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24-28 November 2011

GBS Kids Warehouse Sale

Up to 70% Off

Brands Offered

The First Years


Baby Jogger






K’s Kids

Thomas & Friends

Plan Toys

Croco Learn

Croco Pen


Marvel Heroes

Location (Tel 012 602 2198)

GBS Marketing Sdn Bhd

7 Lorong Tandang B

Seksyen 51

Petaling Jaya


Credit Card accepted above RM150 purchases


Baby Helper says:

Cute headbands, baby jumpers and lamaze soft books for sale…

Visit us at

FOC delivery for selected items.

Peter says:

Yeah, MUST band this warehouse sale!

Faiz says:

Sucks! The boss (guy) I suppose is very rude & keep explaning the reasons of wrong pricing…should call KPDN to check the price there as it’s misleading!

wan says:

Wasting time + petrol + energy… nothing to buy. too many display unit and condition very bad. better buy the used one from

Maynard James Keenan says:

WARNING: Please don’t go. Bloodsuckers are running this sale. The prices are even more expensive than Jusco. Beware!

Tarryn says:

any Graco convertible car seat?

mai says:

Looking for Medela & Avent breastpump and bottle. Visit us at for more info. Cheaper from retail

Kelly says:

Hana, there is no medela breastpump..

Kelly says:

i bought a graco booster carseat with back rest @ 349.00 with 30% disc. it is new stock, after disc it was abt RM 250.00. there is display unit which is selling @ 200.00, so i decided to add RM50 to get a new one. there is another booster seat which is graco xl something which i cant remember, RM 499 with 40% disc for display unit and 30% disc for the brand new ones. they toys, not so cheap as they are out of batteries(display set). i bought a lamaze softtoy dog with barking sound for RM 40++ (in working condition) in the shopping mall and they are now selling it for RM30(without sound). so based on this u can make you own conclusion… i think it has good deal on the new items coz it averagely offers 30% disc compare to buying in the shopping malls. other than that, they have some newborn clothes(very limited) educational dvd@RM5 each, strollers, car seat, baby cot, high chair, walker, lots of thomas toys(not sure of it’s condition) school bags(very limited), playmats, and wooden toys(not so cheap). hope this helps. if u guys have some free time can pay them a visit, might find what u looking for. of coz my main purpose of going there is to look for grace booster seat.

Liz says:

I’ve fisher Price Babt Carnival Gym to let go at rm65, with box. Also Medela breast milk pump wt 2 head set and bottle and adapter for Rm100. Pls email me if keen

MM says:

Terry Leee, i bought The First Years: Swing Tray Booster Seat @Rm74.50 not car booster seat…

hana says:

wani: ok ke first year pump?is it manual/electric 1?bising x?how much is it after sale?pump sahaja or with bottle n others?tq

Terry Lee says:

Daddy Kool and MM, how much was the car booster seats and brand? Got ISOFLEX?

Ichi says:

Not a very pleasant experience last year as a result of the ‘confusing Price tag’ problems.
Just went with friends this afternoon, prices are still consider high and quite a lot of Old toys from last year’s warehouse sale. :(
Just bought a ‘best buy’ item (I think it was) – a Lamaze Space Symphony Motion Gym Toy @ RM50.00 coz it is out of the box.
But later found out it is without the rack (bar) =.=’
How it works without the ‘rack’ to hang the toys…?
Have called them up, the lady just told me “ take them back & let us have a look”.
The Cashier should have tell ‘it is an incomplete item’ before we check out. Now need to make another trip.
Last, advice to those who planning to buy toys at this warehouse sale:
Do check the content/ condition of the toys to avoid any disappointment.

wani says:

got first year pump…quite good. just use it yestesday. 40% dis for single n double pump.

MM says:

Just back from there, managed to bought booster seat for my baby, need to double check the dicount rate, as the rate show is 50%, but their price list is show 40% only…at the end i still get 50% discount for that. Worth…

hana says:

do they have medela brest pump?is it worth to go?

ita says:

i also terkena jgk..
i don’t thing nak pergi sini lg.. so sakit hati.

ff says:

thats why i said…MUST check the price before u pay…because the some toys are worth to buy…if not mmg rugi la..

daddy kool says:

Went there yesterday….price ok la..bought stroller graco mosaic + rain cover + blanket rm499, bob the builder toys rm15 and first year baby travel set rm86 and baby coat blanket set rm 60….worthy la…car seat the lower price rm100

jes says:

i don’t understand why they can make such mistake…if u do not check rugi la….silly la…why can’t they be more professional…

Baby Bump says:

kena also..during their first sale, chaos happening at paying counter..especially when using credit card and you buy a lot!! i realized that the discount shown on the shelf and in the receipt is totally diffrent..but over all on certain toys are worth buying..

AP says:

Wah, based on Pat’s and ff’s comments, looks like this company is going all out to cheat unsuspecting customers. Isn’t putting the right price the responsibility of the company (and it’s staff)? So if the company cannot handle this responsibility well, then the company should compensate customers. And looks like the company is not compensating either, so looks like the sale is a scam!

ff says:

went there few times since 1st time they organize this whs…worth to go if ur really want to look for toys(boys only), but make sure u check the after discount price from the staff there. They usually dun put the correct price.But the price still quite high lah…u MUST check the exact price before u pay…

ina says:

leappad plus writing rm180(nego)consist of backpack+console+6books n 5

yantie says:

hye..sya nk tnye katil bby de promosi ke??dalam brpe rm??tq

Pat says:

went there for their previuos sale last year. Wrong info on prices was given by the staff as the website showed lower. I bought more than RM500 without any compensation from their false info. Very irresponsible !! Never again going to their sale !!

mama cute says:

any update please!! worth to go or not…