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The top Blackberry devices are now available at Celcom.

The Blackberry Bold 9780 and Blackberry Torch 9800.

Why should you get one the BB Bold 9780 or BB Torch 9800?

  • Both are running on the latest Blackberry OS6
  • 5 Megapixels camera
  • In built 512 MB Flash Memory
  • Allows you to connect instantly with BB Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, Windows Live, Facebook, Flickr, LinkedIn, Buzzd and others
  • Faster, richer browsing to manage multiple open websites with tabbed browsing as well as bookmark all your fav sites
  • Equipped with Wi-Fi capabilities, so that you can switch effortlessly between various networks to acces your BB services
  • Celcom is Malaysia’s No.1 Blackberry provider with the best deals on Blackberry smartphones and plans
  • Celcom offers the widest mobile network coverage in the country

Here are some other amazing features of the Blackberry Bold 9780

  • It has the longest battery life amongst all BB phones with 6 hours of talktime and 38 hours of music playback time
  • High resolution screen (480 x 360 pixels) to provide a dazzling display
  • Comes with a Micro SD slot (expandable to 32GB), so that you can carry all your fav music and videos with you
  • Comes with In built GPS, and supports 3G network

Here are some other amazing features of the Blackberry Torch 9800

  • It’s the first BB phone that comes with a 3.2 inch Touch Screen
  • It’s a phone slider with keyboard and track pad, which allows you to operate the Torch with onne hand
  • Comes with a 5MP camera with flash and continuous auto-focus and video

How does Celcom benefit you as a Blackberry user?

Celcom Blackberry gives you the best deals in town and the widest coverage wherever you go! With that, check out the Celcom Exec postpaid plans or the Celcom Biz

The benefits you’ll get with the plan is the most affordable package price with Celcom.

Celcom Exec Postpaid Plans

Celcom Biz