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28 October – 7 November 2011

Bata Biggest Warehouse Sale

ALL For RM5 & RM10 Only

Exclusive for PublicBank cardholder – Additional 10% Off

Brands Offered


B First

Bata Comfit


North Star


Time : 10am to 10pm


Hall 1 Level 2

Viva Home

Jalan Loke Yew

Kuala Lumpur


garfield says:

extremely worth it….got men’s formal shoe for rm20, snickers for rm5, and I was there at the happy hour so had to choose 4 pairs of sandals within 10 mins and paid only rm 30 for it….so even with a discount for rm20/rm15 sandal, during the happy hour i got it for rm7.50 each :)

sizes really had to dig in and unfortunately Bata Comfit was only 2-3 pairs left and they didn’t have the size I wanted…wonder they will stock up tomorrow….anyhow I got 10 pairs of shoes, sandals, snickers and wedges etc only for rm75 total—BEST DEAL!!!!

dee says:

do they replenish everyday? scared no more size 6 dy.. :/

fandy says:

i g sale nie dari 28/10-30/10…..
mmg berbaloi….i dpt kasut sport for my mom only RM10…..for me RM20….dpt sandal RM1….kasut sekolah utk anak2 sedara 3pasang RM10 dan mcm2 lagi….
tiap kali g sana….sure kuar dgn 10beg plastik….mmg murah gler….

Zal says:

Any school shoes available??? thankss

Mieza says:

Bata Kapar dekat dia punya kilang,if during year end cuti sekolah, lagi seronok, because a lot of school shoes yang murah2…..i selalu jugak ke sana….

arduni says:

fb, betul ke kapar tu hari hari ada sales?

fizah says:

Nak tanya…. BATA kat Kapar tu harganya lebih rendah ker dari mana2 kedai Bata?

FB says:

BATA at Jalan Kapar hari hari buat sales RM5 sales… huhu

international says:

price is reasonable but not many choice

aesha says:

i went there after work.
Yes it cost only RM5 – rm10 only
really worth my trip to VIVA…… esp Bata Comfit
There’s a lot of range shoes for woman,man and kids from formal wear till slipper and even sport shoes
i DID notice of Marie Claire shoes (Single pattern only but so ugly huhu…)
Yesterday, Woman size 4 and 5 quite hard to find however it was easy for 7,8,9.
i guess there’ll restock today
so my 2 cent…BE EARLY

md says:

apa kasut da sana!

aisha says:

nape bukan dkt menara mustapha kamal?frustnyeeee

flourence says:

where is the place.pls