded – - display item .. so check before you buy and make sure you agree to it before paying .. once bought (RM10 item) you cannot change …

to MUSLIM shoppers, be very careful with pig lining shoes, normally for men shoes only … altho they will put a sign but the sign was too small and even before you noticed it maybe you could’ve accidentally touched it …

blossom says:

I went twice, managed to buy a pair of shoes for my daughter but I didn’t buy anytime on the second visit. As for the discounts, I personally don’t find it worth the effort to go at all, first you have to pay couple of Ringgit for the parking and endure long queues. Limited choices and the discount is not much isn’t it better to buy from normal sale?

HP Staff says:

Hi taty,

Yes, u can cut out the discount voucher attached there.


sun says:

Kasut wanita very limited n terlalu teruk berebut,hati2 dgn lif armada sbb dah ada pengalamn g sale hush puppies, terperangkap dlm lif, dah la bulan puasa,lif penuh, lama pulak tu…siap panggil bomba, bila keluar, sume org mcm mandi. Yg pasti kasut lelaki banyak, wanita sgt kurang (range harga rm80-rm180) tapi harap tahun ni lebih baik. Kasut kids pon ada

taty says:

dear sns,

can we just cut out the discount voucher attached here? appreciate much if you can check on this.

p/s: plz put the link of the previous HushPuppies warehouse sale held before. so we can read the comments from ppl who had been there. for guidance, at least :)

Thanks a lot.

ralph says:

This Armada hush puppies sales is very worth it.
Every years, there are long queue for it.
Just nice i need a pair of shoes for my wedding shooting….
hahaha… just in time…

eazzie says:

aiyoooo…tooo many warehouse sale dis month, which one shud i go, since the money becoming dry…hu…hu…

diamond_head says:

would this be great?have any1 been to this kind of sale b4?