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20100313 lorenzo annual clearance sale2

From 13 March 2010 onwards

Lorenzo Annual Clearance Sale


Lorenzo’s biggest stock-clearance sale is back with a blast!

A thousand stylish designs but only limited units.

First come first served, so hurry over to grab a few before the sale is over!


Available at all Lorenzo outlets




Non says:

What time your business hour?

mama_ameera says:

Does anyone here have the map to Seputeh outlet?


me says:

13 march onwards? until when? end of the year? or will be continue till early next year?

csf says:

until 11 apr

WE LET GO IT says:


we sell 100% ORIGINAL perfume here…70% off…nomore to run everywhere to search for oRIGINAL perfume guys..we ease u here..just enter to our blog to list down ur favorite perfume n buy from us…

deento says:

everytime got sale…from 1 sale to another..i bought my set for rm9k. then a few mths later, it became cheaper by a few thousands…so bengang!

izyan says:

what is the difference between this clearance sale & the CNY one?
Which has more discounts? During the CNY sale, they were having 50% discounts for display item.

csf says:

may i know where the biggest outlet is?

Tan says: