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15-18 September 2011

Plaza Low Yat Crazy Sale

From RM1

With really Crazy Prices, its MADNESS to Miss this!

Products Offered

Toshiba LCD TV 32″ – RM350

Sony Bravia 32″ – RM350

Samsung Galaxy Ace – RM450

CSL Mi 700 Droid Pad – RM11

Olympus Digital Camera T110 – RM99.90

Eagle Book – RM49

iPad1 – RM480

iPad2 – RM750

Sony PSP GO – RM250

Nintedno DS Lite – RM150

Acer Aspire One D257 – RM259

HP MIni 110-3601TU – RM269

and much more


Mutli Brand Wired & Wireless Mouse

Canon DSLR Bag

MSi Motherboard

Upo Speaker

Divoon Itour SPeaker

D-LInk DIR 685 Storage Router

SOnic Gear

EPower Keyboard Skin

HP Printer 2050

HP Printer 2060

and more

Time : From 1 pm onwards


Plaza Low Yat

Jalan Imbi

Kuala Lumpur


techguy says:

i hope ppl will remember this piece of plaza low yat generosity for a long time. tell you all what, pikom (organizer of Pcfair) is going to convert Capsquare (near Dang Wangi) into another ICT mall. When it’s open, lets support it. Dont let lowyat monopoly then come up with all this stinking ‘sales’. soft launch is targeted this month (sept 2011).


sns says:

Dear All

We have written in to Plaza Low Yat officialy and will revert with their response. Hopefully something positive for all of you who were there.

SNS Team

ray says:

too many of this scam sales are happening cause the organizers always thought they could get away with it. as a consumer if we start lodging official complains it will make some difference. all those who have purchase items and paid a price not as stated on the sales brochure should lodge a complaint with consumer association. whether any action is taken now is not important. but each and everyone of us keeping complaining whenever we get cheated, we are pressuring the government to take action. u can write to this web site good luck and may consumer power rule in future. dont let sellers prey on us anymore.

fucck lowyat says:

fuucck you all lowyat chinese scammers…doing business by cheating from the dinosaur age until the new millennium and u still cheating for centuries!!!!!!!!

tracy travers says:

The crowd was really great … but i think the organizer should write the term & Conditions clearly of buying the gadgets … but had a great time in the crowd with the M.C. he was always smiling and with his jokes …. he was really rocking the crowd … and is he a radio dj ? sounds like 1 … hope to know him … anyone with info … pls leave a feed back …

sarah louis says:

yup … they are making it so hard for us … till we line up like skunk … but the dj has really done a good job by announcing about the draw and his voice … wooo really cool and he did a good job by doing some games at least to kill time ….

Genuity says:

Thank you very much for the most valuable info! 1 lesson learnt, on these days, never ever trust on good things cheap & free, ofcourse especially at low yat which famous with its expensiveness, cheating and ‘cakap tak serupa bikin’. Wish if there is 1 forum that can capture all these scamp things & circulate very widely more than low yatt promotion website… Customer have all the right, why aren’t we capitalise it? Unless you all who is reading / writting this is the low yatt seller :) Aren’t we protected by law? Let’s do something for this matter to grab intention on headline of newspaper & tv – Aduan Rakyat??

danz says:

being cheated..the ministry of consumer and trade should see what is happening..dont goyang kaki..

kiki says:

after reading ,i will not waste my time there,the authority shall take stern action on this,there cannot just close one really tarnish low yat’s name.(From S’pore)

zizi says:

after read all the comments, i don’t wanna go at all… so so bad 4 them to do that to customer.. yeah, it is business strategy, but a bad one… damn

Lee says:

Seriously disappointed with no proper terms and conditions
There is no update on amount for promotion items
Make you buy items which is not useful then camera, ipad2, etc all out of stock
What is the point going early morning, line up then pay so much useless item, parking bills and etc… i hope the ministry of consumer trade and affairs will review ads and such promotional gimmics….

angry says:

i plan to go today bt after hearing so many -ve commnet i rather stay at home. This is really one kind of cheating.. anniversary of low yat… i say is anniversary of cheating got la.. if u wan to do anniversary and really giv benefit to people.. pls do it REAL… all people line up all the way try to get benefit from ur anniversary. Bt watt i can see is just a way to do more business.. what a wonderful strategy…

Stupid fellow says:

Haha… Do u believe?
I go for second round…
My recommend : come after 2pm … Less crowd… After first day, they very smart again… Almost all the gift is mouse…

Stupid fellow says:

Now “q”ing crqzy outside lowyat plaza…
Start to mova ONLY at 1pm.
But the people already start “q”ing estimate around 10am.
Start stupid for one day.

Khan says:

Hmmm I was planning to go there today,but after reading above comments NO WAY!!! Shoping n sales u must clear all terms and conditions with these kind of offers otherwise you reputition will be demaged not low yat’s or etc etc ones.Feeling sorry for all ppl who has been cheated by this sale!!!

techguy says:

i went there on friday evening to check it out since it’s on my way home. not suprised, the items on offer have all been sold out. I also realised that all staff were busy restocking for the next day when everyone foolishly comes and try to buy min RM50 to get a chance for lucky dip. LOL.

Wk says:

Me and my partner go there before it open mean 9am..then we buy thing above rm50 for the lucky dip..which mean we both get a dip…then we started queue at 9.30am till 12.30pm im number 6th person…i get a food voucher worth rm50 and my partner get Samsung camera es80 which advertise is rm99 while coupon is rm199 same as the problem like we bought it since we queue for so long..then we only realize advertise is rm99 we go for the staff the pass me from 1 person to 1 person then I saw mr teh which I think is the management person then I ask he then pass me to DJ then DJ pass me to info counter then they said rm99 have to buy at the shop if u dip and now here have to paid rm199..since we bought ald we can’t return,have no choice..then we go for lunch and start open the box and check we found out there was NO MEMORY CARD…WTF…the camera out of battery totally cant on…OH NO i cant check…then they change the charger which in the box stated is charge separately battery but they gave us cheap charger which have to charge with the camera..STUPID..then we on and try WTF WE REALLY GET CHEATED..the camera have dead pieces…DAMN…!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ah Troll says:

Everyone’s getting trolled

Ahnon says:

forum. lowyat. net/topic/2034855

pics of the lowyatscam

pls dont go.

frustrated says:

hahah…everyone is cheated.
they actually force you to buy thing that you do not want to buy…

LWL says:

yes..all is fake..3 of us going there today wanna try luck…BUT end up….

1.Myself get RM1 mouse coupon …as advertise…is wireless RM1..But All IT give DIGIBOY WIRED and PINK color only “MOUSE”..WTF

2.My Fren- Get Samsung ES80 Digital camera as advertise Is RM99 but the Coupon stated RM199, We go there to to complaint they mention RM99 is only for 30 units… WTF again … :x <–i saw less than 3 people getting this…one of the fellow even throw the coupon into rubbish.

3.I saw no ipad and TV offered although as advertise in limited unit. of the fellow get RM1.90 Celcom broadband modem but end up no stock ..

we been waiting for 2 hours there for WTF deal not crazydeal..please do not put high hope to getting ipad or TV…end up…Disappointed

shahrin says:

me also just coming back from lowyat. that’s not crazy sales but cheating crazy!!

damn. i felt like being cheated. i am the one who come early aroun 12.30pm the event suppose to be start on 1pm. but on 1pm the form already finished! sadly im already purchase rm50 item but dont get any form today. lowyat staff ask me to go by tomorrow but today receipt is not valid anymore!. 1 think..we cant pick what item we like..they make lucky draw.

do not go there. they cheating us! many of them get anger with the sales staff

swtan says:

Too many HIDDEN T&C… my sis call to ask before she go, the customer service person didn’t said is limited forms provided, not even mention the ‘form’ word, and told my sis that she could draw for several times depends on the how many receipt that she has.Then end up, my sis get nothing because the forms have finish distributed, even though she has 10+ receipts on hand. Feel like being cheated.

jemin says:

just coming back from there:

first u must buy rm 50 from participate outlet then u fill in form (limited to number of angpow inside the box) and then u line up like crazy and lastly u get chance to pick up 1 angpow from many2 angpow from inside the box.

open the angpow and check what item u get. u may get TV, psp, printer or camere (if u lucky) or u end up get cheap mouse form rm 1 (most of the prize there).

good luck.

lol says:

without the T&C, this ad is misleading. i can sue you for this you know :)

Jarod says:

So that’s how it works! With my luck, there’s no point for me to go. :(

Jac says:

It’s a lucky dip AFTER you spend rm50 and then you’ll be eligible to buy those things based on your card drawn…!/pages/Plaza-Low-Yat/214507111914967

Jarod says:

I wish I could go there today! The iPads are tempting!!

steven says:

how is the situation in plaza low yat now? is the queue superb long?

good girl says:

do the items in good quality? biar betul???

Shoppaholic says:

why the terms and conditions are not written anywhere? How many limited units are there?Is this for real?

Good timing as i’m looking for a wireless mouse ..