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6-9 October 2011

Larrie Warehouse Sale

*Print the Flyer : Purchase RM50 and stand a chance to win a RM100 or RM50 voucher

Brands Offered


Camel Active

Alain Delon




Shoes Offered

Men Shoes

Ladies Shoes

Children Shoes

Time : 10am to 10pm

Location (Tel 603 8948 6333)

Larrie Warehouse

No 1 Jalan BS 7/1

Taman Bukit Serdang

Seri Kembangan



adelia richardson says:

comfort preggy sandals 2pairs for only wanna bring my sister there~soo worth!!better than shop at jusco~

hana says:

close 8 or 10? i wanna go

leya says:

thx al-fath.

al-fath says:

For Women: Size 37 (Size 6) is very limited for most of the designs, for all brands. Plenty of Size 36, 38, 39 & 40 (Size 5, 7, 8 & 9) available.

For Men: Size 5 & 6 are very limited. Others – A lot!

al-fath says:

Melissa: Lots of working shoes for both men & women. Price range from RM10 onwards. I prefer wearing sandals than shoes to work, that’s the reason why I only purchased sandals yesterday :)

al-fath says:

Leya: 10am – 8pm, as stated on the banner outside the warehouse. Even the DJ mentioned that closing time would be 8pm.

leya says:

10am-10pm or 10am-8pm? pls clarify this. thx.

melissa says:

Thank you Fairuz & al-fath for the updates.
seem like only the sandals r worth, any working shoes? both male n female?

nora says:

tq al-fath 4 d update…:)

al-fath says:

Nora: Only Shoes, Sandal, Shirts & Pants. No Wallet, No Handbag. Anyway, you’ll be entitled for lucky draw if you purchase more than RM50 in a single receipt.

nora says:

selain sandal, kasut, baju n seluar ada x barang lain?? wallet ada x?mcm nk pegi je ptg nnti ni…sape2 blh tlg update x?..tq…:)

al-fath says:

-Got some shirts & pants on sale, brand Larrie (Price from RM10 – RM30)
-Women Shoes: Larrie, NYC, Camel, Zang Toi
-Men Shoes: Larrie, Crocodile, Camel, Alain Delon

al-fath says:

-went to this warehouse yesterday after work.
-quite tricky to find the place, better google maps first to avoid getting lost.
-the place not that big, got big fans inside at several corners, not that hot either
-crowd was ok, still able to shop and choose items without having to push others @ getting push by others
-look for sales persons wearing red shirts, they will help you to find the size you want
-don’t forget to get the bill from sales persons before you pay at cashier
-total damage done: RM195 for:
2 pairs of Larrie Men Sandal (RM10 each)
2 pairs of Camel Men Sandal (RM20 for 2)
1 pair of Larrie Women Sandal (RM20)
1 pair of Larrie Women Sandal (RM25)
1 pair of Camel Women Sandal (RM60, Leather)
1 pair of Larrie Kids Shoes (RM35)
1 pair of NYC Kids Shoes (RM15)

lovy says:

Thanks Fairuz, appreciate the update. as i’m thinking to go tomorrow. need to get some sandals there :)

Fairuz says:

baru balik dr sales..x crowded sgt,sape yg first time g ,tgok banner btul2,,agak k dlm tmpatnya,pnuh ngan houses n shops. sandal brand larrie rm10-rm 30 byk choice.bran cmel atve rm 20 buy 1fre 1 .kasut byk tpi x p tgok,sbuk kt area pmpuan nmpk dr jauh rm10-rm 80.
2.for wmen byk larrie dn nyc ,yg disply rm20 je .new shoes rm 25,rm 30 dn k atas ,sport for girl 2 for rm50,. …sandal larrie sz 29 to 35 rm25.kasut bby shoes rm 15.
4.kid…girl 1yr k atas rm 10 -rm25 larrie n nyc
tu sajelh yg dpt dbgitau ..for me berbaloi jgaklh.
zang toi brnd pun ada ,limited ,display punya rm 40 -rm80 sz limited …ok tu aje..slmt berblanja.

melissa says:

Anyone went pls update..
Serdang is very far from my place, if the offer is good only worth to go that far..

shu shu says:

i went to the last warehse sale. loved it! my husband bought 2 pairs of leather shoes for work and 1 pair of sandals. i bought 1 pair of leather sandals and 1 pair of leather shoes for my baby..all at 30-70% discount. a bit crowded and it was raining at that time.. but sales rep were helpful. my only complain, it was a bit difficult to get there even with banners as markers..jalan pusing2! definitely going back there again! hope it’s as good as last time..

nn says:

ada sapa2 pergi x sales seblm nie…pls update

lululina says:

worth ke?