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22-24 April 2011

Babyland 30th Anniversary Grand Celebration


Every purchase of RM100 entitle to RM30 Voucher

(On white tag items only)


FREE One limited edition Babyland umbrella

for purchases of RM300 and above



35-39 Jalan SS 2/64

(10am to 930pm)

Tel 603 7875 6650


LG33 The Summit USJ

(10am to 10pm

Tel 603 8024 6868



uhoneys says:

Hi all mommies,
Im letting go my ‘Evenflo Walk Aroud Exersaucer’. Price : 250(nego)
Email me for photo.

Evenflo Walk Around ExerSaucer
The ExerSaucer Walk Around delivers “secure mobility”, providing fun and safe entertainment for baby. Two safety brakes allow the Walk Around to be locked in one position, creating a stationary ExerSaucer.A variety of age appropriate toys help babies achieve 10 important developmental milestones while three height adjustments accommodate growing babies.
*Innovative toy package with more interactivity.
*Revolves around stationary base for secure mobility.
*Over-molded wheels and base pivot protects floors.
*Three heights adjustments accommodate growing babies.
*Variety of toys aids babies in achieving 10 important developmental milestones. (the octopus have to change the battery, the whale have a bit torn the head tuft) – doesn’t effect the fun of the toys!
*Two safety brakes enable mom to lock the Walk Aro.und in one position stability when baby is younger.
*Suitable for babies 4 months to walking age
Retail price: RM 799.00
-reason selling, my bb boy don’t want to sit on it anymore..1year oledi..he’s now enjoying to walk by himself =)
Contact No:
Delivery Method: Prefer COD, coz this stuff is heavy.
Payment Methoc : COD

faridah says:

alaaaaa…x tahu la pasal sale babyland nih…nk beli bumblebee breastmilk storage bottle laa..

misz says:

faridah: sale ni smpai 8th may; tapi yg 22-24 apr ni lebih special. i dtg hari tuh 25th, botol bumble bee ada byk lagi (same price with special date 22-24th). u try call babyland.. :)

faridah says:


ct says: napa xdpt nk call babyland semlm yer..harap2 nnt pg storage bottle 2 masih ade lg…

faridah says:

x try call babyland esok ptg i nk pegi…^_^

Mama DD says:

I just bought 3 set Vtech Smile Lullaby Trendy Projector for RM 49.90/each. Normal price selling at RM 89.90. 2 sets as a gift for my relatives’ newborn baby. And one for my lil boy. Worth buying!

Fara says:

IKEA baby cot SNIGLAR rm100 (np rm165), IKEA mattress VINKA rm100 (np rm179), PHILIP SCF274 eletric steam steriliser rm200 (np 289), PHILIP Manual breast pump SCF 310 rm100 (np279). Interested email to

ina says:

nvm..i call bbyland..alhamdulillah they said still have stock for the promo kena cepat…thnx..

ummiiqbal says:

alhamdulillah..rezki baby u tu.. :)

ct says:

agak2 ari ni masih ade lg ker???br tgk web ni…

misz says:

ct: sale smpai 8th, yg 22-24th ni vr special (eg beli RM100 barang, dpt discount/voucer RM30), tapi selepas 24th, beli RM100, dapat discount RM20. :)

Kiddies Bassar says:

why not shop online with

ina says:

boleh dapat ke bumble bee 2pacck rm30?
kalau yea email
sape2 nak jual storage bottles email i..thnx

ummiiqbal says:

betul..i pegi last saturday..mula ingat nk amik lebih skit tp pk2 takut tk i amik 1 set jer @ RM30 (16 bottles). sori kalu tk leh let go kt u :(

Potatoes says:

Went there around 12noon, some on sale but mostly white tags. Avert items on normal white tag prices but the rn30 rebate helps reduce cost a lot.

hanny says:

betul ker murah gak kat sini… klu ada feedback pasal botol avent bgtau yer… klu summit dekat sgt la… leh gi…. tadi dah gi pureen.

Annie says:

just came back…
grab 2x nappikleen in RM30,
2x box bumblebee breastmilk storage bottle in RM30,
few breast feed bra in RM15.90 each.

mimie says:

Zain: ada nampak high chair tak kat babyland. Ingat nak g esok/lusa. TQ

Zain says:

dah pegi pg td
org x ramai coz awal sgt kot jam 11pg
baju x bape byk choice la
brg2 lain tu ok la
pas tu g pureen warehouse sales lak
pergh…. pack giler….
dr simpang masjid tu dah jem gara2 pureen ni
baju murah rm1 pun ada
tp tmpt sempit
nak byr beratur giler nye panjang..

mimie says:

my friend update me: mmg berbaloi2 beli brg baby hari ni breastmilk bottle (for storing) sgt muraaahh…. xkan dpt kat luar; 1 kotak dalam RM15 jer. kali ni dia kata lebih best dr last year.
i nak g esok. nnti i update plak. btween, i ada fisher price healthy booster seat (new in box), ada org hadiahkan, tapi kami dah ada high chair. so nak let go murah RM160. i tgk retail RM199.90. sape nak bole bg email, nnti leh arrange.

Zain says:

harga asal rm199.90, so u nal let go rm160.
mane murahnye mimie ooii…
lau rm100 murah

mimie says:

Zain: ok la tuh, dekat RM40 discount :) bukan apa, kawan kami tu tgh pregnant, kami plan nak beli something gak utk dia, ni buat tambah2 modal :)) kalau ada yg nak, kami sedia nego ;)

cteamoon says:

sape ade gie, plz update. i hanya dpt g monday. 3days nih very special diorang kata.. hehe

cyra says:

monday dah habislaa sale ct… hari ni last.. huhuh

mmg very special… setahun sekali je rasanya derang buat… tapi last year nya price for bumble bee bottles pon tak semurah this year punya… plus price utk nappikleen detergent pon dah kira murah daripada price pureen detergent masa warehouse sale… dahlaa kat babyland takda beratur panjang,,, ada aircond lagi haa.. hihihi :D

hubby says:

ape la
org nak tahu pasal sale babyland
lan lak jadinya

cteamoon says:

hihi… betul (3x)

azma43 says:

saya ada cooler bag (mom precious) untuk dijual.. visit my blog ok.. thanks

cyra says:

went to the sale.. they got really good RM30 deals

2 pack of bumble bee bottles (8 bottles each pack) – RM30
2 bottles of Nappikleen detergent (2L each) – RM30
2 bottles of bumble bee bottle cleanser (750ml each) – RM30
1 pump pureen cleanser + 1 refill + 1 small wipes – RM30

plus the voucher is more like an instant rebate.. though only apply to white tag items… still awesome!!!

ummiiqbal says:


any good deals on nursing bras and bedding set?

cyra says:

nursing bra takda discount, but if you buy 3 bras, then total will be above RM100 already, boleh dpt instant RM30 rebate.. so kira diskaun RM10 on each bra laa.. :D

cteamoon says:

cyra: high chair ada ker kat sana? u g summit or pj? tq

cyra says:

rasanya ada… ada nampak booster seat untuk attach terus ke kerusi makan tu… fisher price.. if not mistaken RM139 kot.. tatau laa itu kira good deal or not.. and tatau jugak yg itu white tag or not…

lil mama says:

Hello all mommies or mommies to be:
I have some extra items to let go, all brand NEW!!!
(1) Philips Avent 2x260ml Anti- colic feeding bottle (honey colour)
RM 60 only (NP:RM95)
(2) Fitti Basic diaper XL 62pcs
RM 25 only
(3) Pureen gift hamper set
RM 30 only (NP:RM60) ps: will attach a picture ^^
(4) Fisher-Price Precious Planet “Swing & Seat” bouncer (Used but in brand new condition)
RM 300 only (NP:RM599) ps: will attach a picture too ^^
Anyone interested just drop me an email:

mamiizz says:

I also have 1 item to let go…
Sterilizer brand MyDear…
Still new..only used 1 time only…for testing…
No longer used coz my baby fully breast feed…
RM 120…
Orginal Price RM169.90

rena says:


i hv item to let go ..

Brand new Avent Isis breast pump with 20 Disposable breast pad – RM200

Brand new Avent breast milk Container 125ml x 4nos – RM60

email me at

zura says:

Hi i hav these to sell too:
1st year brand feeding btl 5oz rm20,
Purelan medela small tube 10gm rm10
buy the item above get 2 free pacifier Japlo brand.


Mel says:

Hi, I have these to sell-

Bumble Bee Breastmilk bottles NEW (6 BPA Free bottles) RM20
Baby carrier (Body carrier) sweet cherry (brand new) RM60
Beans Crib light with mozart music RM30
Baby Bouncer (Metal) RM10


Annie says:

hi, Mel, is the price included postage?
I’m interested to get
Bumble Bee Breastmilk bottles NEW (6 BPA Free bottles) RM20