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5-11 April 2011

Poney Clearance Fair

Up to 70% Off

[SNS : Check out the Comments from their recent Sale in Jan]

Brands Offered


Baby Poney



Time : 1030am to 1030pm



Ground Floor

Oasis Atrium

IOI Mall


Selangor, Malaysia



mazni binti mohammad says:

macam mane nak dapat kan beli borong stok-stok baby dan kids dengan harga modal yang murah dan berpatutan.boleh email dan msg or call no hp 0126624597/0172750354.

mamiizz says:

bila lg poney nak buat clearence or warehouse sale yer?

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lia says:

since ramai yg very disappointed with this warehouse this time..




Kiddies Bassar says:

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Sweetkids says:

just let my kids participate drawing contest on saturday…. tq poney for d prizes…
for the clerance… i dont think its can call clearanace coz all price rise up. pick up this and that all my kids said… ‘baju ni dah ada la mama…..’ so nothing to buy there…. better go one utama outlet. can topup more choices for my kids poney stuff….

fie says:

yup..agreed…not worth..still expensive…

aqil4 says:

kali ni mmg tak bebaloi pg, nk carik saiz pun ssh berterabur, harga pun still mhl..
penah pg sale yg dorang wat south city plaza masa tu lagik puas ati..
bygkan shirts (boy 12-18mth) yg sama i tgk kat south city plaza rm9 (ms tu 5 helai jak i amik, nk amik lebih dh xde saiz) tapi kali ni jadik rm15/rm19 (so amik 3 helai je dh rm49.90)..
nk beli byk mcm mhl plak pastu sush nk cari saiz.. staff dia pun xramai nk lyn..

kc says:

jz went yest nite. i bot 1 shirt, 1 skirt, 1 khakis pant & 1 cotton pant. cost me RM71.40, quite cheap. jz tht really hv 2 check d price wif promoter b4 u paid, cos d price might b diff. i left few aft i checked.

i had Avent Teat 1 & 2 wanna let go. whose interested can email me at Thx.

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Shopping goer says:

Its worth the time as all the rm99.00 shirts , pants were only rm19 or rm29.really worth it. but need to be careful as they display as price starts from RM12. so many mommies didnt see that and they really got stuck at the counter when making payment. now my raya shopping for my son is done and saved more money too.
thanks poney, hope to see more sale like this

idzma says:

mmmm……still thinking…naper ramai yg ckp mahal…sbb i went there buy :
1 jeans, 1 suar pendek, 2 kemeja, 1 t-shirt bercolar utk boy umur 18mths to 24mths…
3 t-shirt, 1 suar jeans for girl umur 9-10 yrs…al together RM170.00…rasanya dah ok la tu….

Mieza says:

Still thinking …wan to go or not…….after read all the comments/response….mmm

dilza says:

very disappointed!!!! i just went there lunch tadi…very2 teribble…nothing yang murah..paling murah RM15..better yang last year or 2 years ago, waste my time & my husband so angry coz waste his time..hahahahha…

Lena says:

trex..ur right…
i went thr yesterday…n i felt so disappointed..
Not like last yr!!!… the sizes is not organized, So diffclt to find for size in category 2-4.
If you want to buy for infants girls top , can get it for rm9/rm12. And for those who wanna buy for their kids age of 7 and above.
Like what Trex said,,, pls be careful with the price. I left few cloths at the cashier counter.
I bought 2 dress, 1 jeans and 1 top cause me 198.00.… After paying tat much of money for warehouse sale,,,, I really feel more disappointed.

I think Isetan also got 50% for Poney items… I made a big mistake…

anna says:

since it is clearance sale…better go to their outlet or sogo i guess. not worth to go. went there bcoz i stay in puchong. other wise, i wont go.

trex says:

went last nite, and feels very disappointed. last year sales was better. no wonder lah tak ramai orang…

for me very hard to find cloth / pants for my 3 yrs old boy. mostly saiz besar2 belaka or very kecik (for babies). harga? macam lebih expensive dari last year. kalau u alls nak beli, please please check the price first before bayar. my mistake, i took items from “defect item rm12″ ..skali bayar tengok2, rm25…wow.

last nite i bought 1 kemeja for 3 yrs old, 3 t-shirt for 0-6 months and its cost me rm70 ok. not worth it lah…

Eve SY says:

Actually they do not mention about warehouse sales. This is just clearance sales. Last year can get pant on RM19.00 for girl but boy mostly also RM25.00. I bought pant from sampel corner which is quite new fashion and good quality during this sales. But just the shirt mostly RM15 or RM19.00 which is not cheap at all. This sales not really that bad if you stay nearby. For me Isetan/Sogo quite distance for me. Agreed with lia that check before you buy course some defect item not really cheap.

lia says:

my comments..I went yesterday around 6PM on 5/4/2011
compare to last year poney whouse sale same venue at ioi…this year a bit disappointed to me.
last year poney pants 5-6/7-9 & above still can get RM19 & a lot of choices..this year PONEY markup a bit, all the price start at RM25-RM29,
for those are shopaholic u will know its better TO BUY FROM SHOPPING CENTRE LIKE SOGO & ISETAN when they having a sale up to 70%.Which u spen for PONEY pants at RM22-RM29 also plus u can collect points to redeem with ur membership card.

There is YELLOW PONEY PANTS for girls, a lots of it under ‘DEFECTED ITEM’ to my surprise it was SOLD AT RM29.MY GOODNESS…DEFECTED ITEM..



mama_adly says:

salam, dh pegi ptg semalam..
tk best sgt..t-shirt baby 0-6m, 6-12m, 12-18m byk pilihan tp price ” from RM9″. tp kebanyakan RM19 ke atas sehelai!
pants/short 4 baby tkde..huhu
baju tebal, nk pakai hr2 mcm tk sesuai.. g jln2 ok!
defect item “from rm12″
tp baju/jeans 4 kids mmg byk..

To let go says:

I ada baby carrier sweet cherry (NEW) and baby stuff to let go. Pls contact for details.

Joey Tan says:

Not worth to go this time. I went the Poney Sales yesterday. Not crowded at all. Can bring your princess and prince there. But as compare to Kiko lately sales, nothing can be compare. I brought zero item here.

liya says:

Ingat nak beli baju untuk my daughter.. 3 hingga 5 tahun.. ada tak.. minta tolong update sapa2 yang dah pegi. thanks.

idzma says:

ada…utk girl byk pilihan…tp kena pandai mencari la….kena belek2 skit….pd i hrg tu ok la…….

jojie says:

agak2 berapa harga selai? thank alot..:-)

dah pegi this sale tis morning
for me mmg baju byk pilihan tp price wise x murah mana….
for defect item harga from rm12.. tp kebanyakannya rm19-29

for sample item pun harga mcm tuh jugak
lbh baik pegi pilih kat tmt yg 70% disc….
harga about the same….

for me.. kalau nak cr jeans blh la…
sbb kalau rm25-30 for jeans is reasonable
tp kalau tshirt/blouse for rm19 mcm x murah mn la…
its just a sale but not clearance sale….

jojie says:

thanks idzma, baju kali ni mcm bole bawak gi jalan2 ye?

idzma says:

haah…utk pg jalan pun boleh…tuk ddk umah pun ada….yg girl nyer comel2 sangat…..anak i boy….tp ada gak la….mmg berbaloi la pegi…

jojie says:

Hi Eve, clothes and pants for baby is it like you can wear for daily use at home or nicer?

idzma says:

hi…sorry interrupt…yup…so many choice…for girl and boy…

Eve SY says:

Mostly nicer. The shirts quite quality means a bit thick not so comfort to wear at home. Pants got jeans and fabric. Mostly at sample corner there got lot of new fashion. Mostly 12-18mths. Jeans and fabric also got.

idzma says:

dah pegi pagi td….byk utk umur 0 to 24 mths….memang berbaloi kalu ada anak umur range dtg awal td…dia buka utk staff dulu…

Eve SY says:

Just back from the sales. If you went previous sales, the clothes almost the same with previous clearance. Just this time lot of clothes and pants for baby. From 0-6, 6-12,12-18 & 18-24mths. For toddler since like less. There are corner for sample. You can find lots of pant and clothes for baby 12-18mths. The clothes start from RM9-19 and mostly pant RM25.

Mel says:

1. Victoria’s Secret beauty products. Cheapest around.

2. Sweet Cherry baby carrier (NEW) to let go.


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umi qarirah says:

Been there before at SACC Mall & IOI Mall ..totally worth it …. but not all items are cheap … be a smart buyer … buy only when it really cheap …

Eve CSY says:

Yap. There is Poney baby brand. But last year clearance sales can not find any Poney baby. But mostly 1-2/2-3/3-4yrs. If you looking for Poney baby. You can visit theeir outlet in One U or Equine Park. Sometimes you will find 70% at their outlet.

ryryn says:

poney ada baju for baby 3 months ker???baby boy…

mimichomell says:

i like PONEY clothes coz it’s a good quality compared to other cheaper brands out there. every year they will have this kind of sales and it’s usually quite the same. if you come early, no need to dig and dig coz the clothes is still organized nicely but if you wait till last day then have to spend sometime to dig under the mountain of clothes.

but mind you, this is not a warehouse sale, so it’s not THAT CHEAP.. sometimes you can find the same bargain at the ratail shop. I’m still waiting for the warehouse sale though! the last one they had was 5 years ago at their factory near south city plaza… that one is CHEAP!

anna says:

yup..! totally agree with u. luv the quality. i go to their warehs sale @ south city plaza itself..2008 if i’m not mistaken. even though mostly said it is not that cheap compared to warehs @ factory, but i guess it is still worth it. i came early & got lots of rm9 shirts & pants. i bought 1 dress for my niece for rm50 (rm109 b4 less) that time but i got the same dress for rm25 on 2010. i know it is the old stock..but i’m ok with it…hehehe. i guess it is up to u all to judge.

but the clearance fair price definately cannot beat the warehs price.

Annie says:

Been there for their last sale. If you go early you will have more choice on the size. Overall, PONEY’s garment have good quality. Those that I bought during their sales at their MINES (a few years back) outlet still in good conditions after so many years!!! Will definitely go.

sisley says:

been there before.. ok la.. worth to go i must say

Zain says:

??? but this sales lom start lg kan? wait till fair start & then comment k…
I’m sure wan to go, coz buy for my future baby… hehe…

Kiddies Bassar says:

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yana says:

before this pernah pg jgk…venue yg sama…choice x berape byk…but still ok lah coz not too crowded..i pg that time office hour…weekend x taulah…but i think poney punya baju/seluar ni kene bli lg besar dr saiz dia coz cutting kecik…tp rs mcm nak pgi lg…cuci2 mata…:)

Eve CSY says:

Almost same with their outlet in One Utama & Equine Park. But you can get pant in RM19-29.00. The clothes start from RM9-19.00.

fizah says:

Never go before. Really worth or not?

syaz80 says:

is it worth to go?