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18-20 November 2011

Clarks Warehouse Sale

Up to 70% Off

Clarks Footwear


Friday : 10am – 6pm

Sat & Sun : 10am to 5pm

Location (Tel 016 998 0530 / 603 5569 4868)

Jaya One

Lot1-2 to 20 Lower Ground 1

No 72A Jalan University

Petaling Jaya

(Above Cold Storage)


Visa / MasterCard accepted above RM200


chessnut says:

miyuki,why not u make a complaint to clark about e price.might be they will help u in this matter.

niza says:

i want to let go my clarks
bought it originally at clarks alamanda
wrong size
price 210 and is new
anyone interested? i can email u the pics

sms me 0133919607

Miyuki says:

my friend bought 1 pair of shoe call pancake, the price should be RM90 but they punch the price is RM130 and descriptions call pancake/sugar. She realize this when she is home. How ? Can do anything further ?

goon says:

wanna let go 1 pair women shoe….
my gf tanak pulok…
emel me if interested..
my email
saiz 5…tq

alanbaik says:

Want to know about this event. i just post it in my blog. Click here
Have a nice day :)

intan says:

hi fren.
I ada beli silver beech size 7 for my sis..
tapi too big for her.. nak let go ni..
black color.. anyone interested email me thanks

My says:

Lucky enough.. It was worth it.

CTZ says:

Q so long , happy coz got new freind,behind of me, hai elly berbaloi2 .

aiko says:

hi maz ..pls email me too..tq

aiko says:

hi maz ..pls email me too..tq

eika says:

Please email me tooo OK..

lisa says:

hi Maz. pls email me. thanks

Maz says:

Hi again
Forgot, here is my email add
Saiz 4 for UK
Malaysia saiz 5

nurul says:
maz..please email me =)

nn says:

maz…boleh e-mail saya x berapa harga dia n jenis cosz saiz 4 muat dgn saya

Maz says:

Hi all clarks fan
Saya nak let go 2 pairs of mine. Pegi on friday morning.
Reason to let go tapi mcm berat hati;
Hb bising kasut dah byk tak muat dah cabinet,
I bought 6 pairs for myself, tak bole thn semua very comfy.
Tapi mcm sama yg dah ada pun.
Sapa2 berminat give your email add, I will email u the details, saiz 4 ye
Nurul bole bagi email

nurul says:

anyone nak let go clarks shoe size 4/4.5, let me know yer..

sue says:

I went there yesterday… 9.15am I Q, nearly the entrance. After 30min I think 80people already in Q. 10am go in. 60% almost finished..a few design left with a few size.. Very limited. Only grab 1 pair, very comfortable flat shoe.

Mummy says:

Hi…still ada stok utk kid ke semalam…thanks

hunny7299 says:

nice 2 b there ystday. d bargain is so gud. tp byk yg sold out dah.. esp size standard (uk 6 below for women)..

ahamd says:

pls sent price list..terima kasih banyak2..

Alex says:

Pls share price list with me, email . TQ.

bella says:

Wawa, can I pls have a price list. Thanks.

Lone says:

chisst…no original?damn..btw thanks Harris Murad

Min says:

Hi wawa…
I want t price list also ,… Tq

cyndia says:

can any one have the price list email to me?

mai says:

yesterday went around 5pm…. almost finished. today they place new stock or not? plan to go tomorrow

Nadz says:

Hey girls, I have a pair of Clarks August Heat black leather pumps I bought at this sale. It’s UK size 7. Lovely and super comfy. Sadly I bought the wrong size and it’s too big for me. Anyone interested, drop me an email at

Shaz says:

Can someone share the price list please

janice says:

wawa, pl email me tha price list too…

Harris Murad says:

Btw,didnt see any clarks originals.

Harris Murad says:

Went there this morning,queue daaaaaaaamnnn panjang!
But totally worth it.spent less then 15 minutes inside; grabbed 2 pairs,paid and balik.
Great deals i would say.
Just have to bear with the queue lah,heh!

Lone says:

can someone tell me any clarks originals there?tq for your kindness

joanne says:

Wat r the sizes left?any
size 5 or 6?

jaja says:

hi nina..
can u share bout the price n byk x choice kt sane?? sbb i igt nk p pas kul1 ni..plezz..

jaja says:

Hi Miss wawa please send me the price list too. thanks a lot..

Nina says:

Just got back. Bought 1 shoe for my husband & 3 shoes for my daughter. All for RM390.

LY says:

Please email me the price list too

LY says:

please email me the price list. Thank a lot.

Fara says:

Anyone with the price list?? Pls email me at


putri says:

wawa, pl email me tha price list too…

angel latte says:

I arrived @8:30am, the line is already long.. its 9ish now & the line had reached the carpark.. door remains closed.. I guess they’re not gonna let ppl in early today..

cinta says:

sape yang dah ada kat sana pagi ni.pls update hehe

Oops says:

Hi, can send me the price list too? Thanks.

myshoppe71 says:

i want to letgo my clarks sandals Patience Kelly size uk5D color Cognac Suede.normal price 298 want to let go 200 only. bought just few month ago.reason nak letgo sbb sandal ni besar skit drp kaki saya. sepatutnya saya pakai uk4. interested email to

MANN says:

2.15pm arrived.2.45pm masuk. 3.30pm come out, surprising no ppl q till car park !! ^0^ average price ok, but many design no size /colour. i bought 3 pairs, cost RM 230. Q at Credit card lane faster (coz have 3 counter), cash only 2 counter.

Sean says:

Fayle, can email me the price list and pic.

glad says:

Hi wawa..can you email me the price list also? Thanks…

mr t says:

bought a pair of riot land. rm240. queue for 1hour to enter the hall, choosing for 15min. then need to queue again for 30min for payment. gud luck to all. the good is while u queuing to enter the hal, there are catalogue located at the side of glass. gudluck!!!

mama says:

Please share the price list, email
Thanks a lot

yatie says:

pls share the price list tq:)

Lee says:

Please share the price list, email
Thanks a lot

joanne says:

Does anyone know whether they will replenish the stock ttmr or r they going to sell watever tht is left over?

Fayla says:

i believe everyone have their opinion and can make judgement for themselves….if u do not mind to pay the retail price..feel free to go to their shop…if u think going thro all the hassle is worth every penny & sweat which for me personally a good bargain..then go ahead…by the end of the day its your decision & your own money….for me i do not mind sharing the info that i have with others…no big deal..
**just my 2 cents

hasrul says:

ya lorr..corux much near to my office. boley cabut. last time waited for 2 hours br boleh masuk. xpelah, mine bought from last time still cantik. not planning to go ths one. anyone tau any perfume warehouse sale?

cimcim says:

me sampai sana pukul 12pm..q almost 1 hour…masuk dlm kene merempuh2 kt meja utk request shoe shoe dpt pon i rembat sapa2 yg tanak..mostly yg tinggal size 7 above..salesman sikit sgt sampai diaorg tak terlayan bila kita request for shoe..ada tu buat pekak jer..annoying!!..bila tanya ada warna lain etc terus ckp takde pdhal ada jer..
then nk byr satu hal lagi..they only have 2 counter!!!…so kpd sesiapa yg nk pegi esok, gud luck!! :)

Wan Nor says:

we arrive at 9.30 a.m. 2day, the queue was already long up to the parking area, luckily by 9.50 the queue started to move fast and hooray we managed to get inside. many choices of shoes for woman, men and kids. ladies shoes were really packed with people. when we left the sale,ladies shoe size for 3, 4, 5 were mostly sold out. please alert near the exit, there are more ladies shoes from clarks original and also bags. we spent 3 hrs inside and bought 7 pairs… in our opinion: REALLY WORTH IT! BUT… please come early tomorrow!!!.. GOOD LUCK.

achi.acho says:

omg …. the comments are more of a begging list rather than actual comments. If can afford to pay RM400++ for 3-4 pairs of shoes abeit after 2-3h Q, shoving, pushing, sweating & ‘bin’ combing, it’s best to make a judgemental decision.

Those yg ada price list tu, mintalah SNS uploadkan. Ataupun share dlm blog.

Hapi shopping.

nana says:

fayla, can u email it to me too? thanksss..

Peace says:

Thanks Fayla & Sun for ur kindness feedback..

Fayla says:

Wy,lynne, blurrycase…check ur inbox ya~!

sha says:

must go!!! worth it. size banyak dah nak habis. so anyone feel like to go….don’t be late, be there b4 9.30am…or terpaksa q lama sangat kat carpark.

syaz80 says:

ladies shoes (flats) size 9 or 10 banyak tak?

ana says:

was there at 10.30am..beratur 2 hours..bought 4 shoes..all in all rm600..hopefullt they restock tomorrow.

blurrycase says:

Fayla, can you pls help to send me the price list?

lynne says:

can email me the price list?

yanie says:

juz come back from there…arrived at 10.30 am…masuk pkl 12.15…ramai gle org…saiz 5 byk abis :(

dpt bli shoe for me, hubby n my baby…3pairs rm410…

mwl says:

just went there and see, still Q. so i didn’t go in. plan to go after work 5.30pm

Wy says:

Fayle, can email me the price list and pic.

L says:

Went this morning. Q was very long. Ladies side crowded like mad, can’t even squeeze inside and I really don’t like being squeezed, so I just go to those area not many ppl. Kids shoes also limited size on those nice design though manage to grap one at RM40 and another one at RM80 which can fit my sons. Plenty baby shoes at rm50 and very nice design but the they are really small, maybe for less than 9 to 12 mths. Enjoy shopping!

amey says:

aku dah p pagi tadi…2jam beratur kat paking. panas lagi ngan bau makhluk isap rokok lagi…but puas hati dapat gak beli 3psg. moral: dtg beratur awal pagi,kalu bleh pas subuh dah pi tggu depan pintu..ahahah

Fayla says:

Siti, I already email the price list to u …hepi shopping~

yatt says:

WAWA…hope u can share with me the price list..thanks so much

Siti says:

Hi, can anyone send the price list to me.. thank you

EL says:

wawa…. kindly email the price to me. thanks …

EL says:

wawa… kindly email me the price list

Fayla says:

peace. yes there is,,i took some pix of the price list…any1 interested?

Nad says:

I want the price list also!! Can anyone send to me… Thank youu..

Nadia says:

Wawa, I would like to get the pricelist too pls? My email add is

Sun says:

Yes ada bag tapi tak banyak choice, masa q panas sebab kene q sampai parking tapi bila dah sampai dalam ok je sebb luas

peace says:

may i know is there any bag during this warehouse sale ? thank you..

Cheryl says:

Hi Wawa,

Kindly email me the price list too.

Thank you in advance!

Fayla says:

just came back…arrived at 8.40am..they let us in at 9.45am…bought 4 adult shoes range rm70-rm180…bought 2 kids shoes..overall less than rm600….sooo worth it…

mwl says:

a lot people? how about the ventilation ?

Sun says:

Baru balik clarks sale…harga macam dulu2 jugak tapi kali ni bestttt sbb banyak choice n banyak size banding sale last year, ladies harga range RM70 – 190, kids girl RM40-Rm100, men n kids boy tak tengok sbb tak niat nak beli..

adah says:

wawa, me too .. pls email the list :) TQ