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21-22 January 2011

Lewre Warehouse Clearance

Products Offered

Ladies Footwear

Mens Footwear


Time : 10am to 7pm

Location (Tel 603 5637 3111 /

Lot 1 Jalan Nilam 1/1

Subang Hi-Tech Industrial Park

40000 Shah Alam

Selangor, Malaysia

GPS Coordinates : N 3° 4′ 1.4″   E 101° 33′ 37.8″


Goods sold are not exchangable, refundable or repairable

Please check your goods before leaving

Credit Card payment only for purchases above RM100


Sue says:

I agree with CFoo. This year definately a dissapointment. Limited range and sizes for shoes. Even children’s clothes, only few selection. It was obvious that the really old designs, maybe 1-2 pc left with 80% discount.

Nan says:

Baru jer balik dr shopping kat ctu.overall so so jer.past two yr adalah yg terbaik!ya mmg ada shoes price range at rm30 but working shoes mmm xder langsung.past two yr ada working shoes n boot rm30 n cantik sekali tp skunk ni no satisfaction at all.beli flat shoes pricenyer jer dah rm50 yg mana leh dpt rm so jer this time nyer warehousesale

firr says:

my opinion:
design of the shoes are nice, still latest & good condition. my size 35 senang la nak dapat. but 1 leather shoe tinggal display aje rm70, i beli aje cos still look good.
i pegi dlm pukul 4pm, tak ramai org. manage to try/find shoes easily. parking pun senang. just kena pusing satu kilang utk pergi & balik. sgt jauh pulak.
kaunter ada 2 aje, so i think esok sure kena Q panjang. sgt panas petang tadi!
u can pay by credit card (no limit) & cash.
that time men shoes takder langsung, yg ada tinggal selipar aje rm100. tak beli pun.
overall, limited design but still satisfied cos conditions are really good! staffs are very friendly. thanks!

CFoo says:

Just drove there all the way from KL. What a big joke. It is supposed to be a warehouse sale but so few designs and sooo limited in sizes. They won’t even be able to hold a sale in a shop with these kind of availabilities.

Certainly not worth the effort.

As for men shoes an even bigger joke, only about 5 designs available.

Eve SY says:

Just went around 2pm. Good bargain but mostly not so suit my feet. Saiz 35 quite number. Bag got few, only RM50 per bag. Even leather bag also RM50 but left one in green color. Mostly high heel dinner shoes. Working shoes RM70 & RM150. Found 1 working shoes but left only size 35. The sales personnel says if you found your size better buy cause tomorrow you will not find the shoes d. Got flower girl clothes start from RM20…. Very nice but not so comfort clothes but if you want to buy for wedding flower girl you can take a look.

R says:

Got size 4,5,6? What kinda shoes design they have? A lot of people?

nee says:

Worth going….starting from RM30, RM50, RM70, RM100 and above…shoe still in good condition. They sell dinner bag too but i din get to see the price, hurry as sizes is limited

chessnut says:

i agree with nee,just back from the sale.only who has a small size well manage to get beautiful shoes compare for me.just late 1hr 11am after sale start.all price start at 30,50,70,100 and 150.working shoes for men 150 size not sure.ladies working shoes 150 only avaiable for size 4,5,6,8(a few) n 9.manage to get last pair at size 7. just bought for 2 pair of shoes(150+70) n 1 pair for my mom(70) which is last spend sad…….most are clip shoes n a few sandals all for size 4,5,6(a few),8(a few),9 n 7 is sold out.handbag not too many choice only clutch is avaiable.not worth to buy except for shoes.if your legs is small size u will definately will get the beautiful shoes but if your size was at 7,hard to get mostly sold out.happy shopping to all.hope lewre will have more choice and definately for people like whose shoe was a size 7.go n go n go

CKP says:

Hi anyone out there can update please. How many % of discounts has given?

Eve SY says:

Do they sell bag? What is the price range?

Leen says:

I went there last year and two years. Very looooooong queue… . The quality? Satisfied to the max. Overall worth to go.

PinkDonut says:

how early is early for you to get in?
any insights?
much appreciated and thanks.

irdina says:

Pink Donut,

I cant remember exactly but I think it was about 8.30 am. i was queued for more or less 1 hour. then the lewre staffs brought us to the warehouse sale area, behind of the building. and we started shopping =).
in short – if u have a budget, JUST GO!!!

irdina says:

guys, i went there last 2 years.. I queued since 7.30am with the others fanatic lewre warehouse sale =). really worth it. i managed to buy 3 pairs with the highest price was less than RM70. and I still have the those pairs until today =)). but be careful with the price becoz they charged me with the different price over the counter. but overall – worth to go..

phatgurl says:

if not mistaken, there was huge crowd last year. i remember reading positive reviews about lewre sale… and the most important thing of all, u have to come early!

jihan says:

its worth to go. i’ve been there last 2 years and the shoes still in a good condition~

Nazha Aini says:

Oopppss… sorry, didn’t see the site properly. Thanks.

Nazha Aini says:

Where is the venue?

LC says:

pls update…

LC says:

any comments on this?