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28 March – 1 April 2012

Reject Shop Warehouse Sale

Discounts Up to 70%!

Prices from RM3

Never Pay Regular Prices Again.

Products Offered

Ladies Apparels

Mens’ Apparels

Kids Apparels


Household Items

Brands Offered






Faded Glory

725 ORG





Point Zero

St. John Bay


Urban Republic

Palo Mino



TK Track




10am – 8pm

Location (1800 888 865)

Metrojaya Warehouse


Jalan Ragum 15/17

Seksyen 15

40000 Shah Alam



montblanc says:

tak berbaloi lnsung pergi warehouse sale yg ni. Kita tidaklah bharap semua harga mcm padini sale tapi sekurang kurangnya biarlah harga yg ditawarkan kurang bnyk dr kedai rejectshop yg blambak kat luar ni. Harga yg diberi x berbaloi. Baik pergi je rejectshop yg kat luar ni. X payah susah2 nak ke kilangnya. Buang masa jer pergi. Yg dtg dr jauh kalau ada hajat…tak payah dtg la…serius membuang masa. Yg dekat2…bole la jenguk2 kalau blebih masa. Rejectshop kena kaji apa makna warehouse sale….

ayu says:

yes it was a waste of time for me. It is not a warehouse sale as we understand it. It is more like a normal sale. Less 20 % 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% on different type of brands. It shouldnt be called warehouse sale la but it is all up to you. For me it is just not worthit to go if you are far from shah alam.

AMMI says:

every time they got sale i must be there..but this time, really wasted my time.
but there was Guess tee’s for man cost only RM59.90 (if not mistaken)

so.. so... says:

Worth or not actually it depends on ur self. U cannot expect all the price is cheaper like padini whouse sales. Today i grab a sport shoe for rm20, shirt for my kids, price between rm7 to rm15 with a good quality. Also sandle like crocs for hubby – rm10, sandle for children – rm7. For me its ok la.. Better buy something then nothing. Maybe next time, reject shop whouse can reduce all the stuff price between 70% to 90% so that everyone will be more happy.. Cheers.. ;-)

mommy monster says:

Menyesal pegi… X best langsung. Baju budak lebih baik x yg warehouse.. Jgn pegi. Buangmasa jer

zura says:

got RM3.00 it’s for placemat for pot… hahaha… will blacklist this sale for future

What a waste of time! Its just like visiting another reject shop outlet! Cant find anything @ Rm3.00.. I end up buying nothing..

alex says:

Agree with khan n vivi, why wasted ppl time to go there?! Advertise price starting fr Rm3, but how come I can’t get even one single price?

Eve says:

Really not worth to go. I can not find RM3 item. Hardly find RM10 per item. Got sandal RM7 (girl) & RM10 (Guy). The baby clothes RM15 per shirt or discount 30% (from price RM26.90/RM29.90). Better visit their shop. As on and off there is discount 50% or up to 70%. I back with empty hand. I dont think this one can consider as warehouse sales.

angie says:

I don’t know why they call this warehouse sale? Mostly old stock but discount only 20% or 30%, not much variety to choose. Sometime jasco sale r better than it. Waste my petro, I will never go reject shop warehouse sales again.

aisehh…just thinkin of goin..not worth it huh..

Tony Fernandes says:

Reject shop warehouse sales mean ‘super’ reject goods to be offered.

ryrie says:

Been there just now. not much for women though. But my hubby got 3 tshirt. cant remember the brand but he gugle n found out the brand is create by Jayz (beyonce’s hubby). Hahaha not worth going there (for women).

Khan says:

I agree with above comments,been there today,just wasted my petrol,nothing special not low prices plus condition of most of stuff was like already used one.If condition good then prices almost same as in store.This was my first and last time to reject shop warehouse sale,if i remember this!!!

hana says:

luckily i didnt go..

vivi says:

Agree with Dennis. Not worth it. It’s just like their normal sale. Somerset Bay is waaaay cheaper at Metrojaya Sungei Wang then here. Unless you’re staying somewhere in Subang or Shah Alam, it’s not worth the petrol and the tol.

dennis says:

Nothing is $3, bad sales, only 20%-30%, no variety. Only discount few ringgit, not worth to go.

binx says:

those brand offered tak pernah dgr pun….

effa says:

Any1 who went to this sale today pls update! worth to go or not? tq