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6-8 May 2011

Mom & Baby Expo 2011

Malaysia Largest Parenting Expo

The Most Happening Baby Fiesta is Happening on Mother’s Day 2011!


Goodies for Mummies

Games for Babies

Stage Activities for Families




Visit Pureen at Hall 1, Booth A34

Pureen Mother’s Day Special – Free Gift for 1st 200 Pureen Mother’s of the day (while stocks last).

Free Pureen Shopping Bag with every purchase of Pureen products worth RM80.00

and above in a single receipt.Free Pureen Baby Book

with every purchase of Pureen products worth RM50.00 and above in a single receipt.





Halls 1 2 3

Mid Valley Exhibition Centre

Organized by Today Publishing





There is toy rental there as well. looks interesting. booth C27 Hall 3. or http:/

Rattling wonderful info can be found on web blog.

amy says:

Hi all…i went there last saturday and bought the Medela Swing (single pump) package…i think its totally affordable and worth buying…this is becoz at first i am thinking of buying it online cause its only worth rm600 ( where N.P is rm799 here in store and thought that i can save around rm199)….but then when i came across this expo and saw the Medela promotion…i straight away grab it…i got the pump along with the bottle,extra 6 bottle with cooler,a bag and also baby leg warmer for only rm818 (where N.P for this is rm1139 or rm1189 i forgot..sorry…)..
luckily i went to this expo…or else i pay rm600 just for the pump along with the bottle only….

ummiiqbal says:

went there others i think this expo is one of the best i’ve ever attended. it gave me opportunity to buy few things of few brands for trial basis at cheaper price. SO next time if i want to shop via online (we have a lot of online baby shops nowadays) then more or less we are already know the quality of the products. For me, i bought maternity/nursing wears, nursing bras and cloth diapers. i wasnt looking for bedding sets or other baby equipments so not sure if they offered a good deal or not.

Personally, this is not a kind of expo to bring our little precious children. the air ventilation may not an issue but the strollers to transport them definitely will slow down the traffic (i definitely undertstand the need to use the strollers). I personally had to wait for at least 10-15 minutes to reach 2 boxes bottle teats since my way was blocked by 1 couple with a stroller n was discussing/choosing about bedding sets..too bad until now i couldnt think of any best way to shop without my children!! i tried to leave them at play station under my hubby’s supervision but 1 hour was like a 1000 years since they started to get boring or what ever..

in nut shell : good expo, cheap prices for certain things and not suitable for ‘the whole family’ outing (strictly for moms n dads only hehe)

p/s : farina if u are looking for medela breastpump i can recommend u one online shop that offer great price :)

Farina says:

dear umiiqbal,

yes please! would love to have those info. thanks a lot.

ummiiqbal says:

farina, kindly provide me yr email add. I think it’s not proper to advertise in this page. or else u can email me at i will email u the online blogshop name :)

mamaina says:

hye all mommies!! just went yesterday..sgt2 puast hati..kitorg smpi early morning around 10am..still lots of parking..MVCC not open yet, but lot of peopls waiting outside..i beli 6pcs baju for my lil girl semuanya below rm20..cute mute designnye..sgt2 value for ur money..lg i beli, pampers petpet dpt freegift playmat, tommee tippee bottle rm35 for 2, nursing bra 30% less…enjoy this expo so much…;)


was there y’day @ 10:30am to 6pm.
that place is jam packed.
so many people, some even bring along their super small baby (personally i don’t think that is a good idea), not to mentioned people bringing along their baby strollers. there’s already not enough space for people to walk, strollers decided to join in the fun.

i would say things are cheaper during the expo.
and you will be able to get lots of freebies and learn a lot (about all the new and cool stuff you and your baby can enjoy)

Farina says:

I went on Saturday morning and witnesed pregnant moms running towards the registration counter when the hall opened. Hehe.

Since it was my 1st time in such event and havent survey around, plus im only 3months preggy, I was overwhelmed with all the baby stuff and the crowd! I initially dont plan to buy that many stuff. Although I do want to look at maternity wear and breast pump. However the materinity wear was not that nice.

I was listening to the medela consultant about the ‘Swing’ model breast pump, when one lady came to me and said that can get cheaper if buy online. So I didnt buy. Anyway I still havent fogure out if I should buy the normal electric one or the one can stimulate milk production etc. Also considering if should get a manual one to put at the office..?…
The price for swing during fair was 800+ but you get several stuff. Online, the lady said 600+. For mini electric was 288 from 300+.

There were strollers but not much model. Furthermore, the salesman said that it was 2010 colour. The 2011 colours is coming out soon. This one was at Mamours booth.

I end up buying MAM bottles since they gave a RM180 package for moms to be. Also bought AVENT steriliser. im starting to feel sorry that I bought it coz I have not studied the product enough. What do u ladies think?

Anyway, overall the expo was excellent for info and also good bargain. But must have good shoes and strong leg. I was already ‘lembik’ after 2 hours of walking. :)

miss_c says:

i pegi ptg smlm around 5pm. org dh tak ramai sgt.
plan nk pegi midvalley nak bli tommee tippee teats kat mothercare tp takde stok. so ‘terpaksa’ la i pegi expo nk cari teats tu. heheh. i beli:

- pigeon breastpad 60 (free 12pcs) + 36 +36 = 144 pcs ~ RM69.90 (normal price RM132)
- Moms Precious Cooler Bag Set (VALUE BUY) ~ RM100 (normal price RM125)
- Tommee tippee teats ~ RM16.90 (normal price RM22.90)
- whoopie diapers (60pcs) ~ RM20
- mamalove comforter ~ RM56.90 (normal price RM69.90)
- mobile stroller ~ RM40
- milna rusk ~ RM5

lainĀ² brg kecikĀ² like socks & etc.

eyriqazz says:

went there yesterday..didn’t feel excited..still, like last year expo

Mom & Baby Expo 2011

ummi79 says:

klu x sempat pegi nie, kt stadium melawati shah alam pun ada nnti, but in november …

mum_aisy says:

hye all moms…i dah p smlm ngn hb..xramai owg sgt..pgi pon dh kui 3pm-5pm..byk brg murah..petpet newborn & saiz s -rm25/pek..bli 2 pek dpt free bju b free..saiz len rm31.90..baju bb pon ade brand pigeon,fiffy,pureen..rate antara rm10/spsg-rm12/spsg..stroller pon murh2 sume brand import..mysia product cuma ada my dear..yg len cm hauck,aprica,ufo,dll..btol bb ade juai gak..mam(20%),tommee (30%), kna cr la booth dwg..THERMOS pon ade gak..byk jual adlh cloth diaper..

Jas says:

My dear is China product. They have warehouse sale every 4 months, worth more than every cents paid.

hana says:

and for me,sorry to say n baby is the best expo i’ve went.the expo is gud for u to get an information..if u wanna do shopping for ur lil ones,better u go shopping properly caused it was so crowded(went last year) for those who love branded things its quite worth going.but normally the prices still same if u go n checked the sale..sometimes sogo/isetan/klcc got lots of things dat is much much as housewife so i have lots of time to spend and save every single cents

dont go for branded thing–>go for quality things..doesnt mean u wear cikai brand it wont last long..based on how u use and keep these things..if u have extra cents just spend it.

i’ve went some other “expo” and it really sucks!!

mummy in june says:

Hi mommies,anybody mind buying me some baby stuff with expo price? i cant make it this time, as not in KL plus 8m+ pregnant..Looking for nurturing pillow by Mom’s Little Ones (ABC Blue Stripe) and 4pcs comforter set (with bolster n pillow) by BabyLove (Brown Blue Stripe).. Thanks a lot.

hana says:

the baby love u cud get on their warehouse sale.much much cheaper

beddy says:

thanks for the updates mommies! i’m planning to go tomorrow will update if possible!

hunny says:

just went back from the expo..great value!! you mommies MUST GO!!

dydy says:

i jus went alone today, not as crowded compare to weekend…. at least i dun need to squeeze in here n there…. n come out sweating like previous expo, i will def go again on weekdays next time… tis time got lots of time to walk around n manage to check things out…. if go on weekend, u better have a list of what u want rather than… stuff urself in a super crowded environment… pls dun bring ur baby in… its breathless….

mummy says:

hi, just wanna know whether is it ok to bring baby there? Is it crowded inside the exhibition hall? Thanx….

wus says:

As for today not so crowded. Expecting more ppl over the weekend. The environment is not hot. Few nursing room if u r still nursing. The alley between the booth is quite narrow so a bit difficult if u wanna push the stroller with crowded ppl. So I think a challenge to bring ur baby there. It’s up to u then. But the stuff promotion is very good. U shud go n explore n bring alot of cash. ;)

Axie says:

last year ade pergi… shopping sakan…so worth compare parenthood expo…

aqil4 says:

sape2 yang dah pegi update pls.. TQ.

wus says:

Really worth going. Alot n ALOT of things- apparels, feeding accessories, diapers, all main brand baby products are there with good discounts. Everything about baby & kids is there. U just need to stroll around, compare prices & quality & decide what is best as for ur budget. Whatever u need for ur baby is there. N also cheap with discounts u can’t get even from shopping mall sales time.

mum_aisy says:

hallo…brg2 ape yg dijual disini..?murah ke?

Aiyu says:

Hi chelis & farina,

D expo is so worth going. I have 2 kids,3&1, but i can still find goid bargains there eg swim diaper etc coz my kids r older now. I went twice before& i have bought things like mobywrap, milk boosters,discounted toys& basically sometimes to get info.
Usually if im not mistaken, there’s one around now & another one in august. Dis time im gonna drop by for preparation for my 3rd :).
Huge crowd though :)

Chelis says:

hai farina,izzit real that will be get another exhibition on july?? caused i cant attend this time , i wish to attend the july one…sob sob sob:)

Farina says:

Hi Chelis,

I was searching for these kind of exhibitions and stumbled upon this link I have not seen the ads yet. However for this upcoming one, I also did not see the ad.

I wish there’s a one stop centre who can inform mommies or moms-to-be on all warehouse sales and exhibitions related to maternity and baby stuff.

Hatta says:

on july.. parenthood expo. 29-31 july.

ayu says:

wow, bestnye.. leh dtg awl2 pg n beli brg baby byk2.
byk goodies n info percuma..
abadikan potrait anak anda disini

ayu says:

wow, bestnye.. leh dtg awl2 pg n beli brg baby byk2.
byk goodies n info percuma..
abadikan potrait anak anda disini

ayu says:

wow.. best.. boleh beli brg baby banyak2 ni
abadikan gambar anak anda disini

lina says:

yesss.. saya dah pegi tahun lepas masa preggy 3 months.. memang berbaloi, byk info and free goodies.. tahun ni nk pegi utk shopping baby 7 bulan pulak, tak sabarr rasenyer

Farina says:

Thank you Ladies.

I will definitely start looking into the baby checklist and go this Saturday. I heard there’s gonna be another exhibition end of July-Parenthood Expo.

Baby Bump says:

Dear farina,

Just my 2 cents, i started buying baby stuff from 3-4 mths preggy..few item per month. Especially for 1st timer there’s lots of stuff to consider. To wait till we’re heavily pregnant to go out for shopping kinda tiring and surely burst out our pocket if buy all at one time.

Went to this expo previously, yes it is worth to! i can hear my pocket ripped oredi…uhuhu

Rene says:

Yes, being waiting so long. Just hope the walkway wider than previous had.

beddy says:

any mommies went for last year? is it worth going for mummy-to-be that wants to find good bargain for baby cots/stroller/beddings/newborn clothes?


Gurmeet Kaur says:

Hi, i think its worth going as its occupiying all 3 halls at Mid Valley. So should have many choices. The last i went somewhr in Jan was useless as only 1 hall accupied.

Farina says:

Im only 3 months pregnant. still too early for me to buy, dont you think?

dydy says:

yea…. its really worth going but its gonna b super crowded so u gonnay b careful, but if for stroller, carseat, or high chair i think mydear warehouse is more worthy to visit unless u prefer a more high up market brand which they will normally offer in this mom n baby expo… but other things… yeah…. its a must go… i will go every time … even my girl is oredi 14 months… still got things to check out … hope u enjoy the shopping but not the crowd anyway

Putri says:

yes,its worth it for mom-to-be.i was there last year(8M preggy).many things i bought there for my coming baby such as,avent bottle,nursing cover,baby wearing,toys,diaper bag,n etc.some items i have at 50% discount.will go this friday to find some stuff for my 10M++ baby.;)

uhoneys says:

Dear All Mommies, im letting go my Evenflo Walk Around ExerSaucer.

The ExerSaucer Walk Around delivers “secure mobility”, providing fun and safe entertainment for baby. Two safety brakes allow the Walk Around to be locked in one position, creating a stationary ExerSaucer.A variety of age appropriate toys help babies achieve 10 important developmental milestones while three height adjustments accommodate growing babies.
*Innovative toy package with more interactivity.
*Revolves around stationary base for secure mobility.
*Over-molded wheels and base pivot protects floors.
*Three heights adjustments accommodate growing babies.
*Variety of toys aids babies in achieving 10 important developmental milestones. (the octopus have to change the battery, the whale have a bit torn the head tuft) – doesn’t effect the fun of the toys!
*Two safety brakes enable mom to lock the Walk Aro.und in one position stability when baby is younger.
*Suitable for babies 4 months to walking age
Retail price at RM 799.00, selling at RM250 (nego)
-reason selling, my bb boy don’t want to sit on it anymore..1year oledi..he’s now enjoying to walk by himself =)
Contact No:
Delivery Method: Prefer COD, coz this stuff is heavy.