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15-18 September 2011

MPH Distributors Warehouse Sale

Books Offered


Non Fiction

General Books



Travel Guide

and many more

Daily Specials!

Happy Hour Promotions!

FREE* Goodie Bag with purchase of RM200 & above

*Limited to 1st 200 customers daily

Time : 8am to 7pm

Location (Tel 603 7958 1688)

Ground Floor

Bangunan TH

5 Jalan Bersatu

Section 13/4

Petaling Jaya


michael says:

too bad i missed it. when is the next one? how often is the warehouse sale held in a year?

dr m says:

Lee: yea, they are selling it at 60 i think! and other books on mahathir also available

lee says:

is the Mahatir’s book sold there? since MPH is the publisher.. anyone saw any?

coo says:

open till sun 8am-7pm

hana says:

is many children book there? how about the thomas/pooh/ set?stil available?tq

Ariana Monteiro says:

Yes but very limited if I am not mistaken

Jarod says:

do they sell chinese books there?

Nurul says:

Looking ahead to the warehouse sale today… hope still open after 6pm..

Ariana Monteiro says:

Hi, I went but i didnt notice today until 5.30pm only. Huhu.. But going again tomorrow.. How was it? Everything advertised available?

Very tempting to buy more children’s books for my kids