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2-7 November 2011

RSH Sports Warehouse Sale

Great Discounts!

Brands Offered







Body Sculpture








Location (Tel 603 5123 2668)

Lot 691 Kompleks Hamodal 5

Jalan Lagoon Selatan

Off Jalan Kewajipan

Subang Jaya


Aka Wong says:

went there yesterday early morning 10am. grab 3 reebok sport shoes for total cost RM297
Easytone walking shoes very comfottable at only RM149 (Price Before less is RM369)
Black Sports shoes for my son wear to school RM49 (price before less RM 119)
Running Shoes RM 99 ( Price before less RM 229)
socks RM15.9 Discount 40%

pooiman says:

i bought a pair of adnormal NIKE running shoes yesterdat~ i got both side also right side….can i get change of the other wrong side?

Lizzy glee says:

wah, if it is good condition reeboks for rm108 that’s a steal. the smaller sizes sure no more by now size 4-5 :(

Cyndia says:

I jus went there thid morning. Wat i can said is it really worth to go as i jus spend Rm 108 then get two reebok shoes. For those who wan get those good deal,rmb go early!

my says:

Hi, any kids running shoes there ?

Lizzy glee says:

thanks Lady Ga,past two sales i went in the past 3 years or so, always don’t have the bagpack i am keen. The size is about 2 inches taller than college backpack. :) the rest of the items can wait. On behalf of others also thanks! Anyone scrutinized the backpack section?lol

Blavla says:

Until what time is this thing??

LadyGa says:

Was there yesterday. Got an all black Reebok for rm50!! Not all that pricing though but definitely at least 50%. there’s lots of ipanema (RM39.90 @ 50%), CAT (70%), Vans (60%). There is the Nike pink and purple futsal shoes plenty of other design. Lots of adidas and reebok too. Not too great designs but pretty decent designs if ones not too particular.

Only TVR swimsuit and goggles.
Lots of apparels but gotta go thru the pile.
Football and saw 1 spalding basketball.
Home exercise equipment like that bending the bar thingy, skipping rope, small dumbbells for wrists, stepup board…

Lots of Babolat tennis racket but only 50% so still about rm100 to rm150. Lots of badminton racket too saw Prince but did not see price.

Lots of bags, all kinds backpacks, luggage type, handbag types but still pricey about 40% off ori price.

Lots of socks too rm8 for a pair of reebok socks.

That’s all I can remember for now. Some pretty good deals. It’s not too far away worth going to have a lookouts find something nice.

hahahaha says:

Any basketball shoes there?

anonymous says:

any branded futsal shoes?

sheril says:

I’m about to go there to find a pair of running shoes.would probably go for nike. Is it worth to go there? Any advice?

Kyan says:

Hi, is that any nice running shoes, socks and slippers .?? thank you

gen says:

how about football equipment? is there any good football boots?

Lizzy glee says:

Always cannot find bigger backpack that i see at normal rsh retail…bigger than college packs about 45Litres. Retails at rm130+. Did anyone see Reebook/Nike/adidas etc i am not particular about the brand just the size. It is not meant for camping hardcore. But just light travels :) thanks.

rina says:

is there any running shoe>?

jihan says:

how much is the badminton equipment? is there any swimming suit?

Oreo says:

there are plenty of bags for men and women, however beware of the pricing, some are messup. disappointed no golf equipment and shoes. no dumbbell but have wrist and leg weights. try ur luck to browse cheap and good things.

John Tham says:

Is there any dumbbell for sales?

Lisa says:

Hi there, how to get there from KL? by public transport? Is there any bags?

synical says:

Was there around 11 something. Took me longer lining up to pay than my own actual browsing.

Plenty of Ipanema slippers. Was looking at swim goggles and TYR ones are going for half price.

If you don’t mind digging around for clothes, go right ahead.

peilc says:

no golf equipment. very few equipment. mostly badminton, squash

linahilmin says:

Hi there,
is there any golf equipment there?

yun says:

Yes. Normally its 50%-70% discount rate. Apparels ware are mostly old stocks. Others still quite alright.

Bel says:

Anyone been to this?
Any comment?